Scam letter(s) from Elena Stepanova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my darling,
How are you today? I you are fine and healthy.
Sorry for my bad mood but I do not feel good.
I have problems. Yesterday I was examined in the hospital and the doctors found out that I have an appendicitis.
That was the reason of my stomachache. I thought it is just because of bad nutrition but in fact things are even worse.
They say I will be hospitalised and I need an operation.
But the problem is that operation costs $200 and I do not have this money.
I do not even know what to do. The doctors say I need to make this operation urgently. Darling, you are my last hope. I feel very uncomfortable to ask but if you can help me I will appreciate it so much.
Please, darling, I count on your support. Can you help me, I am just very frustrated and confused , you are th only person to whom I can address. I am very sorry for that but I hope you will understand.
The doctors say it is very dangerous if I do not do this operation and I am really scared.
Sorry for my bad mood but it was an unexpected news for me.
I kiss you.
Waiting for your answer.
Your Anya.
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