Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Shamshaeva to David (Belgium)

Letter 1
Good evening David!
I am very glad that you have answered me. As you remember, I have written to you on a site RP. I saw your profile on dating site and have paid attention to you.
My name is Anastasiya. I wish to tell to you that I search man for serious relation.
I have found you and I wish to begin with you friendship and if all will be good even to construct happy family. I want that you did not play game and corresponded with other girls also. Because in last time on the Internet it is often noticed. My intentions only serious, and I wish correspondence with you for studying each other and further for a meeting and creation of a happy family. I think you understand it.
I not the little girl and saw in this life already much many. I do not wish to remain all life one, and to be lonely. I want love and the man near to me.
I live in Russia in other country but I hope that it not a problem for relation also I hope it will not frighten you this distance which is available between us. From the first letter between us should be the truth and sincerity.
Only so we can construct the strong, amicable relation. As speak age, a difference in culture, language, distance for love not a problem. And I support this expression. If you wish to learn me better, write to me and I will answer next time with fuller information about me.
In each letter you can see my photos, I will do it for you, if it will be interesting to you to see my photos. I hope it is pleasant to you. If you wish to be assured in me and to hear my voice be not afraid to write to me the phone number and I can call to you.
Also it will be pleasant to me to hear your voice. In this letter I also send you my photo.
I with hope will wait your letter. Care of itself. With congratulations Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Hello David!!! Woow!!! You have answered me, I really was pleasant to it. Thank you for nice photo. I have chosen you and you also have chosen me and I am glad. I think you you wish to learn about me more and consequently now I will write about myself. As you already know my name is Anastasiya to me of 28 years. I was born on July, 25th 1980 in city of Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. Now I also live in the city of Kazan, capital Republic Tatarstan. I will not describe my appearance, you can see it looking on my photo. My growth of 173 sm and weight of 58 kg. I live now and always the live in Russia and never was abroad. I have no children and i was not married. I live one. To my mum 51 year, she live in to village near to Kazan. Her name is Nina. To my father 55 years, his name Ivan. My parents do not work already. My mum the pensioner. My parents have the housekeeping in village. I have not brothers and sisters and you? Now I will a little tell about the work. I think to you it will be interesting to learn, where I work, so? I have work with dances. I the dancer. Since the childhood I liked to dance and I have chosen this work, it is very much pleasant to me. I send to you some my photos where I dance. If you wish to learn to dance I can learn you to it once:) I like children but no have children because has not found the man with which could have a happy family. You probably think that for the dancer is not desirable to have children, but it not so, I love children and I want children in the future. Probably it is interesting to you why I was registered on a dating site? I have understood that it is impossible to live all life one, I already adult girl and should think of creation family. I could not find the happiness in Russia and consequently have addressed in a foreign dating site. I search second half, soul mate. You probably ask a question why I have chosen you? I has paid attention to you and you looking the good person. I think that distanceshould not be a problem for love and good people are in any country. Tell to me please, why you have decided to answer on my message and why you also are on a dating site? It is all that I wished to tell today. If you have any questions to me I with pleasure will answer them. Please send to me also more your photos! Take care. Anastasiya
Letter 3
Hello again my friend David
It is really pleasant to me to see your letter. Thanks for your photo,you very beautiful. I dance ball dances. I already wait, when you will write to me!
How has passed your day? How are you? Tell fairly, you thought of me? You waited my letters?
I think that if we are interested in each other, we should have a desire, aspiration to learn every day the new. I learn about you new, and you about me, it is good, I am right?
Thus at us the friendship becomes stronger, we start to learn all our lacks and advantages.
I at all do not know about that, what you tell today my friend David?
I think that it will be pleasant to you to learn about my childhood. I was born in village near to Kazan where now there live my parents. I went to school well, especially I liked a lesson of music and dances. I went on a dancing circle - employment after the end of all lessons.
It was my hobby. I smile now when I write to you and I recollect, what was my childhood :)
After leaving school, I already knew, where I should study to go further. Certainly I have chosen a way of the dancer and I have begin to study in Institute in choreographer branch.
I have finished institute also successfully. I have received the diploma and was the best dancer in my group.
Now I live in Kazan, already I have the apartment and I live one.
But for me insufficiently one - man's heat, caress, care and attention.
It is the reason of because of what I correspond with you.
Now I work under the free schedule. I participate in differents festivals of dances.
You saw my photos in the last letter, so? My dear friend David that you can tell about the course of life? How you have spent the childhood, what interesting memoirs you have?
To me will be interesting to learn it from you.
Still I wish to tell about my hobbies. I like to listen to music, to watch TV.
Undoubtedly, I like dances, but besides I love the roller fads. On a photo you can see as I go for a drive on the roller fads. David, at me still is much about what to tell to you, but in one letter it is impossible. We will do it every day, ok? Please set to me questions if you something interests. So I will know about what to write in the following letter.
I hope that if we have begun friendship, that will not be such, that you will throw me or will cease to write to me. Know that every day, I check my e-mail and I hope to see there the letter from you. I send you in this letter my photos from the childhood, I have found it in the old album. I hope to you it will be interesting to see what I was the little girl:)
Thanks for friendship which you have with me. With best regards Anastasiya
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend David
Again I open your letter and I am happy. You know, I cannot any more
Without your letters, they for me as a magnet. Every day I would like
More and more to learn about you. The more I learn you, the more interestingly you
For me you become and the more close. I already now on a vacation also spend time at home. As that you will remarkably have a vacation in Italy.
It is my dream - to visit the beautiful city of Venice. My friend David that you think about me? What girl you see in me? I like you? You like to me very much and I think that have made a correct choice that have chosen you.
Probably it is destiny, what we should be together? I think time will show, I am right?
David, I think of what to you to write today, that you not
Has lost interest to me and that to you was always pleasant and interesting read my letters. I already spoke to you about myself, about my work, about mine
Hobby, some words have told about parents.
My darling, I think that in the person private world, character is important. Certainly character is difficult for understanding and to distinguish in letters, but I will try to open to you my internal world. What can I tell about my character, about my private world?
First I polite, never speak badly about other people, even if they
The bad. I try to be always positive, to be cheerful and not to lose
Hope even in a difficult situation and at a problem. I am
Sincere, loyal. I speak always the truth. The bitter truth is better than
Beautiful lie and I completely support this expression. I do not love
Deceit, treachery, hatred, envy, egoism. I am ready to help
To other people in a trouble, I like to do good. I am kind, gentle woman.
As many beautiful words I have told about myself, you have probably noticed it, so
My darling David?:) I think each person cannot judge myself,
I think my character is visible better from other people. It is my
The point of view. Please now you also tell about the your character.
I wish to tell still that I like to happen on the nature, I like to go on
Picnic. I recently talked to friends and we have decided to go soon on
Picnic when there will be a warm weather, without a rain. We take tents and
Let's do a barbecue. You like so to spend weekend?
Sometimes, when to me it is lonely, when I think, why I live? To whom I am necessary?
When i think : Nobody loves me also nobody wishes to be with me, then I try
To be one, simply I sit at any restaurant or in a bar and calm myself. I do not know, can be that man soon fond , which I will strongly love and with which I will be happy. I continue to trust in it, I want that this man has appeared as soon as possible, because to me
Alone one. My loyal friend David excuse me but I finish the letter, feeling of melancholy has seized my heart. I hope that you will not throw
Me and you will write to me. With kisses Anastasiya
Letter 5
Hello my dear David!
How are you? I'm fine, because again I see your letter and it pleases me. Thank you for nice photo. My darling, you really could carry out my dream - a meeting with you in Venice? I think of it every day.
You are glad to our dialogue, correspondence? It is first time for me when I write to the man from other country and it is very interesting to me to correspond with you. In the last letter I have told to myself, about my character.
About what to tell to you today? I do not know....
Well, I will speak today more about a city in which I live. As you know, I live in Kazan. It is the big and old city, 3 capital in Russia after Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Kazan is in 800 km to the East from Moscow. Kazan is one of the cultural centres of Russia.
In Kazan it is a lot of churches, museums. Near to Kazan the big river of Europe - Volga. The population is more than 1 million people. I love my city though here not all is very good, but the native city is always closer.
What can you tell about the city? It beautiful? I never was abroad and if at me was
Possibility, I would visit your city.
I would like to tell also to you more about my tastes and preferences. In food I love a pizza, a Russian borsch, Macaroni, salads. If we are together, I will prepare for you ours national Russian dishes. I think to you it is pleasant. In music to me pleasant song group "Kraski". A film,
Which I love watch - "Titanik", "Shrek". I like to read books about love, novels. What books, music, films you prefer? My dear David I think these all things also are important for our relation.
We should know all about each other. If you have any questions set to me them, do not hesitate.
Still I have last question for you. David, you have dream? If yes, tell to me, what dream is for you the most important, what you wished more all?
My darling so I finish the letter today. I always wait your letter.
Letter 6
Hello my lovely David. It's very good that you write to me again.
It's very important for me. Thanks for your beautiful photos. Yes, I like to cooking. I hope that if we do not meet in Venice we will meet in Belgium. Now I'm very happy, your letters inform to me your caress and warmth, your kind words throw light on mine heart. Though we are a little familiar, it seems to me that you approach me on soul, I consider that you very kind and tender person and you can to become my partner in life, I wish to learn about you much more.
I would like to learn from you what do you think of that to conduct what rr relations with the girl from other country? Personally I consider that it very much even it is good, I can learn about your culture as well as you can learn more about Russian culture. For the Russian girl most the main thing in a life is a family and a house cosiness, unlike western girls for whom on the first place there is a career and money.
As I to you have already told for the Russian girl the main thing it is a family, I very much I wish to have children, to me 28 years and I reflect on the happy to family where the children's laughter, the house in which I will be constantly audible I will be the good mistress and the true wife. I wish to bring up worthy children, it is my dream.
Know David, today the dream in which I has dreamt me went down on a gangway from the plane and you waited for me with a huge bouquet of red roses, then we with you walked in park and a fur-tree ice-cream, and in the evening you have invited me in where we have spent restaurant wonderful evening, we very long talked and have found much in common. You have invited me to slow dance, and you were are magnificent, you tenderly whispered me gentle words. It was unforgettably. All the day long this dream did not leave at me a head, I not could concentrate on work, even my colleagues have noticed that with me something not so, they spoke that today I looked very happy, it seemed to them that I flied somewhere in clouds.
I look forward to hearing from you with VERY VERY VERY BIG impatience!
Yours Anastasiya
Letter 7
Hello my lovely!! My darling as I am happy that you has written to me! With In each afternoon more and more I think of you, about the man with a name David! Many thanks for your beautiful photos. You became very important person In my life. You have entered into my heart and my mind, I already think of you much. You know, I trust you because from the first letter we promised to be sincere each other. Therefore I am assured of you and I am not afraid to be with you and to go on such serious step - to arrive to you and to meet you. I understand that it is real continuation of our relation. I think that we not small to have only correspondence on the Internet, we should think of more serious things - about a meeting and about the future. I the rights, mine David? My darling, now I am happy that is familiar with you, But at the same time to me it is sad, because now you not near to me. I would like to be very strongly with you, to walk with you, to look at your eyes where sparks of love flare and to tell to you 3 simple but significant words: I LOVE YOU! I would tell it sincerely, from pure heart because I already test strong feeling to you. Mine The darling how you plan ours with you a meeting? I think that we should to meet. Now summer and I have a lot of free time. You have vacation, and when? I nevertheless wish to have the first meeting in your country, because the woman should go there, where its favourite. On ours traditions the woman goes to the house of the man and there begins home life. therefore I wish to have a meeting at you. You not against it my dear?
My darling, I already many have told today. Please think over all these questions well also give me your answer. You not against if I will be to name you my lovely teddy bear? You know why? Therefore that I always go to bed and I think of you, and at I embrace the plush bear cub, also I think that I embrace you. I love you! C love and
Kisses yours Anastasiya
Letter 8
Hello my darling, gentle angel David!!! 1000 words of gratitude for your fine, warm letter. For me each your letter as energy and it enters into my heart. You have written to me and speek that very much would like that I have arrived to you and we were together. It is really?
I wish also to meet you personally. I think it would be remarkable. I have understood that you already have planned the vacation, but it also will be good, if we are together at least for one week from August, 15 till August, 23rd. I think that I should legalise papers at first for travel.
My darling, yes I would like to see some cities in your country, I would like to have the most unforgettable time with you. It would be fine to have with you picnic, to go to bathe, sunbathe ashore, to walk in park in the evening, to kiss under the star sky, to meet together sunrise. I dream of it, I dream of the man whom I will love also which will love me strongly, I dream of a new life, about creation of a happy family. I am ready to become the true woman for you. I see that you very careful, gentle and lovely man and I will be assured that with you I am happy. My dear David, please write me in your letter the airport name where it will be more convenient to you to meet me? After I will know the airport, I will visit travel agency in Kazan and I learn all details about my flight. I will do all documents and I will buy tickets through travel agency, it much more conveniently and faster than to go to Moscow in Embassy. We will have fine time, I trust in it. I will prepare for you, you will try all my Russian dishes which I am able to prepare. It also would be fine to lay with you on a couch and to look a film. It so is good, when nearby there is a loved man. I so a lot of time did not feel man's warmth, caress and attention, I very much miss on it. My darling David if we are together I will be the happy girl, I dream of you, I have fallen in love with you. Please send me more your photos. I will do the big photo and I will hang up it over my bed that I looked at you and have fallen asleep with dreams of you. I will tell to you in the end of 3 most simple but at the same time very significant words: I LOVE YOU! These words from my heart! I will wait your letter. With love yours
Letter 9
Hello my lovely angel David! I see your letter again and me very pleasantly, at me eyes shine and in on mine face a smile, when I see your letter. I am very glad that in this world I am important to someone, that I am a beloved and of me think and pay to me attention. Certainly this man are you, my dear man David! My dear, I am very glad to learn that your feelings to me are real and you have to me only good feelings. My lovely angel I also think of you and I test to to you only fine feelings. I am not afraid to tell to you, that it already feelings of love to you. I can tell to you it now dared, because I understand you well, your feelings also to me are very close, I all night and day think only of you. I fly in clouds. And it - results of our correspondence to you, revealing of feelings of love to you, our relation. Really it is very a pity to me much, that we cannot now to take each other for hands, to me it is bad that I cannot to embrace to you at night, now I embrace only my pillow and I think of you, would like that you have appeared near to me, my love! Yes you already became for me love because I am very strongly afraid to lose you, I wish to be only with you.
You my unique man, to which I now feel the big affinity. I believe in your words, that you never you will not throw me and that you will love me till the end of days of your life and also I will love you. I very much wish to meet and to be near to you.
My love, today I was in travel agency and looked flight to airport Brussels in which you will meet me.
But to me have told that I should pay the big money for travel to you. I should buy return tickets, make all papers - the visa, the passport. So, all sum of a trip will cost 973 euros. I am really do not know as me to be and where to find such big money. My darling you can help me? If I will pay money for my travel that in 2 weeks all documents and tickets we will be ready also we will be together.
It is not convenient to me to ask your help, but me any more at whom to ask the help, my parents live very much poorly in village, I receive very small salary, only 250 Dollars. My love, I hope that you will not throw me and can help to me in this difficult situation. Please understand me correctly, if I had this money, I by own strength would arrive to you. I am very strong hope for yours to help. My darling, I think that these days when we will be together, will be most happy day of our life. You know, that now very fine time for a meeting of two enamoured.
We can have very pleasant time together. I hope, that our meeting happens soon.
We need only to solve this one problem, that to be together.
My darling, I promise to you, that I will love you and to care of you, I will prepare for you Russian dishes, I will erase your clothes , I want that we have got married in the future and lived as one happy pair. You will be never disappointed in me.
My darling now my heart belongs only to you. You have won my heart the letters.
I love you!!! My dear if we have dared to meet already, we should go to it. My love you understand that mine feelings to you sincere and I write this letter to you with the sincere feelings. I am very happy that I have found you in this big world.
I think it destiny and we should not avoid it. We should be together!!!
I want that warmly my kisses, passion of my feelings have reached you with my letter. I with excitement wait your letter because depends much from your answer. I love you!!! Your true love Anastasiya.
Letter 10
Hello my love David!!
my dear prince, I was very glad to speak on the phone with you today and right after our conversation I write you the letter. I was in bank today and I asked a way of transfer of money and me have told that it probably to make by means of the bank account or Companies Western Union. I have told that I have no bank account, because for me it is not necessary, I have no money for storage and I always receive the salary cash. And in that case workers bank have advised to me to take advantage of services of the well-known company Western Union. To me have in detail told about work of this company. I listened to them 30 minutes, but here there is nothing difficult all simply, conveniently and safely, my love! To me have told that reputation Western Union very much big, this company is well-known all over the world and it is not necessary to worry. To send money for my trip, you at first should go in Western Union. As soon as you will come in Western Union, to you will give the form, which to you will be necessary to fill and do pass of money. To send money, you need to know my full data. Here in the letter I give to you my data which are necessary for transfer of money:
Name: Anastasiya
Surname: Shamshaeva
The country: Russia
City: Kazan
Poctal code - 420028
Street Yamasheva 26, appartament 48
These data are sufficient that you could help me, my darling David.
Only please do not do any errors in my name. My dear, as soon as you will send money, to you will give a code from 10 numbers - MTCN. Please write me this code in the letter. Also write me yours full name, your address, the sum which you sent. By means of this code and your data I without problems can receive money. My darling, you can help me today? I know that you leave to Italy and consequently I hope that now after my letters you can go in Western Union. My dear, I will wait for yours letters. In this letter I also send you my sweet kisses, but remember that I protect the most most sweet kiss in the my heart for you at our meeting. With love yours Anastasiya

Letter 11
Good evening my love David!
I have read your letter and was a little sad. But grief only because of that that our meeting will be later on 1 week. I so am strong wished to be already fast with you. But I understand that you could not help me today and now should wait for your returning from Italy. And still other sad news - you will not write me all this time.
I will miss very strongly on you. I very strongly hope that you not you will forget me and as soon as you will arrive home - you will write to me and you will wish me happy birthday. I will think of you all time, to look at your photos. My love, please try write to me with internet cafe in Italy. My dear, I wish you to spend time in Italy fine. I love you. Already very much I wait for yours returning and our meeting. With love yours Anastasiya
Letter 12
Hello love of my life David, yes love of my life because I has understood it and I feel to you love all heart. These days without you were for me as eternity. I very strongly missed on you, I thought about you all time and very strongly waited your returning. I checked mine e-mail with hope of that to receive from you the letter but now I has understood that you there did not have Internet. I am very glad for you that you had a magnificent vacation. My darling, I so am happy that you have not forgotten me and thought also of me and named me angel today and has told to me 3 simple but very important words: I love you. I can tell to you I love you very much also. My darling, it is valid this week without you for me was test. I should think of you.
Yesterday when at me was Birthday, I did not have not enough one person, it you my love David! My darling, I very much would wish to be with you in time of a vacation to Italy, I wished to get highly uphill and to depart to you to Italy, but I do not have wings though you have told to me that I am angel. But I do not regret for it and I think that in Belgium I also will have fine happy time with my loved man.
My dear, I hope for you and I trust in that that tomorrow you can help me and is fast we will be together. I cannot write so beautifully as you have written to me!
I have been very surprised also was very happy when have read yours the magnificent, warm letter with the big feelings to me. Though I not can so beautifully to describe my feelings of love to you in the letter, you know that I love you and mine David always in my heart. I send you mine
Sweet kisses. I will wait your letter very much. Your love for ever
Letter 13
Good evening my love! My lovely angel first I wish to tell to you many thanks for yours to help for that that you have helped me today and now your Russian princess can arrive to you without problems. I am very glad that soon we will together. I without problems have received money and already I have paid in travel agency, other part of money already had, Because has occupied from my friends while you were in Italy. Secondly many thanks for your fine photos. You very beautiful, most beautiful man in the world. I love you very strongly and already as soon as possible I wish to be in yours embraces. My love, I will receive all information on my flight only in 3 days and as soon as I will know all data, I will write to you in the letter, ok my dear. I have really been surprised that you have found a place where to do a photo and I at once has understood that it is a photo for me, that we there we kiss. I finish the letter. I wish you good night. I will be to dream of you. Yours Anastasiya
Letter 14
Hello my love David, my fine favourite person on all light. I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I missed very strongly because has not received your letter 2 days. I think that you also miss on me because I not answer yesterday, simply I was on birthday of mine girlfriends. My sweet I is very happy. My fine prince I very strongly love you, I simply adore you. About this bottom when we will be together. I ask the god It has more soon come nearer this day, day when in me and in you will begin the Happy life, and we will be without opinion from the friend the friend. Honey, you want this day? I dream every night of it. I am represented, as we meet For the first time, when we search each other in the opinion of crowd. We feel Affinity the friend the friend, our hearts are beaten quickly from that that by us very much close we. And when we find each other eyes, we are fast we run at a meeting, and my eyes - full tears, they – tears out of happiness. We are thrown the Friend the friend in embraces and our lips Merge in a long and deep kiss..... My sweet I wait for our meeting as the schoolgirl, expecting the first appointment. I cannot live without you, I do not want to
Look the sky because you are not present with me nearby.... Fine I all life waited such love which I check only to you. You my destiny and you my angel have sent to me the god from heavens. I understand now, That I only waited for you and that love can be such strong and a covering. My love to you does not give me usually to sleep, usually, the normal directly message is. The love to you does me without opinion. I can - silent shout in street where it is full to people Whom I you love and that my life it you.
And I am created only for you my honey!!!!!!!!!
My ideas do not stop to think of you, my head is forged by dreams from you also wash Actions only for you. For the sake of you I am ready on everything, my love. For the sake of you it is ready On all barrier which the life creates to us. For the sake of our love if it is necessary, I am ready to give a life. I will be patient, and I will wait for you. I will wait you as morning. I will wait for you as the sun. I will wait for All of you a life. I know, that the god on our party {to party} and it helps us.
The god has given for me the Most expensive gift in my life and it you my love.
I will devote all life Only to you. I am intended for you. I a key for your lock. I am simple, I cannot It more to live without you. I wish to spend with you my days, to wish to be with you in happy and in a grief. I wish to divide with Both of you pleasure and shout. My native if you laugh, I will rejoice together with you and if you afflict me, I will shout for you... You understand me my love?
I awfully want you, I wish to kiss your body, I wish to be to data you completely.
I know, that we not, probably to live without each other. We are necessary the friend the friend as the sun is necessary within day as stars are necessary within night....
I understand, that for our meeting it is necessary not only time, but also and ours aspiration, our desire And our hunting the friend the friend. Honey I very much want our meeting, our communication and our happiness. I know, that my love to you will live eternally also it will not be lost when. Our love will not steal, who as I will not allow to make it to who. Our love can live and then when we will be very far separately as now, but it so is painful for me. My native, I not iron the woman, not tolerantly, when feelings should be transferred through these letters. For the person specific when he loves when other person feels it, touches it, the nobility that is the person nearby and any minute to have possibility to be close to it. You agree with me? Even the tree Dries up, when nearby is is not present other tree. It during long time is included by the nature in us, in live organisms, that the love on a gift is strong when it has two half and – than that, whole. My love, you understand, that I very much wish to be with you together. All my desires which are not observing something only also repeat that we should be together... You want this, my dear? I wish to throw in the party with your destiny faster and to begin with you to the only thing whole. Only then We can reach everything, that we want, my medical God estimates that two people of love connect with each other lifes and it always helps them. And it is not important for me where we will meet you. We should not hide from each other anything, we should trust Each other because between us there should not be a homogeneous lie.
I so hate this word as on light, thus it is many people who speak lie or harm other person to Lie. I hate such people, I am ready to kill them.....
My love, I think, that I have clearly written all in this letter. Please, re-read it some times and you will understand my feelings to you, my desire to be together and that it I want for you only happiness.
My honey, is very much pity to me, but I have no time to write to you further.
My love, I will miss on you and to wait from you for the letter. My darling I also I wish to tell to you that tomorrow I leave to my parents and I can not to write to you till Monday. I will think of you all time. In monday I will visit also travel agency and I will give you all the information which I promised to give you.
Remember that I very insistently love you, and I cannot without you......
I - strong, strong whole you in your gentle lips also allow this kiss, accompanies with you in limits today and next days......
Your love and your bride Anastasiya!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 15
Hello my lovely David!!! My lovely prince here today I have returned from parents and I at home. That I have made the first is read your fine beautiful letters. My darling I love you all heart and is very strong I wish to be with you. All these days I missed on you and thought of you very much lot of, as you, I carry with myself your photos in my bag. My darling David today at night I had such remarkable dream. We has dreamt me with you a meeting. I arrive to you and you stand at the airport with the big soft toy and huge bouquet of red roses. As soon as I have seen you I have run to you on I will meet you as has noticed me and too ran to me and here we already stand the friend on against the friend. I look in your eyes you in mine so we stand in current of minute and then we merge with you in a passionate and gentle kiss. In the evening we with you walk on streets, you show to me different beautiful places, to us it is very good also we are happy together. I all time I smile, I am happy, you too are very happy. The darling to me was so well when I had this dream I simply did not wish to wake up. But I not strongly was upset when has woken up as I know that soon we will
Together not looking on any difficulties!!! I very strongly love you and I wish to be with you. When I have woken up I had a breakfast, I look very much happy, I was simply shone with happiness. After a breakfast I have gone home, as my parents live in village near to Kazan and it is necessary to me to go by the bus.
After I have arrived home, I have gone to travel agency to learn details of my flight. I went there with a smile on the person thinking about ours with you to a meeting. My darling I have come to travel agency and me the exact times and number of my flight, here it have told:
Start: MOSCOW (DOMODEDOVO) 14:40 on August, 14th 2009
Arrival: ZURICH (ZURICH) 16:15 on August, 14th 2009
Flight: LX 1327, the plane: Airbus Industrie A320
Start: ZURICH (ZURICH) 18:00 on August, 14th 2009
Arrival: BRUSSELS (NATIONAL) 19:20 on August, 14th 2009
Flight: LX 788, the plane: AR1
General time in a way: 6 hour. 40 minutes
From Kazan I will reach Moscow by the bus, I should take off from Moscow because I should visit still Embassy there. But all my pleasure has disappeared at once after to me have told that are necessary still money that I could arrive to you. I was in a shock. I did not know that to me to do. I did not understand about what money to me spoke. I them not listened. I simply was in a panic. Me long tried to calm and through minutes 15 - 20 it was possible. The manager of travel agency has explained to me that is necessary 4500 euros more. It will be necessary to show this money ONLY in travel agency and in customs and also in Embassy. 4500 euros WILL not be necessary
To SPEND!!! THIS MONEY WILL be ONLY In my HANDS!!! To me have told that money is necessary to show in travel agency only that agency and in to customs have been assured of that that I not the emigrant and I can contain myself in Belgium.
To me have told that 4500 is a living wage. One day - 50 euros. 3 month - 4500 euros. Darling David I am very strong on them shouted. I spoke to them why they have not told to me it earlier. The manager of agency to me has told that he thought that I know about it. But my darling I swear to you that I really did not know it. To me would tell that I did not worry. These money where they will not leave will be at me. It will not be necessary for me them to spend. My gentle tender prince to me have told that if I cannot to find 4500 euros in 5 days that I cannot arrive to you. Mine gentle tender prince I do not know that to us now to do. I have no such the big sum. Favourite I very much hope for your help. I know that you has already helped me to pay tickets, and it is very inconvenient me before you. The darling understand that this money will not need to be spent. It will be necessary to show them only in the tourist agency and in customs before flying away. As soon as I will arrive to you that I at once I will return them to you directly in hands. Favourite understand that without this money I cannot arrive to you and a trip will simply cancel and money with which I have paid a trip today to me simply will not return as I have concluded the contract with the tourist agency. My darling I very strongly hope for your help. To ours with you of a meeting there was only one step which we should, simply are obliged to make. We love each other and should be together. The darling I write this letter with tears on eyes. I very strongly hope for yours the help. My gentle tender prince please, I simply beg you: Help me!!! I cannot live without you! I very strongly love you.
We should be together. The darling I with the big impatience will wait for yours the answer. I love you!!!!! Gently kiss you! All my kisses only for you! Your future wife Anastasiya.
Letter 16
Hello my love, love of my life David! I each time checked mine e-mail to find your letter as soon as possible. All this time I could not calm down and cried in a pillow even, very strongly worried because of this problem that there was such unpredictable thing. My darling, allow you to explain even better that that to me have told in travel agency. My dear, my visa for 3 months and it tourist. My love, to me have explained that for these 3 months I should have a full guarantee of a favorable life in your country. And with that end in view I should have with myself these 4500 euros. My dear, it is all it is co-ordinated with the law and I called in embassy and was interested in it. To me have told the same. My love, therefore at me now is not enough chances of a meeting with you, but I trust and I hope for you. My hope it is died by last. My dear, I should have this money because I have no relatives in Belgium, and you still I husband, therefore I should have money - a guarantee on that that I will have a life in Belgium without problems. My darling, I have paid money also for tickets of returning and my return flight 14.11.09. My love, I can even go tomorrow to travel agency and tell that they have called to you and have explained you that this money only a guarantee to have a favorable life without problems in Belgium. The manager of travel agency to explain to you that I should not spend this money. My love David I promise to you that this money I will return back, I will give to you of them in charge in day of our meeting. Only please, mine David do not throw me! I so long waited for our meeting. I waited for your returning from Italy, I did not forget about you even for a minute. My dear, I know that it is very big sum of money for you as well for transfer of money you should pay also money, but I think that our love is not comparable with any money. I trust in you and I trust in only best - that we will soon together. I wait for your letter soon. Yours for ever Anastasiya
Letter 17
My darling David, my soul cannot calm down, my heart groans and cries and I write you this verse that you could understand a condition of my soul and depth of my love to you.

Today I light a candle,
To myself I open soul.
What to us remains? To understand I want.
What to us remains? And who is necessary to me?
Now I to you will fairly tell,
Though you will not hear me.
To understand? Perhaps, you will not understand.
To see? Too you will not see.

But heart, heart is many-sided.
It not a stone stale, has not flown down.
It hopes and loves constantly.
And consequently will feel heat …
hopes and loves constantly.
And consequently will feel heat …
Which, as a beam clear the sun,
To make the way wants to your heart,
Through a distant way, that so is great, mighty,
Through grief and tears sometimes unknown to anybody.

As it would be desirable you to tell now,
That sometimes I draw lovely your image,
The vulnerable soul does not wish to suffer again.
And all the same the melancholy runs involuntary tear.
Love and grief washing, a candle burn,
Favourite store since a dawn to a dawn.
Your and only your Anastasiya
Letter 18
Hello again my love! My darling, thanks for your understanding, thanks that you try to calm me. I have calmed down a little the afte of a tablet and your letter. Now I sit at my computer, I read your letter and I look at all your photos, on a smile of my lovely angel David. My darling please do not cry, we should struggle for our love, we should overcome this obstacle, I hope that you do not become angry on me that I have decided to arrive to you for 3 months and to be near to you all this time. It not a problem that you should work, I will wait you every evening from work. But, at first we should solve this problem. My love, do not worry, I will return this money, I repeat it again and again that you have been assured that this money will not be lost. My darling, please try to make tomorrow all possible. You spoke that, tomorrow you do not work and I hope that you can organise all tomorrow and possible even help me. My love, I have no bank account, I already spoke to you about it. My darling, be quiet, there will be no problems if you send this money through Western Union. When you sent money for my trip, I had no problems and have received that money, you know it. My darling, I understand that now all depends on bank, from that that will give to you money or not. I will pray, I will ask the God that all was good and we were together. My prince, please try to go tomorrow to bank in the morning and to ask money. I think that to you in bank cannot forbid to receive your money. If you tell that money very necessary for business to you or to buy any things or to help relatives I think that to you will give money. I will hope for the best. I will wait your letter. I love you. Always yours Anastasiya
Letter 19
Hello my love, my teddy bear, David!!! I was afraid of this your letter. I blame myself, I the silly girl, I the silly woman, I cannot forgive to myself that I lose such remarkable man as you. I do not know what to do, in my heart now a stone, in my throat a lump, to me to pant, I swallow of air, but all the same I choke, my tears flow on a computer table. I cannot calm down, I do not wish to lose you! I love you! My darling I understand my error that wished to arrive to you for 3 months, I understand that have made a wrong step! Therefore in all I blame only myself! I hoped for that that we will be together, thought that this money will not be a problem for our big true love! Because to me have told that it is money will not be gone anywhere and I should only show them. But all the same I see that you could not help me. I was ready to create the bank account that you could send money for my account. My love, please if you can transfer money for my account later, help me! I wish to be with you, I cannot live without you if I lose you, and I will lose this chance to meet you, I will not be happy, all my days will be sad and lonely. I waited for your letter last night, today all day. My darling, I understand that to you also very difficult now. Mine David, give we will try to solve this problem and to be together! I love you, I will wait your letter. We could have a chat in msn. Try to establish msn and so it will be easier to us to communicate. Mine msn I will wait yours for news. Your unique Anastasiya
Letter 20
Hello my lovely David! My dear, forgive me, me the silly girl which goes mad of love to you. My dear, I had the reasons because of which I could not write to you. My dear, at first I wish to answer your questions. But I have not understood some questions my dear. I have changed what appointment? This question for me was not clear. My dear, you speak about what good advice? About that to arrive to you at first for 1-2 weeks? My darling, I wished to be near to you as it is possible longer and consequently I have made the visa for 3 months. My dear, I do not have the rules, all these rules are established by the law, I cannot break them. I have made what error? An error what has fallen in love with you? I understand that has been very enamoured and consequently I have decided to arrive to you on long. You think that my love - an error? I was not sincere always with you? How? When? Tell to me? I always was and I remain sincere with you. I cannot love the man if I will deceive him, it is I character. I always was sincere with you because loved you and trusted in our happy future. I want in the life only one - the man of the life! Because I as a lonely swan which without pair, both all my days and nights pass in full loneliness! I do not want such life! When I see steams of enamoured people, I ask myself a question: Why I cannot be so is happy? Why I one? What in me such bad why nobody loves me and does not wish to love? And here when I have found you which man I love all heart and I wish to be with you - there is a problem! I am very sad! There can be I bring all these problems to myself! I do not argue with you, it is possible because of my silly head. There can be it a life so is severe with me? I do not find answers to these questions, I do not understand why destiny so is unfair with me. My darling, what feelings in me after that that happens? Certainly not happiness and not pleasure! I feel very badly, but from last forces I try to solve this problem. I understand that all my life and the future depends on it. Remain 6 days that something to change to the best. If you are not capable to help me I will try to solve itself this problem, I think that you will not criticise me because that I do all - for the sake of love to you. I did not write to you these some days because went in other city to my aunt. It has the shop and it not such poor as my parents and I. Therefore I asked its help. It is very inconvenient to me to do it - to ask someone's the help because I all time have got used to solve the problems and to it I have been brought up by my parents. But at present I not in forces to solve this big problem. Despite crisis, my aunt has had time to save some money for children who finish already university, and in the near future they will create a family and money at least at first to rent apartment will be necessary. I have told all my history about our love and even cried thus. My aunt the kind woman and it has understood me, saw in my opinion big fire of love to you. Therefore it has not denied assistance to me to me and could lend 2000 euros. I took this money with such care, I understood that it is another's money and wondered "As I can which take intended this money for the future of my nephews?" And if something happens with this money? But my heart has told to me that I was quiet, all will be good, and is valid during this moment love in we wash heart to you most important. And besides as soon as I will be at you, in your country, on what I very strongly hope I will send this money back to my aunt. Now I think of that how to find other sum of money. Remember I spoke to you about my things - ornaments, an earring, a chain, a necklace? I even am ready to sell them but only to be with you! I understand that I will not be happy with these gold stones, the main thing for me now you and my future with you. I will solve this problem one because you spoke to me that I am guilty, that I to myself have created a problem! My dear, but please do not do to me to painfully my heart and do not
speak that I not sincere and not fair with you. Otherwise my heart will not sustain all it and I will break. To me now also it is very sick. I write to you again and I will write more and more these simple but very important words - I LOVE YOU. Care of itself. Yours
Letter 21
Hello my lovely David!
My darling, my letter will be today short because I do not want
To live. I cannot live without you. I used the best efforts to receive
That money and to arrive to you but I could not find one such big
The sum, it was not in my forces. I love you and I will love you. Yours
Forever Anastasiya
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