Letter(s) from Diana to Gene (USA)

Letter 1

i am free yet and i look for soul mate and i try to make a relation and meet sombody becouse i have 2 weeks free and i not like to wait to long aftre when finish my free days i wil be busy and no have time for meetings

Letter 2

at me if u want or tell me u?

Letter 3

bucharest romania but for u not need viza to come here

Letter 4

bext week will finish my holiday

Letter 5

for come in usa need viza and tiket plane if u can care of this i wil come i promise

Letter 6

yes i promise to come at u and i am very happy for have a meeting with u i ask about viza and sombody help me to have in 1 week or mabye erlier and tell me cost to make all arrangamenst for me is 230 eur

Letter 7

txs tell me what to do becozsue i need to know if i have u help and start documnet for viza and when to come at u?

Letter 8

cost me 230 eur i dont know how much is in usd i think is 321 usd i know to know all and if u are serios becouse i need to talk about viza and give money when u sent to me i promice to meet u becouse i like u

Letter 9

wit westen union i sok? i give u my number can u call me now +40766938959

Letter 10


Letter 11

like i see i wait u and u not serios about our meeting have a good day bye