Scam letter(s) from Natalia Alisultanova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, it is very pleasant for me that you have written to me, write please on this electronic letter box
Letter 2
Hello! I am very glad, that you have become interested in me.
And I shall try, that you were not disappointed with me and have learned as much as possible about me. But I as would like to learn you better. I ask you write about myself more in detail.
In fact “ the First Sight ” allows to see only that is obvious.
And when you learn people better estimations of character traits, outlooks can vary, and it is cardinal. You to me seem very beautiful person, I hope, that you also very good person and to us will be possible to learn soon each other better. Well I shall inform in brief on myself directly. I the usual Russian girl, actually do not differ anything from others. It is probable to describe myself, to me would be easier if I did not do it for the first time.
At me words and ideas because I worry a little are confused. I did not expect, that you all the same will answer me, and when I have seen your letter me as if a current have struck in heart and here now I sit at a computer and I do not know that to you to write. Excuse me if I shall do many mistakes in the letter, I not absolutely well know English so if to you something will be not clear you ask me again. Well all right has come to continue time history about itself.
As I already spoke, that my age 24 years and all these years I lived in the city of Kazan. There I also was born. It is very old and beautiful city which is in 1000 kilometers to a southwest from city of Moscow.
I never was married and consequently, unfortunately, and I have what children.
I would like to have the child. I would like to bring up it and to transfer all experience of a life to it. I yet do not know, how many I would like to have children, for the present in it was not defined. I do not have bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol, unless only in small quantity on holidays. Most of all from alcoholic drinks I like red wine. From meal I prefer Russian kitchen.
I have ended the Kazan State University on a speciality the teacher.
Now I work as the teacher at school. On character I the cheerful person, try to enjoy each moment of my life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life. I want, that you have somewhat quicker answered me. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged and that love, I all to wish to know about you. With impatience I shall wait from you the letter. Sincerely your friend from Russia Natasha!
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Gene ! I am glad that you have not rejected my letter and is very happy that again I write to you. I with greater interest read your letters. I very much want I shall learn about you as much as possible to try to write to you all about myself as much as possible. I want that you have studied me as it is possible is better and were not mistaken in the choice. I very much would like that you were that person of whom I searched for all life. I always appreciated in men nobleness and skill to stand up for the lady. It seems to me if two persons in all are fair to each other and they have a mutual understanding that it the fine future and long love is provided. I very much wish to learn about you all in the smallest details.
In how many you rise, what is the time at you leaves for work, that you like to eat, as you spend the free time.
I 5 years as live separately from the parents. I wish to write to you as I spend the days off and a vacation. In the summer we with friends like to go to a campaign. We go to a wood and on lake. I very much like to go to sit at a fire and to listen as who to that plays on a guitar. In the winter we go to ski and on skates. I do not love winter because at us very coldly. But in the winter at us I am very beautiful also do not know with what to compare this beauty. As on days off I with the girlfriend go to gymnastics to support itself in the sports form. In the childhood my parents have written down me in ballet where I was engaged about 9 years. Since then I try to go in for sports at leisure. In the summer I like to go for a drive on a bicycle and on roller skates.
I hope to you boring my letter you will not seem and will write further to me.
I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I shall try to answer all your questions. If I shall not answer your question, mean I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write it once again. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties of a life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to bring up them, to surround with care, to present them the happy childhood, I so to dream of it!!! I think, that you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine, I in a shower hope, that sometime our hearts will meet.
On it I wish to finish the letter and with greater impatience I shall expect your answer.
Your letters kindle an ice in me and kindle a fire in my heart.
Your friend from Russia Natasha
Letter 4

Greetings Dear Gene !!! What weather in you? In us temperature today
Has lowered up to-3 degrees! It is a little sad! I to want it
Think, that - it is a lot of women who would like to be with you. And I am happy
That I have an opportunity to correspond to you. I was not
Married and I have no children, but I have dream to find
Love of the person. And I shall give this person all my love and tenderness.
Thus I wish to have the whole family, my husband, I can trust all
And it also can trust me. Very important to have the person in
To which I can trust, you agree with me? I wish to live with a favorite
The person who will be cares and to love me. I do not know, how can be in
The future, but possibly I would like visiting you and possible, that I shall arrive
To you once, but first of all we should learn each other
Better. I understand, that it should be really interesting to you why
I have chosen you from thousand structures. You the unusual Most dear person
And I hope, what it does not confuse you? It is very important for me,
That you understand, that to female heart to not explain why I have
Chosen you.... I hope, that you understand sense of my words.....
Possibly, I am the happiest woman... I wish to tell, that you
Similar to me. I feel very much weariness here from a daily life,
The life in Russia is very difficult, and I am sometimes very tired
From it. In the advanced countries any worker can go to have rest in
Holiday to receive force for the further work, but in us is small
The income therefore it is inaccessible to us. It is very pleasant to
Know, which for many kilometers you have the person who estimates,
Understand you. You agree with my idea? To the biggest regret, I cannot
Write to you every day because it is necessary work and I urgently
Get tired. In general I love my work, I see and I communicate with many
Interesting people there. But it is firm to work, because I have to
Remain there up to late and walk from one place up to another. But this work
Allows me to have an independent life and to make a few money for mine
Residing. I do not wish to complain, better to work in such place
Than have no any work in general. Unfortunately has come to finish time it
The letter, my time have been finished. Please tell to me more about your life. I
Wait your letter with impatience!!! Yours faithfully, yours Natasha
P.S **** please the photo
Letter 5
Hello my dear. I very glad to hear!I did not understand earlier that this such -to receive letters from the person whom you appreciate and respect Simply for that he is, though this person and I have never seen. But thanks that you write to me!!! I am afraid to give my love and receive instead of it roughness. If you have disagreements with your woman, can you apply roughness? I do not want that this letter contain only the sad side, so despite of sad instants, it is necessary to continue to live and be a pleased life! I love all seasons. I love autumn. Yellow leaves, gold trees. It's so fine to walk along the park and listen the rustle of the leaves under feet and to feel a smell of arrival of winter in the air. And clouds floating along the blue sky and birds flying in the warm grounds. The rain knocks on windows and on roofs. It is fine!!! In such weather it would be pleasant to appear in a small room with a warm fireplace.Weak light and slow music... It would be paradise!!! What do you think of it Honey? What can be finer than romantic evening in rainy day? I love all the seasons. Like all people, I wait summer in winter and in summer I wait for approach of winter. But all the same Russian winter is delightful. All world around white. White flakes of snow are slowly turned and fall on the ground. And first frost and first ice under our feet.... And it is pleasant and at the same time easy to break this thin first ice!!! It will cheerfully burst under the feet and the first small ***** is formed under a heel... And then a web of cracks will spread over all surface of ice. Oh, I'm a romantic nature!!!Simply I have remembered my parents and the day they have got acquainted. As they have told me it was in fine winter evening. My mum together with her girlfriends went to skate and so it has turned out that my future father went for a drive on the same skating rink.Suddenly my mother fell on the ice and broke her arm. And my daddy was near by her and as the true gentleman he helped her to stand and then carried out her up to her house. Nobody could think that they would fall in love with each other at first sight. And after a while my father has proposed my mum. In one and a half year I was born!!! I love my family very much. I had always good attitudes with my parents.But there were situations when they cried at me but it was rare. Once when I was 5 years I climbed on the TV-set and fell it down. Parents were in the kitchen, they were cooking as that day we waited for visitors. They heard the noise and run to the room and they saw me I laid on a floor and cried. I broke my leg. I remember my mother's eyes very well and the moment when she calmed me before arrival of doctors.Everyone was frightened very much.
But I recovered very soon, but we had not had the Tv-set for a year after it. I very love my parents. I hope you could imagine my family.
Do you know how your parents have got relations??? What attitudes do you have with them now??? I hope to receive your letter very soon!!!
Sincerely, Natasha.
Letter 6
My dear Gene! I am very glad recieve letters from you. I know feeling about which to you I speak. Because I have felt it. But it was necessary to me be very hurt when I have found out, that my feelings have no reciprocity! It is very hurt for realising. It is hurt to understand that the person to whom you are ready to give the life does not appreciate it and only plays with you! Then it was very hurt me. Since has flowed away a lot of water and anything back you will not return now. But I do not regret about it. In fact if not it I would not meet you my dear. Correctly speak, that nobody knows the destiny! I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you. With you I have again felt taste by a life. You have allowed my heart to beat with new force. Due to you I have again grown fond and I have grown fond of you Honey! You in the right to not trust me, but I can make nothing with the feelings to you. I only hope, that you will answer me with reciprocity. Will not throw me, will not be frightened! I know as men react to words about love. Many do not trust these words and think, that them want to deceive, achieving from them an arrangement.Many after these words use women, as a thing! I am sure you not such person. In fact it is known, that at the in love person the reason to be in a fog. He cannot think as before. All opens for him on the other hand, not known to him. And I should look at all in another way. Dear I know, that men all over the world are afraid to be the deceived women who hunt for their money. I heard many sad histories about the *****. It was always a pity to me of men deceived same. After all the see histories everyone the man begins to concern with mistrust to words of love. I understand you and I do not wait from you for full trust. I only know, that in due course you will understand, that I not the hunter behind money. I only the loving woman! The woman for whom caress and love is necessary. You can give me it. But for this purpose you need to be believed, that I do not want you to deceive. I fairly admit to you, that for will be a shame if I shall lead myself as hunters behind money do. My family always and at all times was glorified by the honesty and desire to help kind people. I cannot soil a name of my family. Me have brought up not as the thief, and as the worthy woman! Sincerely I hope, that you will understand it soon. I ask you do not allow me to be silent about my love to you. It is hurt.I would like to share with you the feelings, ideas and desires. It was pleasant for me to write to you this letter. I hope, that it will be pleasant for you to read it. It is time to me to go. I shall wait for your fast reply. With love your Natasha. PS: You know in a life it is necessary to try, instead of to wait when destiny will solve all for you. Women are different. But I was brought up by my parents on old customs. I shall be true to the husband and never I shall begin to abuse or deride him. My family will be pleased lives. I shall make all for this purpose. At us the head of the family is the man! My stay to you depends on our consent. My favourite colour red. In the evenings I help family, go in for sports. I run. I like to walk in park. I love salads. You love salads? I well do it. The most pleasant holiday for me is my birthday. At me good health I carry clothes which is pleasant for a body and does not look defiantly. I dream of the good family, the loving husband and children. I love classical music, pleasant for my hearing. To me to like to look films about love and honour. I have opportunity to lose Cd. To not like me very *** food. To not like music at which there is no sense and not clear, wild. I love convenient clothes. In the house to me to like when all near at hand. Simply and beautifully. To like me colour of wood, it is very beautiful. I am glad lives. My life has changed, when in her you have appeared. I shall help you again grow! You and only you are necessary for me. At me any relations with other men. You mine the man! I can not without dialogue with you.
Letter 7
Hello dear!!! I am very glad to receive news from you again. I feel how with each letter you become closer for me. I am tired from life here without the person whom I can grow fond, and you - unique who are necessary for me, and give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer, than ever before. You can not imagine at all that you mean for me. You mean much. You can ask it is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very much the close person. I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart and my offer. I thought of you last night. I think, you unbiased and are fair to me. Now I completely trust you, and you began for me to relatives and the native person to whom I can open the heart. I speak you all this sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope, that you too will be fair under the relation to me. I like to read letters from you. My heart always skipping when I see the message from you in my letter box. I become the seized aspiration from you. I do not want that you were put forward with my feelings. Excuse me if I am too expressive. Probably, you did not expect it from me? But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you. I think of you each hour and each minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends for a long time. I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I believe, that our Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could take place with us. I wish you remarkable day! Natasha.
Letter 8
I do not sit on this site if you see that I the standard user and I there have limit on messages, is simple at me openly Yahoo and on this it seems that I sit on a site, and I did not deceive you, to me is very insulting to receive such letter from you
Letter 9
If you correspond with other women and they speak you good words so then correspond with them and to me any more do not write, why I should correspond only with you and you can with others when you will correspond only with me and to anothers will not write then also I shall be as
Letter 10
Well my lovely, I want to meet you how you look at it? At me soon birthday and our meeting would be the best gift

Letter 11
My dear I all remember, at me day a birth on June, 4, and just I will have holiday, and I would like to meet at this time you, it would be the best gift
Letter 12
Greetings my love!!!
How are you?
I'm fine.
How is the weather at you?
At us weather today simply magic, because today at us in city very warmly,
And consequently such weather very much is pleasant to me.
I very much love warm weather because I like warm weather.
At us in city brightly the sun today shines, the warm wind blows.
And consequently it is very pleasant for me to feel a touch of a warm wind
On my person and on my body.
You are not present near to me, but I so would like to feel a touch
Your hands on my person.
I very much want, that ironed my hair, touched my hair,
Caressed my body, kissed my lips.
I very much would want, that we were with you together, my love!!!
You would like it?
I think, that my dreams will be carried out only at our meeting with you, my love.
What do you think in this occasion?
I always think of our forthcoming meeting with you, my love.
I think that our meeting will be, as in a fairy tale.
You think as well as I whether or not?
I sometimes so would like you to embrace, kiss, touch your ******.
But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!!
I think that have found such person who is necessary for me.
Which me will always understand, think of me.
And this person - you!!!
I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you, my love!!!
I am always seted by a question when our meeting with you will be a reality.
And now I ask you, my love!
What do you think of our meeting with you?
When our meeting becomes a reality?
Mine the grandmother asked me that I transferred you
Big and ardent greetings, and also the most strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere
And passionate air kisses, and also my the hottest and ardent
Embraces from my loving{liking} heart.
You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from
My loving{liking} heart?
I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces.
Sometimes your kisses, both your passionate and strong embraces at night dream me,
But when I wake up you was not present near to me.
To me it becomes very sad!!!
I so want to be with you, my love!!!
You would like it, my charm?
And now my time has approached to the end, and it is time to me to leave,
But I leave with ideas on you, my love!!!
Remember, that I love you!!!
Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 13
Hello my love.
How are you my angel?!
I have received your letter and I understand, that I only begin to live.
At us with you still only begins.
Now I see sense in life.
I do not present more life without you my angel.
I very much love you and is ready to repeat these words again and again.
Please do not think of me poorly. Simply it falls outside the limits my feelings.
Today I spoke with aunt about us. She is very happy she prays for us.
There may be it sounds silly, but today I have presented our meeting.
I saw very many interesting pictures.
In the street fine weather and you cost at the airport and wait my arrival.
You approach to the plane and we search each other eyes in crowd. We find each other our heart knocks also we give each other sweet embraces.
We cost having embraced and everyone look at us. And for us as whether it be nobody exists.
Only you and I. It was the big day when I have received the first letter from you. I thank the god. And I know I have found you. I love you! Your future wife. Natasha
Letter 14
Hi my sweet heart!!!!
I was very glad to receive from you the letter.
I am always glad to your letters mine prince.. They always lift my mood.
For me was the big happiness to meet such person as you my sweet.
You became my ideal my star of captivating happiness. And I am glad that it you have taken a place in my big and hot female heart.
Love mine I can not be without you for me it more begins torture.
I want to be near to you want to feel your gentle touches and kisses.
Want to hear from you gentle words of love.
Dear I want to prepare for our meeting. What you think of it my sweet prince?
I think we have learned each other already enough and it is time to us to pass to the following stage of our relations.
I think that we may learn about each other more if we shall lead any time together my lovely.
My love to you is very strong and serious I not so small girl to play games.
I very much want to meet you my prince. And I hope that our desires coincide.
My love you want to meet me at you houses?????
On it I shall finish this letter.
I wait for your fast reply my loved.
I send you a gentle kiss and strong embraces.
With all love your sweet Natasha!!!!
Letter 15
I agree to leave for you in marriage, and I can arrive to you to America as the tourist, and the best gift will be for me on my birthday it is ours with you a meeting my love but if you so want to present me a gift that present me mobile phone that we could talk to you, my address, the City of Kazan, street Green 42-58 but have better gone to me of money and I shall buy phone, thanks you the big my love, I am happy that has met you, your Natasha
Letter 16
Your eternal claims have bothered me, you to me not who that that that to demand from me, you think constantly only of yourself and all time that that demand from me, and that you have given to demand that that in replacements, all get behind me
Letter 17
Lovely you do not speak to me by it, you only demand from me everything, and itself not that have not made that I was yours, I want to arrive to you and to be with you, but you do not trust me and think that I of you to a deceit, you have written to me that are necessary for me only money from you and you have strongly offended me it, yes I like when me give gifts, on mine all girls it love{like}, and I has asked for you to present me phone, I did not think that you will write to me such letter in which so me will offend, me are not necessary from you money, I was registered on this site to find to yourself of the husband and everything, I thought that I has found that only thing and you so have offended me
Letter 18
HI my love!!!
How are you?
How weather at you? I am heated in heat of your letters and dreams about
Day, that I can hold you in my hands and show you it
I worry about you and I love you. I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel
The strong need for you to have an effect and IS SHOWN, that you
Like. Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure, my love?
I feel to you a huge attraction and huge love,
Which reduces me from mind. I so wait for our meeting with you!!!
I dream of our meeting!!!
I wait for our meeting with you!!!
I want our meeting with you!!! And I want to tell you, that I love you!!! I finish my letter to you with ideas on you!!! Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 19
Hi my darling!
I have received a letter from you and the life for me was filled with sense.
Of course I enjoyed your previous letter very much too. I found it very romatic.
I begin to understand that my life is not meaningful without you.
You're my best friend and my sweetheart, my honey.
I spoke with my mum about that probably I shall leave for America, She is only glad for me, she thinks that it is my happiness.
Today I all day thought only about you, about that how I meet you.
I dream, how you will meet me in the airport, how we will search each other with our eyes, We will find and rush into hugs with each other.
Between us there is a huge ocean, but you are in my mind all the time.
Love hurts sometimes, and takes time to make our dreams come true. I love you and you are in my mind forever.
Best regards for this weekend to you. For ever yours Natasha!!!.
Letter 20
Hi my perfect and wonderful.!!! I am again glad to see your letter.
Summer now in full heat. Each your letter brings warmth into my heart.
I dream of that day when it will be not the letter and our long-awaited meeting. Today it is not magnificent weather in the street. Weather is not very warm and sunny. In such perfect day best to be in the street and to go for a walk on fresh air. It is so pleasant. Especially when to leave with the friends from city in a forest on the picnic. It is wonderful. I know probably I am too romantic and I love a nature very much. Yesterday I dreamed of us walking in the forest. When I think of you, my favourite man, I become so happy and it is pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desirable to fly with happiness. I understand that I can not live without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses. For this that I searched all my life. You probably are intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only with you my lovely. I am happy that you are mine. I value it very much. I do not want to lose you never. You are my sense of life. Without you I have nothing to live in this world. I always dreamed about such man as you, such understanding and fond man. I want that we will be with each other. I shall wait your letter soon. I hope to receive it and to be delighted to your answer. A lot of kisses to my darling, Your always loving Natasha!!!.
Letter 21
Hello loved
I am very happy to receive your letter today.
I to notice, that our letters are more and more full of love and good mood.
So it is good me that in this world there is a person to which I is not indifferent.
It is very pleasant to me to study, that we is mutual understanding each other is the most important fact in our attitudes.
It is very good me, as I to meet you in my life. I to not be yet never so am happy. I as though to fly in heavens.
Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letter and you. I yesterday to think of our attitudes and about our feelings.
I already to become attached to you. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared,
I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.
You to like me and I think that our attitudes may be deeper.
At present my feelings to YOU are very strong me pulls to! you as if a magnet. Your letters do my mood high.
To me it becomes joyful on soul. I understand that our attitudes everyone become more serious and more serious.
Your words heat my soul and heart. You in my heart each minute. I to speak about us to my mum.
She to ask me you is valid to love it and to want to be with it. I to tell not thinking, that very much and can not present myself without him.
I to tell to it about you and she to tell, that you very good person and are possible to trust you. I shall finish the letter.
I love you!!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
I to send to you the most passionate kiss.
Your love Natasha!!!
Letter 22
Hello my sweet heart
How you today?
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I very much love all your letters my honey.
I very much appreciate your honesty my love. I shall find out you all better and better.
And I am very happy in it!
I very much like to speak with you on an E-Mail it allows me to express all emotions and ideas and to not be timid.
If we have met first time in a bar I do not think, that we would learn each other so well you see it there was only a fine conversation.
I am very happy, that in letters we may divide our confidential emotions. I want, that it proceeded!
To receive news from you brings to me the big pleasure. It is so pleasant to have the loved person whom while it is far, but in too time so it is close.
I very much appreciate their private world in people. And my intuition speaks me, that you are created for me.
I think, that strong attitudes are based on trust and respect. I love your letters.
I wait with impatience of your answer. Love. Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 23
Hi my love!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
At us weather today simply remarkable,
The sun shines brightly.
Mine mum asked me that I have transferred you big and ardent greetings,
And also the most strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most
Passionate magic air kisses, both my most strong and passionate embraces
From my loving heart.
And my letters raise it and it remains good on all extent of day.
Ideas about you do not leave my head!
And it results in a good arrangement of my spirit!
I frequently present as your lips gently concern my lips!!!
We leave this world and us carries away in eternity!
I so love this feeling! This feeling you have presented me!
I am in good mood after perusal of your letter!
My feelings to you grow with extraordinary force!
These stay of feelings to me so are pleasant also I need in your letters more and more!
I so am grateful to destiny, that we had a meeting in the Internet.
That has entailed to opening in me of new magnificent feelings!
And it does my life more beautiful and desired.
I think that you will make me the happiest woman in the world.
I shall try to make with you similar!
Passionate love and kisses!
And now I finish my letter to you with ideas on you my love.
Your Natasha!!!
Letter 24
Hi my love
How are you?
I am very glad to read your letter.
At me all is good. I think, that at you as all is perfect. I think of us with you much.
If you now were near to me, you could give me a lot of cares.
For those days, which we speak with you I has understood, that is very lonely without you. Now I precisely know, what exactly you I searched all life for.
You have turned my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to you I have felt again happy.
Beloved I want to you to tell, that I am going to prepare for our meeting.
I know, that it difficultly and will borrow a lot of time. Therefore I want to learn(find out) all beforehand.
I think, what you not ????? against it? I very much want to know your opinion about it. Love and kiss for you. Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 25
Hi loved !
Today at night I saw you in the dream!
It was a beach, between us there was a big distance and we went towards each other!
It was long time, but the distance between us did not decrease.
Then we have run towards each other. And distance between us the beginning to be reduced.
Cool waves gently touched mine a foot, there was a wonderful feeling!
We had long both passionate embraces and kisses!
When I have woken up you was not close, on your place there was a pillow.
I very much was upset!!!!!! How are you?
I hope you have good mood and your health are at height!
I feel well and which I saw dream does of me happy this lonely day.
And ideas about you always will help to relax in most difficult times.
You give to me confidence of life.
To my greatest regret I should finish the letter.
I give you the heart and I will be sure that it perfectly safe,
Because it is in your strong and reliable hands.
Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 26
Hello my love! I am very glad to your letter my sweet. Our love grows every day! Ours the love to become with each letter all is stronger! My love I is right? I dream to see you. I all time think only of us and about our meetings. I understand, that every day to me to become to live all more difficultly! I do not have not enough person with which I can connect all life. With that person with whom we shall be together as our children grow. And I know, when is this person. THIS PERSON YOU MY LOVE! But all over again we should meet. Now my main dream to see you, and then to carry out all other dreams! I very much love flowers. I adore when to me give red roses. But I have already forgotten, when to me last time them gave. I did not have a favourite person with which I could connect all life, but now this person has appeared. And this person are you my sweet. I love you very strongly and all time I think of you! I shall look forward to your beautiful answer! Gently whole Natasha!!.
Letter 27
Hi my love!!!
How - you?
In me all is good.
How weather in you?
In us weather, today simply excellent, shines the sun.
My parents transfer you big and hot congratulations,
And also hot embraces.
They are very much interested as in you business.
You already simply a member of our family.
My Mum of you very much love mine.
Each day asks to transfer you congratulations,
And also strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes,
And also my most passionate magic kisses,
And also my hottest embraces from my heart of love.
I very much miss on you, my love.
You are absent on me, my charm?
I very much would like, that you were close to me, my love.
Each day I dream of our meeting to you, my love.
Each night our meeting at the airport dreams me.
I dream of the first kiss with you.
When I shall arrive to you, my love I give you
The longest kiss which very much is pleasant to you, to my Prince.
I am sure, that our first kiss will be my love, lasts very long.
You trust in it?
I dream of our first kiss in the airport.
And also about the first strong embrace.
I always present our meeting to you, as in a fairy tale.
I very much want, that our meeting remembered well.
I very much would like it, my love.
You for me an ideal of the person.
Each minute of reflection about you brings for me huge pleasure.
I shall expect your letter.
I shall write to you tomorrow .
I love you!!!
I want you!!!
I very much miss on you, my charm!!!
You are very necessary for me.
Your Queen Natasha!!!
Letter 28
Hello my love!!! I am very glad to your letter. I long and with impatience waited for your letter. I very much wish you to see my sweet. Because I have met the love, you are my prince without which I cannot live. My love I perfectly know, that it will be complex to me to live without you. My sweet, I cannot present at all if I shall lose you. Because I cannot long live without the loving person. But I am glad, that I have found you!!! You are my love for all life. I am assured, that I shall live with you all life. My dream to find the love already was executed. Now it is necessary to carry out the second dream!!! It is a meeting with you!!! I have found the love it you. Also my dream to have children. And I think, that this dream to be executed very soon I very strongly love you and I shall be glad as it is possible on more quickly with you to meet!!! I would be very strong glad if we with you have met you at you in the country. I think that will meet at you much better. I all time try to think only of you and about our future meetings. I so wish to see you and to be only with you all time because I very strongly love you. But unfortunately we are divided now with huge distance. But two loving persons who love the friend each other, they we shall necessarily meet and we shall be together. I wish to sit somewhere at small cosy restaurant and to drink with you red wine, and then to concern your lips. To me to be strong it would be desirable with you on a beach. Today at me very good mood. Fine solar weather at us in city. What mood at you? Each time when I receive from you the letter at me the mood raises! With love. I send you kisses! Your Love Forever Natasha.
Letter 29
You the most fine creation on light, Lovely, loved, long-awaited, charming mine!!!!
I like, I like, I like, and I can not more without you!!! You are simple - super lovely!!!!!!
And I do not want that me have left without you!!!!!!!! I am simple
I do not find words for pleasure that you are at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like
Also I adore you I wait!!!!!!!!!! Lovely, Loved, most beautiful,
Charming, the pretty boy, the clear head mine, remarkable,
Tender and loved!!!! YOU MINE!!! DO NOT FORGET I you more strongly
I LOVE than you me!!!YES! YES! YES! I love and adore you!
Whole you EVERYWHERE! For ever yours!!! I LIKE, I WANT,
Also I CAN NOT without YOU! PRETTY BOY of mine any more!!!!!!!!!
I love you beloved mine!! I can not and
Minutes without you loved to live!!! Beloved mine,
The sun, you is simple a miracle which to me the destiny has presented,
I love you so as nobody liked!!! I want you!!!
Also want to visit all places of your body!!!
And to kiss it so that you finished from each my kiss!!!
I shall open all your intimate places!!!
I am hungry, and want to be sated with you to exhaust from
You all juicy pulp and to seize you!!!
I love you and I want you and I can not without you !! a beauty mine!
Letter 30
Hi my love !!!
How are you? All day long,
I thought about you. Even when I tried not
to think about you,
I thought about you. When I closed my eyes,
I thought about you. When I opened my eyes,
I thought about you. When I thought about
the beauty of the season,
I thought about you. When I thought about the
warmth of the upcoming holidays,
I thought about you. When I heard a love song
on the radio,
I thought about you. When I checked my email,
I thought about you. Even when I said goodnight
to the stars,
I thought about you. And when I slipped beneath
the softness of my blanket
and gave in to the bliss
of sweet dreams,
I thought about you. I just can't stop
thinking about you.
Letter 31
I agree to leave for you in marriage, I have already told to parents about you, that we are copied with you, and mum is glad for me
Letter 32
Hi my sweet!!!! How are you?
At me all is good at me remarkable mood.
Yesterday did not pass also minute that I did not think of you
And so each day. I very much miss you.
I need in you my prince.
You have come in my life and have won my heart.
My life has changed after we have got acquainted.
Now I each day am glad lifes.
Because on light there is a person which likes and respects me it so important for me.
And I am ready to give you my love am boundless.
You my prince on a white horse and I your princess and so will be always.
The love this remarkable feeling and about mutual love dreams each person.
When the person likes as I love you it am pleased lifes.
I am very glad that have got acquainted with you.
Who might think that the Internet will turn all my life.
But I do not regret about it because I have found you loved.
And I shall live for you.
I love you!!!!! And this sincere feeling.
I wait each your letter with impatience.
I send a gentle kiss in your lips.
With all love your gentle flower Natasha!!!
Letter 33
Greetings my sweet!!!
I so strongly missed on you!!!!
All my ideas only about you!!!!
I think of you each minute
Also begin to dream:
I have presented our meeting!!!!
Also has presented as I shall leave the plane
And you will meet me!!!
And then you will kiss so strongly and so much......
??????.... My feelings begin will be overflown also I feel your heat!!!!!
I so strongly wait for it!!! And then we shall go to walk and like each other!!!
Because I adore you and it will be cheerful and very good us together!!!
I know that we will have best family in the world!!!!
I want that we were together!!!!!!
I wait your answer my love!!!!!
Letter 34
My fine! I like your words, I cannot live more without these words.
And this short time which should pass before we can will meet, becomes for me eternity of suffering. But this suffering cannot break my soul as I am ready to suffer and wait, but the most important, that now I precisely know, that our meeting will soon be carried out. And now I can feel the biggest pleasure which only is possible in my life. Slowly solar beams of pleasure cover my soul, and gently embracing a wind whispers to me your name, and from this sound which means boundless pleasures, I burn down, as if a flame in night, shining{covering} all poor life. Up to you I did not know, that my feelings are capable of such depth and flight in heavens of pleasure and pleasure. Up to you I did not know, that the rain behind a window can present me your heat with which you have awarded it{him} that it{he} has transferred me it{him}, without you I could not feel in the soul new desire of a life in which for me the man will live such remarkable, capable to understand me and which I can understand completely. Probably something is covered from my eyes, but nevertheless I now know how to make your world more happily, and I know, that it is pleasant to you. I shall wait our meeting that my and your happiness became full, and we could connect them in a single whole to create the world of light and pleasure, to create the world in which a rain the caress will cover ours to a box from colors from all world of fear and a pain. We can love each other indefinitely, we can give each other any desires and execute them. We can tell each other any dreams which lived in our soul and together to achieve their execution{performance}. Only two hearts I can stretch on a meeting each other the beams of love and this string of connection when it will not be torn. I give to you the hands, take them in the hands and press to heart in which you store{keep} the light feelings. A kiss my hands, also kiss me everything, I wait for this caress. Let burn candles in your house of a candle that their dim light could outline contours of our bodies and light in them infinite passion and fire of love. Also close the moon a blanket that this night who could not see us because this night only for us one will sing the tender songs of love because I live only for you, and my heart is pleased to these fine ideas and shivers at one only ideas, that you will soon touch to it{him}. I want to fall in your hands. I want, that you have felt as the hand impacts of my gentle heart, it will tell to you that I want to be with you. Your fine lady Natasha
Letter 35
Road you know that I will not have not enough money to arrive to you, I thought that you will come and will take away me to yourself, only it will be more dear{expensive}, I very much want to meet you and to be always near to you my love
Letter 36
Lovely I has not understood, you want that I have arrived to you or you will come to me? Write to me, it is simple if you want that I have arrived to you that I better itself I shall make the visa to, to me it will be easier for making, the girlfriend works for me in travel agency and she{it} to me will make all and will help with registration of all documents, I wait with impatience of your letter, write to me more likely, I very much grieve without your letters, your Natasha
Letter 37
Lovely the girlfriend can help, but all the same it will be not free-of-charge, she{it} will make all more cheaply, the visa and tickets, and all this will make quickly, but all the same to my regret I do not have money to it that at me now is it will not suffice, the salary very small and I cannot buy from me to myself the permit and borrow{occupy} this money from me there is nobody
Letter 38
Well my love, I tomorrow learn{find out} all and at once I shall write to you, I very much wait for that day when we at last shall meet, I love you, your Natasha
Letter 39
Lovely mine write to me please all data, in what staff{state} to go, I simply have not absolutely understood, and what airport at you where you will meet me and where I shall live, the hotel accommodation is necessary for me whether or not, is simple if is necessary that it will be more dear{expensive}, I wait for your letter my love, your Natasha
Letter 40
Lovely I it is very glad that you quickly have answered me, now with me beside the girlfriend which sits works in travel agency, she{it} has told that will make to me the permit to you, the visa for 1 year she{it} will cost 350 $ and lovely she{it} speaks the ticket that all together it will cost 1350 $ and that it is very cheaper, at me is approximately 300 $ but you understand that I not when cannot find the stayed sum and without your help I cannot arrive to you, you can help to arrive to me to you? I very much wait for your answer my love, your Natasha.
Letter 41
Lovely at me everyone are ready, necessary now only money to pay for everything, other all is also the girlfriend the everything else will make, now I need to pay at once for the visa and for tickets, you can send me through the western union? My information and when you can help is necessary for you? I wait for your letter, your Natasha
Letter 42
Well my love, my information which is necessary:
First name: Natalia
Last name: Alisultanova
Country: Russia City:
Kazan When you will send money that there to you will give number MTCN it{he} to ten-place and you should write it{him} to me and with which you have sent city of money, or scan a paper which to you better will give in bank and send her{it} to me, I as here shall receive money that at once I shall write to you, you how many want to send? I wait for your answer, your Natasha
Letter 43
Lovely try to send today, simply we then will have holidays and banks will not work, I wait for your letter
Letter 44
Lovely I think that 1100-1200 $ will suffice if you will send, I very much want to you my love, I want to be near to you, I love you, your Natasha
Letter 45
I very much love you my lovely, you the best the man on light
Letter 46
Well my love, I shall wait for your letter, I very much love you your Natasha
Letter 47
Loved mine why you do not write to me? I love you, dream today has dreamed me as you have met me at the airport and we have gone with you to you, I was very happy, but unfortunately it while only dream, I very much hope that becomes fast it{he} a reality
Letter 48
Lovely mine why you do not write to me?
Letter 49
I do not understand that happened, why you have ceased to write to me?
Lovely to me it is very bad, why you so with me act? Write to me though something if not you want that I came then and write, I very much love you, your Natasha
Letter 50
Lovely mine I very much love you, why you have ceased to write to me?
Or your words about love were only words and you deceived me? You wrote to me that me will not injure never, what happened? Write to me, tell that happened
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