Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sokolova to Christopher (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend! Friendly speaking I feel a bit confused, because I have never wrote the man through the Internet and I even don't know what to start with... Well, I will start from the very beginning. My name is Tatyana and I live in a big Russian city which is called Kazan. this is a very nice place especially in summer and there are a lot of good people here. I was born on the 01/01/80. I am 28 years old, and I think that this is very nice age to start new life! I work in hospital, and I am a children doctor by profession. I love children and this is very pleasant to deal with them. My work is rather interesting, but it is not easy, because very often I am responsible for a kid's life and this is hard to be responsible for such a serious matter! but I am in my place and I think that I would never change my work even if I was offered a million dollars! and what is about you? tell me what you are and what are your ambitions in life! I live together with my Mother, my Father died when I was 15. he was crossing the street at the criss-cross, but unfortunately the driver was ***** and he didn't notice my Dad... and it so happened that I lost my wonderful Dad, whom I loved immensely... it was a hard time for my and Mum but we were together and overcame everything. Right after finishing school I entered the medical University, which was located in the nearest city (I didn't want to leave Mum alone) and after graduating from it ( I am not showing off, but I am proud to tell you that I graduated with honors!) I stayed in Kazan and was offered a vacancy at local hospital. I agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my choice and I was not mistaken, because i never felt pity about my choice since. No much changed from that time, but one day I realized that I am tired of life here, tired of being alone and tired of the same faces. I don't know where it will lead me to, but at the moment I feel very interested in you! please, write me more about yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! I will look forward to your answer and will come here tomorrow again! with my best regards,Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hi again, my friend Chris! To tell you the truth I am very pleased that you answered me back so quickly, because I waited your answer with impatiens! I still can't get used that that quick internet letters! It seems unbelievable that only a few years ago people wrote letters in hand and waited the answer for weeks! By the way in Russia the Internet post is still not very widely spread and I myself write letters to some of me old friends by usual mail. But this is great that I can get the answer from you in no time. and I hope that if we will go on like that we will manage to know each other very good! :) In this letter I will try to tell you a bit more about myself. So what are the usual things the unknown people ask each other? probably about the hobby... well, I can't tell that I have some particular hobby, the occupation to which I would devote all my free time... I am pretty busy at work and to tell the truth I am so tired after it that I have no time on something but to go to bed and prepare something to eat and to read a nice book. Oh, and I like to cook very much! My Mother is very fussy about foods we eat and she taught me cook very well. My Mother is a teacher, she works in primary school and deals with small children as well we me. we have something in common in the professions :) about my favorite films and books... I can strongly recommend you to watch my favorite film "Lilja 4-ever" with Oksana Akinshina in the main role. this is the film by the Swedish director Loukas Moudisson and as far as I know you will find it in English as well. This is a real tragedy of the teen-age Russian girl. well, I won't retell you the plot, you can watch it yourself if you want! I like to read very much, I prefer rather classical writers then modern ones, for example I appreciate Russain writer Bulgakov. and from modern foreign book I liked very much "Da Vincy's Code" by John Brown(I am not sure in the spelling, it is surely wrong, because I am not very good at English, but I hope that I express myself quite clearly????) Well and on this I will finish this letter and I will start writing your answer! please, write me as much as you can about you because I am interested in every detail of your life! of cause if you want to! will come here tomorrow and hope to see your reply! bye bye for now, Tatyana
Letter 3
Hi, chris! I am very happy to receive the letter from you again! I was thinking and trying to guess of what you will write me today!!! probably this is a bit silly of me, but I read you answers several times before starting to answer. I think that you can write me everything you want, because I feel friendly sympathy to you and I am happy with every passing day I discover something new in you! The weather today was very good, the sun shined brightly (though the day was cold) and the birds sang cheerfully in the air. I wish I were a bird, to have no problems but to sing and to enjoy life! I didn't have much work today, and this is good, because I could come earlier to the agency to write you a letter and now I have time to cook something delicious for me and Mum! I think I will make a cake, a magnificent cake! I wish I could treat you to it! what are you favorite dishes??? tell me, please, I will try to find the recipes and will learn how to prepare it! it will be a nice piece in my collection, I suppose! and I will probably invite my best friend to tea, she is working in my hospital too. I don't have a lot of friends, but those I have are true and I am sure that I can rely on it. by the way what is your attitude to friendship? I hear that in western countries such term as friendship is not popular, all people are living their own lives and they don't have such friends who are ready to help them in difficult life situations. But I appreciate friendship very much and I am sure that every person must have friends... do you have friends? I feel that you and me have very much in common and though we know each other for a short period of time I feel close to you... but ok, it is too early to talk about something after some letters that we have wrote each other. let's go on and we will see what it will lead us to, ok?
so, I am finishing and will go home now, with my best regards,
Letter 4

Hi, darling Chris! here I am again in the internet cafe reading your letter... during this day this is the only pleasant moment for me... because this day was not a very happy one and I feel sad. My father died ...on this day ... and we had the small day of memory. Yes, it changed very much since he is not with us... everything was very different when dad was alive. We never had such difficult time as we have now, he was the real man and could find the way of any situation. and now, when we are alone, I feel sometimes that I can't find the right decission... the first years after his death we were running the greatest moral and financial difficulties, because I was a student and Mum was keeping the house while he was alive. But after that she had to go back to work and with the miserable salaries in your schools were were having very hard times. I don't know how we managed to survive, but now the situation is a bit better, at least I am not a student any more and I can earn a bit for our living but since that I never felt safe. This is very hard to lose people who you love. Darling, I wish you had such terrible occasions not often... better never. ok, I will go back home now, because when I went here my Mum was crying and I am afraid that she will fall into deep depression again, so it will be better if i am with her all the day round. but she says herself that it is necessary to start new life and she want me to do it for her. she want s me to be happier then she is. she is a great WOMAN, my Mum. ok, and I am sorry for the sad letter, I hope that I haven't made you sad... to make it a bit better I will send you a nice smiling picture of me, to let you know that I am not that pessimistic creature. I will come here tomorrow and I hope to find your answer. bye bye, Tatyana
Letter 5
Hi, my new friend! Friendly speaking I feel a bit confused, because I have never wrote the man through the Internet and I even don't know what to start with... Well, I will start from the very beginning. My name is Tatyana and I live in a big Russian city which is called Kazan. this is a very nice place especially in summer and there are a lot of good people here. I was born on the 01/01/80. I am 28 years old, and I think that this is very nice age to start new life! I work in hospital, and I am a children doctor by profession. I love children and this is very pleasant to deal with them. My work is rather interesting, but it is not easy, because very often I am responsible for a kid's life and this is hard to be responsible for such a serious matter! but I am in my place and I think that I would never change my work even if I was offered a million dollars! and what is about you? tell me what you are and what are your ambitions in life! I live together with my Mother, my Father died when I was 15. he was crossing the street at the criss-cross, but unfortunately the driver was ***** and he didn't notice my Dad... and it so happened that I lost my wonderful Dad, whom I loved immensely... it was a hard time for my and Mum but we were together and overcame everything. Right after finishing school I entered the medical University, which was located in the nearest city (I didn't want to leave Mum alone) and after graduating from it ( I am not showing off, but I am proud to tell you that I graduated with honors!) I stayed in Kazan and was offered a vacancy at local hospital. I agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my choice and I was not mistaken, because i never felt pity about my choice since. No much changed from that time, but one day I realized that I am tired of life here, tired of being alone and tired of the same faces. I don't know where it will lead me to, but at the moment I feel very interested in you! please, write me more about yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! I will look forward to your answer and will come here tomorrow again! with my best regards,Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hi, my darling Chris! I was very glad to find the letter from you with your kind words of support. It touched my heart and I feel that you became much closer to me then you were before... at least, I feel now that I can trust you on the whole and that you are a very reliable man. I don't know why but it seems to me that i would feel very easy with you if we could talk face to face... because through the letters I realize that we have much to talk about and the subjects are innumerous. I think that this is very good when people have much to talk about with each other! and I also see that you are very caring and that you can make happy any woman! oh, I would envy that lucky girl! :) I have never felt easy with the gloomy person, and you are very bright, you are like the ray of the sun in my life! but to tell the truth I am not tired to telling you pleasant things, because I feel that worth all my compliments and even more! please, send me more pictures of you, because I want to have as many as possible, to show my friend and probably Mum... ok? I will wait very much! and in return (lets imagine that you already sent me your wonderful photo) I am sending you a couple. and write me please about your profession, ok? is it good? are you satisfied? as for me, i told you already i there is nothing better for me then my profession, the only shortcoming of it that it is not very good paid. For example my salary is $300 per month (in rubles it is about 7000), and sometimes it is even not regularly paid, but I am optimistic and I think that probably future will change and out government will understand that people are worth paying them. ok, I will finish the letter on this, and i will start waiting your answer, hope it will arrive soon!!!!!!! oh, God, why am I so much dependent on your letters?! is it good, do you think? ;) bye bye for now, Tatyana
Letter 7
Hi, my sweet Chris! May I call you my sweet? it sounds so nice... I like all those tender pet-names, and when I feel sympathy to the person, I like to display my affection. as soon as I can display my affection to you only in words I want to tell you as many tender things as i will manage to compose! is it ok? By the way, I had a serious talk with my Mum about you. And I told her that we are communicating with you through the internet. At first she was very surprised because she can't imagine how it is possible to communicate through the computer. She can hardly imagine what the internet is and how it works. oh, my Mum is so kind, but she is so naive and she is the person of older generation and it is difficult for her to belive that the word has changed so much! and that there are so many unknown events and electronics! but somehow I managed to persuade her that I am not joking and I showed her some of your letters (only a small part of the 1st one, don't worry, she didn't read it, my Mum never read the letters which are adressed not to her) . She asked where you are from and how old you are and where you work and if you are a good man. In a word, all the sorts of questions Mothers always asks! It seems that she was satisfied with my answers and you know, she even said that you are very attractive and you have the air of self-confidence! so, I think you passed the test! and only after I talked with Mum, a sudden thought occured me... I asked myself: "probably I should have asked YOU..." probably you don't want me to talk about you with my Mum... probably for you I am just an internet toy... I know that nowadays the internet is full of bad people who are cheating each other. and all of a sudden you can realize that the person you are writing to is not that you think of him... I am so much afraid that this is going on with me... But I taking away this thought, because my heart is prompting me that I am wrong, that you are the man, that I have always wanted to meet. and that your intentions about me are absolutely pure... I hope I am right? please, tell me that I am... this is the last doubt that I have about you, all the rest is absolutely clear for me, darling... oh, I don't know what to do with my heard because it seems to think only of you every day... My God, this is increadible, that we are more then 1000000000 km apart from each other and we are connected somehow in our minds... if someone told me a month ago that I would be losing my head because of it, I would never belive! but it is going on with ME!!! and I have always considered myself being not that light-minded! but things happen, as the English proverb says, right? :) ok, on this idea I will finish the letter, and as usual will wait your quick reply. Hope that you will like the picture that I am sending you this time! get aquanted to my Mum, because she know you and you should know her as well! ;) bye bye, YOUR Tatyana
Letter 8
Hi, my sweet Nhris! How are you today? I am fine, the weather is not very good, the piercing wind is blowing, and I am afraid to catch a cold, but when as soon as i remeber about you the wind is getting warmer and it seems that it is wispering me the tender words... those i would like to hear from you some day... oh, I feel as if I have wings to fly to the sky and to shout that I AM HAPPY, I AM ABSOLUTELY HAPPY! my sweet man, what have you done with me? how did you manage surrender my heart? oh... what is going on with me??? is it the same with you or am I just a sentimental thing? no, I am definitely not, because when I am reading your letters I see that you are feeling very much similar and you give me the hope that everything will go on, my sweet. by the way, did I tell me where you live? Probably I simply don't remember (I mean not the country, of course I do know it!), but I want to know the place itself. as for me, I have a small one-room flat in one of those terrible blocks where there are 3 floors and the conditions are very bad. the only advatage of those flat is that they are available to pay for (and I suppose that this is because of the fact that more or less well-off people would never agree to live there, but this is just my idea). when dad was alive we lived a better life, in our own house, to be more exact with a nice small garden and beautiful flower-beds. But when he died, we had to sell it to pay for my education. Because mum didn;t earn that much to cover all the expensive and i was too young to find a proper job. and besides, I studied at the Medical University where the students simply don't have time for anything but learing, to tell nothing of working. so, you see now how it happened that I had to leave the comfort for education. But they say that "money spent on the brain is never spent in vain", and I have never felt pity. T first Mum rented the flat, but when I came back, we decided that it will be better to ask for the credit in the bank and pay it partly. so, I did it and bought a one-room flat 4 years ago. But we do not live here now though i did not pay the credit to the full yet. A year ago my mum was given a flat from her work. It is a good flat and we live there together now. The conditions here are better and you know, it is always more comfortable to live with mum :) It is a very cosy and nice flat. But Mum often remembers our old house, and she even made friends with the presen hostess of it and sometimes she spends there weekends but I think that there is no much sence in looking back all the time, and I myself never go there. I prefer to live in present but not in the past. Am I right, sweety? and I hear that abroad people live in comfort and it is unbearable for the foreigner to live in Russia because of bad living conditions. Is it true? sweety, I feel so much attached to you and I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't write you! darling, it can seem silly for you but if I come here tomorrow and won't find the letter from you, I can't imagine what I will think about the next day!!! I could never imagine that it is possible to feel to much to someone you know only by the letters. I am so greatful to this internet that it keeps the connection between us! oh, it seems that my time at the computer is going to come to an end, and the manager is telling me that I have to let it free... ok, I will go now, sweety and I will look forward to your next letter, I am sending you my first kiss and first embarrase... bye bye for now, YOUR Tatyana.
Letter 9
Hi, my sweet man Chris! honey, do you know that you are the best man in the world? the women in your country must be blind or absolutely silly to let you search for love in the internet!!!! every time I see the letter from you, I think "why do we understand each other so well?" how can it be the the two people from the different sides of the earth have found each other? this is increadible, but my heart is singing and I thank God for every day for the perfect chanse that he gave me to be with you and to share life with you. let it be only the life in the internet but I am sure that the day come and we will see each other in real life! do you think it is possible? yes, I appreciate the great communication power of the internet, that brings people together but I can't but confess that it doesn't fulfill the function of the real communication. and even though I feel that the internet helps us very much, this is not enough... please, tell me your ideas on this matter, ok? honey, I want to tell you that I am increadibly greatful to you for the happy moments in my life! you even can't imagine how much you mean for me... for me this is not just letters... in my letters I open my soul, I am giving you the part of my heart and I hope that it is safe and sound with you... I have never been so much open with any man in my life.... I lost the faith in them, but you, you alone made all my ideas go to ruin... and now I again realise that the world is full of happiness, full of wonderful moments, simple things which you do not appreciate when you are gloomy and unsatisfied... oh, I am increadibly happy now and all this is because of you. How can it be possible, honey????! and by the way returning to the matter I want to ask you for your home adress. I want to send you a letter with my photo for you to keep it everywhere and also a small photo of my village. and when you recieve the letter you simply tell me what i wrote and I will completely trust you!and also my postal adress, it is
Russia, 420044 (zip or postal code)
Tatarstan, (the name of the
republic or district in your language)
Kazan, (this is the name of the
city, honey)
22 Volgogradskaya Street, (the adress itself where 22 is
the number of the house)
a/ya 157 (this is my mail-box)
======================================== oh, again the manager said that the time is off... :( oh, and I was going to tell you so much in this letter, but unfortunately I am limited and I can't spend by the computer as much time as i want writing you... this is the greatest disadvantage of those internet cafes. you pay them incredible money, but still you can't write as much as you want... this is sad, but I have nothing to do but to wish you have nice day and to send you my passionate kiss which i hope to get back in return from your side in the next letter, which I am waiting for immensely! I am thinking of you all the time, bye bye for now, YOUR Tanya.
Letter 10
Hi, my sweet man, my daring prince Chris! yes, i feel like a Princess, like the sleeping Beauty, who has just awoken from her dreams and I can't but tell you about my wonderful feeling! thank you for the warm and tender letter, I see that such a wonderful man feels the same to me as I feel to him and there is nothing more wonderful then to love and been loved... yes, I said that i love you... what is it but not love, when I am thinking of you all the time, when I go to bed with your face in front of my eyes and I awake still having it. you are coming in my dreams every night and you don't leave me even at work. You are with me everywhere and those letters from you! I have learned them by heart! your words are sounding in my ears and I imagine your voice whispering me words of love... oh, I am in love, this is definite now. I tried to run away from this feeling, I tried to lock my heart, not to let you go in it, but everything is in vain. you have broken the blocks and you rushed into my heart, and you settled in it very firmly and you are not going to leave it! Honey, and I will never let you leave my heart, because you are the part of me... darling, this is fate and I feel that we are the two parts of one whole, we are created for each other... oh, I feel now like the heroine of Pushkin's "Evgeniy Oneguin"! this is one of the famous Russian novels, I am sure you know it. She as well as me (her name was Tatyana Larina) wrote to the man she loved a letter, where she said that she is giving herself to him and she relies on his honesty that he will accept her pure love and will realize the treasure of it. but the man didn't appreciate it and her heart was broken... I think that this is not about you and me, I hope you will see that my letter is the cry of my soul, my present to you, darling, I think you will appreciate it... because I appreciate you and I love you so much that no woman will love you more! oh, and again my time is off and I wanted to tell you how my day was... ok, then I will do it some other day... By the way do you have pets at home ? And do you like them? I don't have any, but because of Mum ( she has allergic reaction)we live without cats and dogs. I will wait your letter with impatience, my love... your answer will be very important for me. bye bye, YOUR Tatyana.

Letter 11
Hi, my love Chris! darling, this night I saw a dream... I can't keep myself from telling it to you at once! darling, I saw as if we had met with you!!! the dream was so real. I was standing at some place that was very like an airport, waiting for someone, I was very nervous. i didn't know who i was waiting for! there were crowds of people everywhere, they were all talking the other language, I was trying to find the familiar face but everybody was in a hurry, nobody talked to me, nobody wanted to help me. I was about to cry, but then I saw I saw YOU... you approached me, your face was all smiles, and you had a bunch of flowers in your hand!!! a bunch of red red roses! it was so beautiful and you were so happy! a warm feeling overcame me, when I looked into you eyes. You came up to me and asked: "My love, we have overcome everything, we are together. Since now I will take care of you and you will never feel pity about our meeting." I didn't manage to answer you anything, because the alarm-clocked ringed and I awoke... I was so much disappointed that it was only a dream that I was even ready to go asleep again, not to lose the connection with you, but I was at work (sometimes I spend night at work, looking over the patience and making injections). so, all the day I went under the impression of my dream... I read somewhere that in a dream the person usually see what he is thinking about or what he is looking forward to... it means that I am dreaming of meeting with you... my love, do you think I am too quick? I think that, my desire is absolutely natural, because I feel that letters are good enough only at a certain period of time... then you start feeling as if you lack something, as if you want something more... do you agree? what are your feelings and ideas? do you see me in your dreams? do you want us to meet? what do you think it would be if we met? is it real to put that in life? oh, I asked you so many questions, you will probably think that I am noisy... please, darling, don't think so, because I see from your letters that your feelings to me are also not only friendship, and i think that it is quite reasonable to ask all those questions. Am I right? honey, I am waiting your letter and I want to tell you again that my love is incredible, I feel to be ready for anything for you. I never felt like that before! and I don't know what to do next, I need your help. please, answer me as soon as you can, much will depend on your answer, it is very important for me... ok, and now i have to tell you bye bye and to kiss you softly, probably this night I will see the second part of my dream and if i do, you will be the first who will know about it tomorrow! bye bye, my love, YOUR Tatyana.
Letter 12
Hi, my darling Chris! darling, I am so happy that you wrote me because you can't imagine how strongly I wanted to know how you are doing! Chris, i really can't wait when we will communicate without the computer screen... darling, I know that you are very busy and that probably you don't have the place for me in your life... but you have become the most important part of myself and I even don't know how to tell you that I want something more then letters. of cause I realize that you are sure to have thousands of women running after you in your own country and you even probably don't feel the same as I do... but I can really do nothing with my heart... I am so happy that I have you and at the same time I am at a terrible loss because I don't know what I should wait from you, my darling. you would like us to go on? Honey, please, answer me very honestly because this is very important for me. and if you like me as much as i like you, it should be a hint for you, darling. oh, and please, tell me at once, don't try to soft your words of you see just a friend in me, though it will be a real crash... I don't know what happened with me, but I can't imagine my life without you any more. probably I am making you an ideal man, probably I exaggerate, but I don't think that I do. because if I feel so much to you just writing letters, what I will feel when we meet (if you consider it as possible, of cause). I will simply faint when i see you face to face!!!!!!! :)I will faint from happiness! darling, I know that I am putting the dilemma for you, and my heart is now with you. it is for you to decide what to do with it. to send it back to me or to accept. I am in expectation. it was hard for me to write you all that, because according to all the laws, the man must be the first... but ok, the mankind rushes forward and I think that if the woman makes the first step to the relation, it isn't as terrible any more then it used to be. and anyway I am very excited and even tremble a bit. Chris, don't make me wait, please, because you are the man of my life and I will accept any answer from you. bye bye for now, my darling, I hope to get your answser soon,Tatyana
Letter 13
Hello, my darling Chris,
I was reading your letter today and it occurred to me why I can't come to you and spend some time with you, my man. It would be so wonderful. Yes, I know you told me you need time to be sure, to be confident and for a number of other things. But for me it seems so odd. It is because I feel that everything has always been so that you are my man and I am your woman. I feel as if I have always known you, and not as one of the people around but as my man, a close person who is always here by my side. That is why I can't put up with the fact that we still have to wait for something, my sweetheart. Do you understand me?
Christmas is coming...and I really want to spend this magical and important holiday with my sweet... It seems so silly to wait for something that has already been determined - I belong to you and it will never be changed. I am longing for our meeting and I was wondering the whole day if we can finally start the preparation of our meeting. Or are you still not ready for that, my love? I do not want to be selfish and I do my best to take both your and my interests and feelings into consideration. The only thing I know is that our meeting will be a happy moment for both of us and there is no need to postpone it. If you are ready and not afraid any more, I hope we can start raising money for my trip step by step. Once we make a start, we accomplish it sooner than we expect. Please, write me of you feel like undertaking something too and how much money you have in your disposal now, sweetie.
My darling Brian, I love you and I will certainly accept any answer from you. I need to feel your breath, I need to be touched by you, I need to be yours! I will try to call you as soon as I can to feel your voice, at least your voice until I am with you at last!
Kiss you,
your Tatyana with love
Letter 14
Good evening, my sweetheart Chris.Wow I have a letter from you so it took me a while to read it...Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh,and about this mistake it's not my mistake and it's mistake of the manager of the cafe who sent this e-mail. We didn't have connection here and I left the letter parked and saved and unfortunately he mixed letters...My friend Anna also writes emails to Brian from New I am sorry. I swear you're the only one for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful to you. Darling, what's going on with you? I hope that everything is going just amazing, and you are safe and sound...and may be right are sitting and drinking a cup of coffee, thinking about me and our communications...and our love story that started so suddenly and turned out to be a real romance with lots of positive emotions, wonderful words and lovely whisperings...and phone talks and dreams. It's something that I keep in my heart and every second of my life try not to forget that it's very valuable and precious thing.
Ok, I had pretty busy day and I am just back home. I have done so many things today. Ok, I will tell you from the very beginning. Morning started from breakfast, very short one and light one, but very tasty, my mom has done very delicious toast with garlic, cheese and ham. after that I went to my work and had so many troubles there...Eh, so many people and even kids are sick during this period because of changeable weather. So i had to accept so many patients that by the end of the day my head was spinning around. after I decided to walk a little with my mother and we are going to cook something for dinner also. May be it will be pork with vegetables. I don't know yet, we are going to stop at the good coffee-house right now and drink a cup of cappucino or mocco together with my mother. Everything is being decorated here by Christmas time and all the stores and shops look amazing.I would love to spend this Christmas with you, but I see that you changed your mind and I don't push on you.
by the way, I called to the travel agency and asked what I will need to do to come to you. they said that I will need visa, the best way for us now is tourist one (with the staying for about a month), and the international passport. it can be done in 12 days and will cost 175 euro. I mean to do all the documents. and I also asked the cheapest air-ticket to you (could you tell me the nearest airport to you?), they say that it is 311 euro . what do you think of it?
Ok, darling, I will go right now, my mom is here with me, she says HI!
Kiss from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Kisses and hugs,Tatyana
Letter 15
Good evening, my sweet one Chris! You are the only one for me, do you understand??? Do you realize what's going on in our lives? And do you realize that I don't look at other men...even if they have strong personality, good shape, plastic figure and slim belly and round ****...I don't look at them. And it's forever. Because the moment loves bursts into our hearts, people forget about everything. Even if they look at other people, their beloved one will stay like ideal for us...And I am living right now in a vacuum, because I don't need other people...When I see your e-mails, I do realize that I need you and our's like fresh air, it's like cold water in a sandy desert...It's like something I take energy and power from. I feel myself like being on the top of the world...and all these emotions and feelings are result of our relations. You brought this life to returned the feeling of freedom and independence to my life, you gave me tenderness and helped to develop so many positive qualities inside of me. I really didn't even know that I can be like caring, anxious, we are the one, and if the one part is broken, so the other one has to make its best to rebuild that one...That's the why, my sweet darling, people should live. We are the closest people to each other, and I promise to help you in everything. Until I am alive I swear that my heart will be beating for you...and only for our love. And I promise to be honest with you forever. And I promise to be faithful and supportive. I want to be like this forever. I had very nice and easy day...even I have done so many things I don't feel tiredness...because love gives me energy and I am ready to like this forever. I am going home right now, because the only thing that is definitely disturbing me right now is the fact that I am very hungry today. I am sending you my kisses! Chris, of course we should split this amount! 311+175 around 500 euro. 250 will be the half.
and I will take care of the rest! I don't know how it's better to transfer money to me...I have never received them. I will find out!
many-many-many times I want to tell you that I miss you and love you...but it's always better to tell these things talking face to face and looking into your wonderful eyes...I am waiting for this precious
Letter 16
Good morning, my sweet Chris! How are you this wonderful Monday morning? darling, I am very happy to get your letter! honey, I was the same happy to talk to you! to tell you the truth, I slept only 3 hours this night, so much I was excited! darling, my love, my prince your voice is so soft, so tender, so wonderful! darling, this is like music for me! and I am looking forward to listening to this music all my life! I am doing pretty good, getting ready for new working week and that's why my spirit is very high, because I am tired of sitting at home the whole Sunday and I really want to see my patients, colleagues, hear their wonderful voices and talks in the corridors about their funny kids and husbands...and what they have done during this weekend and how everybody spent these first winter days. I congratulate you on this very important day!It's first winter day here, but it doesn't look like winter has come here...It's still very rainy and nasty outside. But it doesn't bother me and my mood at all because I am doing just great and nothing can change my spirit. Darling, I am not looking for the other men, please don't worry. I don't need anyone but you in my life. But I am very anxious on the other side because of these weather changes...Today is already the 1st of December and there is almost no snow outside... No frosts, no cold wind...It's very strange because in this region of Russia severe winter as usually comes by the middle of November. And it's December already but I don't see real signs of winter coming. People have already put on their warm fur coats and warm fur boots and scarfs and caps, but it seems that winter is playing games with us...she is teasing us and one day when everybody will wear autumn clothes first frosts will show us that we have to be ready to accept winter every day.That's the way it happens in Russia right now. Please tell me what's new with you??? and what type of weather do you usually have during this season??? and honey, I am sending you now the information you asked me. you know, I decided to consult about how it is better to send and receive the money from abroad to Russia, and in my bank they told me that there are two ways. the first one is with the help of the bank account, it will take about 14-28 days to receive the money here. and the second way is with the help of the special transfer systems, such as Western Union. the second way is better, the woman in the bank told me that if you are sending money with the help of those transfer systems I can get it the very minute you sent it, all i need to know is some money transfer code that you will be given in the office where you will make the transfer. the bank-woman also told me that you will need the follows information from me, and I am greatly surprised that even my passport details are not required for you. but I will need it only when I collect the money. you should know my full name and the country you are sending the money too!
============================================== RUSSIA country
KAZAN city
SOKOLOVA last name ===============================================
all the rest is from your side :)
Don't forget to send me special: MTCN CODE ,EXACT AMOUNT ,YOUR FULL NAME YOU USED WHEN YOU SENT MONEY, CITY FROM WHICH YOU SENT MONEY( NAME) That's it, it's easy and I don't need to pay around 1200 Rubles( around 50 euro) to open bank account.Let me know. I am rounding up now, my work, that I was really missing during the weekend is waiting for me...... I am sending you sweet kisses and hugs...Love and passion of mine belongs to you, my angel! Your Tatyana
Letter 17
Good evening, my sweet Chris. My angel, how are you doing tonight? I hope you are ok, because you're the most important person in my life and I care in this life about you and my mother and aunt also...You three are very important and precious gifts from the heavens. How that could happen so that all these 3 people are the best people. Frankly speaking when I talk about you with my relatives and when I tell you about them I don't see really any negative qualities in all of you. And how that could happen so that you three are the most caring, responsible, touching, tender and loving people in the world. How that could happen so that I can't mention any bad things about you. How could I live without you??? And always I dreamt of you in my childish imaginations...and all the time I imagined you the way you are in reality. You are the sweetest and the most nice guy I could ever imagine. I read and read your letters again and words of love everywhere not only in the end of each seems that every letter of yours is filled with new and new emotions... I have never read something like novels and touching love stories can be compared with your letters. It seems to me that every time I open up my mail box I see sun shining in each of them...My soul and heart are filling with warmth and positiveness and somehow from the frozen and cold lady I turn into a wonderful princess...even queen. And you made this queen, but really I want to be a queen for you only. And you belong to me, my prince and this unbelievable and irreplaceable warmth of your heart...I can't find it in other men... They are all empty, I think...Because you are the sense of my life...and only for you and for the sake of our love I live! I want you to know all these easy things. They are very meaningful to me as I have never felt like this to someone else before. I love you. I wish you a wonderful day,I swear it's the only thing I dream of right now.
Ok, I should round up here, waiting for the news from you. Your girlfriend Tatyana
Letter 18
Good morning to the sweetest person of my life and the whole world! Chris, darling, how are you this morning? I am doing just simply great, I woke up very early today and right from 6 o'clock in the morning all my thoughts were devoted to you and our precious love. How it happened so that this love in spite of all the difficulties and's still alive. And it's blooming like a flower in my heart...It's getting ****** and stronger and I imagine my love like a pink wonderful flower. And I am glad that since I know you this warmth and cosy feeling inside of my soul doesn't leave me at all. Now I definitely know that all the stories and novels which are devoted to love, especially to love when two people are separated from each other. ok, my love I stop here all the sentimental things and romantic feelings. I am going to have very busy day and I even don't know how to manage to do everything like I planned. I promised to help my mother with some house duties today. And also we are planning to go for Christmas shopping today. We both don't have a lot money but we want to buy some small presents for our relatives and friends. Of course, I will buy a nice present from Russia to you...
Cities and many of them separate us from each other...and how many km i are between us? I hate this distance...I think that it's not fair to settle people like this...may be in my town there are so many people who would love to live somewhere...where their beloved heart lives...and I would love to be with you. But unfortunately many things separate from each other: time, money, distance. They sound as useless and unnecessary...but these obstacles are on the other side so important. Ok, anyway I should go right now and I will tell you more about our Christmas shopping later.I will be waiting tomorrow for your details, ok???
I am sending you my sweet kisses and hugs, i love you, Tatyana
Letter 19
Good evening, my sweet angel Chris...can you imagine that it's almost 11 o'clock in the evening and I just got here to the Internet Cafe to drop you a letter...because it's my normal action... I wouldn't sleep good enough if I wouldn't send you this letter...These things, normal things are very precious for me. And I am sorry that it's kind of late but I stopped here at the Cyber Cafe several times in the evening, around 6 and 7 p.m. but there was no Internet connection. Internet network though worked, but I couldn't send you a letter. It was downloading and then telling about some computer errors and failed at last. So I realized that I have waisted my time in vain, typing all these lovely letters and two times today I was feeling very pity because of the fact I didn't save these letters in text documents on hard disk or just CD. Because I was typing them like 20-30 min and I lost them twice...So can you understand that right now my fantasy is getting out of its limits but still I want to write this to you, it will help me to sleep much better. I had pretty busy day and right now at 11 o'clock I realize that my eyes are slowly closing, I am feeling very sleepy...but still I will finish up this letter because I love you and want to express all my emotions and open my heart to you one more time. I am glad that I have a person who is ready to accept all my tenderness and love and passion...and sadness from time to time, because it's part of life also. And I am ready to share all my feelings, opinions and emotions with you forever. It's so wonderful to have a friend, a lover, a boyfriend at the same time...all in one person. Thank you for that, darling! You are really my best friend, and the only person I am feeling very excited and embarrassed. You made me belive that the only sweet heart and perfect match of mine exists and I am not alone. Since we met here on-line I don't feel this soul emptiness. No more...and all these fears are gone now. You helped me in this way. Ok, my mom says HI to you, she is here with me, and I don't want her to wait for such a long time! The manager just promised me that this letter will be definitely sent to the receiver, to you, I mean...I am crossing my fingers that it won't be lost again... With the most sincere love and passion, your Tatyana
Letter 20
Dear Chris,you know, for the small period of correspondence you have become a very good friend of mine and I feel that I can trust you. It is sincerely pleasant for me to communicate with the person like you...
I read and read and re-read all the letters you sent me.
I realize now that I feel myself not very comfortable without your letters and with them my day becomes better and brighter in all the meanings. I go to the Internet Cafe with the hope to see if I have something from you and even if not...I can definitely write you a letter. I feel myself not alone. I know that you far from me but I feel your support. In all the senses and you are a real gentleman, you support me in everything. I can't tell that I was seeking for this strong shoulder for so many years...but it's not quite fair. I was looking for you and only. You might think that it is too fast or even too ****** but believe me I am just saying the way I feel. And that's not because of I know you pretty good already...your habits and hobby...I am just telling that first letter of yours made me feel that you are mine. My mom always told me in my childhood that it's very interesting the way people realize that they have found what they were searching for.
My dream was a strong and nice man who would take me to the edge of the world. I was always ready to sacrifice my common way of living and to move out if it's necessary. Even in my childish dreams-)
But soon I have understood that the life is not a fairy tale and a severe reality doesn't let these fairy tales happen.But our fairy tale lives and exists in spite of all the obstacles, my sweet angel...and I do believe and pray that it will be like this forever. Chris, thanks for all the messages you sent. And I promise to try to receive money tomorrow.
My sweetest kisses and hugs to you, your Tatyana
Letter 21
Good evening, my sweet and darling Chris!! How are you this evening? I am doing ok.
Just a small headache because of all these troubles that follow my way recently..
and oh, my God, I am starting to feel exhausted and sick because of all these things...
My mom and me couldn't sleep for a long time yesterday...we went to bed around 5 o'clock in the morning and we have been discussing many things together...we discussed problems of politics and financial crisis which seems to work like non-stop for foreseeable future...And it's a pity that so many innocent people suffer a lot because of this crisis. Yesterday night it was acclaimed in our hospital that around 23 people should write down the special application form where they should express their willing and desire to leave their working place. So to cut a long story short, our boss had received the order from the governmental powers to fire all these people. Most of them work as nurses and service stuff, but I am feeling very sorry because of them. They are so special, everyone of them and they all worked for so low salaries. and they were glad to devote their lives to medicine. I am feeling very sorry about that...After that I have read an article in a famous local newspaper and can you imagine that 40 % of the employees of different financial organizations and companies will be fired after January 1st 2009. And this matter is closely connected with banks and stock exchanges who deal with money and now...I think they are out of them, so they make people leave their jobs...I Anyway I hope that it will be not like this for so long time...and i really hope that all these people will find power and energy to cope with all these obstacles. And what else? There is horrible situation in Moscow nowadays...Darling, please understand my feelings and the reason I am rushing so impatiently.I want to be in your strong arms as soon as it's possible...And Chris I promise to go to the bank on Monday as it's not available to pick it up yet.
Letter 22
My darling and sweet Chris! How was your weekend???
First of all thank you very much for the money you sent. honey, you are so wonderful! oh, and secondly I am sorry that I made you wait for my answer, but to tell you the truth, I really couldn't come back to the Internet cafe yesterday and I couldn't drop you a couple of lines. I was closed-)) And it took me around 10 min to receive money through this Western Union services.honey, I felt so guilty all the day because of it :( And can you imagine that I already applied for visa today????GOOD NEWS??? Yeah, I did and and here is my flight in next e-mail!
My weekend was pretty much the same as all the other before...but this weekend I missed you terribly and I imagined that by this time we could really be together, lying on the soft coach with warm and wool blanket covered over our ***** bodies...and cuddle each other and whisper so many nice things to each other and kissing and making coffee and hot tea from time to time...And it would be the happiest weekend for me. And I would sleep like a baby and I would care about financial crisis and money problems that millions of us face every single day. It's really hard to belive that just in some months the economies of so big countries collapsed...and it took just a few months for us to realize that it's impossible to get the loan nowadays...And for me and my mother it was impossible in whole before, but now it's even more...People predict here that it will be food crisis by June-July 2009. I am really scared. Ok, I stop talking about all these nasty things,and I want to tell you in spite of all the problems and obstacles we had to face and may be we can face them later...I really love you and know pretty well that my love is much stronger than all the other feelings and fears in this life...And I ma ready to cope with all the troubles with you together. I need your support and care and believe me after that I can definitely tell you that I will be ok and I can overcome all these things. We- together, I mean...What else?I swear this feeling is pure and nothing else is pure...Cruel world.
Letter 23
Which airport is better????
Letter 24
Hello darling!!!
How are you today??? I hope you are well...
As for me i have a break now and instead of going for a dinner i decided to come to the Internet cafe and write you a letter. You can't even imagine such a horrible weather is is not so cold but it is raining and so ***** in the streets.... There are so many pools that sometimes it is really difficult to cross the road... As for my work, i am already a bit tired because of the fact that in the morning i had too many patients today and the parent of one small boy made a conflict wit me, as if it was my fault that his child is ill. Sometimes parents don't really think about children, this small boy got a cold and had a temoerature during several days, but when i told this parent that he had to dress his child in warm clothes he became angry. He told me that it was not my duty how to dress his child, my duty was to treat.... but i told him that no medicine can help if he doesn't take care of his child, his clothes was so cold, a man wore warmer clothes than this child.... I was so angry and disappointed too..... So well .... stop about bad things.... let's better talk about us.... i really remember you always...and the thought that you exist helps me to live, to laugh, to smile....sometimes i seat near the window at work and watch in the sky.... i don't even realise how time passes because i can think of you constantly.... and sometimes i even smile when i alone or just go through the corridor and smile colleges don't understand me even sometimes..... so nice....
Please let me know how are you doing now? i would like to know a smuch as possible....
Thank you for the name of an airport, tomorrow will learn all the info about the flight...
I kiss you strongly and wish you good day
Yours Tatyana
Letter 25
Hello darling…. You may think that I forgot you because I didn’t write you during these days…. I am so sorry but don’t be offended please cause I worked hard…. You know I had a night shift on Friday, worked also at a day time and then needed to work in the night…. So I think you can imagine how tired I was when I came home in the morning only…. I even didn’t eat anything cause the only thing I wanted was to have some sleep….i wanted to sleep for several hours so that I could go to the Internet cafe in the evening but I slept so deep that woke up only in the night and was very very upset….I even asked my mum why she didn’t wake me up in the evening so that I could go to the Internet cafe but she told that I was so tired when came home and she saw how deep and sweet I slept that decided not to wake me up. She also told that you will certainly understand all and will not be angry…. I hope she is right cause I was really nervous about it during Sunday when the Internet cafe doesn’t work….so I decided to come here in the morning today cause I know that it would be difficult for me to wait till evening…. You know when I was walking to the internet cafe I noticed that the are some Christmas trees in the center of the town, decorated with different toys and other nice things…..and it made me so sad that I am not with you now cause I think it could be wonderful to decorate a Christmas tree together…..You can’t even imagine how much I miss you and think of you….always….especially now when it is Christmas time and I want to spend it with you so so much….. I really miss you honey….and I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow but in spite of it I can be sure of my feelings to you and it makes me happy….. Just remember, I dream about our meeting….. Kiss you ….. Hug you……

ps. and this is the info about flight, can't wait to be with you darling Trip segment: Moscow (MOW) -> Birmingham (BHX)
Airline: Lufthansa
Flight: LH3197
Depart: 20 December 2008, 05:55, Domodedovo Arpt
Arrive: 20 December 2008, 07:15, Munich Intl Arpt Airline: Lufthansa
Flight: LH4910
Depart: 20 December 2008, 09:20, Munich Intl Arpt Arrive: 20 December 2008, 10:30, Birmingham Intl Arpt
Letter 26
Hello honey!!!!
How are you doing today???? As for me I am not well….On the one hand because of the fact that I am not with you still and it makes me really upset…..On the other hand, my leg hurts a bit….The matter is that when I went home yesterday I fell down and hurt it…. It is quite clear because of the fact that yesterday was the first day when it was too cold and the road was frozen so it was very slippery…. I didn’t even understand immediately how it happened, just remember that was crossing the road and then suddenly fell, remember that big pain also….it was so strong that it was enough to make me cry…. Fortunately there were no cars on the road, moreover one woman with her son helped me to stand up ….. I was waiting a little bit to go home, because couldn’t do any step…..later the pain became less and I came home…..Today in the morning I even forgot about it, and remembered only when stood up suddenly from my bed and realized that it is still painful….But it didn’t make me feel sad today…. I am a doctor and will be able to treat this trifle…..So don’t worry…
You know when I came home I realized that I want your care and warm so much so it made me even more sad… you can’t even imagine how often I need your help and care….a help of not a mum or a friend…..but your help… of a person whom I love and think about constantly….. help of a man who makes me smile when thinking of you….. help of a man who thinks of me also ….and I trust you ….but simply it is so difficult to wait and be alone…..
And only thought about our meeting makes me happy….i try to imagine our first hug, kiss, look at each other and these thoughts make me feel so excited…..that I can’t sleep…..
I really really need your care and love….thank you that you are with me……
Kiss you strongly……
Letter 27
Hello darling!
How are you today??? i miss you very much and only the thoughts that that i have you help me to feel well! Today is again a workday, and there is the work week in the future. Fortunately i like what i do and it doesn't bore me. But sometimes i have not enough strenght because i have to work till the late evening sometimes. So when i finish it, i have no desire for walking or entertaining! Yesterday i had a nice time with my mother in the evening, she really put me in good spirits, we talked a lot, about you also of course, i think the main topic yesterday was about you and me. I told her already a lot about you, your life, what you like and dislike. I am so glad that soon we will meet. I want this meeting to happen as soon as possible because i can't stop thinking about you, darling! My mum asked to say you hello from her.... Today is a really cold day again, my leg is still hurting a bit but i don't worry more.... Please let me know how are you and what do you think about? i miss you very much....
Letter 28
Hi, my love Chris!
I am in Moscow now and my love, I even don't know what to say.I couldn't write you before...I simply couldn't find the place to send an e-mail. I am so sorry, now I have found the Internet cafe right here,it's very expensive, and thanks God you I can write to you. So listen to me what's happened...I can't tell very patiently, because I am in tears. I was at the airport at 2-30 as I was advised by travel representative and all my luggage was there with me...but they said that when I go to you I must have the money on my pocket. this is the proof of my creditability during this financial crisis. they said that this is the usual matter, and all the Russians going abroad are to prove their creditability. and surely I am not an exception. at first I was a bit worried, but the manager explained that the money is not to be spent, but just for the customers. and I also explained that I am going to you, but they say that no matter to whom I am going, because for the government I am a tourist. so, I am to have at least 1000 euro with me when go through the customs before the flight.
so Chris I even don't know what to do now. but I think that we have nothing to worry about because as the manager said this is only for time (I explained that my boyfriend is sending me the money and that I don't want to involve him in extra expenses, because i already did!!!!) he said that as soon as I am in UK I give you back that cash money and you have nothing to worry about because this is the usual matter. honey, I am very confused, because I feel that it is not expected for you as well as for me. this money is like a paper of my safe staying in UK in a primitive way. I suppose that you have heard of it as well. because if you travelled to Russia from your country you would be told the same. My love, I spent all the day in Moscow...and I don't know what to do...should I come back to my home city??? I talked to the travel agent several times already and he told me that I have 3 days from Monday( working days) to reserve another flight to Birmingham. It will be Wednesday, I think... So, please, forgive me that I brought so many troubles to you, my darling Chris.. but now I am so tired that all the thoughts are somewhere far away, and besides it rained all the day and my boots are wet through :( I feel not very comfortable, you wouldn't like what I look like now if you could see me! please, answer me soon, my love!
I kiss you softly,Tanya
Letter 29
Good evening, my sweet man Chris! Are you looking like a snowman right now???
Is it cold? Because if you would be here with me in Russia, you would definitely look like a snow-man or a piece of ice at least. The point is that it's just -15 Degrees but it seems that it's -30, because it's very windy and frosty outside. Ok, my snowman, what can I tell you about my day? Nothing really important happened to me during this day except one thing: I am feeling so cold right now and even here at the Internet cafe heaters don't make me warm. May be excluding all the troubles I have also caught the cold...because I am trembling a little. And what else? Though it's very cold and nasty outside...almost no snow...and cold, there are so many patients at the hospital right now. I was there only 30 min today...everybody was so surprised to see me there...all my colleagues expected me to be in the UK already, and I explained them situation. Darling, please tell me what to do with the ticket??? Today is Monday so tomorrow is the last day to transfer money, so I have found almost 600 euro, the rest is from your side...I can't find more. And just newly-bored infants are crying and crying...and crying, because of the fact that their small noses and lips are getting cold because of frozen air. And anyway they have to get their infants vaccines, and it doesn't matter that weather conditions don't allow people to be happy, but we are happy anyway because Christmas is coming. I am still not sure yet if I am happy or not and how I am feeling right now, when only a week is left before New Year...I would love to spend this holiday with you...and I would love, but I know that it's no possible right now, and I should be patient while I am waiting for our meeting...Ok, darling, I am feeling that I am really trembling...I will go home right now to take medicine. My mother and aunt say both HI and happy holidays! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!I hope to be with you on 24th.
Kisses and hugs, with all my love and passion,
Letter 30
Good evening, my sweetheart! How are you, my prince Chris? As for me I am feeling very lonely today and I am scared to bother you with this letter, because I am feeling not alright today. first thought when I woke up was the fact that we are not going to celebrate this Christmas together and there is no exact date for our meeting...Meeting that I am waiting for so long time now...and I realized very clearly in the morning that Christmas and New Year is coming, and only some days are left and before this "nasty" morning I kept hopes inside of my soul that we will be we meant to celebrate this holiday together. And may be the point is that I do believe in miracles and may be I should not. I am not young girl anymore... I am not a child, but to tell the truth I was waiting for our meeting like a child...and may be it was so ****** from my side to think about that and build hopes and imagine our time together. Now I realized that all these childish dreams are broken, like a fragile glass cup that falls down on the floor. I was feeling very sad right from the morning and I couldn't sleep any longer...I couldn't imagine that it would be like this...I built so many hopes and I described inside of my mind many colorful pictures of our time...and now I do understand that I didn't have to plan anything. I wouldn't be feeling so lonely and nasty right now. I know that Christmas is coming, I know that I have to decorate our Christmas- tree with many candles and toys and *****...I loved to do all these things before with my mother and to plan what we are going to cook for Christmas Eve and New I hate this holiday. I am sorry for being so straight, and I am sorry that I am talking about these things now. I know definitely well that I am not allowed to tell these things about this wonderful's big holiday, especially for people who belive in God and Birth of Jesus, but I don't like this holiday anymore...And all my thoughts about these holiday are so sad and not interesting...Only one thing could improve everything, but I know now that it's not possible...and with these words I leave this Cyber Cafe...I will walk through central square where Christmas tree was already decorated for the holiday, and I am sure that I will have these thoughts again. May be it's better for me to pass this place and may be I should chose another way...which is longer but I don't care. I am feeling sorry for these thoughts...I love you and please accept my apologies one more time. You deserve a nice holiday. Merry Christmas...
Your Tatyana
Letter 31
I wish you Merry Christmas, I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Chrissss!
Darling, good evening, how are you, my sweet heart? Darling, let me wish you all the best for the coming year...and let me tell you the following: you know that you are the best and the most sensitive and lovely person I have ever had in my life.My day was much calmer today and the work wasn't that exhausting so I am alright and today my head works properly and I write you normally! I know that the coming night is special in your country and a lot of people all round the world wait for this wonderful event the whole year long. So I am supposed to congratulate you on Christmas, darling. Am I right? Well, I really want to wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart and I want that my words reach your heart. I wish you a peaceful life, to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Moreover, I hope you will find everything you are looking for, especially in personal life, and all your dreams and desires will come true. Merry Christmas, my love! I would love to be with you during this holiday and hold your hand and sing Christmas songs...We have already found each other...and that's the biggest miracle in my life... Have a wonderful time! I love you very very much and I think there is no need to write you a huge letter today. Just have a rest and spend this night the way you like and deserve.
Kiss Tatyana with love
Letter 32
Good evening, my darling Chris! How are you feeling, my sweety today??? How was your Christmas party and what have you eaten? I am so curious that I want to see even pictures which were taken during this holiday and I am very interested if you had nice time? Darling, I am feeling much better today because I have seen you in my dreams today. This dream was so strange...and nothing particular happened to us in this dream, it was just the reason that I am thinking about you every second. On one side, my brains and heart and soul got used to thoughts about darling my dream again was so vivid that I imagined for a second that you are sleeping now with me on my bed...and I even stretched my hand searching you...and I opened my eyes and realized that was a dream and you are not with me yet. But suddenly another pleasant thought occurred...I realized that very soon we can meet, and I am ready to wait for our meeting, because it's the only thing I dream about now. Some modern girls dream of diamonds and big cars nowadays...may be the reason why I am not dreaming about them is that I am not used to things like this...and I have never held a diamond on my palm. Once we have been rambling around shops here and I have noticed a nice ring at the shop-window...I really like this ring and ear-rings(it was a set) and I even decided to find out the price for this first of all assistant at the jewelry store told me that there are pure diamonds inside of this set...Then I have found the price. It costs around 600 American dollars. And after that I realized that my love to diamonds was dead during this moment, and I didn't think about that since that times. Once I also wanted to enter the Driving School, which is located not far from my home, and I even filled some papers out, but I decided not to pend this money that I had to this not useful thing, while I had to renovate my apartment. We had old wallpapers and old coach, so I decided to buy some stuff that we needed and we made it together with my mother. So since that time I noticed one thing: all the time when I have money - I start to think over the list of things that is necessary for me...and somehow I managed to live without them before but somehow I had realized that without THIS VERY THING I can't live. Anyway I am not this lady who will be spoilt like some modern girls. All I need is care, love and mutual understanding. I hope you can share all these things with me.
By the way our Christmas is on the 7th of January! And I haven't got anything yet!
Kisses and hugs, my love Chris...
You know, I love you...
Letter 33
Hello, my darling Chris...Do you mind if I call you "my darling"? I guess you don't, just because you are really my darling, and, secondly, we are still lovers and we still belong to each other. And moreover it's Christmas now and New Year is on the 1st if January...and believe or not miracles happen during these lovely times. Of course, I do mind that I don't celebrate this Christmas and New Year Day with you in 2008, but I swear to celebrate St. Valentine's Day with you, because may be for two of us, two sweet heart of this Universe, I can definitely tell that this holiday is even more important than Christmas and other holidays. Anyway I wish you all the best for you and your family for this coming year. I hope that you will have only understanding and love with your relatives and friends. Let it be the happiest time for you ever! As for me, I am in good spirits today, finally it's snowing here and I feel this Christmas environment and atmosphere that is flying in the air. I see that in spite of the fact that we are not together yet, I am with you mentally and I want to share all best feelings with you. But I know that we are not together yet...but you know what I have understood during these passed days of preparations for this coming holiday...YOU are in my heart, and you know that this place is irreplaceable. Nobody will take it, and it's special. I have met you and I don't care even if we would live with you for ages, from youth times to old ages, I would rather think that all this life that we have been enjoying during all these years is just one short second...because happiness can't last for a long time, it can't be forever...but time seems to be too fast when our beloved people are with us...and belive or not this time...would seem to me very short, I wouldn't even notice how all these pleasant moments are changing each other...holidays...weekends...days...nights...and I decided not to break my head with thoughts about the fact that we are not together...I decided to realize that the biggest gift from the heavens is already in my hands. AND THAT'S YOU...I decided not to bother you anymore with my bad thoughts and negative aspects of our virtual life, I decided to enjoy every letter. Every phone talk. Every day of yours and mine...Every moment, because nobody can predict what we will have in the future. Of course, you know that I love you. And my heart is in your hands. Darling, please answer me honestly: can we meet in the closest future? I have found some money, and if you say " yes ", that means that I am starting to pack my luggage...Because I can't wait to see you. Please answer, I am waiting for your answer with the greatest impatience. Kiss and hug, your tatyana
Letter 34
Hello, my sweetheart Chris! How are you doing today and what are you doing today?
I am pretty busy today and I have still a lot to do today...we will go for food shopping later with my mother. We have to buy many things...chicken, vegetables, fruits, sweets...usually we are not greedy about money for New Year day. This year we are going to celebrate it with my mother, aunt and her son, who is living in the northern part of Russia, and he is coming here to spend Christmas holidays with us. Nevertheless, he has to go to back to the North on the 4th and it takes around 7 hours to get there by plane. It's a long way, Russia is so big anyway. And what else? Finally winter has come to my region,and I love these amazing snow-flakes and I love this atmosphere. We are planning to get to the Christmas-tree that is staying on the central square, it doesn't look like many other European trees, but it's ok, and I want to look at these bright colorful ***** and lights...and make a wish. You know already what kind of wish...all I dream is that we can be together very soon. And I will pray to God asking him to make us closer...together finally, because we are both suffering. My angel, please forgive me because of the fact it's kind of late and I can't be here for a long time, I need to meet my mother, and we will go for Christmas food shopping. Chris, my sweet heart, I decided to wait until January for your help...I will keep my money safe until that time, and after I receive it...I will be the happiest girl!
Letter 35
Good evening, my sweet and only love Chris! How are you feeling before NEW YEAR EVE?
I hope that you are fine and you are feeling just amazing during this day...I am feeling very tired because tomorrow is the last day of 2008 and just after midnight we are going to celebrate New sound so mysterious...what this year will bring to us? Do you know? Or may be you know, my magic man, may be next year will make the greatest wish of mine become true...I swear, I don't need anything more in this life. And of course I expected from 2008 also only positive things and all the best for my family, but I also built some hopes and dreams about you...Of course, you are number one for me, and during these months of communication I realized that I want to take care of this man...and I have so much tenderness...just no any limits of this tenderness...which is saved only for you and our relations. You just can't imagine, my angel, how much love and care I store for you in my heart. And I am not going to spend these positive feeling on other people...I am waiting for this magical moment, and I want to be with you as soon as possible. One more year of this life passed already and I just can't belive that finally it's coming to the end. It seems that only a couple months ago we have celebrated our last Christmas and New Year...and here we step to another year. This night will be very meaningful for me...I have a lot to think over. And of course I won't sleep at all tonight. All the time during this night from 30 to 31th I never sleep. I think over things that I have done properly and my mistakes. I promise myself inside of my heart that I will never repeat them again...after this promise I give one more...that I am not going to look back and remember all of them. I simply forget bad things, and try to enter to another year with lots of emotions and positiveness. Darling, I am going to round up now. I am not sure at all when I will write you again, because Internet Cafe will be closed for some days after 1st anyway... So I wish you all the best in your next year, my sweet. Of course, I will think of you tomorrow, and you know already what kind of wish I am going to make at midnight tomorrow. Of course you are the only person for me.
In the whole world, and I hope to be with you early next year,
kisses and hugs, all the best to you and your friends in this coming year...
Your Tatyana
Letter 36
Good evening, my sweet angel was you today who was sitting on the street side of my was you who whispered sweet and nice things into my ear all New Year's was you who was holding my hand and didn't let me go even for a was you who was in my heart and in my soul the whole New Year's party and you are still in...and it will never change. It was you...because though I haven't spent this Christmas with you, you were constantly with me and inside of my heart. We had lovely time together with my mother, aunt and her son. Chris, thank you very much for all the messages you sent on my mobile...I tried to send you some and I got the warning that the message sending failed. I called to the service and they told me it's because of the fact that all the lines are overfilled right now... Believe or not, time is passing very quickly during these Christmas days and specially on New Year's Eve, it was flowing very fast...we just had enough time to clean our place and make a good dinner. We had salads, fruits, sandwiches, fired potatoes with chicken and beans...champagne, sweets, and many small and nice gifts...but the only person we really missed and longed for was YOU...Darling, I made 5 wishes during that night...and somehow it happened so that all of them are somehow connected with you.It's 2009 already and I wish you for this year love, care and understanding with your relatives and friends, I wish you nice and joyful holidays, sunny and frosty snowy days, and let all the best moments of this life accompany you all the time and let true and faithful friends be around you during happy and sad moments. Let all the things follow your way... but knowing a measure, but let happiness be unlimited. It's the only thing we really need in this life. So tell me how was your time? Did you have a nice holiday? I am feeling very relaxed during these holidays. And I really long for busy days...for our talks and communication. I really love you and you were on my mind during these holidays. Now we are getting ready for the Orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January. And I wish you a nice time and all the best! Take care of yourself and don't forget that there is a lady in this world who is crazy over you and my each beat of heart and my breathe belongs to you...
Chris, I really don't want to spoil your holidays with talks about money, but tell me how much you can send right now so we can make our meeting faster.
Kisses and hugs, Tatyana
Letter 37
My darling and sweet angel Chris...the only love of my heart and the only desirable man of my life! How are you today on he 4th of January? I am doing pretty good, it's just kind of cold during this time of year and February is considered to be the coldest month of the winter. So we have a lot to be scared of ahead...Of course, I am joking. First, Russians are not appeared to be a weak nation during all that wars and battles and even civil wars. Secondly, your love makes me feel warmer and warmer day by day so I don't feel any frosts and I don't think that I will be ever feeling cold or frozen...because your words in your precious letters, your sweet kisses and hugs that you send me ever day, your sweet voice and dreams about you make me feel on the top of the world Sometimes,my darling, I really think that I have wings and I can fly...Each time I think of you and each time I remember up all the nice and bad things that we had to come through, I realize that I really have wings. And I can's a pity that I can not fly to your country right now, but I promise that it will happen very soon. This fact, as you know, depends on many things. I am feeling all the time now...every second of my passing life, that I am just the happiest lady in this world. And of course, I will be even happier to spend my time with you...and our meeting which will happen very soon, I believe, doesn't leave my head even for a while. I am thinking about that all the time and I can't imagine that all my life during our chat here on-line was devoted to you and our meeting. That was my main purpose.Of course, I am sure that many pleasant things are waiting for us still ahead...and I am ready to share the whole life with you, the whole heart and soul.
I am sending you my sweet kisses...and hugs...and kisses again, because I can't stop kissing you. Please Chris
let's try both to make everything as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Tatyana
Letter 38
Good evening to the most of the my angel and my sweetheart, love of my life and to my darling and sweet prince Chris? How are you, my angel and how is your Kingdom?
Waiting for my arrival? Oh, I was so happy to hear your voice...I am sorry if I interrupted you...I really wanted to hear your voice on the phone...Of course, my sweet prince, I won't keep you wait that long, and of course, I am waiting for this precious moment without any patience.I am ready to run to my apartment now and start packing my luggage...I am not tired...these worries are very pleasant and I can't wait to be with you kiss your hands, arms and lips, your neck, ears, your nose and your eyes...As I told you before all the tenderness I saved for you inside of my heart is yours. And I am not going to share these feelings with someone else. I have been saving all these best qualities for you only. My sweet angel, how is weather there where you live? Here it's 20 below zero, and it's getting even colder by evening time. Can you imagine that I have just made an error??? Instead of " live" when I am talking about the weather, I typed " love "...
It seems that love is with me everywhere...and all other things are meaningless and not important at all in my life. I think that word is so strong that it is not necessary to say other words.
My sweet, please write me as soon as possible, I can't live without your letters...It's true.
I want to tell you that I really love you and there is nobody on this planet more important for me than you... I hope that everything is ok. And Happy New
Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Tatyana ps. it's ok about Saturday!!! I will take day off , just let me know when.
Letter 39
Hello, my darling Chris ,
How was your day? Wasn't this Tuesday too exhausting after all the days off you have spent reluctantly? I was working hard today but I am not tired at all. Just the other way round - the work has braced me up. Moreover, while I was working I was thinking of you a lot and I was so eager to go to the Internet cafe and write you a letter. Honey, I am anxious to describe you every instant of my life because I am missing you badly and my desire is that you know everything about me! It's a pity these letters can't contain everything I am willing to express and tell you, my sweetheart.
It is getting colder in my area and today it is minus 25 degrees. Have you ever experienced the temperatures like that? As for me, I like sunny frosty days more than any other weather. And you? Of course, summer is a perfect time but if we have winter, why not enjoy it too!? Today is the 7th of January and we have day off again .I hope it won't be that cold outside so we can go to the church in the evening like we plan. My honey, I am sitting here near the window and the patterns on it remind me you. These patterns are so intricate and elaborate that you can see whatever you wish in them. It is necessary just to have some fantasy and imagination. Can you guess what these patterns on the window remind me of right now? Do you know whose face I seem to have seen in these patterns?....... My darling, I am longing for you!!! And I want you to know that I love you immensely. By the way I already went to the post-office today but there is a big problem with international connection right now...
It's a pity...I won't hear your voice today as I planned...
Kiss you,
your Tatyana with love
Letter 40
My darling Chris! Good evening! It's 17-00 here in Russia and it's 7th of January today and Russians celebrate orthodox Christmas today. It's quite short day for me, to tell the truth, because my mother, my aunt and me have attended service at the church last night. And we came back home when it was already morning outside. So the service at the church has started at 1 o'clock and it lasted around 4 hours. We decided to spend there the whole night...It's wonderful night, Birth of our Lord, and we enjoyed out time at the church. It is so wonderful to realize that this holiday is considered to be the best of all existing holidays nowadays. And of course, I love listening to the singing of all these sacred people and kids' singing. It's true...these moments fulfill our lives with positiveness, hopes and tenderness. I think that churches in this part of the world ( like Ukrainian and Russian churches) differ from the other. I have read a lot about Catholic churches, and when I was studying at the University we even had a special subject, which was named " Religions". We used to study there all the trends and originality of different world's religions, like Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Our teacher ( he was rather old and wise) paid much attention to special obstacles of development of those trends, like Protestantism. Since that time I understood that I really love this topic...though...frankly speaking I don't believe in churches, but I do believe in God. Of course, each country and each nation has their own traditions and customs of their faith, but in general if the person wants to have a dialogue with the God, it's not really necessary to go to the church. More important is to open God inside of our souls and try ( ALWAYS!!!) to do only good things. Anyway we had nice time there and of course, I liked the way people decorated the church this time. They built so-called icy cave, where they lit up lights and candles in front of the picture of our Lord and St. Mary. I like this holiday a lot...Smell of the Christmas tree and this special smell inside of the church...precious moments when all the people are united and equal there...
I am sending you my sweetest kisses and hugs...
Letter 41
Good evening or still afternoon, my only and sweet love Chris! Of course, I wanted to write these important lines during the whole day and even night, because I was constantly thinking about you and these sweet thoughts didn't leave my mind even for a short second. Of course, I love you from the deepest parts of my heart. And of course, I am ready to share my life with you. Because I am definitely sure that you're simply the one I was looking for during these hard and long years...You should one secret...when I was a child I always asked my mother how can I understand that one person or another would belong to me and I would love him as my husband and my only love... She always answered me: " My sweet Tatyana, it's not necessary to understand...You will recognize this person and of course, you won't need any explanations...and you heart won't be covered with doubts... You will know from the very first second that this person is yours...That's the way it happened to me with you...My love I remember our first e-mail letter, and you can't imagine it's like's like fire inside of me that you lit up...and this fire covered us both now...and of course, we are both happy in our love and in our peace that belongs to us only, and somehow we created this peace ourselves...and somehow we will be always living in this world. I love it and I would never ever change this world to another one. May be it sounds strange but I have made up my choice already. And I am ready to live with you forever.
Kisses and hugs, tons of my love and million of sweetest kisses again...
Your Tatyana
Letter 42
Hello, my honey Chris!!!How are you doing today? I have a little break now and I am again here in the Internet cafe, then i have to return back to my work, today i will work till 9 o'clock in the evening, then will go home. It is nice that today it is not so cold, about -16C, but not -23C, of course it is also a lot but because of unwindy weather, it is not really cold. It was even sunny today, beautiful really, when especially snow is falling simultaneously. In spite of the thing it's pretty cold outside there are so many children in the streets, they have small New Year holidays now and they have a lot of fun now, playing snowballs, skiing and so on...It is really amazing watching all this, but then you start to realize that so many of them become ill because of such walks in the fresh air. Please, let me know what's new with you?! I am even in a good mood today because i believe that soon we will meet and will be able to talk to each other in real life!This thought never leaves me and i know that the best moments of my life are ahead of me, it really makes me very very happy....!!!! I hope you think the same!!!! I miss you and think of you every minute....sitting here and drinking hot coffee with milk i watch through the window and imagine that you will open the door of the Cyber Cafe now and enter it, i think i would be the happiest woman in the world... Chris I hope you will go to the Western Union tomorrow as you promised...because I can't wait anymore. here are the details again: RUSSIA country
KAZAN city
SOKOLOVA last name Kiss you darling!
Your darling Tatyana
Letter 43
My sweet darling Chris! How are you doing, my sweet angel?I received money without any problems...and of course, I am so thankful for that!!! It helped me a lot, but still we have to save money to make our dream true. So weekend is over and it's Monday already...You will ask me definitely how was my weekend...I can't tell that this weekend turned out to be the best of all weekends. I had very low mood and bad weather spoilt a lot also. It was around -26 and I could hardly come out of the was so windy and frosty outside. What else can I tell you? I was watching movies and different TV programmes the whole day and I have watched some world news. It's strange what's going on in European countries now. The climate is changing, and I think that people should already forget about global warming. May be we will get into GLOBAL freezing soon, because according to the recent news from Italy, France we can make a conclusion, that strange things are going on in the world. When I watch world news...I am getting really sad sometimes, because of horrible things which are closely connected with Palestine and Israel. It's awful that people can solve different problems through wars and military actions only nowadays. It makes me very sad...Sometimes when I work I look at these innocent small infants and suddenly it occurs to me that may be sometime soon in 20 or may be 30 years they will be fighting for their country...may be we will find some other areas which we won't share with some other countries...and war actions are very popular nowadays. These all events are making me very sad... There are no days when I listen to the news and hear only positive things, when all the countries help and support each other...Right now I hear only about bad and unfair interference to the politics of other countries. Anyway I wish sincerely from my heart and soul that one day it will be stopped. I know that it's nothing more than simple hopes, but it's impossible to live without hopes. I am sending you my sweet kisses, my angel! Let God be with you all the time! AND I pray that only good things will happen with you...I won't survive if something really bad happens to you...You know I love you very much and wish you only nice things.
I am sending you my sweet kisses...Please don't worry, my sweet, soon we will be together. I promise.
Your Tatyana
Letter 44
Good evening, my only angel Chris...of course, you are my angel as you save me from my daily routine and in spite of all the troubles that accompany me recently, I can definitely tell that you save me and warm and sweet thoughts about you make me feel better all the time. It goes like this: if I think something wrong about life in general, I start thinking about you and our warm and cosy relations...and all the bad thoughts are simply going away and leaving my head. It works all the time, and it's great that I have you. It doesn't really matter what else is still ahead...and I don't really care what else is waiting for us, now I I can definitely proclaim that all these things make me happy. Really...because we try to solve all these problems together all the time, and it works. Moreover, I am 1000 % sure right now that we will be together as we plan and nothing will stop us from being apart. And also since today I have changed my opinion about all these unexpected things...because they also make me happy, because they make me realize that you don't give up in this hard situation. You are with me all the time, and that's the most precious and valuable gift from the heaven. I really love and this will never change.
I had pretty boring day, I have been to the hospital in the morning for a couple hours, then I was simply rambling around the streets here in my town...and I was enjoying nice snow-flakes that are still falling down...I see them through the window. It's great the weather is getting better and it's only 0 C and it's pretty warm. By the way we celebrate Ancient New Year here according Gregorian Calendar.
This night is also magical...I will be thinking about you, hugging my soft teddy bear and asking God one more time to make us closer...even for a second. But this second will be the happiest for me. I will give you a call tomorrow,ok?
My sweet kisses and hugs, your Tanya
Letter 45
My sweet angel Chris! How are you feeling today,my love? I am feeling very tired...and I can definitely say now that in spite of the fact that this New Year just started I am feeling very tired already...and I am tired of all these Christmas congratulations. You know what... I have made up a special survey myself: and 90 % of all the people who congratulated me wished me more money in this year. The second place takes HEALTH and only then follow sacred things like understanding, love and happiness...Can you imagine that 90 % of all people who are living on this planet, and it doesn't really matter where: in poor or in developed countries, are concentrated on money things only...I am tired of that. I am tired of the fact that since ancient times money played the biggest role ever...Gold? Territory? No, my angel, as far as I am concerned all the wars between different countries and nations were somehow connected with money. Because all these material things, like diamonds, gold and even different areas can be transferred into one thing: money. And still now money play the biggest role everywhere...I haven't paid the bill. So I have to find money to do that. And I am supposed to be rather poor, so that means that I AM BAD...and most of the people think like this. Here in my country people who owe different properties and nice cars always blame somebody of being poor. They always tell in news, on TV and on radio that people create their own way themselves...and we should study, study and then unexpected richness will fall from the heavens straightly to our hands. And some of them think that it's not necessary to study, just to " HAVE A HEAD ON THE SHOULDERS" -it's the favorite proverb of all the people in 90's. As you understand, that means to be clever, sly and smart. So to make an easy conclusion, everyone in Russia was expected to be rich and respectable. But what to do with other qualifications? like teachers, children's nurses in kid's gardens and doctors? I totally agree that nobody wants to work for low salary and busy schedule...but what to do with people who are getting sick? Who have permanent diseases? What to do with the children who attend schools and children's centers? I think that people of all the world should thank these people staying on their knees...because while the others make money using oil, for example, and taking first lines of the richest people of the world, the others devote their lives to other people and save them...Ok, I think it's not right topic for discussion and I have told too much today...but I don't have anybody but you and my mother to share these feelings and emotions. I am sending you my soft kisses and passionate hugs. You know I love you, but I remind you once again... Tatyana or Tanya (
it;s the same Tanya is just a brief form)
Letter 46
Sweetheart Chris!!!! I am sending you my warmest kisses and hugs to you and you only!!!
I am glad that you sent me a letter...It really makes my day!!! And of course when I go to the Cyber Cafe I all the time cross my fingers and hope that I will open it and see that I have one or even two or three unanswered letters...and of course, I know that it's form you but sometimes some strange people send some SPAM to me...These advertisements always include some stuff for sale with big discounts and very cheap things. I don't usually belive in these things and most of the time I just delete this stuff even without reading it. And nothing really surprising and new happened to me during this day...I woke up very late, at 9 or may be even a bit later and decided to take a nice warm bath with bath foam and different scrubs and peeling cremes and masques...So I am feeling very good today...something renewed inside of me. I would love to attend sauna, for example, today but they cost much money here and I have been there only twice...with my colleagues from my work. And it was ok, because I don't know what types of sauna you have there in your country, but here one of the most ancient traditions of Russians is so-called " russian banya" which means also sauna but steam is wet there. We use different herbal brooms there and different hand-made honey scrubs and coffee peelings and drink teas with lemon. So that's our Russian tradition, but everything is changing and getting more and more closer to different European many people build sauna instead of banya here. But as for me I love banya much better...It's very old custom to build a warm wooden house with some special rooms for clothes changing and washing. And can you imagine that my great grandmother had a banya without was called " black banya". Many people in villages have these types of banyas. Anyway it's enough to talk about these things...Darling, do you use sauna in your country? In Russia it's very popular! Ok, send me what's new...Chris I just send you my new details a while ago. So I hope we can meet on 4th...and you can meet me in Birmingham??? It's important to be with you on 14th...on St Valentine's Day. In general I need 1000 EURO. 500 I have already and 500 euro is left. I will try to make as much as possible. Please let me know if you will be able to save up.
I am sending you all my love and care...
Have a wonderful day.
your Tatyana
Letter 47
Good evening, my sweet angel and prince Chris!!! How are you doing today? My day is almost finished already and I am planing to go home very I am pretty tired with my work today.
By the way I am feeling rather sorry that I couldn't write you a letter yesterday evening but it turned out to be so that I have caught a strange body was all freezing and trembling during the day, I have got a very tough headache and my stomach was also bad...First I was thinking that I have eaten something wrong during the day but then I thought that I have caught a bad cold from some of my patients. So I went home really early, took special medicine, ***** hot tea with lemon and honey and today here I am!!! I am feeling great! I am really happy that everything turned out to be good for me and I am not sick. How are you today, my sweet? What are you doing?
I have finished my working day already and now I will go home, take a warm and nice bath and will watch World News on TV. I am very interested with all
these recent political events in Gaza and gas problems between Russia and Ukraine. A couple days ago I have found a good Internet site here in Cyber Cafe,
it's called RBK and it's considered to be Russian web-site which informs people about recent world news in Russia and in the world. So I have read the
interview with Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin of Germany and this interview was her answer to these events between Russia and Ukraine. And she blames
Russia of being irresponsible about these gas transitions...and can you imagine that we are guilty again because,like she says...Russia has destroyed the
whole relation of the European Union towards her...and all these things are happening while Ukrainians steal our gas and make other European countries like
Moldavia and Estonia feel lack of it.People are getting frozen in their houses, and Russia is guilty again...because Ukraine has cancelled the contract
about the gas sale.
I am feeling very sorry and down and sad because of my country. And I am feeling also sorry that people in other countries think like that.
anyway I am going to tell you that I love you and I dream of our being together...only you can make me feel warm and cosy inside. I really love you and
this will never change. Chris,about music...I like minimal techno and some other styles. Sometimes I love jazz and blues and may be even rock. But all depends on my mood.
Kisses and hugs, Tatyana
Letter 48
My sweetheart, my Chris!!! Hello to you! Finally the weekend is over and I am here at the Cyber Cafe again, and I am typing you another sweet letter...Oh, it was so hard for me to keep all my feelings inside of me during the weekend, because I was even imagining that I can go to the Cyber Cafe in the evening on Sunday and I even knew pretty well what I was going to write you, but...right now when I came here on Monday, I forgot almost everything I was aiming to tell. And of course,I still a lot to tell you about my feelings and recent events... I had a lovely weekend, it was around -25 and in the morning we decided to go to the food market with my mother and aunt. So there we bought all necessary things for our delicious dinner and started to cook. So it was very tasty fried potatoes and meat with mushrooms...mmm we made a berries' cake also with jelly, honey and nuts...It was delicious!!! After that we watched a concert on TV with all Russia so-called stars. So this weekend turned out to be rather relaxing and active, at the same time. How was your weekend and what you were doing, my angel?
Today it's not that cold again. Just around -5. And we celebrate Epiphany today. Do you know what is that?
I think you know...It's time when Christmas celebrations come to a closing end, and people swim in an icy hole to take away all sins and bad thoughts. It's necessary to jump into cold water three times with all body, head, etc.
And I really want to try it once, but I am scared...really. Every year I face these problems who accompany people who tried. The main reason is that our bodies are not quite ready for so changeable temperatures. Anyway I will try one day, but not this year. Darling i am off tomorrow so I will be able to get your information anytime during the day, ok??? AND it fits me with 2 parts, it really doesn't matter. Ok, honey, I must go now, I didn't eat for the whole day...I am hungry so I can eat the whole bull. I am sending you sweet kisses and hugs.
Your Tatyana
Letter 49
Good evening, my wonderful, my tender, my sweet, my loving, my cherished, my handsome, my passionate dream man Chris! All these compliments are nothing and only words in comparison with you. You are the only desired man in my life and I can't wait to hold your hand, to touch your skin, to try your soft lips and kiss your ears...I can't wait...and are you still asking me if I want to be with you??? I hope you are also 10000000% sure that it is not even necessary to discuss those things with one another. You are just my dream...and you look so far and so close at the same time to me...Why far? Because you're far. And you are very close because mentally our bonds are even stronger that the most expensive and valuable diamonds. Yesterday night I couldn't sleep at all...I think I have some kind of insomnia. And I was thinking about you and our relations and our dreams and common goals we are following together...and you know what? As the person receives such a wonderful and precious gift from the heavens, you can't simply give up or change your opinion according to this matter. Of course, I am dreaming about you and these dreams don't know any limits. I wonder, I can start dreaming at 10 and find myself dreaming of you and our relations in the late night. Of course, I am trying to sleep...My angel Chris, I think that I am losing my desire and necessary daily need for sleep...I hope I won't lose appetite-))
How was your day??? I hope it's not that cold where you live and I hope that you are not covered with snow like I am covered here...There is a big snowfall today and really everything looks wonderful outside...
I would like to take your hand...and slowly walk down with you during this romantic evening...and wonderful atmosphere outside. You belong to me, and this definitely will never change.
I really love you.
Kisses and hugs, Tatyana
Letter 50
Chris, my darling prince! How are you feeling today,my love? I really hope that you are ok and I really hope that everything is going well...Why I am asking so important question is the fact that since this passed night I have a strange feeling inside of me .I went to bed pretty early, may be at 11... and I woke up at 4 o'clock with the strange feeling of anxiety. May be I am really wrong but I think that it was not just thoughts. I was feeling very mixed up and worried at the same time. I don't know what was that...may be some kind of confusion...or may be I just saw a bad dream. I don't know it's some kind of 6th feeling, intuition that is a usual matter of a lady. I really hope, my angel, that I am mistaken and nothing bad would happen to you or my mother. I am feeling very worried now and I was feeling even worse in the morning. I don't know how to explain this feeling in proper way. May be i am wrong but I am going to meet my mother at her school...I hope that all these strange things are only ****** details and I won't believe in that, anyway...And of course, when people do believe in these strange things, they can easily become true...And are you also superstitious, my honey? Do you believe in dreams and their meaning? In astrology? I don't really believe in these things and I hope, I am crossing my fingers that it's not true...and I am wrong.
Anyway please take care of yourself!!! And I am praying for you...always...Chris, I got money today and I am waiting for the other part that is left.
Love, Tatyana
Letter 51
Hello, my love Chris! How are you feeling? How is your mood?
How was your Thursday? I am fine...thinking about you every second...
By the way I am sorry that I am not able to write you on Sundays, because it is closed during the whole day...I asked the manager here if they will be open someday on Sundays, and he told me that not, because everyone needs at least one day off during the week! =))
I am doing ok, I have spent the whole day today at home, my mom was feeling rather bad, I guess that was caused by the changes of the weather. Her heart hurts sometimes, and that's very bad, because I can't give her special strong me-dicine, because her stomach is also bad sometimes...And I am getting really worried about her.
I am feeling that my fault also, because she is too busy with different things, like her work... To get some extra money she teaches young pupils after classes also! And I told her that she doesn't have to work so long... People can't earn all the money in the world...And that's true) This money doesn't make her happier but it brings her plenty of problems...!I am feeling a bit depressed, because she is sometimes very busy with bills and she goes to pay different bills by foot. She uses public transport very seldom! I am feeling that I have to do things like cleaning the house, washing the dishes, ironing, cooking myself, because my mom deserves a daughter like this...But sometimes I also overwork...and when I come home, everything is already washed and cooked... My mom is really great! I can't belive that one day I can lose her...But I don't think about these bad things...and I really want to think positive about that...I am the doctor and I know like nobody else that elderly people can be sick from time to time...But it makes me feel right sad about that... Darling, I am sorry for the short e-mail and I will go home better. I am afraid to leave her, though she feels alright today...I am very worried and anxious...For you and for her, because you both are the closest people for me in the world. And every minute of my life is devoted to you!!!
I will write longer letter tomorrow ! I kiss you and hug very tough...and miss you like crazy!!!
Chris, of course you can call me on weekend!!! And I hope that everything will go ok with this another amount and we will be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Russian Princess Tatyana)))
Letter 52
Good evening, my darling Chris.......oh, I missed you so many times during the day and all the time I think of you I have butterflies in my stomach...they are tickling inside of me. And it's so amazing to feel it and to feel that I have you in my life. Every time I see your mew letter my feelings are getting stronger and stronger towards you... I don't mean love, because love towards you is the strongest feeling I have ever had and I mean confidence and trust. These qualities are also very important for me. I have found all qualities I was looking for in my life in you. As for my day, it was pretty wonderful snow-flakes today and sunny lights on snow... Just dull and wet weather. And somehow all the people who are rambling in the streets are also a little down and anxious because of something. May be I have talent and I can read faces??? No, I don't think so. I just see the common spirit of the crowd. I was on the bus today and can you imagine, my angel Chris, that all people who were inside were looking sad. And it seems that even some of them who wear bright clothes are looking unhappy and their faces are grey...and clothes. And as for me I was feeling myself totally different because since I have found you, I can't be sad, because our 'little sun' lives inside of my soul and heart and it always brightens my day and it always makes me think in positive way and realize that I am the happiest lady in this world. It's so necessary, I think to have ability nowadays to feel this happiness and despite all troubles and obstacles always remember that we shouldn't forget about our happiness. Chris I have seen your missed call...and I ma sorry about that, I was working...((( We can talk on Saturday,ok??? By the way should I prepare myself for bank tomorrow? What time you will send money? Right now I will go back home...When I was leaving the apartment my mother was cooking something very delicious. I have no idea what was that...but I think some potatoes with pork and veggies...mmmmm my mother's cooking is really wonderful!!! By the way we had a nice tea ceremony last night: much tea and different cakes. My colleague also brought some sweets for me, and we had nice time.
Ok, I am leaving right now.
Your Tatyana with love and passion
Letter 53
My sweet and darling Chris...It's Saturday today, though I think working week is still lasting.
I am very busy from the very morning today. I was not supposed to work at all, but my boss called me at 6 o'clock in the morning and asked to replace my colleague, who accepts people who live in the city. I usually accept people who are from Kazan itself. And I thought for the first time that it was a dream...and I even decided to continue my sleep in my soft and nice bed, but suddenly I realized that it was not a dream, but cruel reality, and in spite of sleeping, I should wake up, clean my teeth, put make up on, and walk to the hospital. Of course, I was a bit sad, because I knew pretty well that Saturday is the only day-off of mine, moreover I have to work night shift on emergency car on Sunday evening. I couldn't do anything but to wake up and go. So for my breakfast I had 2 fried eggs with a sausage, cheese and bread and glass of homemade juice. My mom usually makes carrot-and-apple juice on Fridays and I love drinking it, fresh and cold, in the morning. It's my tradition since my childhood. So I was pretty busy until 3 o'clock today...many-many small patients and their mothers...But I am feeling great that this end finally is coming to the end, and I have plenty of time in the evening. What am I planning to do? I am planning to sit at home and watch some TV programmes, and may be even news. I don't know yet. But I won't definitely plan anything special for this evening...Did I tell you that I started knitting you soft and nice wool socks? I hope to finish up with that very soon, and I will give it to you as one of my special gifts. I have been looking for proper and high-quality wool in the supermarket, and I have got 3-colored wool: blue, white and black. I hope you will like it...this small present from the deepest bottom of my heart. Chris, I am going to the bank now,I hope they are still open,ok? And I will let you know by text later.
Of course, my sweet darling, I will write you again on Monday,ok?
My kisses and hugs,Tatyana
Letter 54
Oh, my sweetheart Chris, finally it's Monday again and I can write you another sweet letter...Can you imagine that I also started hating Sundays? It's so uncomfortable for me that there is a day during the week, when I can't write any letter to you or simply inform you that I am ok and thinking about you on this weekend. My dreams are broken... Internet cafes are closed on Sundays, and nothing can change these things. I think that if I could talk to governmental figures about this things, I would definitely discuss it with someone. But I can't change it. Though I know there is a thing that can change every- thing in my life. Our meeting, that's what I mean. I won't need this ****** computer with all these technical equipments...but instead of that I will hear your real voice, your breathing during the night, your morning whisper and kisses. All these things are so valuable for me and only real meeting can change everything. Of course, I am waiting for it with the greatest impatience, and I am feeling so lonely from time to time that we are not together yet...we could spend all these days and nights together. And now we have to wait and wait...And it's bothering me a lot. Chris, by the way I got money, both parts! Thanks a lot for understanding and quickness! I am coming soon as I told you and this time nothing can change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My darling and sweet prince, my weekend was ok, but pretty boring...I was not doing much, because I had to work night shift on Sunday on the emergency car. It was ok, because there were not too many calls and I even slept around 2-3 hours at work, but when I came back home at 7 o'clock in the morning, I was sleeping until midnight. After that I had to go back to work again. So I am very tired, and I really need some rest. I will take a nice bath and will go to bed. But I promise to send another letter tomorrow, ok??? May be I am not that romantic today...I am just very tired, please forgive me.
Kisses and hugs, Tatyana
Letter 55
Oh, that's great, Chris! Sunday is still so far ahead of us and we don't have to worry about the fact that Internet Cafe is closed during the week. I am glad that during these world financial problems they are still working with their normal schedule, and I hope this won't be changed...At least I hope that it will be like that until we meet in real life...After our meeting I really promise not to care about the rest of the world but you and me...and I really start hating this ****** technic. I really want us to be together very soon and we have to arrange it very soon, because I am feeling very lonely without you here.
What about my day? It was pretty usual day, nothing really important or new happened to me. I have found yesterday night that an old lady who used to live in the 2nd entrance of our house was terribly killed in her own apartment. The reason for that, like people say here, is the same: she was robbed, and 2 unknown men had grabbed her monthly pension, which consisted 6 thousand rubles...She didn't want to give the last money she had and she was trying to fight with them. So after that they hit her head twice with an empty bottle and went away. Fortunately, they were found by policemen very soon. It's a pity, because this old lady seemed to be very nice with everybody and she never complained. I know that her son-in-law lives somewhere in Czech Republic, and her daughter died many years ago because of the horrible car accident. SO we had dozens of people from police and other governmental structures yesterday. We were staying at home with my mother and aunt and noticed strange noise was emergency car. Later I have found out what's happened.Our house is always served by our local hospital where I work, so it was pretty easy. The reason of death is quite simple- she died because shock. I guess she was very-very frightened.
So that's bad news, darling...And some financial analytic predict that it would be like this always. At least for the forthcoming years. And the level of crimes and criminals will be raising again...It's a pity, because many people in Russia believe that they will live like they used to. I am not sure that it will be like this.
Oh, my sweetheart I wish you a wonderful day and all the best for you! I am waiting for your next letter with the greatest impatience.
Kisses and hugs to you, my sweetie!
Letter 56
Good evening, my lovely darling Chris...Oh, I hope that you in your country don't have so strong and windy storms like we had today here...Though our country is located in the North and people got used to things like this here, today I have heard in the morning the forecast warning people that they should be very cautious and for children and old people it was advised better to stay at home...To tell the truth, I didn't even pay attention to this information, so I put on my winter coat and decided to went out home without any superstitions...
So it's good that I had time to walk to work and I really dreamt of going to the Cyber Cafe in the morning and writing you another sweet letter...and can you imagine that I simply couldn't go out to go to the Cafe because I couldn't see a person who was staying, for example, in a meter from me...
It was snowing the whole day...and there are big traffic jams on the roads. There are so many car accidents during this season. And people still drive their cars in spite of bad weather and snow-falls.
The rest of the things is going ok. I am missing you like crazy and don't know sometimes what to do with that. I am very sorry that we are not still together . I hope it will be improved soon. I hope that we will be together like we plan...and no snow-falls, rains or some other things can stop me from being with you.
What's new with you? I will call you tomorrow, ok???
I wish you a lovely evening and take care of yourself!!!
Kisses and hugs, Tatyana
Letter 57
Good evening, my sweet angel Chris...So finally that snow storm is gone and instead of horrible snowing, we have pools and wet snow all over today-it's so messy in the streets, and it's even hard to walk, because of this snow, which is currently melting, but without great success, by the way. My shoes are all wet, and I just finished my working day 20 minutes ago. We had a big conference today, which was devoted to the acute problems of the world financial crisis. Yesterday evening our former president of Russia Mr. Putin proclaimed that salaries of doctors, nurses, teachers and other cultural workers will be reduced for 30 %, can you imagine??? I have around 250 USD each month, and it will be less than 175 USD can I ( even along with my relatives) pay monthly bills? And how people can survive with these small funds? Everyone needs food and's impossible to have even one kid in Russia. Because everyone knows that it costs much money to take a child to the kindergarten and then even more to school. And while shopping, which happens very seldom in my life, I look at child's stuff, small boots and T-shirts...and can you imagine that they cost almost the same like grown-up's clothes? So how young families without solid material basis can afford these all nice things? I am starting to become really anxious, because of this crisis. Putin predicts that America and many European countries will cope with this financial crisis within a year or for our country, I am not sure that we will be ok even by 2012.
Ok, here I stop discussing these topics, and I want to tell you, my lovely man, that you're the only one for me, and I am ready to do anything you want. I want you to be the happiest, that's my main aim.
You are the most precious gift for me and my real richness, and I don't need much money, I never lived like a rich lady. How was your day?
I am feeling a little tired, and i am hungry. I am on my way to home now. I really love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses and hugs, T.
Letter 58
Good evening, my sweet and lovely man Chris! How are you today, my sweet prince?
I am just fine, I have finished my working day a while ago, and now as usual I decided to go to "my favorite place", so-called Internet Cafe to write you about my day that is almost finished now. And nothing really important happened to me during this day, I had pretty busy today at the hospital, and the weather is still's very slippery in the streets. I have an amazing plan for this mother and me are going to watch all Soviet movies from 1950's-1960's. And I really love it, because all these Soviet films were wondreful in comparison with modern ones. There is no lie, evil, betrays in movies...It's amazing and impressing just because people just overcame The 2nd World War during that time and it was hard to find a well-paid job, place for living but they were all happy and they could love...I know that many people have this ability even now, but people were different. All were equal and there were no just money on people's mind. So I ma feeling very happy that we will be watching old movies tonight...My mom will cook delicious pan-cakes and banana pie, she will cover me with a nice red blanket, and I will fall asleep right on the sofa...and these moments are very valuable for me...I will be feeling like a small girl.
And I wish you, my love Chris, nice weekend and good luck!!! Remember that I love you and you're always on my mind. I will write more tomorrow.
My sweet,million kisses to you...
Letter 59
Good day, my sweet English teddybear Chris!!!!!! Wow, that's great...i woke up with the thought today that again and again this awful Sunday came...and I won't have any chance to write you my letter to you, my dear. But I realised just some minutes later that it's not Sunday, thanks God, and this thought made me feel happier from the very morning. Though Sunday is coming tomorrow anyway, I can express all my feelings to you today and words of love will sound more frequently today, do you mind? I hope, you don't, because I am about to describe all my feelings and also some plans for this weekend for 2 days. So I don't work today, but I have to work day&night shift tomorrow.Yesterday we had a lovely evening with my mother. We have been watching different Soviet movies. First was called " Love and pigeons" and the other one was " Faithful friends". Both of them are wonderful and the main topic is love and friendship. The most important pecuiliarity of these old movies is that very often people meet triangles in love in their lives... and it's hard to solve this problem and somehow not to lose a friend and stay with your beloved one. So some of the old Russian movies are very funny and considered to be first comedies during that times. It's true that it was so-called dictator's totalitar regime during that times...but what is really impressing is that people were still equal...but happy. And after Nikita Hruschev was appointed as a new dictator, Soviet people enetered another period, called " Years of the Thaw". And Russian policy turned out to look differently: mild and stable.
Ok enough about politics.
Did I tell you that I already bought the train ticket to Moscow??? I am leaving on 3rd.
I am going to go to the food shop with my mother now. Oh, here she is coming in. Oh, she just came in and asked me to say HI to you and she also sends you her mother kisses and hugs.
I think she really likes you, ok, I won't let her wait for so long time and we are going for food shopping.
I love you, my sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?Kisses and hugs, Tatyana
Letter 60
I am on my way say HI to the most wonderful and desireable man of the whole world Chris! Finally this weekend is over and I can run to the Internet Cafe and leave my note of love to you...Though it's not hand-written letter, and just hand-typed computer e-mail, I am proud that at least I can send you this letter on this Monday and it will be delivered to you right in some minutes. The century of high technologies is great in this way. I will tell you about my weekend first of all. It was just a normal weekend, very cold one this time. The weather was just below 20 C, and I could hardly go outside. In whole air is very cold, and it doesn't depend on frosts or cold weather...just cold unpleasant air. I have spent the most part of Saturday at home and on Sunday I had to work day and night shift again. It was horrible, because of the cold weather again...I really wanted to sleep during the whole night, because of cold weather and cold atmosphere in the hospital...I kept drinking hot tea and coffee, and nothing really helped me...i was waiting for the end of my shift. It was supposed to be at 3 in the morning, but I finished at 2. So I took a taxi and went back home with the only thought - to get into my soft warm bed and fall asleep. But to tell the truth after I took a nice shower and ate a couple sandwiches with fish and cheese, I couldn't sleep at all... may be because of coffee. And I couldn't sleep at least for 4 hours...I was dreaming about you. And I was thinking if my loneliness that accompanies me all the time, I mean physical loneliness, because mentally I am always with you, would ever leave my soul...and I come back home and there is my lovely man who is waiting for me with the greatest impatience...and who really loves me and takes care of me. I really want this meeting, my angel and I can't do anything about it. I really love you...and each time I think of you, I feel that my heart fills with wamrth and I am waiting for this precious moment. Chris, tomorrow at 6 I am leaving for Moscow, today I have to finish up with my luggage. And of course, I will let you know that I am ok. And i will try to write you from Moscow.That's all about my weekend, how was yours? You are the most important person for me, and I am waiting for our meeting... Kisses and hugs, my love. Your Tatyana
Letter 61
Hello, my darling Chris!
It's my last day here and I am leaving for Moscow soon...Ok, my luggage is packed and in 1 hour I should be at the train station, my mom will accompany me. So, my darling,all my papers are ready and soon I will be with you in your hugs...
kiss you and wish myself a wonderful flight!
Letter 62
Hi, my angel Chris!
I am in Moscow now and my love, listen to me what's happened...
I was at the airport at 3 o'clock, and I went through the Registration, I even got the special paper, where I showed your cash money, and now I am alright as a tourist!I can travel...But i was stopped they found out that I have taken the loan from the bank to pay for my flat and 37.150 russian rubles (it is about 807.60 euro) is left to pay. I thought that I wouldn't influence anything but here I was stopped by special service and said that until I pay all the money to them they can't give me the permission to leave.the UK Embassy and the Departure of Immigration are closely connected with CENTROBANK, they strictly control all the people who travel abroad. They disappear and never pay back.
I have either to put them on the bank account or pay.
Chris, what to do?
my love, I am really very very confused... I have the tickets and the visa ready, and again this obstacle... I asked them: tell me at once what else I should do, the representative answered that he needs only this paper from the bank. my eyes were full of tears I said that I have the money on hand,but this is all I have and that my boy-friend is waiting for me to come, he is preparing to go to meet me to the airport and he already did all he could for me, what else do you want, I asked. he said that that until I have duties to perform with the bank I can't leave my country. I really looked very bad,he advised me to put the money that I have on the bank account, then to take the paper from the bank and show it to them and then he will be able to give me the permission because formally I won't have any duties with the bank.
and it was true,Chris, because I was about to go and rob the bank...
this is a reasonable decision but....
Darling, my darling Chris, don't give up,please I love you so much!
but I have only cash money now that you sent me ...Chris, what do you think? I have the special paper that I can travel to UK,and I am able to cover all the expenses there. But I have your money also! But I have my own also...and I still need around 800 euro again!!! i could never imagine that i would be so difficult to leave this **** country! now I have calmed down a bit, i am still in Moscow i already called Mum and she is the same sad as me. but anyway Mum said: nothing terrible happened, Tatyana. your and Chris love is stronger, you will overcome this and I am sure soon you will be on the plane. she is now looking what we can do, my love. she just called me when I started to type this letter to you and told me that she has got around 600. So please, my Chris, IT'S URGENT!!! WITHIN 2 DAYS WE HAVE TO FIND 200 IT'S NOT MUCH AND ONLY FOR TIME OF THE FLIGHT...I WILL BE HERE IN MOSCOW. I AM SENDING YOU DETAILS OF MY NEXT FLIGHT ON FRIDAY. Chris, I love you and for you I am ready to do anything. PLEASE SEND THIS 200 EURO, I HAVE THE REST, IF YOU WANT MY MOTHER CAN CALL YOU AND PROVE THAT SHE HAS GOT 600. SHE ALREADY SENT THIS AMOUNT TO ME HERE.
kiss you,
YOUR Tatyana P.S.
KAZAN city
Letter 63
My sweet and the most precious angel Chris...Good evening, my angel! I can definitely tell that my spirit is much better right now and after good sleep yesterday night I am ok! I spent a night at the student's hostel. My friend from Moscow advised me to stay here.
And I followed her instructions, it's cheap and neat. I am in Moscow, Chris, and today I contacted travel agenct and they changed flight for Saturday. I am sending you details.
Darling, I understand completely your situation according to your job...but believe me it's not the reason to give up and while I have visa and ticket ready-it's not reasonable.
Tomorrow morning I will have mom's money transferred. So I am waiting for your part. I have made all the counting and I need 200 EURO( it's converted already). I have the rest.
Please take care of that. I will write you tomorrow. I have found another Cafe here-it's much cheaper.
When are you planning to send money on Sat??? Then I have time to receive on Saturday!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please write me bacK!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses and hugs, T.
Letter 64
My sweet angel Chris!!! How are you today, my sweet and nice man???
It's very-very cold today and I had to wrap myself with a warm wool blanket in the morning, because I woke up at 6 because I was so cold and I was even trembling. First thought that occured to me was that may be our beloved governmental figures decided to switch heaters off during these cold days. Fortunately I was wrong, heaters are working in proper way but the reason I got so cold was the fact that because of snow and windy weather part of our window in the hostel was broken. So I wrapped myself with wool blanket, closed the window...and ...overlsept. I got up at 10...and of course, I rushed to the bank to receive mom's money and pay this debt off at CENTROBANK! How are you??? I really hope my lovely prince that we can solve all our problems in the closest future somehow!!! Please tell me how was your day??? I am rushing back to the hostel now...I will have a couple minutes more to drink a cup of hot tea with lemon...Hopefully I won't be sick this time...So everything is done in proper way,Chris!!! Tomorrow I will wake very early...I have to deliver all my luggage to the airport first not to be late in the evening and then I will go to the bank to receive your money.I hope you will be ready by noon time here. Just go to the bank right in the morning or I will be late,ok??? Don't forget that I need 400 euro and that's it that is left. Tomorrow at Birmingham airport I give you your money back. I already explained that I need it to show cash money only,ok??? Here are details again: Tatyana
Russia I will be waiting tomorrow morning.
Ok, my sweetest kisses and hugs, Tatyana
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