Scam letter(s) from Valeria Bulgakova to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Knock Knock Knock on your door:):):) Here I'm coming into your life, dear Jeff! Do you remember me? :) I'd like to know you better. I think we will have a lot to talk about as it seems to me that you are a very interesting man. As you already know I am Eugenia, 29 years old, my birthday is on September,25,1979. I am 163 cm tall, 53 kg with brown eyes, long dark hair and **** *******. I am originally from a town Rubezhnoe. It is in the east of Ukraine. If you look it up in the map it is difficult to find it as it is really very small. I have graduated from a medical University and I work as a nurse in a hospital. But it is not the only job that I have - actually my second job is not just a way to earn money - it is my hobby, my passion!!! I dance in a group and I like it a lot. We dance in different places - during different concerts and sometimes in the clubs. Do you like dancing? What about your family? Do you have any close relatives? What is your job? Do you like it? Honey, I hope you don't mind that I am asking so many questions to you, 'cause I am very interested in you and want to know everything:). I am an optimistic, romantic,passionate and with good sense of humor. I am sure you will not be bored with me! I'm funny, easygoing and sincere girl, looking for the stable relationship with my ideal man, which I can open my heart and my soul. A nice evening with soft light and some one to just talk with are really romantic and is one of my dreams. To wake up in the morning knowing I have the one and only beside me, look at him when he sleeps, get up, quickly get in to the kitchen make a romantic breakfast, wake him up with a kiss and look at his eyes and say:"I love you sweetie". Well, that is some of my dreams. If you need the same in your life, write me just now. Dear Jeff, it would be my great pleasure to know you better as well.
Will you give me a chance? Kiss,
Letter 2
Dear Jeff, hi! I am so glad to get the reply from you. I find it exciting and look forward to getting to know each other better. I have been looking for where you live - it is far from me but I believe that we will make this way shorter very soon. I should confess that I have been thinking of you all the time since i got your letter. You have made an very good impression to me, I liked what you wrote about yourself. Thanks a lot for the pictures. You have so cute dogs! It is very strange to get to know new people like this. We are so far apart but still in a way close. I am very glad that you did choose me when you decided to contact someone. Dear Jeff, I think that we have a lot to talk about, right? You are so interesting person and I'd be very glad if we continue our communication. I have to say that to get your letter is like a breath of fresh air and to find out how things are with you being so far but that does not stop us writing these letters. That makes the miles seem so small and that we are almost together heaving a cup of coffee or tea together. As I said each letter I get from you draws me so much closer to you and makes me see why I want to spend time with you. You know all my friends are married and have children so it is hard for me to stay alone for so long. It is hard but that does not mean it can never happen that I have my half. I consider that I need a man, who can be caring, loving and mature not like all this ****** boys, who can only cheat and have fun. Sorry for my frankness, but I try to be closer to you, for you to know me better, my thoughts, believes, interests. I have told you a bit about me -I love to dance and go out with my friends... In my spare time I do a lot of sports, go swimming and running, but also go to the cinemas and theaters. In addition, I read with pleasure and also often cook and try out new recipes. I love to cook pork the most and just love any kind of vegetables. I've got the only friend at home with me, it is my dog. It is cute and small and I love her so much! She is a boxer. Her name is Baby and she is really my joy now. She is very strong and barks every time when somebody comes to us very close, so she is my protector:). When I was a little girl I had an aquarium with lots of fishes, a hamster, a parrot and a cat. I love animals so much but unfortunately I am not able to have a lot now as I am at work most of the time and have no opportunity to take care of them. I also like kids and flowers. I like travelling. I am here to find my friend, my soul mate, my ***-partner with who I can share everything. i want to find someone who will be my best friend, someone who will stand by my side during the good and bad, someone who will not cheat, lie or try to manipulate me. What a woman wants = A woman wants to be heard, listened to, respected,cherished,honored, cared for,loved endlessly. She needs to know her man, her lover, her husband is her very best friend and closest companion in life that will support her each and everyday without end. He will never judge or condemn her but will always be by her side loving her with all his heart and soul. He will always respect her and listen to her and know when she is troubled so he can extend his compassion outwardly to her. He will be her Rock her light in darkness, her helper in time of need, and most of all he will listen to her. My dear Jeff, I am looking forward to your next letter, I hope you will write it soon. A big hug from me to you.
Eugenia or Zhenya for short:)
Letter 3
How are you doing, my dear Jeff! My heart races and pounds from you letters, yes i truly want to continue our correspondence and further build my desires for you and hope yours for me. It’s quite good that we start our relationship as friends and let it grows from that, patience is one of the important in this correspondence because it will test how truly serious our intentions of writing e-mail to each other. I believe you are interested to know more about me. I live myself in a flat which is not very big but I have made a design of it myself and it is very nice and comfortable. I am tired to be alone. Every night when I go to bed I dream about someone like you to be beside me, to hug me, to keep me warm. I think that some things between the couple are very important: honesty, faithfulness, attention, consideration, understanding..... and of course good ***. Please, dear, don't make big eyes and ask, what I understand about "good ***" - I want tell you my opinion: good *** is gentle ***, gentle *** and again gentle ***! Also you perhaps will ask why I say good *** is important. For me is tenderness and *** among others he basic for happy relationship and love. I hope you forgive me when I speak very open about everything, also about tenderness and ***. But I think everything should be important to know about each other. I don't know your attitude and opinion to all this points, but I understand in your last letter that we have already some common together. I hope we find more common together. Dear Jeff, you seem to be a very interesting person and I'd really like to know you better. I like people with your way of thinking and think that future is our and we can make it good for us, hope you will not be bored by me. I believe that we make our destiny with our own hands! I hope our communication will not be just a fun, am I right? The only thing I am a bit worried about is that my English is not very good. I have learnt it at school and I can read and translate with the dictionary but still it is very difficult for me to communicate and to say everything I want. But I think that in the nearest future I will start some English courses and it won't be really a problem for us. What do you think? I am writing to you from the Internet cafe which is not far from my house and it is very convenient for me to come here. I like this place as here I can use the help of translator to write the letter in English and it is much better than using the robot-translator from the Internet. I have tried it many times but it translates only some words and phrases like a dictionary and I am not able to say everything I want clearly. Dear, I am sending you the pictures which were made last year when I was on holiday. I hope you will like them as they are my favorite. I like photography and I am not afraid of camera. I have a lot of photos in my collection and if you like I will send you some more next time. I hope I didn't scare you with all my thoughts and desires and we will continue to build our friendship. I realize that our relationship should be getting stronger each day. Let's see where our destiny carries us. I feel very nice after going through your mail every time. We should be sharing the happier and sad moments also and try to make each other happy. Please, don't forget that I am waiting for your letters with impatience. With all my love and respect,
Letter 4

Hello, my sweety Jeff!!! First of all I want to tell you that I'm missing you much! The whole day I'm thinking about you and what you will write me in your letter today. You can't even imagine how much you increased my mood with your lovely letter!!! Are you doing ok today? As for me I'm fine but a little bit tired because of work. The sun is shining and I wish so much to go outside, walk in the park and dream about us... Dear, of course I was thinking about my moving to USA. Of corse I understand that maybe at first it will be very difficult for me to relocate to another country and to leave all my relatives and friends but at the same time I am sure that everything will be ok as I will be with my beloved, who will help me and will support me in every situation and we will have a wonderful family and very beautiful kids. Honey, as we are still trying to get to know each other better and better with each letter I want to continue telling about myself. I am a person who has many familiars but not so many friends whom I can trust completely. Concerning my beloved man and love itself, I should say that this feeling makes me fly like a bird and I look like a light white cloud in the sky near the sun, near a man - a man whose rays embrace you and give you all his tenderness and all his love and give you the feeling that you are not alone in this world, that there is a person on this planet who wants to see you every minute, feels the scent of your body and admires just your presence. My dear, you know yesterday, my friends told me that I have changed.
And nobody can understand what had happened. I didn't know what to say... at that moment I wasn't there... I was somewhere very far from my country with you...:):) I want you to know everything about me, I have no secrets. I want us close. Sorry, maybe it is not very decent of the lady to say this:) I think that it must be marvellous to be able to spend soft moments with you, to share simple pleasures like clasp you tenderly in your arms on the edge of a beach at the time of a ballade to the setting sun, to share a dinner in “tete-a-tete” with the only gleam of the candles around a meal that I would have prepared for you. In short, to divide with you magic moments which would remain engraved with deepest of me...I will continue my romantic story in the next letter, ok? Please, honey, stay safe! I will be waiting for the reply from you! Kiss you tenderly,
Letter 5
My dearest Jeff! How are you? I am so happy receiving your letters. That's really great that I am able to know you more and more and I feel that you are not a stranger for me anymore. I think that it is very important for both of us to write as much as we can to know everything about each other. I love the pictures! Thank you, dear! Dear, I hope you liked my pictures. I was in Crimea with my friends last summer but it was a short rest. I am having my holiday very soon in the end of September. And of course, I'd like to meet you! Frankly speaking, I was always thinking about this day, our first touch and even kiss! Honey, I'm sure in real life our meeting will be better than 100 letters! What do you think? I am not sure it will be very easy to get visa to your country but I really want it a lot. What do you think? Or...I am too much in a hurry?? Please, think about it, ok? Yesterday evening I was at home and while preparing the magic tea I was thinking about you, my dear Jeff!I call it "magic" because it is very tasty, it is very good for the health and it is made from the natural things which my parents and I have grown in our country house. They are: mint, Melissa, linden, chebrets, camomile, the leaves of black currants, raspberries and ehinatseya. Have you ever tasted such a thing? When we are together I will make it for and you will be healthy and strong. You know, dear, your letter lifted my heart... I had many dreams about finding my beloved one. Its just very hard for me to put it into words. I have always dreamed of waking in the mornings rolling over and looking at my love next to me. Then taking our showers together before breakfast. Then starting our day work or just having fun together. This would make me the happiest woman in the world. In all honesty I do hope that this is just a start for us. I think you are so wonderful... Reading your letters I see a very loving caring passionate man.. I'm hoping you are the one meant for me. I better stop for now and I will be waiting for your letter... I'm thinking of you and sending you my passionate kisses ***
Letter 6
My honey Jeff! Hi! How are you? I am awfully sorry. I know that I have made you worried. But it was really impossible for me to reply you earlier. How are you feeling? How is your finger? I am so sorry to hear about what happened. Thanks a lot for the lovely pictures. I love them. I will try to make something special for you also, ok? Dear, I have to tell you something. I am very upset here as some unpleasant things happened here. Yesterday evening my father was driving his motorbike and he took my dog Baby with him for a ride. Baby was sitting beside him. It happened so that Dad got into accident with the car. It is an awful thing to retell, dear, I am still crying... My father is ok now, though he has some injures but he is not at the hospital, he is at home already and everything seems ok. But Baby when all this happened, she got scared and ran away and we still don't know where she is:(. All night and morning we were looking for her everywhere but still... no results. It is very difficult to write because I am very upset and shocked and I don't know what to do. I didn't sleep well. My mother, my friends and I were looking for Baby for may times and we made an announcement on the radio and we put a lot of ads in case someone finds my dog. But... we still don't know anything... I have told you about her and I can't imagine that... and I don't want to think bad things... but it is very difficult for me now... I am crying all the time, please, forgive me for such a sad letter but I had to tell you...I need your support as my friend now and I hope that everything will be ok. I think that I have to calm down a bit now and then we will speak about our meeting, ok? Please, reply soon, ok? I kiss you, my honey!
your Zhenya.
Letter 7
My dear Jeff! Hi! How are you? I am ok here. I am sorry that I have made you worried but you know that I don't have Internet at home and it wasn't possible for me to write you earlier. Sorry. Honey, it is so nice that you begin to learn Russian but I should warn you it is a difficult language but I will help you of course, don't worry. I want to say thank you, my dear for your support. But still there is no news. We have been searching for my dog all these days, my father is feeling much better and he helped us with it also. But still... there are no results. But we are hoping for better as we met an old man near the coal mine, by the way, it is very far from that place where the accident happened, and he told us that he had seen Baby but it was one day ago. We looked around all those places but still didn't find her. My dear, I can't eat and sleep. I understand that maybe I am taking all this too seriously but I can do nothing with myself:(:(:( I appreciate you much for your understanding and support, it is so nice of you! You know, I think that all our problems and troubles make us stronger and this experience , even bad, will help us in the future to be stronger. I am so glad that I have such a friend like you, my dear Jeff. How much I wish I were in your arms right now.... Oh... My dear, I have to go now, but don't worry for me. I am with you and I am thinking about you all the time. Take care and stay safe,
with love,
Eugenia. P.S. I am sending you the pictures which were made last autumn. But I hope you will like them.
Letter 8
Hello my man - the best man in the universe! My dear Jeff! How do you like this title - have you ever been thinking that if there was such a contest for the best man in the universe you could win that prize? So if there will be that kind of contest i will nominate you and i will vote for you to get the first place - but for now you are my man and for me you ARE the best man for ever and ever:-) I feel that I am falling in love with you... Thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures, my honey. I am in love with you! You really make me smile:) You are in such a great shape!!! I should say WOW!!! Do you remember some days ago you sent me the pictures which were with Russian words special for me. I decided to make the same for you. Hope you like them:). I am still very sad about my dog. Don't worry for me so much, I am eating and sleeping, I have already calmed down a bit. You know the proverb: It is better when there is no news than bad news. So, I hope for better and sure that everything will be ok. My darling, I have a little bit of problem here. I am a bit worried for our correspondence as I have spent a lot of money to find Baby and that is why I have to work a lot now. My darling, I don't want you to understand me wrong but I am afraid that for some time we will have to stop our communication as I am a bit out of funds to pay for the Internet cafe now. Dear, I was cut off with the salary at work and the reason is this **** financial crisis. It's very hard from me now to pay for our communication and you need to be patient waiting for the time when I'll manage to save some money to be able and pay for the translation of our letters. If you would like to help me these expenses it's just great as we won't stop our correspondence but continue knowing each other better till our real meeting. If you can't help it's alright and I just ask you to be a little bit patient, ok? Honey, it's really very difficult to express all my feelings in the letter. But any way I'm happy that thanks to them I can feel your feelings and your desires! Every time I dream about our meeting! I imagine our first sight, first touch and first KISS! When you'll look into my eyes... Very often I fly to you in my thoughts! Sometimes I want to leave all to run to you, MY JEFF! Honey your letter and your wonderful words warm me every night in my empty and cold bed! I know you are always with me! You are in my heart and all my life belongs only to you, my dear! Could you imagine that yesterday I had a dream about us, that we met each other in candlelight, there was a great romantic music and we started to dance, you tender touched my cheek and then warm my lips with your.................. It was very romantic and than we started to discuss our plans for future, our home, our souls and .......... You know, dear, happiness comes from what we are doing and feeling. I feel that you and I would get along together wonderfully, that we would never argue, never offend. I know we might disagree, but I think we would have a beautiful, loving relationship. I feel your gentleness very much, and I love it. And I know that I would always try so hard to care about your feelings, to make you feel loved and appreciated and needed and cherished. I would care very much for your happiness, and never take advantage of your gentleness. My dear, I miss you much and hope I will come back to our daily communication soon but I can't promise as the money are tight for me.
Sorry!!! I will miss your sweet words, dear!! Ohhhhh!!! If you know how much I don't want to lose you!!!! Because I really feel with my heart that you are that man I was dreaming about all my life! Dear, I want you to know that I always think of you and miss you!!! Please... reply... With all my love,
forever yours,
Letter 9
Hi, my sweet Jeff!! Thank you for all your care and support and desire to help. There is one way to help is to send the money on our correspondence. But you know, i feel so awkward because of it and I hate that I need to ask for help the man as consider it to be really humiliating...but dear, I like you very much and the less thing which I want to happen is to loose you!!! If you want you can help me with paying for our letters if not it's quite ok and I'm not offended but just give me the time to save some more money on our correspondence. I miss you much and send you many kisses. With the warmest feelings, your Eugenia.
Letter 10
Hi, my dear Jeff!! I miss you much, my baby;)) dear, i found out that it's possible to help through the western union..have you ever heard about it??? I really feel awkward about the situation and hate asking for help but now I don't have any other way out as I don't want to loose you..i kiss you, your Eugenia.
Letter 11
Hi my honey Jeff! You are a real gentleman offering me your help. I am paying $5 for the translation of every letter and $3 for scanning and printing pictures. My love, I am a bit upset but I don't want to bring you problems because of me:( Please, understand me. I feel very awkward that I need your help now. In the Internet cafe where I go there is an unlimited account which is $220 a month and it includes the translation of any number of letters, phone calls with the help of the Interpreter and ICQ communication. Have a look at this: . You can visit it and look how it works. I was in the bank and the clerk has told to me is necessary to use number (MTCN) in transfer of money. You will receive this number at bank and you have to give it to me. I need this code, your name, your address and your zip code to get money. The clerk has told that without MTCN it is practically impossible to receive money. Its seems all information that you need - my name and my surname. You know my name and my surname is: Sedorenko. Please let me know is this information enough for you? I kiss you, my love! P.S. My full name: Eugenia Sedorenko address: Lesnaya street,
78/3, Rubezhnoe,
Letter 12
Hello, my dear Jeff!! Honey, I have borrowed some money at my colleague at work and I feel a bit awkward still but I thought that we should talk. I am very sorry to hear about what happened:(It pains me greatly to know you are unhappy. I wish there was some way I could help, other than writing this letter to you. Jeff, my honey, i will support you in every way even if just to lend you an ear or a shoulder to rest your head i just wish i was there beside you to offer physical support and comfort instead of words alone. You know darling I love so much to get your letters and to answer them and you are already become a part of my life and it is very hard to tell you but I am going to miss you very much as for me it is becoming more and more hard to keep our letters going as until this day... When I have decided to follow the example of my friend who is now happily married I had not all information about how it works and that I have to take care of our letters... I really didn't expect that I could find someone wonderful like you I am happy of it honey and that’s why it is harder for me to tell you that it is my last letter to you that I could keep... I have not very well paid job and I can't risk all and everything including my life to hold our letters alive, I am not in the position to use professional independent interpreter and Internet cafe as I have done till this day... I can make a lot of things and I can make a very cozy home and a very nice atmosphere in it, I know what a man wants and I am able to listen to his desires, I know how to take care of my look and to manage to live getting not the best salary but I am not able to do many things at the same time I can't study English, can't travel and can't stop my living giving all I have for staying in touch with you my darling even I want this the best in the world... You are sad for sure and honey believe me I am sharing with you all those feelings and if there were at least one chance for me to go on as before I would but alone is not a soldier and I have to accept this... Nobody knows what waits us in the future and maybe after getting another job in addition to this one I could correct the situation I have the hope and it is going to help me to live on and I just hope that we can find a way together... I will pray God to help me to find a way for us and how to stay together because I want this and this is mutual decision... I wish I could know about your feelings to me as well, this would help me a lot about an idea of our future... I am very sorry that all the situation depends on the person who just doesn't want you to help me. I mean your banker. Of course, it is reasonable and he is right but I don't understand why are you telling your personal affairs to a person who is just a banker. Is he your relative or best friend that you listen to him? I am very sad about all this. I don't know what to think... Kiss you, Eugenia
Letter 13
Hello, my dear Jeff!! Sorry but I can't read your letter and write you 'cause I'm not able to pay for the translation of our correspondence:(( Your Eugenia.
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