Scam Letter(s) from Elena Hromihina to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Marco!

You have left to me the contact on a site of acquaintances. It is pleasant to me to know that I was pleasant to you, you too are nice to me Marco. You know, it so is amusing, I thumbed through questionnaires behind questionnaires, and have seen yours, I liked your photo and I have solved that that person with whom will be interesting to communicate. But to tell the truth I not so hoped that I will receive the answer from you. But it happens also I is glad to it.

My name is Elena, me of 27 years. I have finished the higher establishment, and my speciality is the doctor, I treat small children and my speciality is the Pediatrist. I always wished to become the doctor to help people, I have carried out the dream of the childhood.
Marco, what trade at you? Than you are engaged? You could carry out what dream of the childhood? Tell to me about itself more.

I send to you a photo, I hope that it is pleasant to you, also I wait for your photo. I finish on it the letter, I wait for your answer.

Letter 2

hello dear friend!

I did not receive from you the letter. Why you have not written to me?
You do not have interest with me to communicate, or you are very occupied? I hope that shortly I will receive from you the letter, and we can continue our dialogue with you. We have liked each other, what the such happens that you have ceased to write to me? But all the same I hope that I can shortly receive your letter with the answer to my question. At us weather in the street is excellent, but already starts to become cold. What weather at you? Soon the summer will pass, and again will begin is cold, and autumn. To like me the autumn, a golden time when moulding fall on the earth and rustle under your feet. To me to like to walk on park at this time. I will finish on it the letter, I hope to receive your answer shortly. Elena

Letter 3


I did not receive from you the letter what happens? Why you have not written to me? I waited for your letter but and have not received. I hope that with you all well, and at you it is simple now for given time there is no time to write to me. And you can is simple have forgotten about me or have found to yourself other girl who is better than me? Or I simply do not like you? I already also do not know that to me to think, but I hope that I in the fast can to receive your letter and you can explain to me why you did not write to me. I hope for it, and I think that you will disappoint me and we will soon continue our dialogue, we will laugh and has fun =) By the way, I had such opinion, that you have won one million dollars in a lotto and have left to have a rest till the end of a life =) These are all jokes. I wait for your letter, Elena



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