Scam Letter(s) from Alla Kostromina to John (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi John. Continue our conversation!?
I'm very glad to see your photos! I very much like it!
You are very many-sided, and I think, each character trait in you is very interesting. In me as desire boil to find out you, your sights, your principles!

In my last letter I spoke that I am going to spend evening with friends! We had remarkable evening.
We discussed set of questions. Almost hour we argued, what person is better to be. Mercantile or not. I am less mercantile, unlike my friends, therefore I very much defended my point of view! I am cheerful, and I don't want, that my relation to a life and to people has been based on money, the main thing is person. Any person can be interesting! How about you, are you mercantile or not?
I consider, that is better to be 50/50. But so it's very difficult to me, but I try to concern to life and to people from two sides. After all if the person does not have anything, it means, he has not reached anything in life. And he is not interesting person. But during too time person can be interesting not only on his achievements, but also in relation to himself and surrounding people. To find the middle between two points of view very difficult, and now I aspire to it!

I have thought, that it will be interesting to you to find out more about my character!? I'm person who always make all up to the end. I'm not surrender before barriers in a life, and always aspire to achieve the purpose. I like to cook, it, perhaps, my main hobby. Speak a way to heart of the man lays through his stomach, is it true? Smile.
I like to cook Russian and East dishes. My favourite products are fish and meat. I cook of fish many various versions of dishes. Earlier I was engaged in sports gymnastics, recently have taken a great interest in fitness.
It helps to support my figure in an excellent condition. Since I now don't have close man, I should be strong! But I so would like to be defenceless that the man could protect me. Smile. I send for you some more my photos. They should force to smile you even more widely, and will necessarily raise your mood!

I would like to find out some your character traits, so some questions:
1. Often you do not fulfil the promises?
2. Whether you are capable to deceive the woman?
3. Whether you are always responsible for the words and acts?
4. Whether you can accept the person such what he is, not trying to change he?
5. Why you search for dating in internet?

I also will answer these questions.
1. Infrequently, but sometimes it is necessary. When circumstances develop so, that I need to choose. But, nevertheless, I make everything, that promised sooner or later.
2. I always deceive women! Smile. Here certainly I need to tell about man. I actually very fair person. I as surgeon cannot say lies to patients. And this rule gradually became a vital principle and concerns both men, and to women.
3. I am responsible for the words and acts and if, for example I cannot make something, I simply do not promise it!
4. If to be fair, not always. Sometimes I would like to try to change people.
5. Really, around me many man's sights, how can be another?! Smile.
But looking at them, I understand, that sex is necessary today, and tomorrow they will forget you. I do not want simply sex. I need serious man with whom I could be all life, could have true love and a remarkable family. And in internet first of all I can find out, that wanted man and as far as he is serious.

Perhaps, I will finish my letter. To such interesting and attractive man, I would like write not ceasing, but I need to go! Today I do not have operations, but, nevertheless, I need to come into hospital to find out, what operations are appointed for tomorrow.
Tomorrow after work I will necessarily write to you!
You in my thoughts!



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