Scam letter(s) from Julia Krasnova to Carlo (Italy)

Letter 1
Good day Carlo.
Thanks for the letter.
ok, in the first letters I want to know you, and your interests . To know each other better, the best way to write openly and always the truth.
Acquaintance on a site cannot really tell us much about each other, but I will try to tell you more.
I am a good girl and I have grown in good family.
I live in the big beautiful city in the central part of Russia. Moscow is the capital of the Russian empire .
I have a higher education, I have completed the Moscow state university. My profession is the industrial designer in interior.
Now I work by my profession in a small firm , I like my work.
Also in the firm I have many friends.
I am very romantic, cheerful girl . I always believe in the best future . If I have an opportunity, I try to help orphans in my free time. I adore children.
I live alone in my flat , which I rent . I like to be independent, but sometime I feel lack of the contact with my parents .
I have a mother and a father , they are a good people . I will tell you about them later.
I want to know you as better as it`s possible , tell me about yourself , your interests , way of living and the reason why you write me?
I write you because I am interested in you. Now I am looking for a serious relations .
send me your photo and tell me about yourself and about the place where you live as much as you want.
Letter 2
Hello Carlo.
Thanks for the letter.
How you today?
Today in the morning when I have arrived in my job , in my office there was a move of furniture and the repair began. I have been a little shocked with it. I have visited my boss. She has told me, that it was a surprise:) today's morning was very pleasant.
My boss is the woman and is a good person. She always cares of the workers.
But fortunately I have a good boss and I like my work.
Do you like your work? Does it really coincide with your dreams in the childhood?
When I was small, one person (architect) has told me that to build buildings is a very well because they remain forever. Even if architect is not here any more his creation remain for long time and grandsons can see it.
In the childhood I decided to have a useful profession for the people. And now many people come to me for my helping. of course I am not an architect , I can do only the projects for the interior of the houses , but my works also live forever.
ok, tonight I have no plans, I will stay at home to watch TV.
I wish you happy day.
I am waiting for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello again my interesting friend Carlo.
How is your mood today? Are you really happy that you have got my letter? Do you smile now? (I hope yes)
For me also it is interesting and very much pleasant to receive your letters. It is a pleasure for me to know the person who lives for many kilometers from me! It is delight))))))
Tonight my mum has invited me to have supper in their house. She misses me very much . I started an independent way of life recently. Approximately 6 months ago I left their house and now I live alone. Probably for mum it is painful a little, that`s why she invites me to visit them very often.
ok, after I come back from my parent`s house I will check my mail. I hope you you will write me soon.
I also want to see more your photos.
I wish you have a happy day.
Letter 4

Hello my tender, attentive and dear friend .
My mood is good, your attention helps me to live and smile. I hope your mood also is ok.
I have no plans on weekend.
Our correspondence has very much carried away me. My work became boring without your letters and advices. I value our correspondence very much!
Tell me, what do you expect from our correspondence? What plans do you have for the future?
I hope I have not taken a lot of your time, I hope to see your answer tomorrow. Successful day and all the best for the person who makes my soul warm.

Letter 5
Hi Carlo.
Your letter makes me happy again. Here in gloomy Moscow it is very good to receive your light letter:))))
It seems to me, that during our correspondence I can know you, in fact I write you, because you are my type of the man. I cannot be sure in it. But from your letters I see that you return my feelings.
Yesterday my friends and I went for a walk in the city. We often spend free time together. We go to the theatres, cinemas, shops, exhibitions. Moscow is a big city. Here there are many entertainments.
It is very important for me to know that you think of me and what plans do you have for our correspondence? What is important for you and possible you want to ask me something, to know me better?
In fact in letters it is impossible to tell everything, I want you ask, if it is really interesting for you.
Letter 6
Hello Carlo.
How are you today? How is your mood?
Today in the morning I visited my parents, they were pleased to see me. I helped my parents to make some work in their house. I like to spend time with my family. They are important for me.
Do you have a close relations with your family? How often do you spend free time together?
My parents are good people, I also will tell him about you more:) they will be pleased to know you. Mum is interested in our correspondence.
ok, I hope you will have a good day.
I will wait for the answer from you it will help to be closer to your soul :)
Letter 7
Hello Carlo.
Thank you for the letter.
How are you today?
Have you already known, what you would do today?
Now it is morning in Moscow, and I have already known what I would do.
In the morning I was invited by my friend Veronika to visit her house. She asked me to come tonight to her home to help her son with the English for school.
I practice to study English better . I try to improve the quality of the conversation.
My friend asked me to help her child to do homework. I cannot refuse to help her, she is a good person:)
Also I adore children and it will be pleasant for me to do it.
What do you think about children? What concerns do you have to the children? Do you want to have relations in the future to have children?
If it is a difficult question for you not to answer me.
How will you spend this day?
Do you have plans?
I wish you have a good mood today.
I hope to see your answer.
Letter 8
Hi my men Carlo
Today my boss has told to me that I will have a vacation from August, 15 till September, 25, I am very happy:)))
You are happy also? Tell me:)))))
I will be very happy what to have this vacation, because I already for a long time without rest.
You really want to meet me? Or this time desire?
Understand, for me it is very serious also I want to know your opinion completely, ok?
If I will arrive to you, my first purpose will be find out you how it is possible better! Because it is very important for me.
I do not like to visit a night club or a bar. I think that for the first meeting to have a supper at restaurant better or to go in a cinema:)
What do you think of it?
I also need to know your full name and the name of the airport closest to you that I could plan my travel to you, ok?
Tell me the ideas and I hope today we can speak.
Your Julia.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Carlo .
Thanks for your letter. Very pleasantly that you care of me.
Thanks for the name an aeroaorta.
Today I have visited agency of travel. To me have told that travel to Italy probably to make from May, 1 on May, 27. I can travel to you.
To me have told that I should have many documents for travel to you. I have been really surprised, when found out all about travel.
Cost of travel 1000 euros
Two air tickets there and back, the visa, the passport, insurance, documents.
It is necessary for me make all for travel.
I already asked the help from my relatives but they cannot help me. I hope you understand.
I for a long time thought, I do not know what to make, a situation in the country very bad in connection with crisis now. I cannot have the big money for travel, sorry.
If you can help me with travel, certainly I shall be very happy and I can give you this money later as soon as I will earn. but I cannot do travel is independent.
I believe in you and ours relations and I am sure that if we will meet we both we will be very happy.
But Carlo , I not the rich girl, sorry: (I cannot make this travel independently. Now I have no money for travel.
call me : +79053797059
Letter 10
hi my dear, sorry I had the big mistake. Today I had a lot of work. My holiday not from May:)))))
It is travel from August, 1 till August, 27.
I do not know how I could write so, I hope you understand me.

Letter 11
Hi Carlo
My dear Carlo, I very much regret. But I am valid not the rich girl and I do not know as we can will meet.
If we cannot will meet, probably it is destiny.
But even if we shall not meet, I am all the same happy that have met and found out you. You which that person I searched and with whom I want to be together always.
sorry for that a situation, I feel very silly and I hope that you understand me.
I have new e-mail:
Today in the morning my computer on work have given on updating and I have forgotten all the information there. Now I do not know password from mine e-mail, therefore have made new. Write to me here, ok?
Your Julia.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Carlo
Thanks for your letter.
Here the account of agency of travel:
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT: CBGURUMM
Account with correspondent bank: 100947525200
Name: VTB 24 (JSC)
Address: 35 Myasnitskaya st., Mosnow
Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: SWIFT: DEUTDEFF
National ID: 50070010
Name: Deutsche Bank AG
Address: 12-21 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt am Main; zip code: 60262
Beneficiary: Beneficiary's account: 40817978427001011709
Beneficiary's name: Davydov A. N.
Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 631632
Cost of travel 1000 euros.
You can pay all this here.
As soon as you will make payment inform me, I will inform about it to agency and to me will begin make documents for travel.
ok Carlo, I wish you happy weekend.
Your Julia.
Letter 13
Hello Carlo
I do not understand that you want to see? My cat? My cat now lives at mum. If I will have an opportunity to photograph him, I shall give you him a photo, ok?
You had what problems? I can help you?
I too very much want to see you.
It is necessary to solve what to make with holiday.
If we will not meet, tell me about it, ok?
I very much hope to see you soon.
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