Scam Letter(s) from Elvira Svetlova to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my man Frank! How you? At you all is good?
Ohh …. Frank, you simply do not represent …. Today very difficult day for me, since the morning.
It is simply impossible to transfer it in words.
As you remember, I had yesterday the hugest problem which very much disturbs me till now. Yes, I will not begin to hide. I cried today. As it really is very serious.
My angel, Frank, today since the earliest morning, me was necessary to undertake the decision of this problem again. My neighbours are very rich people. In their apartment very expensive repair has been made. Because of a flood, the part of their fine apartment has been destroyed.
Yes, it is very bad. Therefore, what to avoid the further trial, I had most to put the finance what to solve this problem. As it is a correct and fast variant.
My darling, to me now really it is very heavy. I already said to you, that I saved money, for arrival to you. Yes, it is valid so.
Yes, I have resolved problems with neighbours and with a flood as a whole. But, I have spent all money which I protected for a trip to you.
Therefore, today, when I have come to travel agency. I have really begun to cry. As there to me have told, that all my documents are already ready, and I can receive documents. Including the visa.
Yes, it is certainly fine news. But, to me will not give out these documents until I will not pay.
But, as you already know. My darling, Frank, I have spent all money for the problem decision.
Therefore I now not in a condition to solve difficult, no, very much very difficult problem with the finance. My darling Frank, I do not know what to do...!
After all I really love you! And I really wish to be with you! You understand, the darling Frank? I love you, and I am ready on everything what to be with you. But, I cannot anything, make! L as the help is necessary for our love. I do not know to whom to address, and where to search the help.
What to me to do, my honey? How to me to rescue our meeting? Our love?
To me it is very bad, the darling … after all I love you, each section of the heart, each atom the smother … The darling …. I wish to be with you … do not leave me!



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