Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Christian (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend,
Nice to meet you, I'm glad that like you, hope our communication will be interesting for each other. Now, Let's introduce myself too more.
I'm Valentina, a manager in a clothing shop, I'm 25 y.o.
My date of birth is on December, 22, in 1983, star sign Carpricorn I never married and have no children. I am no smoking and drinking.
I live in Vinnitsa, western region of Ukraine. Do you know?
Have you ever been in Ukraine?
I am communicative, confident in myself, cheerful, romantic, ******, rather attractive woman for my years. I like connecting with clever, intelligent and interesting people. I am very neat and peaceable person.
I want to find reliable, respectable, tender, careful man, is giving caress, warmness, understanding. Groovy, helpful person, bedroom eyes, sincere.
Do you possess the qualities of my dreamful man? What's your advantage?
Are you ready for serious relations? What's image of woman do you dream to meet? What's traits should she have? To men the beauty and mind mix in the woman is intolerable, I heard, is it truth?
Is it important appearance? The beauty of soul gives a charm even to an ordinary-looking body as for me.
What do you think about difference age between a man and a woman?
It is the harmonious unification not only between bodies, but between knowledge and pleasure, an expression of feelings for another person which contain your most inner feelings. Do you share?
I am family-oriented and want to have a family, the marriage with loving man in future. I hope to come true my hopes, dreams, desires.
If I find a good, dignified man here, in Internet, that I'm eager relocate abroad.
Where you live, couldn't you meet a nice woman? Why? What dislike in the women of your country? Sorry for many questions, but it'd be curious to know more.
look forward your answer. Valentina
Letter 2
Good day my dear Christian, how are you?
Today is nice day, because I read your wonderful reply, we're starting to discover each other, don't find?
I want to tell you something more about me, my hobbies, family, to become for one step closer to you.
I have many hobbies, a keen person, sports, music, dances, travels, cookery, reading, cinema and many others.
However, my favorite is plants, collect cactuses. of course,I have no exotic overseas cactuses, only ukrainian sorts on my balcony. But this is something that I like very much.
I also like to go the the sport club three times in a week, to keep myself in good shape.
Time to time, I go shopping, to renew my clothes, to buy some funny, elegant or original but not expensive.
My interest is cooking also, to help to my mother with foods is a great pleasure for me. She opens some secrets of cookery to me ;-) By the way, she is very nice, kind, intelligent woman, love to puzzle the crosswords much. Now she is a housewife. My father works as book-keeper in our local city hospital. As the hospital is in the charge of our State and finances by the State, that's earnings are not much there.
But he likes his job as he does something useful. It's better than to be at home.
I like visiting some interesting places, cinema, travelling, although I have ever never been to abroad, but I travelled though Ukraine and enjoyed the nature and beautiful places here.
I am a very easy going person who does not like confrontation, so I don't have many dislikes. I enjoy life to the fullest everyday,it is very short.
I'll wait for the next letter from you soon. Bye-Bye.
your Valentina
Letter 3
Hello my darling Christian! What are you doing today?
I feel good, this summer hot day here, despite of rain yesterday. Now I'm relax after the working week.
It brings me more joy and positive emotions. I think exchanging letters like that is very romantic secret thing, it is blooming inside us.
Darling, Here's hotness, it wants to lay on beach and listening to waves. But I had last working day of week yesterday. Now I relax.
I like walking in the park if the weather is warm, beautiful nature around, walking along park alley, think nothing, dream of something..
Do you like walks? Yesterday I worked the whole day in the shop.
Many clients, young girls, women come to buy the summer clothes.
The women fashion this summer. Here's is very fashionable blue, lilac, violet colors in the clothes, many young girls, women wear something lilac or blue this time. Our sell in the shop is good.
The woman look so attractive, young girls are so ****, you know, darling, right chosen clothes are hidden the all lacks of any woman figure. Don't agree??
The blue color makes happy and confident to a person, raises his level of happiness claims psychologists. Mix of blue and green colors make happier the men, and blue and violet, orange mix is more lucky for the women besides, blue is love color, pure and fair, clear and true..what do you think?? The same fashion in your place??
Do you like violet or blue color? Have you any thing in your summer wardrobe? it'd be curious to know, or if you have nothing, I'll promise to present something for you by our meeting one day, make sure, it will be suit to you, darling ;-) kissing you so tenderly,
your valentina
Letter 4

Hello dear,
How are you? Just missed some days of July since you had written to me, now you keep in silence.
What's happened? I wait for you as soon as.
Valentina with kiss
Letter 5
Hello darling, how are you? what's your mood today?
I'm feeling fine, missed you the whole weekend.
Today is a nice sunny day, the day of romance, love, meeting on the day we'll meet there, what do you think? ;-)
Here's so hotness, stuffy, high temperature, it makes to fantasy about beach, romantic summer together..
I don't want to confuse you, darling, but it's so honeyed
A fantasy come true that we share with each other it will be our first dating on the beach, on our first romantic dating we'll take fizz and chocolate.
On the battle we hang an ornament with a romantic love note inside for each other until drinking. Sitting on the sea coast we'll open each ornament "love note" and share them with each other, and then we'll make love on sand.
Probably, I went too far with my crazy fantasy of our dating, sorry, darling.
I write down my most ****** fantasias and put them in a small can. What's way it turns, we can draw one out of the other ones can. Let's try and fulfill our fantasy in real.
This is a great way of keeping the flame always burning in our relationship.
Well long distance love lives very far. A fantasy is playing game with us. After some time of getting to know each other I send my kisses. The real nice thing about it will be one day I'll get your kiss from the moon.

wish you nice day!
your Valentina
Letter 6
Hello my sweetheart Christian! How are you? What's your day?
Everything is okay at me, work at the shop, do my daily matters here. The weather is not hot here, pleasant warm summer days. Many people meet, plan to go to sea, so romantic, to be at sea with your loving person, agree?
Maybe, one day we'll meet there, waves will whisper something secret for us..What do you see to meet?
what's way do you want our meeting? I dare to dream about our meeting in your country, to come to see you there, open each other in most excited manner, know each other closer. I have never been to oversees, but it's great chance for both, I want to do something special for us to make our plans.
Give me an upside down kiss..a bit more romantic..
Lay my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat..
What do you see in my eyes? Then we have a few more risky ones, but we can use our own imagination and how comfortable we are in our relationship.
It's special because we know that it is "our" time - meeting, romance, dating, talking about love.
I don't know when or how our little ritual will start, but it's a special staple in our relationship.
First we find a nice huge private open space together.
Sometimes the best expressions of love, are the unexpected ones.
It's hard to imagine meeting someone on line...
but when we meet that we know. Being so far away is the hard thing there is. I cannot wait to our first kiss.
So, I decide to send you kisses in the mail. then kissed each one with lipstick. These kisses were sent with love, and will be delivered in person when I'll be there.
your Valentina
Letter 7
Good day my honey Christian!
How are you? It made me happy to read your words today, you have the serious intentions to me, want to meet with you.
That's very important to plan our meeting, why to be in letters with each other endless, it never work. Now I'm full of hopes, feelings, desires to start a relation in real life.
So i don't want to waste time for unneeded things, let's go ahead holding hands, making our desires for real. I thought about it a lot of time, and I have the one idea, what's way to come true our plans of meeting, that's to go to the travel company.
There i can know all details, terms, lists of documents that I must prepare before coming to you and prices, look into the airfares. what do you think? Let's try?? ;-) see you later,
many kisses from your Valentina
Letter 8
Good day my dear Christian, how are you? what's the matter with you?
I checked my post box, expected a letter from you, but no news. I'm okay, miss you please, remember about your Valentina.
Letter 9
Hello honey, how are you? What are you doing?
I miss you, think of you. Here's summer days, hotness and high temperature.
Passed some days, I didn't hear you, what's the matter?
Are you the summer will be passed and we should use a chance to meet. Agree? It would be such a sweet surprise for both! The summer is so warm.. I'm waiting for you soon
with summer kiss Valentina
Letter 10
Good day my darling Christian, how are you getting on?
I'm glad you have serious interest to me, want to meet with me, try to start love together. we need meet each other better, only meeting is the best for us. I found the good, reliable travel office in my region, went to there. Rather solid agency with fair name.
I met with the manager, communicated with her, asked the questions, details of getting the documents. For start, I must do the international passport, it's easy and fast, after they will do my visa, it's travel type of visa, it gives for 90 days of staying in your country. And at last, it's obligatory to make the health insurance.
The total term of documents is 2-3 weeks, enough normal prices on region, let's see: for passport - 145 USD, for visa 245 USD
with visa service fee and visa issuance, consular fee - 35 USD, health insurance - 200 USD. finally sum is 625 USD for all paperwork.
That's not expensive on our region. Darling, are you ready to support me??Can I hope on your help?? Wait for your reply eagerly, Valentina
Letter 11
I don't understand you at all, I share your thoughts of it.
I am interested very much in our meeting face-to-face, our serious relationships in real life. One meeting is better than hundreds letters.
It will be changed our lives, gives more chances for each other, you tell me strange things now, What's way are you planned to have a wife there if you have financial problems, if you can't help your wife to come to you?? Why are you communicating in Internet???
If you can't support your woman??? I was honest, opening and frank with you, I told you, I can't do it without your financial support as I have no international documents. If you search your woman here In Ukraine then please be kind and understanding man help for her and if you can't do it, search your woman in your country and then no problems.
You changed your mind, you refused me, and changed your position to support me as you heard that's necessary to do it. you are not ready make a serious step, that I can't pin my hopes on you.
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