Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Komarova to Gene (USA)
Letter 1
Hello!!! How are you? I am very glad that you have left for me E-mail, on a site RussianEuro!!!
My name Natalya. To me 31-year-old, I from Russia, city Yaransk, the Kirov area. Thus it is healthy, that I write now to you because you have in a stock to me e-mail the address. And I hope, that now we could get acquainted better. I have written to you, that I search for serious relations, I want a family, I want love, I want children. I have a higher education. I the lonely woman, and I would like to study you, I want, that we have studied each other. I want it, you have told to me about you directly and have sent photos. I will look forward to hearing from you very much!!!
Yours new friend Natalya.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Gene Easley!!! How are you? I so was glad, when I saw, that you have
Written me the letter. To me it is very pleasant, which you have paid to me attention.
My mood has very insistently changed, and in my head has operated many thoughts on you.
It so is healthy. I have told to you that I have written to you purposely to construct serious relations because I want a family, the happy future and the person of love is close to me directly. I in the first have decided to use the Internet to meet the person for the serious relation. As I have heard very much and saw in the newspaper as has written about beautiful weddings to which the Russian girls leave in the husband Foreigners.
I very long thought, and I have decided to take advantage From this also.
As I want personal happiness. You can tell at once to me what you want?
Whether you serious wish to construct relations? Now I would like to speak history about me directly.
I was born March, 16th 1978. I was born in Russia in city Yaransk. I have higher degree formation, I have finished the academic institute where I have received a trade of the lawyer.
But now now it is very difficult to find Very good work, especially in Russia.
Here every day all all changes Also becomes heavier. Now I work as the sales representative.
I do not do Have bad habits which I do not smoke, but I can sometimes use not much from
Wine or champagne, only in those companies where very much it is pleasant to me.
My very serious character because in it the life is a lot of a deceit, and I already has appeared again and again before it. And I do do not want more lie in a life. Where you were born, how you live, what formation where you work in you? Here I would like to study it from you.
Now I should finish the letter. And I hope, that I am very fast again, I can
Open the letter and receive your photos. I wish successful day.
Your friend Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello Gene Easley... How are you? How is the weather at you? It does me happy, that I receive your letter.
I was very glad to read your letter and to study more very much about you. My remarkable mood and my affairs in the full order. I so am glad to hear, that you have too serious intentions to me. And I hope, that we will promote and to develop our relations. I very much wish to interest you, I wish, to appear, be only from the best party because I want a smile on your person. Now about me. I not when was not for the husband and at me was not present children. Earlier, when my age was on much less than, now, I did not think in all it. But now every day I understand more and more, that without happiness the life is not possible. Both me, I am very bad also, I suffer from this loneliness. You were married?
You have children? As I to you have told, that I have a higher education. And when I have studied it, I have studied some foreign languages. Dear Gene Easley and you know Russian? You would like, that it studied?
I here very much like to go shopping very much, I like to go in parks, to visit various sights, I go at exhibitions, to museums, theatres. As I have read various books and authors very much.
As it helps to develop life experience. And you like to read or visit a museum, theatres? Here from me very good cook because I very much like to prepare. Since the childhood I have helped mum to be prepared.
Here again so properly I studied to prepare very much oi?ioi.Dear Gene Easley you in a condition to be prepared?
What hobby in you? I so would like to study you better because I very much am interested in you.
I very romantic woman, love, when there is in relations a passion, and I am ready to give to the beloved everything, that in me. Also what you? You are ready to give everything, what in you the favourite?
You love romanticism? Gene Easley I hope, that you read my letters and answer my questions.
Also, as well as do not forget to send me new photos. I wish you successful day. And with impatience
I will wait for your letter. Your friend Natalya.
Letter 4

Hello Gene Easley!!! How are you? I can smile again because in such fine day I open mail and I receive your letter. It so is healthy. You really bring Pleasure in me. As we are a friend the friend interesting, also we wish to create relations. Oh day today, good, and my mood also advantage. Thus it is pleasant to listen to me to everything, that you speak to me about a life, about you is direct, about employment.
I can tell you precisely, that you very remarkable person, and in you that it Certain qualities which do your life more brightly, more beautifully. Now I would like to tell to you about work. As you should know about me all and as I should know about All of you completely. My work consists, that I should offer
the goods for shop. I sit at a table, to me come from different shops of the letter, I should read them, hat in what shop it is necessary to send the nobility of products. When I have a free time I read your letters, and I answer them. I do not aspire to receiving glory or to have many money, I simply want the personnel happiness, a family, children. Here that I require this life the most important thing is a family. Dear Gene Easley I would like as to learn about your work, than you there are occupied? Whether you want happiness in an a life? Concerning my family, my parents live separately from me. My parents live in 170 kilometres from my city. Tell to me about that place where you do live! Gene Easley it is everything, that I wished to speak with you today. And I hope, that you are very happy it, I speak with you about a life that it actually. I wish, that you have spent well day. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Your friend Natalya.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Gene!!! I so am happy, that every day we receive letters from each other.
My very good mood. To me should so pleasantly to study from you that your work consists, it was pleasant to hear to me as you live and about your family. In me today all is good.
Today I have an employment of dances in the evening and after I will go home. You than will be occupied tonight? How your day? Here in the morning today I was in library, I have chosen to me directly some books to read. I took new little-known novels. Here I hope, that read them, they will like I. Here our relations start to have now already that that value for us.
And we should be already defined, that should make for us. You agree with me? We should trust each other, we should understand each other, and not if not to make each other painfully. What deceit in our relations.
Well? I will always speak you only the truth, and I hope, that you will speak me only the truth.
Relations should be completely mutual. Each your word gives me confidence, that we can construct relations.
With each your letter I have an opinion concerning you. And now I really see in you the interesting, beautiful person. And me it is very pleasant, that we have met each other. Gene, also what opinion you about me now? Here I to you will tell now about, why I have decided to use the Internet to meet the person. Now such time in Russia, which is very heavy that it to make all.
And it is a lot of the men, which lonely, they simply start to drink, and it is necessary for them it.
The Russian men are not created for a family, here again women of Russia, which they are created to love, and for a family. And how many I have tried in me, it was impossible to construct not that relations with the person in Russia. Experience to live with the person in me also is not present. As I did not have it.
Last my relations have ended approximately 1 one year ago. Dear Gene, also what you can tell to me about women? Why you have decided to use the Internet to meet the woman? How long you on the Internet try to meet the unique woman for you directly? To me so it is pleasant, that I have met you, and I want only the best for us. I wish you beautiful day and good mood. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Natalya.
Letter 6
Hello the my dear friend Gene!!! How are you day? With each your letter I can be more silent, on my person there is a smile. Our relations develop, also it gives to me of forces to struggle with my loneliness. I so have tired, that I one, And our relations am necessary for me. And from the very beginning we should understand with you, that we go. You understand, on what we go? And you are ready with that end in view? My day today, fine, and everything is all right in me. I so am glad to hear, that you agree with me about our trust, and I hope, that we will develop all it. Our relations are necessary for you? I can tell to you, that I on all am ready, because it is necessary for me personal happiness, a family, and all the others which can be. But all it only depends on our desire.
You as consider Gene? I not when was not abroad because I do not have such possibility to go.
As everything, that it costs very expensively, I do not assume it. I from a bad family, and my parents were simple workers. And now my life than do not become better, I live for me directly, but I wish to divide heart with the loved. Gene my purpose costs now in achievement you, to construct with you relations. I not when did not see the sea, in the summer I usually, spend time ashore about lake.
The sea it possibly is very beautiful, I so, would like to see all it, but there is that a possibility.
Gene you like to go to coast? I do not want it was concerning what it doubts you in me, I want it, you trusted me. As I can make these all doubts to us painfully. You understand, which in me also is very many concerning what I could doubt, but I do not do it because I trust you. Here in the childhood I had one very small dream, to become faster adults. But here now to me of 31 years, and I so time would be desirable to come back. And you what had a dream in the childhood? Gene I so am happy, that we divide, which is in us. And I hope, that we will go further to develop our relations. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Natalya.
Letter 7
Hello my angel Gene!!! I so am happy, that from within day in day I receive your letters. It so is healthy, that we develop the relations. Our relations grow on ours understanding and our trust to each other. My very good mood. Very pleasantly to me to receive and read each time your letters. You, it appears, and I do opinion concerning you. And now I have very good impression about you Gene.
How your day? In me everything is all right. How in you business on work? I have very big prospects in our relations because I start to get used to you. And we should open more before each other.
It in each situation to know the approach to the friend to the friend. You agree with me? And I would like to pay your attention to it, we always with you have warned each other about which with us was not.
Here suddenly in you to develop such situation which you cannot write me, you simply write me some lines and speak to me about it. It is good? As also I will make. Gene we want, it in our relations was that or doubts, only the truth. As it is necessary to be always more cautious. You should trust in our forces and if we want we all it and should go together. I have already made a choice, I choose you. And with you I wish to start to build relations. But be final all not should then, it is necessary to reach gradually, because to hasten, it is not necessary. This distance will strengthen our dreams and the purposes, it will allow us to a considerable quantity of possibilities to create between us of feelings.
But I do not want it then, our relations remained on distance, I will want in the future that there was all the validity. Also what you think of it? Each time very pleasantly to me to answer your questions, to tell to you, that that new, and certainly to study from you new. Is not, I did not think in general what to meet you because I have what possibility to arrive to you, all it will be very expensive to me.
And you want ours a meeting? Between us only serious relations, I want that plays and to put a pain each other then. Thus it is necessary to make a serious step and to go further together. Gene I hope, that you also have made a choice. I wish you successful day. And I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Yours Natalya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Gene!!! I take pleasure that I have read your letter, it brings to me the big pleasure, a smile on my person. I am very glad to hear that All of you well. I hope, that you and all will well today. How your day? My mood is very good, and my day begins well, also. Weather in the street today not such warm, is a cold wind. How your weather? Last night I saw with its best friend, and I simply stood and have decided not to tell to it not much about you. She listened with the big interest for me. And you also very much like my girlfriend. I promised to it to show your photos. It now about our relations with you, my friend knows. It is very happy for me because my girlfriend really wants only happiness to me.
Gene and you about whom or already speak with you? Today I - completely free day. And I plan to make cleaning house. But evening, I will enter into a sports hall where we meet the girlfriend. Here I have such plans within the whole day. And except what you are going to make to work? Gene I try to completely opened before you, because you interesting to me as my future person. And I want it with you now, we have generated a primary stage for our relations. With each fleeting day my life only has changed ahead because now I should feel your support to me. And it very much affects me. And my life has changed, though,
I have started to smile more and to divide that I have. You have helped me to make so. This world so, and I was able find only you, I have made a choice, and I wish to agree with you. And you have already made their choice? You write, or even who besides me I see sense of our relations, and I completely know, that we go with you, it between us then is distinctions, but it does not prevent us to create real relations. This world does not have any borders, and we have each possibility to reach each other.
You agree with me? To me certainly it is very sad, that I do not have now possibility to go to you.
Simply it is very expensive to me of an expense. But also how in the future we will make? As it so will be, if our relations already with which I will be to a limit, and to a meeting, will be equally necessary for all of us. That you think of it I should finish the letter now. And I will think of you. A kiss.
Yours Natalya
Letter 9
Hello my dear angel Gene!!! I so thought today of you, about us very much. Thus it is healthy, that now I can open your letter. Your words do me happy, you are kind to me. I very much am absent on you, and to me so is sad, when I cannot read your letter. With each your word I begin myself to feel such happy and
self-confident. I think, which in the future we necessarily should meet, meet you. I think, that this meeting is necessary for both of us. As it shines a new life for us and will show it is a lot of.
Gene you agree with me? My day today, good, the weather favorable in the street. At home all is good.
How your day? How you? I very much wish to study, as you start to think of me. Tell, how it appears in you. Eventually we on such big distance from each other. And even this distance not for us a barrier because our feelings, and our emotions are so strong, that it can overcome such big distance. You as think of it Gene? You already know a particle about me, I also know about you, we have shared all with you to what is between us. I do not want, it between us has arisen, that or quarrels, we always should reach one opinion. You agree with me? The main thing, that I want it between us, was trust because it will help us only. Every day, when we receive the letters all of us more, and we learn about the friend the friend more. Now we have already made a step to the statement, that we feel to each other during this time.
Gene and I really we start to get used to you. You are expensive to me, I wish to construct with you relations, that they mattered in our life. Gene I believe to it if that person so very much wishes reach it are obligatory. And I will believe, that we can meet you, and we can speak about very personally.
I wish to look in your eyes and to speak with you about feelings directly and actually. It speaks about very. You as think? Or tell to me opinion concerning it! And than you usually occupy in a free bottom for you? I here for example go with girlfriends to be arranged, or in cafe, and sometimes when we have a possibility we, we go to cinema. Here again today I am going to be cleaned at home. And in you, what plans except your work? Yes I very much like pets, especially small dogs. Thus it is healthy, that we so, agree with you, and I can really speak All of you with which I think, to divide with you when to me it is heavy, and to smile together with you when to me well. I already should finish the letter because in me time comes to an end. I will wish you successful day. And I will think of you. I am absent. Also I expect your answer. Yours Natalya.
Letter 10
Hi my dear Gene. Every day I am more and more happy, because our relations already I matter for us with you. My heart full happiness of your words, your heat to me, kindness and tenderness. My day fine, and weather in the street the favorable. Today night at me was a fine dream how we were with you together.
It was so beautifully, romanticism. We with you held each other for a hand and went in park, we kissed you, we embraced each other, we with you were so happy together. And I would like that my dream became real that we with you could carry out all our dreams which are at us. It so is healthy, that we with you so are close to a steel. But it would be desirable, that all it was real. It would be desirable a meeting which will show us our feelings, and to define our future life with you. Gene that you think of it?
How you? How at you at home? How is the weather at you?I here am very sincere with you, I am opened before you, I am accessible before you, and I want that you have taken a place in my heart. And I would like to ask for you that you gave me the full information, I wish to know about you on much more. Write me please the information:That we with you have met that each other it is destiny. And we should use such chance.
Because I am assured that I will not meet more where such remarkable, kind, beautiful man as you.
Gene and you should understand, that you are better than me will not meet the woman.
Because I can present to you all love, give you pleasure in a life, and present beautiful love.
And I promise to you, that if between all of us it turns out as we want, I will be always and only with you. In my city there are no not what airports, you could arrive in the Kazan airport and there I to you would meet. And when for you will probably arrive to Russia? And suddenly it turns out so, what you will not need to fly to Russia whereas we will meet you?I would like to wish you fine day and good mood.
Gene I will miss and with impatience to wait for your new letter. Yours Natalya.

Letter 11
Hello my favourite Gene... I so am happy to meet your letter, it so is healthy everything, that you have told to me. I am glad, that we do not place the relations not under what doubt. And this most important thing which between us is full confidence to each other. It to us helps to go further, and to create such strong relations. My mood from it becomes very good. Here with you I can smile every day, I can be assured, that for me there are you Gene. My affairs in the full order. How you? How your day? We already so have told each other about our of feeling, and you can be assured of me because I can promise to you, that I not when do not leave you. At me is not present insufficiently you, I wish to see, that you watch, to hear your ears of words, to hold your hand. There already has spent enough time when we could speak about our future. As I do not wish to suffer to wait for our meeting. Here now there is every chance to organise our meeting. And we should not turn time in the future, we should live a gift. Gene you are necessary for me. Now I leave to you full data as you asked: My name Natalya, surname Komarova; I live in city Yaransk; Gagarin's street; the house 23 apartment 5; the postal index 612260. You trust me? I ask it you because I wish to be completely assured, that you will leave me where. You are ready to go with me up to the end? If we hold together, I can tell to you, that all to appear. And I wish to execute our dream to overcome distance between us now. Gene when you have a holiday? What are you going to make in a holiday? Here again I, which holiday can take at any time because I can give groups of dances the cadet, it it is too very good, in a condition to dance. And I can charge it all it. I wish to construct a life with you, but to begin with we should make a meeting to understand each other and to tell all it in eyes personally. You agree with me? Gene I do not wish to lose you because I see with you the future, and that that my happiness is close to you. Simply you should understand also everything, that it is better than the woman than I, you not where will not meet. I hope, that you speak me all about it. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Yours Natalya. PS: I can know your phone number to type to you.
Letter 12
Hello!!! How are you? I am very glad that you have left for me E-mail, on a site RussianEuro!!!
My name Natalya. To me 31-year-old, I from Russia, city Yaransk, the Kirov area. Thus it is healthy, that I write now to you because you have in a stock to me e-mail the address. And I hope, that now we could get acquainted better. I have written to you, that I search for serious relations, I want a family, I want love, I want children. I have a higher education. I the lonely woman, and I would like to study you, I want, that we have studied each other. I want it, you have told to me about you directly and have sent photos. I will look forward to hearing from you very much!!!
Yours new friend Natalya.
Letter 13
Hello a favourite deposit Gene! I am glad to receive from you the letter. My affairs completely the order. Here I very much hope, it these free days in me it to appear, have rest and to spend well time. I very long reflected our relations. My good mood, and I hope, that between all of us streams, there there will be a future to which we already go long time. How your mood? I think of us very much. And I thought of our meeting very much. The meeting is necessary for our relations. We have a correspondence already time enough to make our meeting. And I studied very much about you. We became better to know each other. What do you think Gene? I have a big interest for you. You very much like I. Your letters bring in me happiness. Your words kindle fire and hope of real love in my soul. But you so are far also me from it to become sad. This big distance between us smothers me. I want it, we were the friend close to the friend. That we could go together, conversation on us, check up the contact and the sight. I wish to feel. What do you think of it Gene? I here at all do not know, my travel to you will cost, how many, but I could study all information concerning the flight to you. Here you only inform me on where I should depart: 1 name of a city. 2 names of the airport where you clean me. I will really think the most part from you within the whole week, but I hope, that you will write to me though some times. I love you! Tell to me my favourite why we should wait. After all this too big test of our feelings. I with impatience will wait for your letter. Kisses and love. Yours Natalya.
Letter 14
Hello my love Gene. To see very pleasant to me your letter. My mood today advantage. Your letter really brings in me great pleasure, in your words there is a big kindness, tenderness. With your words which you say to me, I can feel, that existing love which I can check up.
I am always open before you, and I try to be fair before you. As only with you I can check up real feelings, real love which can be before both of us. Weather in us today good, but by the evening promised, that there will be a rain. My affairs in the full order. You forgive me, that I so last answer. But I really had some personal problems of the house. But now everything is all right, and I can write to you as every day. Gene as you? How you there without me? I have some news to you, I was really in travel agency to study cost of my flight on you to the USA. Dear I have a passport to take off abroad. I only will need to make the visa!!! The tourist visa will be allocated me within 90 days. It means, that I can be in your country till 3 months. It is very healthy. Concerning my air ticket to Albuquerque.
I will make flight of Moscow because it is the most convenient. The ticket of Moscow - costs to Albuquerque 1500 euros.
Gene here now I have calculated, how many I will demand for the travel to the USA That you think of it? To you on much easier to make it for me it is no possible aiiaua.GeneAu are ready to help me with money for my road to you? Time so everything, simply I could, even when to arrive to you, I will find independently to work, and then to All of you would give. Thus you should really which are afraid if you love me and trust me. Thus you solve now all and speak to me. I very much love you Gene. Very much I look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 15
Hello my love Gene!!! How are you day? I am very glad to see your letter!!! Dear, I so hope that our meeting soon will occur!
Dear, I am good to you I will tell how many will cost in the American dollars is will make 1700 dollars. I unfortunately do not have such money, I will be glad if you help with money. I went learnt in bank as it is possible to send money more reliably, to me have told that better through "Western Union"!!! How you think dear? I so wish you to embrace, kiss, you do not represent! Now I write you the letter, and my heart flares from love to you, I test such unearthly feelings and desire! In general, at me so it is a lot of thoughts in a head, and all of what I dream, I simply physically cannot write in the letter, therefore about it we will talk at a meeting, well, my favourite Gene I so wish to be near to you, I want that you cared of me! For each woman it is important to feel protected and to feel support from the favourite person!
I think, we will have a happy family, we will live amicably and happily!
Letter 16
Hello my love Gene!!! How are you day? At me all is normal! I waited from you for news! I am very glad that our correspondence proceeds. Dear, I am very glad that you will help me with money, I will thank you when I will arrive to you. I send you the full address: My name Natalya, surname Komarova; Russia, Kirovskaya Oblas, I live in city Yaransk; Gagarin's street; the house 23 apartment 5; the postal index 612260. I very much want that we were soon together!!! Dear, I will wait from you news. I will look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Your love Natalya!!!
Letter 17
Hello my love Gene!!! How are you day? I am very glad to receive from you news!!! I will be very glad that our meeting very soon, I wish to capture you to kiss! Dear, my visa will be 90 days, I can be with you 3 months with you if you agree!!!
Favourite Gene I want that you have sent for your mum HELLO from NATALYA!!! I will do all for our meeting!!!
I very much love you Gene, and I am happy, that we could find each other, in spite of the fact that between us thousand kilometres.
I think, thanking will from above the destiny has reduced us together. Dear, I will look forward your answer, your love Natalya!!!
Letter 18
Hello my love Gene!!! How are you? I very much regret, that I do not receive from you 2 days your letter!!!
Dear, I want that we soon were each other together. I look forward to hearing from you. Your love Natalya!!!
Letter 19
Hello my love Gene!!! Now my heart is broken!!! I tried to do all for our meeting, and now it is nothing me the passport the visa. And I have spent many money for this purpose. Bay Bay. Do not forget me. Your love Natalya!!!
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