Scam letter(s) from Marina Rudenko to Johnson (USA)

Letter 1
I am glad to hear from you again and I do hope that we will get along with you. I think it is time now to tell you some words about my family. I should tell you that my father`s name is Victor and he works as an engineer, he is very educated person and I like to have talks on different topics with him. My mother`s name is Lidiya, she is a nurse, I truly respect her profession and she is very devoted wife, I do like the relations that are between my parents, I am delighted with the fact that they managed to preserve the romance that is between them in the coarse of such a long years! I do want to have the same relations with my future spouse. I also have a sister, she is 3 years younger than me but she is married already and she has a beautiful daughter, my niece, whose name is Veronika, she is real angel and I truly enjoy taking care of her. I am pleased to learn that you enjoy this life and you are such a cheerful person. I strongly hope that we will be truly happy together as i also do not see any problem in our age difference and I am happy to learn more about you. I hope you will have the same wish. I wrote already you that work in school with younger aaouie.
My household name Marina Rudenko. I have dog Mina by name, he is adored and spoiled by all members of our family and we have wonderful works with him in the morning. I also like dancing and having parties I have a lot of friends as I think that the more people you know the happier you are, friends are always ready to help and support me and you never feel lonely but still I need someone special in my life. I do hope that the Internet will help me to find such a person, I do not know why but it seems to me that he lives somewhere far from me, not in Ukraine. I do not have any special demand to a person I just want to find comfort by strong man`s shoulder. And what is your need in woman? I just wonder whether I can be what you need or we are just friends, but I do not care as good friend is also great and I will be happy to find him in you. I wish you nice day and I do hope to hear from you soon. Marina.
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