Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Shilyaeva to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend :-)!! My name is Anastasiya, but friends me Name Nastya, me of 28 years, my birthday on June, 24. Mine Sign on the zodiac the Cancer. My growth 175 cm, weight 59 kg. I live in the country Russia in the City of Kazan, is very big city, but it very much Beautiful also it is my native city. The population in my city makes 1 120 200 persons. I very romantic person, I like to prepare The beautiful supper at candles, and me very much to like romanticism. Mine Hobbies it to go for a drive in the summer on rollers, to go on a beach To sunbathe, do evening walks on park or vacation spots, Especially in the summer to me to like to go for a drive on a bicycle it to me to like From the childhood. In the winter especially I go to pool or an aquapark? I work as the financial manager and my work very much to like me. I wish to speak to you that I not when was not married and I do not have children , And I had to join a site site to find With which I can create the unique person own Family. I am in earnest about it very much, I do not search for the person in The Internet for games and for an entertainment. Mr If you that person which searches Here only serious relations that I will wait from you for the answer. Your new acquaintance Nastya P.S Mr here the list of my questions on which I want that you answered:
1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. Your favourite Hobbies?
4. You search for what relations?
5. You were married or not?
6. You have children?
7. What you grew? And weight?
8. Also what you think of me? I approach you?
9. What questions I interest you? You can not hesitate and set
Them to me.))))
10.Than you like to be engaged free time from work?
11. As whom do you work?
Letter 2
Hello Gene. I am very pleased that you responded to my letter. I read them with great pleasure. In your letter you can ask me that - or whether that interest for you about me. This is - my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, and I like the way to a large extent, since I answered directly to the person whom I loved. I have a computer at home and have no problems if you want to chat with me on-line, but perhaps sometimes I will not have any opportunity to respond to your letter at once, I only know that one day it may be some problems with this, I sometimes have problems with the Internet. I would like to inform you Gene something about me and my life. I love to cook and say that i am good at it. My favorite dish - pelmeni, it is - a very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of minced beef and pork with onions and peppers wrapped in flour and welded. Maybe one day I will cook pelmeni for you ... but of course it is - not the only thing that I like. There are many delicious dishes are here in Russia. As soon as I visited the McDonalds, I realized that food is not natural, but I liked it very much. I would like to visit it one more time. But it is quite expensive for me. In my free time I like to watch movies. I like comedies, adventure films about love. Regarding music, it depends on my mood, I like Russian classics: Chaikovskiy, Rohmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, as I like Madonna, Elton John, Kylie Minogue. I-very cheerful person. I like to meet with my friends. I really wonder what is the weather like in your country now. Gene Tell me more about you directly. What would you like to do in your free time what is your favorite food and favorite food, what movies you prefer, like what music makes you? I love your letter, it is and I hope that you respond to my letter as soon as possible for you. Waiting for your letter.
Nastya P.S. If you have any photos of you, please send them to me.
Letter 3
Hello Gene. Today - good day, and I have good mood and I just came back from work . Today I want to tell you about my family. For me it is very important, I love my mother. As I already wrote you I live with my parents . My mother name is Nina. She was born in the city of Kirov. She was 52 years old. It is a teacher at the school. My father's name is Vitaliy. He was born in southern Russia in the Krasnodar region, it hereditary Kuban Kazak. He served in the army in the city of Kirov, where he met my mother. At the end of his service, they married. Soon I was born. To my father 54 years. He is currently working as a truck driver. This year they celebrate 25 years of life. They are loved, valued and respected each other. I hope when neither be thou with them to meet you. Also, I have a grandmother who lives in the city of Kirov, name is Anna her grandmother 70 years. She honored retired. Last time it was very often sick. She loves me and I have it too. I often ezzhu to it, I like to help her in everything. I believe that family is important in life. Gene My working day starts at 9-00 and ends at 17-00 and when I get home I immediately sit down for a computer to read a letter from you. Gene I have one day off this Sunday, if you want we can chat with you on-line. On weekends, I usually do the household: wash, clean, cook food. Help that may be mom ... We live in an apartment. This is not a large two bedroom apartment room and bedroom. Write me please more about your family and your life. Gene . I am going to help my mother prepare dinner. I look forward to receiving your letter. Yours Nastya
Letter 4

My friend Gene. Again I have received the letter from you, and I am very pleased! I hope, that all things, That I write you, are clear, and you understand everything, that I want to inform you. You know, During the small period of the correspondence to you Steel by very good my friend, and I feel, that I can trust you. How you think? I feel me not so convenient without your letters and with them, my day becomes better also by brighter. I feel me not one. I know, that you far from me but I feel your support. You could think, is what is it too fast or even too silly, but to believe me, I only speak a way, With which I feel and I think. I only would like, that you felt same and if you - so it only wonderfully! Actually I never used the Internet before, there can be only pair of times. But now I understand, What is it so conveniently and quickly. You know, last days about my job within the whole working day, I have very much often ideas concerning you. The ideas concerning you have filled in all my head. I also wait on an instant, when I shall begin to read the new letter from you Gene.During these ideas of minute and the hours become longer. It could seem to you strange, But it - way, with which I feel. Unfortunately my time in cafe of the Internet gets by the end, Write to me. I shall wait impatiently. Your friend Nastya
Letter 5
Hello Gene!!!! I am happy to receive your letter. I am very very happy that you answered me. I am very pleased to hear about you a lot of new and interesting. I wish that you would also know me as good as possible.I this day went to the Internet of cafe because the Internet did not work for me at home. I to share with you my thoughts and dreams. I think that the main especially human nature - Sincerity, kindness, politeness, respect and truth. Gene I really think that every to be honest to each other. Quite often I see couples, I see them happy, I really genuinely happy for them, and I think that one day I too will have rights to share my feelings with him. I just want you to understand me correctly, I just tired to be one, and I think I can love, and can be love, and it is - the only thing that I want yet. Since I said to you Gene That I had, and this was my only close and a real friend, the end of our relationship was rather sad, especially for me. A man whom I loved with all my heart, proved was a monster. He just left me one because of some another lady. It was a lesson for all of my life. Since that time I have never had a friend here. So I decided to meet someone - something for boundary. And every day I try to verify directly that life - a life, and I should never be discarded, but I would like to have Children are very, I think that children - the joy in our lives, but at the same very time I want, and I understand that I want to have children with another person, I I love and who will be with me by the end of my life. I would like my children well for the future. I wish that they do not grow in any needs that - Not whether. I believe that real love exists, and each man can have it only once in his life, and I think which is very important to understand the time that it arrived. Here I will finish my letter, and look, I would expect to receive hear from you. Nastya
Letter 6
Hello dear Gene Thank you for your letter. I am always with great pleasure and interest I wait your mail. Even in those days when I was very tired at work, I'm waiting patiently end of working hours that would be faster to go home and take your mail. And tiredness instantly goes, was called second wind. And the rest of the evening is taking place at elevated mood. This is even seen my parents. At first, my mom noticed that I often sit at his computer, and always happy. Then the father that to the Internet, I found a very good friend. In general I have them all told us about you, about our correspondence, that we develop with you a very warm, trusting relationship. My mom did this with the understanding it was a very pleasure that a man who appeared so well affects my mood. The father also highlighted did not object, but warned that I was very careful and attentive to these affairs. Sam know around unfortunately a lot of deception. Parents love us a brother, and for this we wish only good. So, my correspondence with you has become something more than serious than fun. At least for me. My sister said to me now that I am Overseas Bride. It is still small and stupid. But it is sometimes very harmful. And she wants to give to back. How are you there? How was your day? What is new and nice, he brought you? I wish that you would have been all good and that you would always and in all the smiling fortune. And what would you always remember that where it is far, far away, in the Russian depth, little heart beating, which is very often remembers you and wishes you all the above listed. Write me, I shall wait your letter very. My most gentle kiss just for you. Your Nastya.
Letter 7
Hello mine Dear Gene!!! I write you the letter, and I send you a huge and hot kiss. I have received your letter and is very happy to read it. How are you doing? How mood? I very much suffer when I have no an opportunity to write to you and to read your letters, You do not imagine with what happiness for me to write to you... With each letter You to me to all became closer also all we learn each other better. It is more, so it is awful to me to look at a map of the world and to think, which us are divided 1000 And 1000 kilometers. It - so pity, that we not a bird. We have no wings, and we have no apportunity to fly to each other. We can meet in any item in the world. And to fly together to stars. I think much concerning you and our attitudes. I do not know, what is it can like. But I know, that you - best man, whom I ever met. But I want to know opinion. Inform me concerning your attitudes franklier. What has fallen to me? What I feel for you? I am expensive for you? It not dream? Mine by a road ????, you know, that, when I lie down to sleep, I dreaming about you, about it. We together and when I open eyes in the morning, I think, that for once we were truncated with you Division. You speak to me so much kind and gentle words, I did not dream at all of such attitude to me. I feel by princess, This such perfect feeling, I enjoy by your letters. I have trusted in you completely, my soul and heart are open for you. I believe you and each your word. Today I had very heavy day, I am very tired and now I shall go home what to have a rest. But I am glad that has written to you today and has read your letter. It now for me the present pleasure. With impatience I shall wait for your letter. Kiss you Nastya
Letter 8
Hello Gene. I am glad to read from you today the letter. How there passes your day today? What do you do? Today at us in a city since the morning already so hot and today we have decided to go with parents on a summer residence, our summer residence to be on the bank of the river Volga with 130 km from the city of Kazan.Gene I will write to you on Monday, I wish you to spend well these days off, I hope you to me too will write that you did in these days off? Yours Nastya
Letter 9
Hello Dear Gene :) ! Thanks for the pleasant letter. How you there without me? At me today good mood and I with pleasure shall share him with you. I want to inform with you my ideas and feelings to you. I think that I do not need to hide my attitude to you and than more We shall speak about our feelings to each other, by that all will be more clear. Well that in this world there is a man to the one whom I am not indifferent. It is very pleasant to me to know, that we - mutual understanding the friend the friend - Most important fact in our attitudes. It is very good for me, as I, To meet you in my life. I was not so happy nevertheless. Anything it is not necessary for me if not your letter and you. I thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I became already enclosed to you. I think, that we approach for each other. I constantly think of you, you have accepted a place in my heart. You like me, and I think, that our attitudes can be deeper. Your letters do my mood highly. To me it becomes joyful on soul. I understand, that our attitudes everyone became more serious and more serious. Your words heat up my soul and heart. You in my heart each minute. When I think of you, at me on soul it becomes very pleasant, as earlier never was. It seems that I am in love with you. I think that you the best man not to the Earth. With impatience I wait for your letter. Gentle Kiss for you
Yours Nastya
Letter 10
Hello my dear Gene!!! I am very glad that you wrote me. I thought a lot about me and you. I have not slept all night. Now this - a very important period of my life. I tried to find my real love in the next few years, and now I found you Gene. When my friend told me to try me on the Internet, I thought that it would be funny. I can not imagine that the Internet can I find someone like you. I think it is - a miracle. Now, every minute, I thought only about you my dear Now I really feel I am lucky. I thought that our feelings are not so strong. But now I realize that it is - real, and that between us all seriously. I told my friends about us, and they are really happy for me. They told me that they see it in my eyes. I can tell you that I want. All that I want to be with you. With my man! Every day I dream of the existence of a long you are on the shore, observation of suns set on the ocean. The hearing of marine noise during the night. Beautiful candle shed light lunches, sitting by the harbor with a good bottle of wine and turned into a big conversation. But now it is - just a dream, but I think we can make this dream realized. I think we'll be the happiest people in the universe, when we are together. What do you think about this??? Do you think our dreams come true? I need you just as you are me? I know that I can make you a happier man than the Earth. My dear, I really need you to me. At this point, I will finish my letter. I told you that I feel, I hope that you feel the same, and you know, now I must read it - rather too late now. I hope that my big dream will come true soon and we will soon close.
Waiting for your answer ... Kiss you Your Nastya
Letter 11
Hello I do not see your letter? You sent me the empty letter!!!!
Letter 12
Hello dear Gene. Dear many thanks for your letter, I was simply happy to receive it from you and it was certainly very interesting to me to read it. I really to feel to you something, certainly you likely itself to understand what to feel, I to not know it. I cannot speak that I to love you Gene, as I to not meet you also to not know what you the person as I to not communicate with you, but I to have the big feeling to you and to think that it would be real if we wished to meet together with you and wished to have much in common. I to think that if we need to concern more seriously to myself and to think above our feelings more. Certainly I already many times to talk to girlfriends concerning us and that I to communicate with you, and they will speak many times to me that it difficultly to go to other country and to live there, but I also to understand it. Now there is nothing that I would be not complex to think also that it is necessary to get used to difficulties. I to consider that it not the most important as the most important to consist that it is necessary to be always the person and to think concerning all that you do also all that you wish to do, as it is very important. I to think that you also well understand it. I wish to tell to you, that I to not have contact to other people.Gene You have contacts to other girls? To me to seem that when we shall meet we shall understand much for myself and to solve that to us it is necessary in our future and to seem to me that it really as I to think that only you the person with whom I would like to change now my life completely and to think together with it concerning our future and our life, to ours of children and happiness as it seems to me. I will think that our meeting to give all of us, and certainly that that we to wait from it, we shall learn all rather each other and to understand that to us it is necessary to do further and as we will need to live further. I to think that only when we shall meet we shall understand it and we shall solve that we will need to do further, I only want that all to pass is remarkable and that we to be happy together. Dear Gene I shall wait from you for the letter and what you think rather our meeting? You are ready to meet me or not. Yours Nastya
Letter 13
Hello my dear Gene. I thought a lot about me and you. I did not sleep all night. Now it is very important period of my life. I tried find my real love for some years and now i found you. But I wish to tell Gene That we could love each other and create the family that we should meet, in fact at a meeting we shall know we approach each other or not. When my girlfriend told me to try myself in the internet i thought that it would be funny. I cant imagine that in the internet i can find such man like you. I think it is so Wonderfully and fine. Now every minute i think only about you my dear Gene. Now i really feel myself happy. First time i did not want to tell someone about us. I thought our feelings are not so strong. I told about us to my friends and they are really happy for me. They told me that they see it in my eyes. I can tell you what i want. Everything that i want is be with you. Every day i dream of having long walks with you on the beach, watching the sun set over the ocean. Listening sea galls call, and watching the dolphins swim up the coast into the inlets for the night. Beautiful candle lit dinners sitting by the harbor side with a good bottle of wine and wrapped up in great conversation. But now it is only a dream.... But i think that we can make this dream come true. I think that we will be the happiest people in the universe when we will be together. If you don’t mind it would be great be together and have a lot of children. Dear Gene You are ready to our meeting? When we can begin ours I shall meet? For you will not be a problem if I shall arrive to you? What do you think about it??? My Gene i really need you. On this i will finish my letter. I told you what i feel. I hope you fell the same and you will understand. Now i have to go, it is pretty late now. Waiting for your reply. your Nastya
Letter 14
Hello Gene It was pleasant to me to see today your letter we howl a mail box and it very joyfully for me that we fast time can meet and already learn with you about us better than by mail. Dear to me it is pleasant that you call me to yourself on a visit and I even wish to speak you that I very strongly worry because I not when was not abroad and it is very responsible moment for me to go in the friend the country and even for 1000 km from my native city and to live together with you.Gene When I shall arrive to you that I want that you cared about and showed me the most beautiful places the city, dear you will acquaint me with native and close Gene?? But I do not wish to hurry you from our meeting and I want that you to me spoke in what month to us will conveniently meet? Monday I shall go to travel agency and I shall learn what documents to require that me started up to you I shall rise. Dear also I should require your information: the Surname, the Name, City, the Country, and the most nearest airport to you. Dear Gene Now I shall go home and to do rest and I shall think of you and about our meetings. I shall wait from you for news your favourite Nastya
Letter 15
Hello Gene very happy to read a letter from you today, this afternoon I was in a travel agency to find out what documents do I need to do to stay in your Gene. Travel agents told me what documents I should get that I was able to come to you is: Tourist visa for a period of 90 days, passport, medical, insurance, the cost of the kit is 200$, plus the work of a tourist agency. Gene? term performance of all of these documents takes approximately 5-10 business days after paying for them. We also looked at the cost of tickets there and back (1200$), travel agent told me that I would fly through the company Aeroflot. Gene if we truly and seriously want to meet with you, I should pay for travel agency 1400$, but I can not have this amount of money without your help, Dear, if you are serious about our meeting and what you wrote in my previous letters I think that you can help me so we met with you and began to build a serious relationship, Gene I can come to you at any time, it is not a problem for me, and I can take leave from work when I want, but as soon as my money would be on the road, I hope that if we are to love each other and be together we will not stop nothing. I will wait for news from you. Your sweetie Nastya P.S My Air Kiss for you Gene !!!!!
My information:
Name: Anastasiya
Surname: Shilyaeva
City: Kazan
The country: Russia
Home address: Street Mira, 26
The most close airport: the Airport Kazan
Letter 16
Hello Gene, you probably have not understood mine the last the letter?
I wrote that to arrive to you to me it is necessary to have money for road to you it on tickets and for documents I wrote to you about it!!!! And data I gave you because you asked them!!! I hope that you once again will read through mine the last the letter and will understand!!!! I wait more likely from you for the answer. Your darling Nastya
Letter 17
Hello dear Gene as I have understood on yours the letter that you do not understand mine in what sum of money I require. I require in 1400 $ in this sum enters: Air tickets there and back, the visa, the passport for travel abroad, and many other things documents. The tourist agent spoke to start to do documents it is necessary to pay. Dear Gene to start to do the visa and the passport for travel abroad and other documents to me it is necessary to pay 200 $ and when will make these documents that travel agency will order air tickets 1200 $ and the total sum makes 1400 $. Dear Gene I hope that you understand me? I with impatience shall wait from you for the answer. Your darling Nastya
Letter 18
Hello mine dear Gene, I am glad to read your letter!!! Dear I have learnt as you can send me money that I paid in travel agency for the documents. Dear Gene I went today to bank and have learnt as you can send me money, to me in bank have told that the best and fast reliable way it to send money through the company the western union because after you will send me money, you should write to me that you sent them and to give data which you in entered in the form, also in bank to you will give 10-place number without which I I cannot receive money, Gene hope that you has understood that I spoke to you, but I think that you will understand is better when you will do it. Dear remember I to you gave the data?: the surname, the Name, the City, the Country, a home address - these data will be necessary to send to me money (but except the airport name). I so with impatience wait from you for the answer, I hope that all will be good also we can shortly be together. I wish continuation of day happy to you!!!! Your darling Nastya
Letter 19
Hello Gene, I very much was upset when read your letter, Dear why you consider all is destroyed? I do not understand you, you can explain to me? Gene if you want that we could meet and be together I shall arrive to you on your conditions!!!! I wait from you for the answer. Yours Nastya
Letter 20
Hello Gene, I ask the application that I so late I write to you. How are you doing? What weather at you in city? We yesterday had a hot weather and I went on a beach to sunbathe, today at us bad weather and in before a dinner was a rain. Gene it will be remarkable if you will arrive to me to Russia and we shall get acquainted with you. Dear you can speak me in what month you will to arrive? It will not distract you from your work? I think that you can take holiday from work.... I spoke the parents that you will arrive to me and they were not against and even were delighted that in our house there will live the man from other country. Gene I hope that you will precisely arrive to me. I look forward from you to the answer. Yours Nastya
Letter 21
Hello Gene, I am pleased to read a letter from you today. how your mood today? I hope that you all are well.
My answers to your questions:
1. Name: Anastasiya Surname: Shilyaeva
2. Address: Flat 34 WORLD 26 zip code 420003
3. We have no phone, but I can give the number of neighbor (SAFIULLINA. Tel:8(8432)2303945 Address: THE WORLD 26 33)
4 and 5, I still can not give you these figures because I have to ask permission from his supervisor.
7. I do not have a cell phone number.
8. my dad name is Vitaliy Shilyaev, my mother Nina Shilyaeva, 9. my friends did not want to give their data as if thou shalt call them they will also pay for a telephone conversation with you (Roaming).
10. I live only with their parents.
11. I sent you last year's pictures, but it is today.
12. I have no car.
13. my citizenship Russia.
Dear, I look forward to hearing from you the answer. Your Nastya
Letter 22
Hello Gene, at me today good mood, and at you? Dear today I asked director that it has given me the sanction to that that I have given the address of the work and a phone number to you, but director has not allowed it to do and if I shall give you these data without the assignment of director that it will abuse me and we can even discharge from office. Dear Gene I spoke you in the first letter that I search for serious attitudes and I found that the man which to me approaches and now I wish to meet it in I live and to start to get acquainted more seriously, for me it is not important where there will be our meeting in your country or in mine, I called you to myself because you have written that I cannot arrive to you, whether Gene I do not know can I arrive to you, I can speak you precisely if I shall go to travel agency and to learn all about arrival in USA, Dear I do not play with you, I seriously wish to meet you if I played with you that I did not write to you after you has written that you wish to arrive to me!!! I can talk in English, I studied English language at school and university. Gene as I spoke you that you like me and that we could love each other to us it is necessary to meet as the man and the woman, in fact on the Internet we cannot love!!! Gene I know where do you live.
Nearest International Airport: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA it is the exact address where do you live? You speak precisely that we should speak by with you to phone, but you can speak me the phone number on which I can call to you because if you will call mine neigbours that it who will not understand to it calls, it very old and besides little bit deaf and if I shall call to you that it will be better. I wish you good prodriving of day, also I wish to learn than you were engaged or will be engaged today? Yours Nastya
Letter 23
Hello Gene, I am glad that at you all well. I work as the financial manager in the Savings Bank of Russia. I went travel agency " Robinson " their phone number 8(8432) 299-3487. Dear Gene I asked you 1400 $ to arrive to you on tourist permits for 14 days as the tourist. Whether Gene I do not know I can adapt to USA, in fact I there yet to time was not and I can not is still exact tell. Dear which you gave thanks for your phone number to me, I shall try to call to you today and I hope that we can talk to you today. Thanks that was pleasant my photo and video. Up to in a fast meeting. Nastya
Letter 24
Hello Gene I am glad to read today from you your letter, Dear I wish to speak you that you look forward in our attitudes that we could marry and live with you together in your country to us it is necessary to see all over again each other in the real world, I cannot write to you that I love you and I wish to marry you at once though I did not see you in alive and did not communicate with you. Dear you should all this understand, if we wish to see to the friend an arch that to us it is necessary already to start to prepare to our meeting. We can write hundreds letters and not meet, I do not wish to spend all for nothing time!!! I when was not in your country and I can not tell at once that I can adapt to it in letters, I speak that when we shall be together that all will be to another. I ask the application that could not call yesterday to you, I hope that today we can talk to you. Gene the letter which I wrote to you June 22, 2009 it there was a letter on the permit, I simply strongly have mixed all, I hope that you will forgive me. I with impatience wait from you new the letter. Your darling Nastya
Letter 25
Hello Gene why you think that our attitudes are finished? Dear I can arrive to you at any time both live together with you and love each other but how I can come to you if at me there is no money for road? If I had money for road that we could be together already. I do not wish to have rich the man, it will order over me!!!! I have found the the man it you Gene!!! And I do not wish to lose you I wish build with you serious attitudes which can to lead us to marriage to a combination. I too when was not in your country as well as you in mine, but each person can get used to any residence and I think that I doge can get used to you. Gene you can speak me fairly - you wait for me to the apartment? When I shall arrive to you where I shall live? How you will care of me? I can communicate with the relatives and friends? I not the cowardly person!!! I have houses the bible!! Dear I ask the application that I can not call to you while because I have not time to buy a card from for works, in these days off I shall go to shop and I shall buy a card and on Monday after 16.00 I shall call to you, this convenient time for you? I with impatience wait from you for the answer. Yours Nastya
Letter 26
Hello Gene, I read your letter and I understand that you do not want that I came to you it so noticeably your letters, you can to me will speak the truth? I do not know a cat to you spoke that people cannot arrive in USA but as to me have told that on tourist permits USA each person can visit. I learned that many people of the man and the woman come in USA through tourist permits and they have no what problems but why you do not want that I arrived to you on tourist permits? Also what for you all time to me set so many questions? It already bothers me!!! I shall wait from you for the answer. Yours Nastya
Letter 27
Hello Gene I have not spoiled the attitude, simply I have understood you did not want that I arrived to you and everything if you will decide that we we can have a meeting in the Europe. Nastya
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