Scam letter(s) from Niece Areil to Darren (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi my love Darren,

I am so excited seeing that you want us to be together real soon. I will be now be flying to the USA to be closer to you. I will be flying by Liberia Air, paid my Dad's friend. But now you have to help me to pay for my passport. It is 250 US and send it by Western Union tomorrow. I want to tell you I was almost in an attack. 2 Nigerian Men tried to **** me but by the grace of God I was saved. I need to leave here I am so afraid to live here because I am a Good GOD Fearing ****** Woman.

I will have my flight paid by my dead father;'s friend, So baby please send me the Money for my passport soon. Only $ 250 and to tell me that you are serious about me. I want you to send a 500 dollar Money Order to My Dad's friend in the US. Here is his address. Once I am there I will see you are serious, but can you make it $ 750.00 my love. I will soon be flying to USA once you send me Money for my passport here. I will be staying with my Daddy's friend. Send the 750 Money order to him. Once I am there he will fly me to you. My inheritance will be all taken care of by him now and my Lawyer. Send the Money order to :

1400 Florida Avenue North East
Apartment # 1015,
Washington D.C.

He works for a Benin Company and he has Money for us... I wanted you to see the Contact he got from France/ Benin that he and his partner got. He sent this to me and I wanted you to see it too...

My Lawyer's Email is : and he said he would like to speak with you. Maybe you can help him too with his fee, but I will pay all that back and more to you. I want you to invest in our love, our happy future and our future family.

I have to go to the Travel Agency now so send me Money for my Passport tomorrow so we can be together fast. I will chat with you tomorrow and you can give me the Number you get at the W.U. office. Bye for now my sweet Love, I love you dearly... Your Fiancee.

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