Scam letter(s) from Natalia Rumar to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello ,
I am very glad, that you have found time to answer my letter. For the beginning our acquaintance I shall tell to you more about myself. I was born in the city of Simferopol of Republic of Crimea in the country Ukraine. Since old years Crimea to be glorified by the wines and resorts, such as Yalta. Crimea is the peninsula, surrounded with Black sea. This city is no difficult for finding on a card, Simferopol, its population is made about one million by person .
I work in our city in hospital as the dantist. Before it I have finished Medical Institute of the city of Simferopol and have received higher education. I work 9 hours per day, but my work very much to like me. I after work have time that I carried out it with girlfriends. I do not drink alcohol in general and I do not smoke. I try to support a healthy way of life and it to like me. In rainy, boring evenings I like to spend reading the book or listening to music. In music I love everything, but I give preference classical or a jazz. I live one in an one-room apartment but I have the grandmother, mum of my mum who lives in Settlement.
I do not want that my husband Ukraine the man was, Because they frequently drink alcohol and do not respect the wives and frequently address with wives roughly. In free time from work I prefer to walk with girlfriends in park on new fresh air. Also I like to prepare various tasty dishes because Russian and Ukrainian kitchen is very various and in a special way am tasty. First of all I estimate the truth and fidelity in the person. It seems to me, That if people are dishonest in the attitudes to each other, Between them there may not be no attitudes. I very much want to find such person me, I hope, to which might trust all. In Ukraine I might not find such person, I hope, that now I have found It. Write to me about itself, about family, about work and about Hobby. I want to know about all of you, and I hope, that we may be friends And it is more, Natali
Letter 2

Hello my love,
I sit in front of the screen, hasty I collect the necessary words. At work the female part of collective good-natured guesses, that it for the mysterious gentleman at me has appeared. Simply now I am not late after work as earlier, and quickly I am going and I escape in the cafe - Internet. The truth, now I do n ot feel lonely. Now I have you and your letters.Now it seems to me, that the world not too bad. And all this because in my life you have appeared.You became for me a ray of light which gives hope. With hope I for the first time have written to you and now my hopes come true. I hope, that our attitudes too will be good. Today at work I received the salary. I have received 800 grivna. It approximately 180 US dollars. It may seem to you ridiculous, but on this money I live the whole month, I pay 200 grivna for an apartment. Unfortunately, medical the worker in Ukraine is not appreciated Highly, notwithstanding what they are necessary. If I when have arrived to your countre, I would earn much more and might care level with the husband of family. I hope, that you not against if your wife will work. But while we should not hurry up, because we should be sure in the feelings. Today we have fine weather and the sun shines, I very much love sunny days when beams of the sun get in windows. I recollect my working day, my small patients cheerfully blink and accept survey for amusing game. These are the most important words which I want to tell you today. I shall wait from you for the letter MY LOVE. Your natali
Letter 3

Hi my pleasant love!
My love, I hope, your businesses it is good? I am happy from love! Beautifully as well as our love, pure and Innocent. As though I wanted now to be with you. Know I is ready to do all, That I can, that you were happy! I know, that our love is strong also To this any obstacles are not awful. You agree with me? I am very pleased to read your words of love. I feel too most!
Present, today in dream I Arrived to you by the plane! And you met me at the airport. It is such it was pleasant and gently! When I have woken up, my heart Was strongly beaten with happiness. As ? I would want, that it was by the validity! Today at work I all day thought of my dream. Willows to my head the idea was born, I do not know, whether it is pleasant to you really. Probably you will Consider me silly. Probably you know, that I should receive the visa to arrive to you. For this purpose I should go in Kiev and money is necessary for me to make the visa. It is inconvenient to me to ask you concerning the help, therefore forgive Me, if something not so. I have counted up, that to me to arrive in Kiev and to do the visa, it is necessary 470 $. But I really have no such money. Therefore it is a shame to me to ask you to me to help with money. I understand, that for you it is the too large Money, but if you will help me, I could arrive to you in one month. What you think of it? - very much of shame to me to ask you Money, but I need in meeting with you. Understand me, it is necessary for me to hear your vote, your words concerning love. Only, so I can trust, that our attitudes are real, instead of fairy tale. I know, that you also it is required. Please, to help me and to give me chance to show you,
That I really love you. I ask, that you thought above than my offer, for us it - Very important - step in our attitudes. Forgive me, if you do not divide with me of my feelings and desires. The people sometimes can not all Write each other, sometimes words and - not necessary..., close man Necessary simply about... Especially When it is bad, especially, when about anyone - not a gift... And it is more so, When I need in you, as never.... As now... My work has stopped to bring pleasure, because between us cost of obstacles. I want to clean them, please to help me! I with hope shall wait yours The answer, that it was, simply, the closest man knows, that you for me, And I very much love you natali
Letter 4

Today I in bank to learn as you can send me money. I was told by the employees of bank, that the most reliable and fast way to send and to receive money, is system of remittances Western Union. Has appeared, that it is very simple system. To me have explained, that for this purpose you should find in the city bank, where there is a system Western Union. You will send money to my complete name and address, then you will give control number from 10 figures, which you should inform me. Then I with this number, your complete name and address to go to receive money. But to send money, you should know my information.
my address;
my name RUMAR NATALI 24-3,puskina street,
Simferopol city,
As well I should know about you the information yours a complete name and address. I think, that it is simple also you without effort can send me money 470$.
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