Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Kryshinskaya to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Perth!

It was my pleasure to get your letter!I see you are romantic man and you like the things i like!I thin it is good sign for us!It was interesting to read you and your life!Thank you for picture!!

I have heard so many times that it is possible to find real friends and even soul mate in the Internet. I cannot know for sure if this is true or not, but I am going to check this, that is why I am here. I am very curious person, I like to be in the know of everything and Internet seems very interesting to me. I don't know if I find here my love, or I will find just friends and people with whom will be interesting to communicate, but anyway I hope for better and I am very glad that I am here in the Internet! Maybe it will be new page in my life? and what about you, are you for long time here?

Hmm, from what I shall start to tell you about my self? I just want to be natural and show you my inner world! I live in Ukraine, in the city called Kirovsk, it the East of Ukraine. I have enough good job, I have family. Unfortunately my father does not live with us, because my parents were divorced several years ago, now he lives in another city. I communicate with him sometimes, but not as often as I want. My mother is very wise and good woman, I love her so much and I will always take care about her. My mother gave me a lot in this life, but I see that she is not happy, and I want to do everything possible to see my mother happy! I have strong family values and I think that family is the most important in the life of each person, do you agree with me? Also, I have grandmother, believe me she is so funny sometimes! And she understands me very good! She is my best friend and I always can ask her advise!

Some words about my character, I'm tender woman who is tired to be alone and seeking for her true love. Yes, you understand this sentence correctly I'm not waiting for my true love I'm Seeking for it! Many people say that there is no escaping fate...I agree with them but on the other hand, I think that everything is in our hands. Do you agree with me? And even all people all over the world will tell me don't tempt providence and live as you live. I won't do this as I don't want to live in a fool's paradise and in hopes. I want to live a full life with my beloved as I know for sure I'll meet him or already met....and may be it's you:) and may be one day we become enamoured of each others. What do you think about this? Do you have any dreams?

I will be very glad to get your reply on this letter and I hope we will become closer with you!!! It will be very nice if you tell me more about your desires and intentions!

Have nice weekend!


Letter 2

Hello Gavin!

Thank you so much for your letter today and your desire to get know me as a woman who can love you and share this wonderful world with you and spoil you with love... One day, we can be in love with you and have a family together...we will see where the destiny will lead us!

I am looking for someone sweet, simple, kind, loving and gentle who loves family warm evenings and want to have them. I would like my husband to be kind, cheerful, and not afraid of the challenges of life. He should believe that the most important thing in life is true love, not money. In return for his love he will get a wife who will cherish him for his outer and inner beauty , who will always forgive him mistakes and who will be able to make him laugh no matter how bad our life circumstances could be and who will make him feel the most special and precious man in the world. I am home loving and family oriented person by my nature. I think that family is the most important in life of every person. I want to create my own family and I don’t want to divorce with my husband. I saw the divorce already and it is enough for me, I saw how hard it was for my parents and how they both suffered from this, it was also very difficult for me and painful. That is why I don’t want my future children know what is divorce and how it looks like. I want to have peace and understanding in the family, love and respect, trust and care. I know that it sounds maybe banal, because every body wants so, but I think it is normal desire of each human!

I have a lot of others aims in my life! As I have told you already I am interested almost in everything, everything around me seems very interesting for me! I want to see our world, I want to travel, I want to see the beauty around us! And I want my man is with me, contemplating this world and enjoy it with me! I want to learn a lot of different things, for example, I have never tried diving, hiking, climbing high mountains, hunting, skiing and so one!!! I guess it must be interesting!

My English is not so good as you think,because i can speak but i cannot write in English, it is hard for me. That is why my letters have to be translated. But i think that it is not problem for me and for you also,the most important is that i can speak!Also, tell me, do you speak Russian? I actually don't have much pictures of my city,i don't have my own camera and that is why i don't have pictures of my city.

I will be waiting for your letter! Hope to know more about your life!
By the way, if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer all of them!

Take care!

Letter 3

Hello dear Gavin!

I am starting to get used to your letters! I think about you and when I check my mail box my heart is jumping because I want so much to see your letter! I am glad to get it, thank you that you always find the time for me, you find time to write me letter and to show me your life and your inner world, I appreciate it and it is very pleasant! Thank you for such nice pictures!Montie is very funny!!Who named him?you?

So, I will continue to tell you about myself and my life here. I work as a organizer of different festive occasions. My work is very much interesting, I always communicate with a lot of people! This work demands from me a lot of creativity and very good imagination and of course desire to make for people wonderful celebration! The agency I work in is very popular in Lugansk region, we have a lot of clients. As often as not people order different and various shows for theirs birthdays. Also, we do different parties in night clubs, on the nature and everywhere our clients want. Usually I have to be present on such celebrations, because I am responsible and I have to check if everything is going good. So, as you see my work is interesting but sometimes very hard and nervous, because if something is not going in normal way, I am responsible and guilty! Sometimes I even don't have days off, actually I must have them but very often people order shows for the weekends! As you understand I don't have a lot of time for my private life, so I decided to try Internet!

Do you like nature? I love it! I think it is very romantic to go to the forest, take a guitar, put there a tent, to make bonfire and to spend some days under the sky, to contemplate stars and to listen to the bird's signing, to inhale fresh air and to relax, to forget about all your everyday problems. Very often, I want to leave everything in the city and go with my beloved one on the nature…but unfortunately I am it is just dream for me...and I want it comes true!! Who knows maybe one day you and me we will re read once again all our letters from the beginning as couple....

I don't have phone at home,i have only mobile phone, if you want i can give it to you. And i will be also very glad to get your number!

Gavin,i wanted to ask you, are you satisfied with your work? Does it give you not only good benefit but also some kind of joy, because you enjoy it? Do you like to gift flowers to your woman?

I wish you to have nice day!
Hug you!
Yours Marina

Letter 4

Hello Gavin!

It is so pleasant for me to write today!You know i have been thinking about you and me, and i have to tell you that i have good feeling, i think in reality we will match to each other very good. You think in the same way as i think and i guess our intentions are the same...and it is very nice!!!!

I want to be happy, i think each woman deserves it and i really want to have normal and full family. This is the aim for me, i work because i want to know that in the future my children will be proud of her mother, i want they have everything they need in this life. When i was small my parents could not buy a lot of things for me, i did not have a lot of things, but i want that my future children have everything!!!And i also think the the life abroad will be better than here in Ukraine and abroad we will have much more possibilities!!

I like how you write me, it is very pleasant and interesting to read, i see that you can express your self in a very good manner!!I like this very much! Gavin, me too i like music as much as you do!As you understand my work also have common with music, when we create some party, we always find some suitable music! I love my work, unfortunately it does not give me a big benefit, but it is pleasant for me to work in such way and always create something interesting!!!!

Thank you or your compliments about my eyes!It is so much pleasant for me!You are correct in your assumption about me!!

My phone number: +38 099 43 77 542 I will be glad to hear your voice, i am sorry in advance if i will not understand something, i don't have practise of oral English, and i am not very keen in it, i remember a lot of things, but i am not sure for 100% that i will understand everything!But anyway i think it will be very nice to talk a bit!!!By the way, can you also give me your phone number?

I wish you to have nice day!!


Yours Marina

Letter 5

Hi my dear Gavin!!

Thank you for all your compliments, it is very pleasant for me!To be honest now i feel like princess, i have never heard so many good words to me!! Thank you for making me feel so good!!If you could see my smiling face now!!!

Gavin, i gave you my mobile phone number,my personal mobile phone number. Gavin, unfortunately i don't have phone at home and i cannot use my work phone in my private aims, my boss will not like it. I will be glad if you have possibility to call me in the afternoon, usually in this time my boss is not in the office and we will have time to talk a little bit!!So,please when you have time, call me, it will be very nice to hear your voice!!!By the way, why you did not give me your phone number?

Gavin, it is wonderful that you keep in touch with your friends!Me too i have some friends whom i know from the school years and we still communicate!One of my closest friend is living now in Germany, she moved there 2 years ago, she got married with man from Germany. She comes to Ukraine 3 times per year and we meet with her!!While she is in Germany we write letters to each other!It is very good that i have possibility to communicate with she!!

I am sending you millions of kisses!!

Yours always Marina



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