Scam letter(s) from Elena Kozlova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! It is pleasant to see your letter. Certainly I to wish to learn you it is better. Also I shall tell to you more about myself today. I wish to tell to you about my external data. Volume of a ****** of 89 sm, a waist of 60 sm, my growth of 173 sm, weight of 54 kg. I have no native brothers or sisters, and my parents were lost in autofailure when to me there were 9 years. After that I was brought up by the grandmother. I lived at it in small settlement near to the city of Krasnodar. After leaving school I have acted to study in medical institute, and then two years in postgraduate study. And after that I have started to work in clinic independently. In settlement where there lived the grandmother there is no hospital, and only the small medical aid station in which works two doctors. And consequently I had to search for employment in Krasnodar. I have gone to work in the Krasnodar hospital and I work here till now. As I already have told earlier I am engaged in treatment of patients in-home. Basically it is children. I like to help to them, and in general I to love the work. I live in an apartment which I rent in silent area of city. My city big,
its population more than 600 thousand person. And in which you live how much big city? The grandmother has left on a next world two years ago and after that I have remained absolutely alone. There are certainly girlfriends. And in the days off we meet, and we go together on a concert or simply we walk on city. To me there was no still that person with which it is possible to connect the life. And so it would be desirable to see sometimes beside the beloved. And how you with home life, whether have at you children? It is time to me to leave the Internet. Yes has forgotten to tell. I write to you from the Internet of cafe as I have no still a computer of the house. If you want, I shall tell to you about my interests and hobbies. Also can tell to me about the . I the kind and open person. Also I hope that you also will concern to me. Thirty years it is not so small age. And I would like a quiet life with the favourite person. I do not search for distortions or simply cheerful correspondence. I hope that we can learn more about each other. And then we shall see that can to turn out from this. The best regards. Elena
Letter 2

Greetings my favourite! I Hope that all well at you. Today I to ask to give me the day off on work. And to borrow then small cleaning of an apartment. And then I with the girlfriend have gone a little to take a walk on city. We have visited city park. And after that have decided to descend in a cinema. But there today there was old enough film. And we have decided it to not look. Now I have come into the Internet of cafe and I write these lines to you. My darling I hope,
that I have met that person about which dreamed all my previous life.
And this the man you my favourite. A Plenty of my embraces to you. My heart to belong to you now. And it is not simple words. I to wish to be near to you always, and to divide all pleasures and not absolutely pleasant instants of this life. I am a pity to me that not near to you now. Also I can not touch you my favourite. At an idea on you I start to tremble. Also it is pleasant sensations. My darling we can probably meet? And then we learn each other is better. And it is more pleasant to have dialogue with the person being near to it. I am ready to give all of you my attention, kindness and tenderness. You attractive the man. And it is pleasant to me in all of you. How you to look at our meeting? I can probably arrive to youu, and we shall take pleasure in pleasant instants. And if your love is strong to me I can remain with you for ever. In fact this happiness to be with the favourite person. To kiss you my sweet favourite. Wishes of pleasant day to you. Your Elena
Letter 3

My darling! Good afternoon. Than you to borrow today? Today fine weather here. The easy breeze blows. And the heat seems not such strong. My darling, so would be desirable me of your embraces. Both kisses, and tenderness from you. I to wish to give you my love and tenderness also. Probably our meeting really happens? I today visited agency of travel. Also it became interesting to me to learn about an opportunity to visit you. I to receive there consultation. The manager of agency has told to me, that the visa will be cost of 350 dollars,
and term of its action six months. And the air ticket up to the airport nearest to you average cost of 1200 dollars. Manufacturing of the passport is not required to me as it is available for me. In fact I already visited England. And validity of the passport five years.
The agent of firm has told to me that manufacturing of documents borrows from three about five days. The manager also has told to me,
that if you will wish that I have remained with you after term of the expiration of the visa. That we we should address in emigratory service. And together with them to issue to me residence permit. This all in that case if you decide to leave me at yourselves. My darling,
probably we need to meet. I can take holiday on work. We can learn each other better. And our feelings will develop. You can probably look for to me work there. And then I shall bring also the contribution to the general budget. My darling I can arrive to you.
But I should to ask add you to me a little on official registration of papers. For me is available now six hundred dollars of savings. You can probably help to meet and add our love missing nine hundred fifty dollars. My darling, I understand that it is a greater sum. But at me remains a few savings now. My unsuccessful trip to England thoroughly has spent me. My darling I to think you good the man. And I to trust you completely. In fact all attitudes first of all should be based on trust. And I think that our love does not remain simply dialogue on distance. And we can feel embraces and sweet kisses each other. My darling, the agent of travel has told to me also that I can make payment in any day. And the firm at once will begin official registration of papers. It to me has advised to visit also bank, and to learn from them about an opportunity of use of the western union.
Now it is the most safe way of movement of means in Russia. My darling I hope that you can probably help to transform to me our meeting into a reality. And our hearts will find each other. I to love you is very strong. I would like to see your smiles, and the nobility that they are intended to me. It is a lot of kisses to you. I love and kiss you my favourite! Your Elena
Letter 4

Greetings favourite! Well, I send you one such photo. But it not seems to you that real attitudes is better distortions through a network? My darling, I visited bank today in the morning. Also consulted about an opportunity of reception of the help from you. To me also have advised to take advantage of services of the Western union. My favourite here requisites of bank in which I today have visited. Alpha-bank. Krasnodar, street Red, 124B, an index 350000. The manager has told to me that for reception of the help from you I will need to name your exact name and a surname, the sum of your help to me. And also a ten-character code of translation. Favourite I shall hope that you can probably help to meet our love. And to help me for payment missing sum. And our meeting will be the happiest event for me. My darling my name Elena Kozlova. Probably my home address is required to you. Here it. Russia. The city of Krasnodar. Street Turgeneva 150, an apartment 43. The Postal index 350000. Your embraces are desired for me. I love and adore you my darling. And to represent us together. I shall try to check up mail from you in the evening or tomorrow in the morning. The best regards to you. And many sweet kisses for you my favourite! Elena loving you
Letter 5

My favourite. You only ask my photos and all. I do not have more such photos where I without clothes on them. And that them to do it is necessary the digital chamber. I also have no personal chamber,
and in shop it cost about three hundred dollars. Will agree that it dearly. At me the borrowed working days now. TODAY to me a distance the day off on work. But in the evening I need to come to work again in a night shift. My darling if you really will wish to see me near to you that I I shall arrive to you. And I shall expect your help on Friday. But it is better on Thursday. Because on Saturday the bank can not work and I cannot receive it. Also I can not pay service of tour agency this week then. To kiss you my sweet. I think of you. Also I embrace you. I shall go for work now. In an hour my change begins.
Your Elena
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