Scam letter(s) from Daniela Parker to Malcolm (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Dearest..

So how is your day and the family, i hope all is going well for you.. Actually it has not been easy for me here, but i guess i have to try and share more about me to you, because i feel something deep is gonna happen...Here you go again.. I guess that most of my friends would say that I am a lot of fun because I have many interests. I am into boating, movies, dancing, festivals, lakes/beaches, biking, and museums... I like going to the beach with my kid, enjoy concerts and movies...My kind of music are..Classic Country Ballad Blues Loves Gospel Rock and Bands... I like playing kind of sports like..Tennis Football Golf Swimming Walking Jumping Jogging..I also like to camp fish hunt dinningout with friend..I dont drink smoke, nor any alcoholic drink..I like wine Vodka and more...My favourite colour is Blue and Red... I like to read Novels Magazines Newspaper Fashion Magazines and Love Books... I was born and brought up with an simple way of life and i'm very easy going...I am very honest corresponding faithful loyalty trustworthy innocent caring sharing kind feeling affectionate passionate incredible advisive addressive loving romantic smart brave and intelligent....

I like to walk with someone special have fun with people..Being around with your neighbour or your colleg is very good...I like to speak my mind when ever it's needed...I like sharing my feelings with someone telling them that i show care and feel for them too... I 'm a Self employed i buy and sell Antiques .., my Job take me to several places on different bases... You know its like travelling from one place to another and i have no choice than to get used to it....I am single woman with 1kid when i mean 1kid im refering to my kid and i love them and of course i take them no matter where i go even though it cause me alot of stress.... I am not into political aspect dont even like it for any reason .... I play tennis and i love reading novels listen to music and love dancing,, I normally get shy when it comes to describing how i feel about something emotionally... Im here to see if im gonna be lucky to meet someone faithful,honest,caring,loyal and lots more And i believe when the time comes i will surely meet the right soul cause its a shit being single for good 8yrs now without any relationship....

I am looking for someone to share my life with, Someone who is honest caring loving kind faithful smart brave intelligent loyalty acceptable affectionate compassionate passionate sharing feeling fun outgoing smiling advisable Godfearing and more...Someone who is respective responsible creative and ready to commit herself to me ...Someone who wants to show how he loves me ..Someone who loves me for me..Someone who is not arguesive...Someone who is straight forward and want to spend the rest of her life with me ...That special God Sent who will rescue my wounded heart....Someone who can calm you damn when ever you are hurt from somewhere....Someone i can rest my shoulder on when crying...Someone who can make you happy when your sad..Someone that you can laugh with..Someone who you can feel comfortable with and that you don't care what kind of weird stuff they see you do because you know they will still love you no matter what...Someone who listens with their heart and is your source of inspiration...Someone who knows you're not perfect, but treats you as though you are...Someone who cherishes your hopes and is kind to your dreams...Someone who will respect you....Someone who allows you to be yourself around them...Someone who is a great pal, a great kisser, and a great lover!..Someone that would do anything to show how much they care and Love you...Someone who will love me forever still dealth do us part...Someone who is a sweet, romantic person who cherishes you no matter what..Someone who will not hurt you intentionally.. Someone who tells you the truth even if you don't want to hear it. Someone who will always be there to support your ideas without argument and love you for everything that you are. Someone with a constant open ear, open heart, and open mind to accept and love people for who the really are. Someone who has things in common with you. Someone with a great sense of humor. Someone who gives a shoulder to cry on.. Someone who is a friend. Someone who is trustful. Someone who's there for you no matter what. Someone who knows when things have to be compromised in the relationship. Someone who is never critical and ill-tempered in respect to your needs. Someone who is open and responsive. Someone who is honest. Someone who loves you with all their heart and soul. Someone who truly listens when you have something to say. Someone who knows when to laugh and when to cry. Someone who knows what you need before you say it....Aww sorry i guess it's getting longer and i don't want you to have any stress at all..I feel am stressing you with this message of mine, But to be honest with you, i need to speak my mind to tell you the kind of woman i am and the kind of man i've been looking for in my life..Since i lost my husband..I wish to hear from you and please take your time to read this okay..I think this is what i am looking for, but i don't know about you..I like to read your mind and speak it..Thank you for the message ok...I do hope to hear from you my sushine..Can't wait any longer... Kiss and Hugss.....

Letter 2
Hello my dear Hun I also am happy to to receive yours message! :) I wake up in the morning with hope, that you would write to me. Thanks for trust to me with details of your life... I very much respect and I estimate your openness. It speaks me, that you are open With your heart and - a good observer of your feelings and your opinion. Many people cannot tell about their heart or learn, how to express Passion within the limits of it. I read your letter twice, and I can allocate With a smile and care that you have written for me. That we also We divide - desire of true love in our lives. I hope To consider last as time of studying, that we want in ours The present and the future. To stop on harm and disappointment last Cripples our ability to do our present and the future everything, than the God Intends for this purpose to be.Hun, I can tell you with 100 s' Belief, that about us the God does not overlook. I have strong belief in authorities of the God As the founder of all things. I also only would search for his blessing Any relations which we shall find. I would like, that it he was in the center As a rock of love and relations between us. Why?..., because force and Depth of His love when it is submitted through us, are not fragile And for ever... Hun, you of such belief and desire to whom I aspire To allow my heart and to cherish for your full life as true Gift and blessing from the God. I want to laugh, love and grow old with Whom - what cherishs and loves me as never... Anything, and nobody Would turn you from me or our family. Nobody is perfect and not Should expect, that perfection... The love bears all things, and I believe - that is the most important between two people. It Creates and supports passion in our hearts and always returns them By time and a place, in which their hearts lit for one anothe r ... It kindle and kindle a flame between them. I for a long time to know, Whether these same ideas with you and if you wish this kind are Relations. In time, I hope, that my words will be more than words and Will touch your heart... I too for a long time for my heart, which It will be mentioned magnificent by the man which speaks it is sweet with me, With words and tendernesses and passions... Whisper in my ear and gentle contact To my leather which speaks about eternal love. Also, who - what Can bring laughter and playfulness to me with full freedom to be itself and Me directly in exchange. I am sorry that To promulgate so a lot of my heart to you... My unique hope In the message of you it - that you also search for such love and relations And, if so, that I can be such woman to kindle yours Hope and desire in constant love. Though I only start to know you, I feel something special in you Hun, that I cannot completely To explain, that pulls me to you. Probably it - frank and open Manner in which you speak me about your life and your desire of love. Without a question you are very beautiful person also... However, your beauty - Outside of appeal of your constitution and the person, already it seems to To me, that you are even more beautiful on an internal part. You resemble on The magnificent person expecting, that in heart a vein eternal love. I I can tell, that you have the big love to give, and big Desire to love recieve in exchange... It brings to me pleasure, that To hope, that I can understand completely and, in time, to find a place in Your heart to untie beauty which you possess inside. With It, it - also my belief, that the God should have a hand in reconciliation of us ... We think of it, - across the world, and we were in reconciliation across Thousand miles and millions people on the Internet. It can be only Casual meeting? I do not think so... Because of it, I bele ive, that we Could be intended for much more, as time Advances, and our true hearts are shown. Sometimes I also think, that It - mad idea beleive, that I would find true love across The world. I wish the only thing the man to bring up and build Relations. For this reason, williams, I wanted to answer you in such Details... I sincere, and simply the girl which wishes the man with Heart which will love me completely. So also, becuase mine Belief, I feel, that I was led to search for whom - that abroad... Who - that from culture which cherishs relations. All this removes mine The fear concerning reflection, that mad to hope. Mine Trip by true time conducted me to you williams..., it not Can be b y accident..., for you it can be simple Casual. The god understands what we require, and only wants, that We had it... Does you beleive it? In this belief I hope, that we We can trust and not look slightly after our communication... I shall tell to you Secretly, that my heart wins faster to see your person and To think of your following letter. Probably I should too soon To show my ideas about you, but, that if you did not know... I should To take advantage of each opportunity, to express, as you have entered in My heart. My biggest hope will be to bring Pleasure and to love by your life, there should be that a rate, which It is intended for our relations... Hun, it - our history, and we We can write it, however we like... I with impatience shall wait To hear, how you intend to write the following chapter. On it, I I shall leave you for tonight and I shall wait with big expectation, To know, whether you feel also, that we can have destiny before us.
Letter 3
Hi My Love..

Thankl you for the sweet message you sent to me ..I am very glad to hear from you..I do understand how you feel and i also want to feel you around me holding me from back.I am trul;y sorry for the late reply..I was involved in a vehicle accident and i just got back from the doctor now..I know you'd be sad about this, but truly i want us to talk about something because it is very important baby..Well you need to know this..I am very glad we met on match because God has made it possible.I really hate to be lonely..I would like to spend the rest of my life with you because i know we've got a brand new life to live for and be happy with each other..I just want to hold you and cuddle witrh you for the rest of my life and always be there for you as you will ber there for me too..Honey i want to be with you and i want you to hold me tight..I am in love with you and dont want to let this feelings go..please you need to hold my heart you more

Letter 4

Hi Baby..How are you doing today..You dont need a Western Union Agent here..All i need to do is take my internationaly passport or drivers licence there to get the funds down to any western union branch here and get the funds out..I think thats they do it here..There are western union branches around here okay..I understand how you feel, but i promise i am going to get the funds baby..Or if they cant allow you send the funds via brazil, you can travel to a europe country and get it send there.. Yes i know it is fraustrating at times, i know this is giving us hard time okay, but you need to try your best to help darling okay..Just take the information i gave to you to the western union branch, they are going to give you a Form to fill then you fill the information i gave to you on there....Are you going to exchange US DOLLARS TO there money..If this is taking you hard time, you just need to take a break at work then find a way to send it okay..Here is the information you need to go with again to western union branch okay..If you sent it..They will give you a western union receipt then you will see a 10digit number on the receipt, thats what i need and the question and answer okay..I will be hoping to hear from you soon darling..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISSING YOU..Just dont make any mistake okay..i am still here..Love you bunches

Name..Daniela Parker
Address 28 Adeniyi Jone
Text Question..What is my favourite Color?
Text Answer.. Brown
Letter 5
Good Day Again Mr Malcolm

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing well and how is work..Mr Malcolm this is Doctor Steven from Royan Hospital..Incase you don't know me ..I am writtin on behalf of your wife here which is our patient here in our Hospital..I got your email from her and your Phone number...If you could get your voice message i dropped a message to let you know your Wife Daniela was rushed to the Hospital 2days ago..I am sorry i could not email you at the time she was rushed because i was trying to find out what the problem is with her and why she was rushed..I had to run some essential Test and to Examine her health to know what the matter is..I finally come to know its the weather here and no good food and too much of stress, So I hereby want to inform you that the health of your Wife Daniela will be taking care of , but before that we need to carry out some treatment and test again to make her feel alright and not to be in this situation here and it will cost alot..Right at this moment she is trying to explain things to me how it is now that she does not have the funds to pay for the Hospital bills..Well at this time she really can't say so much words, so i gave her some sleeping meds to regain herself so i want her to take a chance to sleep..Mr Malcolm, i really don't know who you are or what you do, But due to her situation down here as she is i really don't think she need to be here in this Hospital, So i am standing on her behalf to tell you that Daniela's Health is more important to you..So i want you to find some help around you and help her because right now her Life is in Danger, But i believe if she pays her Hospital Bills She will be Alright and be Treated fine..I promise you Mr Malcolm Everything will be alright with her by the Grace of God..I don't know if you understand what i am here..Incase you want to hear from me the Doctor, You can Just ring on this number +2348021392110 thats my private cell phone number..As soon as you recieve this email and the cell phone number, please do not exitate to ring me or email me back so we can know where we stand and how far you are going to help her situation...Well her Hospital bills is $950USD, i 've already told her before the i carry out any treatment and test and she told me she have no funds to raise now, but only if i can email you and call you to see what comes out from it..I think she has been trying to reach you by the Phone to see if she can explain more better, but you are not picking up your call and all the samee entering voice message, so i don't know if she has drop you a voice message...Mr Malcolm, I think she really needs your support now and i know as a man you'll do anything to make her happy because i know if you don't have any feelings for her or love her you won't be writting her...I am trully sorry i don't know if this has made you sad, i didn't mean to tell you this at this time, but i just felt this is right time to tell you and i hope you will be at her Rescue..So don't forget to call me on my number here it is again +2348021392110..If you ring her, i don't know if she'll be able to pick up her phone because she has been sleeping all day and really cant talk, but i am not relying on you now if you co-operate with me, the treatment will be carry out fast as i can and she'll be alright and in good Health again..So i will still keep trying to call you from time to time to see if i can get a hold of you..It will be my pleasure to speak with you on the phone and to tell you this, but i have tried to ring you several times no one's there to pick it up..I just assume you are busy doing something else or working, so i will try later ..Well Mr Malcolm, i will be glad to hear from you soon as you can reply me to know what the arrangement of your Wife is ..I do hope to hear from you..I will check my email everytime to see if you email okay..Have a nice day and be good to your Wife..

From Doctor

Steven Alfred
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