Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Rassvetnaya to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
I was glad to receive your note.Thank you very much!!!!!
Well,Leo,do you know that you wrote to a very romantic tender and sweet girl who can make you dream comes true!!!!!!!!! Yes,I can do it for sure!!!!!!
Do you want to have a tender flower near you???? Do you want to feel warm in cold,summer in winter,happines in misfortune???? Do you want to learn what is like to love and to be loved????
Are you sure you want it,Leo???
Hurry up..... I am waiting for you in the next letter:)))))))
Letter 2
Thank you for your answer. I read your letter with great interesr and I liked it a lot:)))))
Well,Franki,I think we have a lot of commons and similar desires!!! Maybe we are exactly those people who we are looking for??!!!
I don't know,but I want to believe in it!!!!!!!
You know,Franki,I am little bit shy at first.... But I hope you will help me to become open??!!
But I want you to know that in real life I am open minded person who loves everything that is beautiful......I prefer inner beauty to the appearance.... I am sure that there is no thing in this world that is not beautiful.Even in something **** I can see beauty....... What abou you???? What do you prefer???
You know,Franki,I would like you to do me a favour...... Please,listen to me very careful.....
I am here to find the most beautiful,tender,exiting,sensible feeling-LOVE!!!!!I Yes,Franki,I believe in it!!!!!! And I believe that it is possible to find it here!!!!!
Well we can check it!!!!! What do you think??? Do you want to try????
Come on,Franki.....Don't be afraid..... I am not afraid..... I am open to everything that can happen to me here!!!!!
Wait..... Can you hear this????
I think the melody is playing..... Is it you????
No,then who is playing????
Oh,Franki..... I think I know!!!!!!!!
This melody is the tune of relations!!!! Do you know what does it mean????
It means that the story of our relations began:)))))))))
It is only a couple of notes.....but.... But I can here that it is the beggining of a very beautiful and long song........
Tell me what do you hear???? Does this melody fast or slowly???? Do you like it?????
How it sounds to you,Franki???? I want to know your feelings????
I want this tune never end.... Look it is removing.....
Do you want to hear it all?????
Hurry up,Franki..... Let's run down it......
Letter 3
How are you???
Thank you for your letter.It was wery nice as you are:))))))
I am very glad that you wrote me back!!!! It means that we can continue our communication in this way,of course if you don't mind that??!!!!
You know,I am very intersted in you and i would like to learn you more and more with every letter.And who knows maybe we will be able to hear our melody better and to study how it will be changing in one letter to another!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the pictures,I liked them:)))))))
You might think why I like music so much??!! Am I right???
Well,Franki,I have a surprize for you:)))))) I am a teacher of music:)))))
Do you like music??? What's you favorite one???
Can you remember the feelings when you listen to it??? I know for sure that you get a huge pleasure of hearing it!!!!!!
You listen to every note to every word,every tone of it......
You know what will be further......
You want to hear it again and again....No matter where you are,you always keep it on your mind.....
Have you already remember this feelings???? I hope so!!!!
Because,Franki,I want to become your favorite melody:)))))))
I mean I want you to feel me like music.....I want you keep me in your mind and always want to hear me.... I want you want me again and again and never let go........
I want you feel my soul my body like you feel music.....
I want to become the perfet melody for you that will live in you forever.....
Do you like my idea,Franki????
I am waiting for you on the next bar of our song.....
Letter 4

Hello,Franki,my teacher of love:)))))!!!!
Thank you for writting me!!!! I must confess I like you more and more:))))))) Thank you for the picture!
You are not like others men and it make me curiuos about you.I am thinking of you most of the time!!!! I just can't wait your answers to write you a new letter and to tell news about our melody that is growing and growing with every day!!!!!!!!
Can you feel it,Franki????
You know,I want to tell you about my family.I think you should know more about me.Don't you???? I hope that our story will be not the same but as exiting and intersting as parents had.....
Well,Franki,my parents met on the concert of the very famous pionist,(maybe that's why I become a musician:)))))))) They sit next to each other.... My father inveted my mother on the date after thr perfomance and their story began..... By the way the first quetion that he asked my mom was..... You won't believe me.... He asked if she heard the melody??!!!!!!
What do you think about it,Franki????
I think just like my father,maybe the story repeats???
My parents had a great life together.They loved each other so much that everyone envyed them..... Of corse they had different stage in relations but still they were very happy!!!!!!!!!
I hope that our relations will be look like theirs.....
You know,Franki, my father always told me that love is like the Piano.....
It is impossible to be in love and to have only white moments.... Real love have to go through everything,It can be differnt....Sometimes black sometimes white,like keys on the piano....
Everything is deppend on us.... We can change everything.....
Look!!!!! Can you see this,Franki????
It is piano!!!!!!!! It is waiting for us!!!!!!
We can play the melody of our love and our relations!!!!!!!!
Do you want to try,Franki???? I would like to play something!!!!!!
We can chose by ourselfs what do we want from our relations.... Do we want a beautiful slow melody,or fast and agressive??? Or maybe something very romantic????
You know,Franki, we can play everything we want but be careful.... It is not so easy....We need to be patience....Otherwise,Franki,we can press on the wrong key and ruined our melody.....
What do you want to hear??? I give you the right to decide!!!!!
I am waiting for your answer...
Letter 5
Thank you for your answer.I was waiting for it impationtly!!!!
Why???? Because I like you:)))))
You are very nice man not only in your appearance but inside as well.
You won't believe me but I can hear the music of your soul.You know,I believe that everything and evryone in this world has it's own sound.That can be heard sometimes.......This sound depend on your caracter,on your soul,your inner world.... Strange:))))) Isn't it?:)))))))))
Yes,Franki,I am not ordinary girl!!!!!!!!!
Well,if you are interested I can say that you sound is very strong and powerful but in other hand it is very tender and romantic.....
I like it very much...And with every letter I like you more and more:)))))
I couldn't even imagine that it is possible to become so close with the person who I have never seen.....
What do you think,Franki???
I don't know how,but we become realy very close to each other.I think it is because of us:)))))))))
I mean we both want one and the same thing.. And we are open to each other.... We are ready to everything!!!!!!!!
Maybe that's why we have such a good relations that grow and grow very fast!!!
And I want to confess,I am not afraid of such fast events.... I like this feeling!!!
It makes my day light and full of pleasant emotions and thoughts about you:)))))))))
I like thinking about you or imagening us together......Sometimes I think about us sitting in front of the fireplace with the bottle of wine.......Oh,Franki.....It is so romantic........Or just walking the streets under the rain.kissing and hugging each other..........Have you think about it?????
I hope yes,Franki!!!!! I am very interested what you imagine......Can you tell me???
Letter 6
Thank you for your note.
I will be waiting for your letter.
Letter 7
Thank you for your note. How was your swimming?
Unfotunately Ican't use MSN but I will try to make it soon.
Letter 8
Thank you for your answer.It was very nice!!!!
I liked your thoughts about us.I hope that our dreams will come true!!!!
Do you think it is possible,Franki??? I think YES!!!! It is possible for sure!!!!
Only we are creators of our happiness.And only we can make our dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready to real kisses real hugs,real touches???
I can say for sure that I am ready!!!!!!!! What about you,Franki????
I was looking for a man just like you:))))) I can see that you want to be happy in a marriage!!!!!!!!
As you already know family is very important for me.Maybe that's why I want to create it in so young age.
I want to tell you that my parents got married after 2 weeks knowing each other.Can you believe in it,Franki?????
Father always told me.If you didn't realize that this was your person from the first sight you would never realize that.......
It is just not your person..... And I think he was right...
All of us has experiense.And I am sure that you have such a relations.The relations that lasted for a long time and never leaded you to happiness...... And I had such relations as well.......
Ok.enough about the past...... Past is Past.....
Let's talk about our happy future? Do you know why our??? And do you know why happy????
Well,Franki,do you remember when you send me your first letter??? In that day realized something..... Do you know what??????
I realized that you are my person.Of course I have never seen you and I can't say for sure.... But I think we can fix it.....
We just should meet:))))))) What's your opinion about it???
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