Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia to Christian (Mexico)

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Letter 1


Oh... yes,I did it :) I could brought myself to write you a letter.
Frankly saying,everything this is new for me and I decided to try - and why not? :) and frankly saying,I was afraid that I will be rejected - but I think that my destiny will show me my road. You really took my attention and it was rather difficult not to write you a letter,because if I'm here - there are reasons for this somewhere above right? I don't know if you are interested to become acquainted with such lady as me,but I want to tell you that you won't regret after doing this :) because,as they say,I'm am a very interesting,communicative,passion (yes... I can be :)) ) and understanding,clever,kind person. May be you will have another point of view,I don't know. Well,what about my appearance - I think that you can see everything by your own eyes right? I send you here two of my photos. And I really hope that you will like them :).

My dream now - is to create a family and to be happy and I don't think that it is too much. I just would like to find the person that will be glad to share this desire with me. From my side I promise you that I'll do everything for this. Life is so unpredictable and we need to try it. Many people forgot what is this to be happy,what is this to wake up in the morning and to smile to the people that are around you,that love you,they forget how to smile - I don't forget,I want more :))

I wish you a good day and I really hope to see your answer here.
With kisses

Letter 2

Hello Christian!

I am so glad now because I received your letter! Christian, thanks for the lovely pictures! How do you think if I can be proud of myself just a little after I saw your letter? :)) Does it mean that I could win a grain of your attention? :))) I really hope that it is only the beginning for us because if I understand right - we have much in common,if we met on the site :)

I think you know that I'm from Ukraine,Lugansk region - small town Stanichno-Luganskoe. I live here from my childhood. I have been brought up with my grandmother and grandfather - they are the closest people for me. I take care about them and they always try to understand me. My parents died in a car accident when I was 8 years old. I miss them so much and I always wanted to have a complete family. Also I have two brothers - Maks and Daniel - they are younger then me and I try to take care of them too. They live together with our grannies and I live alone. I decided that from the certain age I need to get more independence and to try to create my own family. I have my Birthday on September,11 (1980).

From my childhood I liked dancing and now I work in the School of Dance as a teacher of ballroom dances for small kids - we take part in different competitions and I'm very proud of them :) I graduated two Universities,and my second specialization is hospital nurse so some days a week I also work in the hospital. It is also very interesting for me and I like to help people (you know,actually I'm a very kind person,and I don't know if it is my minus or my plus). I have two jobs because I try to help my grannies (they are pensioners). Christian, you are working with medicine also, that is nice that we are working in common field!

I understand that it is my time now to create my own family,I want to have kids very much,I want to take care about my family,to be a good household and just a woman (Yes... :)) I also like to take care about myself and always to have a pleasant appearance). I like to stay in the clean and cosy house,to eat a taste meal and they same I can propose for my future family members :))

I would be very glad glad to see your answer. And I hope that I didn't disappoint you in something.

Sincerely yours

Letter 3

Hello,dear Christian !

I was SO,SO glad to receive your letter :) it is first time for me that I met someone via Internet that is why I'm happy like a child :)
Christian , thanks for your kind words concerning my parents, you have a very kind heart, I appreciate your moral support! You are right my birthday is soon, I would be glad to spend this day with you! Speaking about dancing, I love this with all my heart and it is my pleasure to work with kids ! So I decided to look for a man - the reason is that Ukrainian men are addicted to alcohol and do not care about family, that is why I am here. In man I like honesty and understanding, I dislike when man is not serious and do not take care of his woman.

Christian , I have a break now between some classes that's why I'm here,writing a letter to you. It is very hot here today, but it is summer. :)I love summer very much. I love swimming a lot and to lie on the beach enjoying the rays of the sun :) I choose the job of the dance teacher because I like to dance a lot,I like listening to the different kinds of music,preferably it is pop,I adore spending time with these small flowers - kids,I love them so much and I can't wait when I have my own (I would like to have two may be :)). And you? Also I adore sport - I try to keep myself in a good shape.

I love to spend time with my close people - my family and friends. I adore cooking, so from time to time I make home evenings for everybody when I prepare something taste. What is your favorite food? Have you ever tasted Ukrainian dishes? If not - I would invite you here one day for our evening :) I think that our family is a happy one,because we love and understand each other - it is what I would like to have in my own family too. My grandmother and my grandfather is a good example for me - they have been together for 54 years :)

I like to make surprises and I always try to diversify. Because our life contains so many interesting things. But I missed the opportunity to learn English that is why now I use the help of translator in the agency,but I have already started learning English and also I want to go on the courses as soon as I save some money on it.

I want to have a family when all members smile to each other,trust each other. They like to spend time together,but not to hide from each other. It is very important to talk,to talk about everything,to share something,for example the rest - it is so wonderful when family go traveling together,isn't it? :) I would like to spend warm days and hot and passion nights with my future man,to love and to be loved.

I sne you the photo with me and my friend,and also a photo with me and my brothers. and of course a bit of my passion :))I hope that you will like all of them :)

Sincerely yours

Letter 4

Hello, darling Christian !

Thank you for your letter. Your letters always excite curiosity in me and I can't wait when I read the next letter from you. DEar xxx,thanks a lot for telling me more about you. You told me that you like watching tennis? it is wonderful - there are some corts here in my town but I suppose that they are very very expensive.

I was thinking about you too much... You are in my head. You know,it is first time in my life that I think that I felt in love with the person that I have never seen yes,of course I can be spontaneous but as a rule I need to know this person for some time in order to fall in love with him. Yes,I fall in love with you... I want to see you very much and it is such a big desire. I want to touch you,I want to huge you,I would like to hold your hand and just to watch in your eyes.

I'm sorry if I talk about such things that women shouldn't talk about.. I mean about my feelings.. but it is what I have in me,what I feel and I would like you to know this. I feel that you are not just a simple person in my life. I don't know what do you feel about me... but I really would like to get to know you much better in the future. I think that we should meet in the future because it is very important for me - I mean the physical contact but not only letters. Yes,it is some mystery in writing letters.... but it shouldn't be very long

I would like to make one surprise for you.... romantic surprise... I would like to make romantic evening for us - yes,I'm a bit romantic person... or may be I've tired from the daily routine... Because when woman and man are together and if they love each other... it is wonderful and that feeling when the heart is beating very fast in the breast because of the person that is near you - this feeling give us the strength for living.. this feeling now,writing this letter to you. I don't know if you understand me..

I would like to have many nice days and passion nights with you...anywhere...) I send you my photos and one of them I made for you yesterday at work)


Letter 5

Translating Agency
( tel. +380980668969 )

Dear Mr. Christian, we want to inform you that Ms Evgeniya, the client of our agency,has been using our service and she had a subscription on using our services. Now it is finished and Ms Elena can not answer your letter until she refresh her account. She has no possibility to do it by virtue of her financial problems. If you would like you can help Ms Elena to refresh her account for the further correspondence with her. If you are interested in this proposition,we can send you the price-list and the methods of payment of our agency. You can send the money to our office or directly to Ms Elena.

Thank you for your attention,
With regards

Anastasiya Molchanova
General Manager
Translating Agency



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