Scam letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello there,its me Julia here, how are you doing there ? i am tired but weekend is here and it make me feel better :) I was going to come here yesterday,but i could not because of being too much busy at work.I had to work for emergency last night, i work for emergency about six times per month,that means i do not sleep at night,just a little.Yesterday i have told to my girlfriends about you,that we have met each other in Internet, they were really surprised and asked some questions about you,they asked were you live,about your job, family,i have told to my girlfriends that you seems to be a good man that i hope you are.They do care about me and want to be happy.They did not realize that it is impossible to meet someone throw Internet and they were interested about it, yes,i think that destiny play important role at this situation. My birthday is on Monday(July 27),i am taking a day off from clinic and my family arrive today from Odessa,parents and brother.I will spend a weekend with them and we will have a party on Monday,it would be nice party and i will start to prepare for it today.I think we will celebrate my birthday at home and may be go to the restaurant or cafe,i am going to tell my parents about us and i know they will like you,because i like you :)
Well,do you like tea or prefer coffee ?
I want you to know that i am one man woman and i do not communicate with other man besides of you,i do not use any profiles in internet also,i am serious about you I will write you on Tuesday and i hope to come up with birthday pictures for you well,i am sending you a picture i took in Tunis P.S By the way my name is Ulia but i think it the same as American Julia,you can call me Ulia also if you like :) Yours Julia
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