Letter(s) from Sandra James to Juan (Germany)

Letter 1

hi dear,
i am very glad to read from you babe ,how is your health and how is work babe i have to take my time to write you these letter cos every thing i am writing to you now is from my heart my babe i am very sorry about what you have been through babe i care about you that why i want to meet you you have made me have a very stonge feelings for you babe,i am happy babe about the fact that you have relailised that we are meant to be baby hopefull soon all you have to do is just to get ticket for me so i can get a flight and come to you babe i am very sorry to ask you but i am very broke now i dont have a dime to my name if i ahve the ticket babe i can get to you these week or next week my dear i hope you are fine i miss and cheerish you so much take care love you bye