Scam letter(s) from Alla Kostromina to Tony (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello bewitching Tony. Receive your letters each time is more pleasant and more pleasant!
I would like to communicate with you more and more often, but, unfortunately, I have very much busy schedule now and sometimes simply I have such moments when I cannot write to you.
I remember, we agreed to discuss our merits and demerits. Though I spoke about merits already much... But nevertheless...
I open woman and to many people pleasant to communicate with me.
Therefore I am able to understand and accept the person such that he is. I can find common language with any person. I am able to keep secrets, and I am able to surprise pleasantly.
I think that my merits is ambition, ability cares of associates. You know, with my work there are many merits. I have noticed, I so much speak about work, I hope that I have not tired you with it!? Smile. Suffice about merits, I will tell about demerits. Each person has demerits, and it's important to foreknow about them that subsequently not to be disappointed. But it does not mean, that I will be disappointed, if I find out about any your demerits. I will know, what is possible to expect from you i.e. as you will react to this or that action. And for example not make something where your reaction will be too difficult. I hope, you understand, about what I talking… I consider as the demerit, that I try constantly to arrange the person under myself. I do not wish to concede to anybody, I obstinate. If someone starts to argue with me I can hours, days and years defend my point of view. Sometimes I happen too strict, and I can be captious even in the smallest and imperceptible things. Or, for example, when I with concentration think about anything, I am not able to listen others. I simply do not pay attention. I concentration only on my thought. But it happens very seldom. Fairly!
I hope, you can accept my demerits. Maybe it's not all demerits, but it's difficult to see in myself all demerits.
I will not search more! Smile.
You know, I think, if people feel to each other something, whether it be love or friendship they always can forgive each other all their demerits. And even more, will help to master emotional impulses, thereby to get rid of many demerits. Are you agree with me? It is necessary to distract from this theme... I send you some photos.
Sometimes after work I shake on a swing near hospital. I love this sensation! By the way do you like to go on carousels? I very much love the big fascinating attractions! I remember in Kazan last summer came park of carousels from Czech Republic. There was a huge stick and on two ends an armchair - on 4 persons on each end. Height about 30-40 metres. And this stick begins turns - it is something unimaginable. I do not know if this park of carousels will arrive in this year, I want feel this again! Tony why not to speak by phone? It would be very interesting to me to hear your voice.
Can you give me telephone number where I could call you?
I very much thirst to hear your voice soon. I don't know whether you can call to me, since I use special short numbers for hospital. And to me will be more convenient for calling to you myself. I will be glad to continue our conversation later. I have some affairs which need to be made necessarily today. I hope to receive your answer soon!
Your interested and even more, Natalia.
Letter 2
Hi Tony. I have small break for dinner.
I don't know if today evening I can reach computer, but I will try. I promised to write you more about me, but now I have only short time to rest, then again work. I have much work today, but tomorrow I will be free, and if I can't write you today, I will write tomorrow. Hope you don't against to wait a little.
By the way, I have decided to close my profile at Russianeuro.
I have made it that other men did not wait answer from me. Men wrote to me, hoping that I soon will answer them, but to me more all interests to you, and I wish to continue dialogue with you, instead of with someone else.
Ok, I must go for work, talk with you later.
Letter 3
Hi hot Tony! My soul is filled with pleasure again and again, after all I receive your letters, I write to you... And it very much grasps me!
I wish to tell, that I'm very glad to our easy dialogue!
You know, not easy to communicate with each person, but with you it's very easy and pleasant!
I today in fine mood, and I would be desirable to joke constantly. The smile does not go from my face. At street - sun shines, fine weather, sing birds! Though for me every day passes perfectly, after all I always try to be cheerful! If every day was such fine for every person, all world would be perfect! We know about each other already much and I wished to ask, what first impression at you has developed about me? I communicate with you, it very much is pleasant to me. I feel a positive impulse from your side!
What mood usually happens at you? Often you happen sad or on the contrary too cheerful? Usually if you get dating in a reality often you pay attention to a mimicry, gestures, intonation. From this there is a first impression about the person. My first impression about you has developed in how you express your thoughts in words. And this impression "do not let off" me till now, and I have "suspicion" that hardly "will let off"! Even more! I think, that our dialogue can outgrow to serious relations, how you think? I very much like you, and I think, that, maybe, you will make me the happiest woman in the world! But I do not wish to hasten, and to think on the future now. Let all goes as it going, after all we should be based on our feelings to each other. I as the surgeon can tell that haste is not necessary, all should be gradually. You know, I wished to discuss with you some important serious themes.
I would like to discuss merits and demerits of our characters and how we concern them. I think it important to find out now, at an early stage of dating, what you think?
But today I am set up very thoughtlessly, and we will discuss these themes in the following letter if you do not against?!
I will wait for your letter with huge impatience!
Your hot Natalia.
Letter 4

Hello my gentle Tony. Your letter again brings to me a lot of pleasure!
It's so remarkable - to communicate with such remarkable man as you!
Today at me remarkable weather. Hot!
And I would like to go on lake or to the river to bathe! Maybe today we with friends will go to lake!
I very much like to swim, sunbathe and enjoy nature sounds!
Do you like to be in water? I would like to swim together... And if I have started to sink, you would rescue me! Smile.
I feel, that at us grows something more than friendship! How you think?
With everyone your letter I feel interest in you more and more. I think, that we should develop our relations to more closer. I thought that we should discuss some moments, of how our further can develop.
Such question is interesting to me. If the destiny allows us, to be together as your family and friends will react to it? The most important for me that your elatives could concerns me from a positive side, and were not against our possible union. Personally I'm assured, that I will have good opinion about your family and friends. I think, that my father always will be agree with my opinion. I talked with him about this theme not so long ago. He has told to me, that he assured that I will not choose bad, and I will not mistaken in building my destiny.
But, nevertheless, he has advised to me to be cautious with dating in internet. I'm assured, that you the remarkable person and I believe, that we can be happy together in the future. I trust you, but I do not wish to hasten too. I think, that we should be fair with each other, and not doubt our feelings. I think, that in construction of relations between the man and the woman should be a trust. And it demands time!
I hope, that you can trust me, trust my words, my letters. You should know, that each my word, is true, and I concern to you as I write about it. I wished to tell, that it's very cheerful and pleasant to communicate with you!
I yet do not wish to make hasty conclusions, but I feel so perfectly, only when I communicate with you! I very much would wish to hear your voice!
But I haven't your number! Why you have not given me your number, after all I asked about it in my last letter! I hope in your following letter I will see number on which I could call.
You asked me about my telephone number. At me in phone special short numbers for hospital, and I think hardly you can phone there.
You asked about Skype. It is like instant messenger? A problem that I have no internet at home, I use computer of my friend. I seldom use computer, and I am afraid that to us it will not be possible to communicate on Skype. Ok, I agreed with Olga to walk a little, then maybe we will go to lake. So I will finish here for now. I think to me on this walk will be no suffer something … or someone! Smile.
I wait for your answer with the big impatience, No! With huge impatience!
Your Natalia.
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