Letter(s) from Maria Shablakova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Friend,my Name is Masha.i'm interested in you.. You like me ............ I tell you little about me... I adore children. I like nature, animals and beaty. Fashionable clothes, fast cars and romantic crazy life is to my taste. So, I'm looking for the answer to my question : 'My love, where are you?' I want you to know that I'm waitng for you...... If you interested in me please,write me back to the address: pl_masha@mail.ru

Letter 2

Hello dear Vic!!! I am happy to get a letter from you. Dear i asked to help you with the payment for the correspondence, because it is difficult for me to pay for each letter. I really don't know if i can answer your next letter, because i have financial problems! I asked you about help , because i don't want to love i like and i want to continue our correspondence. Dear let me know about it!! I hope to hear from you soon. With best wishes Masha

Letter 3

Dear Sir

Masha asks about you constantly. What should we say her? Have you changed your mind about her?

Sincerely Yours, "Litera"