Letter(s) from Irina Baliuc to Fazil (Turkey)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Fazil!
How are you? I feel perfectly Is glad to receive your letter.
My dear Wilfried it is good idea to arrive to you.
But I went to travel agency and they to me have told how many will be To cost it all trip 1300 euros. My dear I so it is strong Was upset that I can not arrive. My dear it is very big Money for Russia. My lovely you will help me with trip?
Why I have not found to myself the guy here, in Russia? I hope to you interestingly to hear my answer.
My story is a classical story of deceived love. "She" loved "him", and "he" spoke, that loves "her", but actually loved other girl.
It seemed to me that at us all goes well, but I strongly was mistaken, he secretly met my best girlfriend!!!
Earlier I thought, that such happens only in histories from magazines. I was mistaken :) I think I became cleverer.
I for a long time heard about acquaintances through the Internet, but only recently have decided to check up it.
I did not expect, that I shall make such success, On my profile has written very many people. I tried to write to all of them, but now I think, that I shall not be to correspond with anybody except for you :) You are the most interesting person.
It would be desirable to hear your history (if exists). How you have decided to get acquainted through the Internet?
On it I finish my letter.
I shall wait for your next letter.
Bye! Your Marina.