Letter(s) from Elena Nechaeva to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Dear Sir,

My name is Margarita. I am the private interpreter of your woman Elena Nechaeva.
I am a representative of the firm "Profy Line translations" .

Your lady is not able to pay for the further correspondence at our firm, so all the letters that you will be sending won't be translated.

Please look at our prices and let us know whether you are interested in your lady like she is and whether you have an opportunity to fill your lady's account.

Let us know as soon as possible. Your lady will be waiting for your answer.

Here are the PRICES:

- translation and printing one letter - 5 USD
(translator service - 2 USD;
Internet service - 1 USD;
printing a letter - 1 USD;
taxes and other payments - 1 USD); -scanning one photo - 2 USD; -printing one photo - 3 USD;

- one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD;
- one month "unlimited correspondence" - 200 USD;

- two months "unlimited translation" - 270 USD;
- two months "unlimited correspondence" - 350 USD.

"Unlimited translation" is the translation of the letters without scanning or printing photos.

"Unlimited correspondence" includes translation of the letters, scanning and printing photos.

If you the prices are suitable we can send you the information how to make the transfer and also our license, where it is pointed that our firm is legal.


"Profy Line translations"