Scam letter(s) from Marina Popova to Matt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Matt.
I have just now seen your message and have decided to answer it. You probably any more do not remember, when to me wrote. I could not look my mail long time and now I am ready to answer you. My name is Marina . To me of 27 years. My growth 5,7. For me the most important to find in the life - to find the destiny for home life. I live in Russia. You probably have such question: why I write to you from other country. I met some people here, but all of them deceived me or offended. At us in Russia many people take alcoholic drinks and badly concern to girls. I write to you because I think, that you live in other country, you on another are brought up, and you not such men as in Russia. I the serious, decent girl, also wish to find for myself the good person for serious attitudes. I write to you now through the translator. I studied English language at school after that went on rates of English language, but now I use the translator, because at me a problem with grammar. I certainly can read in English, but I can not write from for grammar. I work, the seller, in shop of soft toys. I like my work because it is connected with children, and I very much love children. I have a little written to you about myself, and I hope, that you will answer me, and too can tell about yourself a little. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
Write to me. Your Marina..
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