Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Lebedeva to Barth (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Bartholomew,
Thanks for your letter.
I have no phone unfortunately. But you can give me the phone number.
I do not promise to call you at once, but I will try to call you as soon as possible.
It is interesting to me to read your letter and to learn you.
Now it is letters is the second step to our acquaintance.
In this letter I will tell to you about the family and about the friends..
The family occupies very important part in our life.
I have mother and the father, but, unfortunately, I have no brothers and sisters.
In the childhood I always dreamed to have brothers and sisters, but health of my mum haven't allowed her to have more than one child.
My mum wished to give birth to the second child, but doctors have forbidden her.
Thus, all love of my parents has got only to me.
My mum call Nadya, she works in hospital, the nurse she helps sick people.
To her to like to help sick people and on it she has chosen this speciality.
To her remains, at all it is a lot of time to an exit on the old-age pension and then she won't work any more and will receive grants.
My daddy call Victor, he the former military man he was the officer in army of Soviet Union, he even participated in operations in Afghanistan.
He never told about this war, but my mum said, that he saw many horrors of this war and that he has been wounded.
Now he on pension, military retire earlier, than civil people.
I very much love the parents and always I try to help them in all.
My parents have given me all necessary for me.
I have got education and education.
Write to me about your parents?
You has brothers and sisters?
Now I live with the parents, but I hope, that in the future I will have the family.
I dream to have loving husband and children.
I dream to have two children it is the boy and the girl.
You wish to have children in the future?
What do you think of it?
As I have friends with whom I communicate and spend a free time sometimes.
They are my girlfriends and some girlfriends have husbands and guys, and we communicate together.
Sometimes we cheerfully spend time all company.
I will tell to you about the hobbies in the following letter, I will tell, how we spend time together.
I am familiar with some girlfriends since the childhood, eventually always there are new friends.
But I think, that the close friends can be not much.
I have all some the close friends, they always will help me during a hard time.
Write to me about your friends?
At you it is a lot of friends?
I would like to set to you some questions:
Of what you dream now?
I dream of a happy family and the loving husband.
How you see the future?
Tell to me, what you should have in a life that you could tell "I'm happy on 100!!!!"
I hope, that our desires and dreams will be similar.
It is really interesting to me to learn you.
I hope, that we will continue our acquaintance and dialogue.
Write to me, I will wait your letters.
Yours faithfully Svetlana
Letter 2
Hi Barth,
I am very glad, that we continue to write each other.
Thanks for your phone number.
I will try to call you as soon as I will have such possibility.
It is really interesting for learning each other by means of e-mail.
In this letter I would like to tell to you about the hobbies and how I spend a free time.
I think, that when the man and the woman are interested the friend in the friend, they should have the general hobbies and hobbies.
You agree with it?
But it not always truly interest can sometimes appear because of various kinds of hobbies about which I never heard, but it is interesting to me to learn it.
We has various culture and a way of life, can be different.
It is always interesting to me to learn about a life in other country.
I always ask a question, than the life in other country differs from our life in Russia?
Certainly, now during modern time about all write in newspapers and show on the TV, but I would like to learn about your country and about your culture from the person, such as you.
You can precisely describe about a situation in your country, and about your life. I think, that it is more interesting, when learn about a life and culture of the citizen of other country from him.
Unless you so don't think?
I have many hobbies and a hobby.
I will begin that I very much like to dance, I like dances. I visited dancing employment when went to school and at university.
I don't know many various kinds of dances, but I know, that there are many kinds of dances of different cultures and the people.
And to you to like to dance?
I like to go in for sports, when I have a free time.
In the winter I ski and on the skates. Sometimes with girlfriends I visit the Ice palace, it is usually hockey platform.
We dress, the skates and we slide on ice it very interestingly.
You sometime slid on ice on the skates?
Except sports and dances I take a great interest in the literature and music.
To me to like to read classical books. These are such well-known products, as "War and peace" Tolstoy (about events of war of 1812 between Russia and France), a "Crime and punishment" Dostoevsky (about the theory of a crime which was made by the student), "Archipelago Gulak" Solzhenecin (it about destiny of the person which has got in prison camp in Siberia, after the Second World War, the author described events which have occurred(happened) to it(him)).
You know these products?
They are popular Russian authors if you didn't read it then I advise to you to take these books in hands to start to read them.
From foreign writers to like me Remarque's products. He/she is the remarkable author, his books are read very easily and clearly. He is the German writer he described event of the first and the Second World War eyes of the usual soldier, but he wasn't the nazi he was against, the nazi of Germany.
I read such products, as "On the western front without changes" (about the First World War eyes of the usual soldier), "Returning" (about a life of the same soldiers after the termination of the First World War), "Three companions" (one of my favourite products, the author writes about loyal friends and unfortunate love).
Now at me not so it is a lot of free time to read books as me to have to work much.
I listen to classical music, especially I like music Enio Moricone. You know it?
I like to listen to different music, but romantic music is more to like me.
To like me music "Moby", "Deep forest", "Ennia".
And to what music you like to listen?
Also I like to look films one of my favourite films it is "Titanic".
I think, that almost everyone saw it a film. To like you this film? As I like films of the Chalk of Gibson "Passions Christ's". One of my favourite actors is Tom Hanks, I like films with his participation. Especially to like me films "Green mile", "Derelict" and "Terminal".
You saw these films?
What films you like to look?
Still I like to prepare this one of my favourite hobbies.
To my parents and friends very much to like, as I prepare.
I prepare Russian national dishes these are pelmeni, pancakes, Russian soup - "Borsch".
As to like me the Italian cuisine I love a pizza, macaroni with cheese, a lasagna.
And still to me to like to prepare the Peking duck.
You know names of these dishes?
You like to prepare?
In each country there is a ethnic cuisine.
And what national dishes in your country?
I also like to prepare salads and various dishes from vegetables and fruit.
I consider, that we should eat food useful to health. In free time from work, I go on walk with the girlfriends, sometimes we visit cafe what to talk and drink a cup of hot tea.
We can go to an ice palace to go skating.
In the summer we go on a bicycle to park. Sometimes we visit shops, we can go to cinema or in theater.
Write to me that you do in the days off.
You meet friends? I think, that it is everything, that I wished to write to you in this letter.
In the following letter I will write to you about holidays to Russia and not much about the Russian culture.
I hope, that I haven't tired you with so long letter.
I wait your letters.
Yours faithfully and care Svetlana
Letter 3
Hi Bartholomew,
It is always pleasant to me to read your letters.
Thanks for your phone number.
I will try to call you as soon as I will have such possibility.
Recently we have much learned about each other and, certainly, we shouldn't stop on the reached.
I have got used to your letters, they became my habit.
I always try to find possibility to answer your letter as soon as possible.
I always with the big interest read your letters, I have started to feel, that between us there is a connection.
These are my first sensations about which I write to you.
And what you feel?
As you already, probably, have understood, I opened and emotional the person I haven't got used to restrain. When to me it is difficult or bad, I don't constrain insult and disappointment in the soul. For me it is important, to talk about it to parents or friends.
To me to become easier when I express to the loved one.
I hope, that we understand each other.
I think, that such character trait is peculiar to many women.
Certainly, man's character strongly differs from female, but I have no wide experience in relations and I still don't know much about man's character.
I already wrote to you about last relations when I studied at university..
I had no more than any relations, probably, that is a lot of time and forces I give it to the work.
As still I can tell to you about the character.
I self-assured, not timid, have sense of humour (sometimes I have infectious laughter and a pleasant smile). I enjoy pleasant conversation, I like to talk to parents and friends.
And what you can tell to me about the character?
How you cope with difficulties?
What do your friends and relatives speak about your character?
It will be very interesting to me to learn about your habits and character.
I with impatience wait your following letter.
I send you an air kiss.
Yours faithfully and care yours Svetlana
Letter 4

Hi Barth,
I am very glad to receive your letter. Your answers are very important for me.
I appreciate your sincerity.
I have for you a news. Soon at me a vacation. We have a chance to meet you. Aching I do not know you are ready to it or not.
What you on it will say? You wish to meet?
Usually I work all year and my vacation last 1 month, but last year I worked all year and now this year my vacation will longer last.
Certainly I would like to use this chance for our meeting. It will be good chance to learn each other more close.
And what you think of it?
This morning I have woken up and have looked in a window.
I have seen the sun, its beams gently warmed me.
And from it at me it was cheered up, the morning sun always brings to me, good mood I become vigorous.
To like you the morning sun?
I understand, what not to like all morning, there are people who are more inclined to a night way of life and on it him will hard wake up in the morning, and morning doesn't cheer them up.
I don't concern such type of people, I without effort wake up in the morning and I have good mood.
You easily wake up in the morning?
Weather always influences my mood. I like good and warm weather.
I think, that weather influences each person differently.
What weather now at you?
Today I thought of you, I thought of how your day lasts. I understand, that we very much far apart and this distance a barrier to us.
But I believe, that any difficulties can be overcome, for this purpose it is necessary to have strong desire.
You agree with me?
Excuse for my short letter, but now I need to go home.
I with impatience wait your letters.
Yours faithfully and care yours
Letter 5
Hi Barth,
It I am very pleasant to receive your letters with the great pleasure I read your letters.
Especially me pleases, that our attitudes do not die away,
And on the contrary inflame with huge force.
Your letters help to relax.
When I walk along the street, I see sometimes girls of the age with small children.
I hear laughter and I see happy faces of children and their mothers.
I think, that this happiness to have own child and it needs to be appreciated.
Yes I wish to have the child, I am ready to present all love and care to the child.
But many girls and women don't understand, they have got what happiness or can get.
I mean those women who do abortion or give children to a children's shelter.
In our world many unhappy children which require parental love.
Many girls don't wish to raise children because of shortage of money and it is the big problem for our world.
There is some women who raise children without husbands, but the father is necessary to the child.
He requires fatherly love. What do you think of it?
It is final, difficult to raise children, but this big happiness. You agree?
Children continue our existence, we transfer our genetic information to the children.
I really very much love children, and I dream to have two children it is the boy and the girl.
You have all chances to become the father for our children.
I also would like to inform you.
Soon I will have vacation. These are a long vacation because I didn't use the vacation last year. Now I will have two free months.
I understand, that it isn't much unexpected for you, but I can't change a vacation to other time.
It also is unexpected for me. This news was informed by my boss.
He has explained it to that during other time there will be many works under the plan. I should take part in this work, it is very important for me and for my organization.
Now most suitable period to release me on a vacation.
My vacation will begin in three weeks, and 2 months will last.
What do you think of it?
I would like to use this chance that will meet you.
I dream to visit your country, but never traveled also travel for me like a fairy tale.
I really dream of it, I saw many countries on the TV and I felt grief because I had no chance for travel.
But now I had a hope.
You want, that I have visited you.
When your vacation? You could plan the vacation so that they have coincided with my vacation?
If you are interested in we wash visiting you then I can learn the information on how I can visit you.
I think, that the easiest variant it to use travel agency.
Write to me, what you think of it?
I miss on you and now I worry in expectation of your answer not much.
I wait your letters.
With love yours Svetlana
Letter 6
Hi Barth, My darling, I have visited travel agency and I have learned a lot of information on how I can visit you.
That I could arrive to you, I need to make the visa and to collect all necessary documents including the insurance.
Expenses for all documents and for the visa will make 500$ so to me have explained in travel agency. For this sum, travel agency, will be engaged in registration of all necessary documents.
As you need to buy tickets aboard the plane, but these tickets need to be bought in travel agency, rules are that. But tickets can be chosen a different class depending on cost of tickets.
I think, what is it the best and optimum variant as it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and money. All necessary job will be done by travel agency. Now I only have no money to pay all these expenses. At first it is possible to pay for official registration of papers, and tickets aboard the plane can be bought later.
The visa will be approximately made by 10-15 days, on the termination of this term I will be invited in embassy for this purpose what to take place interview on receptions of the visa.
In embassy I need to give tickets aboard the plane there and back, bought here in Russia.
In travel agency to me have explained, that usually select date of a start at date of interview.
It is most convenient and economic, as it is possible to take off at once from Moscow as soon as receive the visa.
My darling, is completely not difficult procedure.
One their my colleagues on work used such way for travel.
She remained very happy, and she has advised to me, to use travel agency..
Now all depends on you.
Write to me, what you think of it?
I worry before your answer. Now I am not much excited and I test excitement.
I dream to visit you.
I will wait your answer.
With love and care yours Svetlana
Letter 7
Hi honey,
Thanks for your letter.
How are you doing? How your work?
The general expenses on my travel to you will make 1200$ USD
500$ it is necessary on the visa and 700$ it is necessary for tickets the house-keeper of a class there and back (tickets should be there and back - rules for reception of the visa are that, at interview embassy).
I can arrive, to you, only, if you agree to send to me this money that I could pay expenses on my travel to you.
You agree?
I can pay half of this money.
You agree to pay second half of this money?
It already the end of July and after hot weeks we have waited a rain.
Last night poured very strong rain, the lightning sparkled, and the thunder rattled.
After a rain it became not much cool also really pleasantly after a heat..
I left outside to take a walk on streets and will take pleasure in a cool.
But after a while the rain has again gone, and I have strongly got wet from a rain.
I didn't have with itself an umbrella, and on it I couldn't take cover.
Even my easy summer dress began to appear through not much because of water, it is good, that I was near to the house, and I have quickly come back..
But it was a warm and pleasant rain.
Now August will soon begin. In August isn't much more cool, but by this time various fruit, apples of a pear start to keep up. And also in the market of a city start to sell water-melons and melons and many other things sweet fruit.
In my district not such favorable weather for growth of fruit, only apples, a cherry, a currant, a strawberry here keep up, but all other fruit brings from the south of Russia or from other southern countries.
You like fruit?
How there passes your week? What do you plan in these days off?
I always think of you and about our meeting.
My feelings to you become stronger every day, you the loved one for me.
I really miss on you every day.
I go to bed with thoughts on you and I wake up, thinking of you.
Now I need to go.
I send you millions kisses!!!
I wait your letters.
With love yours Svetlana
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