Scam letter(s) from Marina Podubna to Konstantinos (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello my friend. I very lucky to see the letter from you. I have solved to search for its fate in internet and I lucky to begin the contact with you. Beside me many girlfriends told me that this much comfortable and quickly possible find itself friends , but most main this second half on put the acquaintance. That is why I have solved registered and search for its happiness. For me certainly internet this not quite introduce;make familiar with, since I in its lifes do not use internet and computer in general. Beside me building of no computer, but this not problem, I wit to use the computer.
I wanted you to tell more about itself. I work the nurse in hospital in my city. I love its work, since I this help to people. The Salary certainly not very big, but me to like my profession.
I live in city Nikolaeve. This very beautiful small city, hope that you at one time his(its) see.
I live with their own parents, ma and pope(pa). I have finished the medical school so I have a diploma honey workman. But you where work? You has a loved occupation?
At free time I love to read the books, walk in park with its dog. Also I love to sew and knit. I have much belongings, which I awls itself on itself. I also much love to prepare varied guard;keep. I tasty prepare meal.
I never was be married and I have no children. But I already much wanted to have a family, that is why I want to hear you better. For me most main this that I and my future man each other understood and loved, this most main. I shall presently finish the letter. I shall wait your answer. Marina
Letter 2
Hello. Thank you for your answer to my letter. I am lucky to see that you are interested by me. This signifies that I you interesting? I want more with you to communicate, hear you, tell you more about itself and certainly I much want to meet you once upon a time. I feel that you very good and very reliable person and that I can on you to hope. You radiate confidence. So I wanted you to meet personally face to face and I think that I already ready for this. But you ready? I certainly outlive as we shall understand each other, since english this not my native language, but still I can speak in english not much. I even wanted to talk with you. I hope that you understand my letter? Simply I write in internet-cafe and use the program- translator, since most me to write in english to would be necessary long, but with translator easier and not much quicker. I wanted to know not much more about you. I interesting romantic you person or you live more reality? What films you love and what music. I love the comedies and melodramas. I also love tasty to prepare. I already this wrote, but I wanted for you to prepare once upon a time tasty supper, and that we together his(its) ate at candle, this was much romantic. I want to come in well wife, and I certain that I her shall since be aside from that that I well prepare meal, I else always keep in purity its house, since house this as chalice, she must be full love and heats. I very pleased that I find you and have a possibility with you to communicate. I wanted to hear you more. I also wanted to know on how to long ago you search for the woman in internet? And than I you on liked? I know, can this not correct question, but me much interesting. I shall finish presently and I shall wait your answer. Kisses, Marina
Letter 3
Hello. Here is my number +380931054378. Marina
Letter 4

My nice I have already read your letter and I ready with you to discuss all. But I can you already to say immediately that yes I agree shall be with you to live where you will live. I don't care where in Athens or in Dubaii, the main that we were together. On cause of the passport, I spoke if I do itself that this cost(stand)s 150 dollars and visa beside 50 dollars. But if I do the passport in agency that this passport cost(stand)s 200 dollars. I wait sooner your bell that to hear your voice and all discuss.
Letter 5
My nice I have cashed. I came to do foreign passport. All well, we shall soon together. I so this waits
Letter 6
My nice I today half of the day spent on organization of our meeting. I rang in embassy and I have dictated the list a document which me it is necessary to have with me in embassy when I shall go to Odessa on conversation. Aside from that documents which you me to send me it is necessary with do the insurance, which cost(stand)s 60 dollars, also me it is necessary to pay the cost of the visa in Greece, which cost(stand)s 35 euro, also me it is necessary to have a documents with work about my salary and give the documents on premises (the copies notarial notorized). I have heard that one document that his(its) notarial to notarize cost(stand)s 50 dollars, but me their it is necessary 2.
Also I have heard that me on road before Odessa it is necessary beside 100 dollars, since before embassy this it is necessary to go 3 hours on machine(train).
I did not know that it is necessary so much documents. Why you I have not said. I on considered this me it is necessary else 320-350 dollars on organization of the whole journey to you.
On bell me us it is necessary all discuss
Letter 7
My nice. Why you me not to write and not to ring?
Letter 8
My nice, this not truth I very serious to you. 50 dollars cost(stand)s one document since I his(its) take with work about salary and place live, they in russian language, in it is necessary to translate into english and notarize notarial. The Notary takes 50 dollars for the document. This truth, I not to tell lies. I very serious. I can beside 100 dollars on try to take on work, but probably not more so I wait your decision.
Letter 9
my nice why you me not to write and not to ring? I much want to hear your voice once again.
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