Scam letter(s) from Marianna to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
hello Gavin, well, i think i shall be short this time because i have to do some work over in the shortest time, it is almost made out but i have to do some corrective amendments.
so my name is Marianna and it is my real name and please let me know of yours real in return. i guess you have already looked at my profile but better to repeat, i am 25 years old, my birthday is on august, 17th 1983, 172 sm height and 52 kgs weight. my eyes' color is green, i am blonde, actually you can look at my appearance in the attached file, i hope to see your comments.. and please send me some of yours.
i live in russia in city Yoshkar-Ola, my parents live next to my home, i don't have any brothers but i have one sister Marina, i have never been married, i am single and i don't have any children, i live alone in my own apartment.
i work as a manager in shop of household chemical goods ( soap, detergent powders, etc.) i like to travel, but my work does not allow me to do it too often, i like and i do enjoy reading books, listening dancing, pop music, 3-4 times a week i go out for sports clubs for playing tennis, volleyball, also i practice the latin-american dances such as rumba. i can afford to go out for restaurants, theatres or cinema in weekends.
here i leave some questions, well, write me more about yourselves, about your vital priorities, about your past life, have you ever been condemned? how do you spend your spare time? in weekends for example, what do you do after your work? are you interested in russian culture and what do you know of russia or what would you like to know? can you say anything about russian women, are you really seeking for serious long-term relations?
i hope these questions won't be difficulties in answer.
write me back to the same e-mail i really would like to develop our acquaintance out and not to stop on this message. hopefully, we shall have the time to write to each other on time without any delays. well, i have to be back for working now. i hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2
hello Gavin, it's me again, now i am free more or less, i request pardon me for my first short message, really nice to write to you in hope for keeping on developing our acquaintance. to be honest, i am really excited because i am new for such web-sites where i can take an opportunity to get acquainted with a man from other country, i admit i used russian dating sites before but russian men don't use to seek for women in internet, a result of search in such russian web-sites is narrow and almost there's not the certain contingent of men i could make a choice among, russia is the backward country and most of russians don't have internet access at all. in truth, for the sake of mere curiosity i have decided to enter the criteria of a search for men who are older than 60 years old, and i have been surprised because there're a lot of men who seek for women, the most people after 60 here in russia never heard of such word as internet at all, in comparison with russian men, the percent of foreigners in internet is too high, that's the percent to find the right man is going up. can you tell to me why are you seeking for a woman in internet, why do not you try to seek for a woman in your city? in turn, i have decided to try this way because one of my friends advised me to be registered on that web-site, now she lives in japan with her husband, and last month she was in russia for visiting with her family here, i think it would be silly not to use all possible ways to seek for someone especial, even in internet. among my friends, there are many female friends with nice husbands, they are happy in marriage and have good children but the most of my female friends complain that their husbands are taken aback by work pretty much, they don't play a role in childrens' raising properly, often leave for other cities for business trips and their families remain without their fathers and husbands for a long time and, in my opinion, kids need proper attention of both parents. needless to say their husbands bring good amounts of money into family but it isn't a question of money, it's question about family as about unseparable unit. my friend who lives in japan now, has a family with japanese and she has settled down there, has told that russian men differ from foreigners, foreigners are found as men who take an attention and feel responsible in all aspects to their family, to their wives and this point makes me interested in seeking for man from other country. certainly no one is ideal and maybe my opinion on foreigners is erroneous but i think that everyone knows that the east woman is a loving and careful partner, orientated to family and to raising children, also there's a similar myth about foreigners among russian women here. i really would like to express thank-you to that web-site that helps people to find their future, i am really interested in getting knowing of different cultures, we are in the different countries, we speak in different languages daily with family, with close people and friends, we live in different time zones even, we wake up and we go for work, we get sleeping and again go for work, by the way, i live in gsm+3 time zone and you? also we have different mentality but needless to say moral human bases and the usual everyday life means the same idea about a life and i am sure that we will find many topics for talks, won't we? i prefer to find more mature man. why so? i often pay my attention to enough mature married couples, i see that such husbands take bags with meal, when leaving a shop, open the door for women, and talk very politely and it really makes me smiling and this thing is worth for smiling and showing respect, the life does not stop and when people are older the value of a life becomes higher, we don't have a longevity elixir unfortunately, on the contrary, so unpleasantly to see a young married couple and especially when a wife takes heavy bags and behind her an young man goes with a cigarette and it seems normal for him and even a kind of amusing thing. usually young men search for adventures, search for taking a fun and how to hang out better, both of us were young, agree that both of us felt like to be on the same level as the rest of our friends, felt like to bring something colourful into our lives, something was outside of common sense and please look back and look at today's Gavin and that former Gavin and you will understand that currently you don't look like former Gavin, who wasn't sure in something or, on the contrary, too aspiring guy in other things, now our life is stable, certainly everyone is eager for something great, to well-being and in fact everyone has the different aims in life, but we have been brought here by the only aim, each of us lacks a second half, who could complete an essence of another one, for the sake of whom we would feel like to live, facing all difficulties. well, i think i close here, i asked many questions in my previous message and i look forward to see your answers to my questions, please comment the written above. do not hesitate to ask your questions, everything is free for answer. i look forward your message back.
Letter 3
hello Gavin, how are you today? what's weather there? i am really glad that you have written to me back. really nice that you have become interested in my thoughts in my previous messages and that i have caused your interest in me, and i sincerely hope that we shall keep on getting knowing of each other more, let's write to each other daily, needless to say we are adults and responsible, we have some deals and a work but, agree, always it's possible to take some time to check mail up and to write an answer or a short note that today it's impossible to do it so that not to wonder and not to stay in doubts and in riddles whether you said anything wrong or anything else, nothing is by chance and we are here thanks to god and maybe it's our chance, maybe an only chance, and we should try to keep each other in touch, i really would like to get knowing of you more and i hope that the further writings will make us smile and aspire to sign in mail servers and to see letters from you, i promise to do best in order to write without any delays. hm, Gavin please, please, please don't put off the sending of your photos, i'd like to have them on my computer and the more the better. make me happy with your photos as soon as possible. thanks in advance. it's kind of you to take some time and answer to my questions, it shows that you pay the proper attention to my messages and it makes me sure that you aren't not for head games. i think it's time to tell about myself a little more, i am well proportioned and exercise regularly, but not obsessively. i am expressive emotionally, intellectually and physically and i need the same in return. i like to laugh and to be spontaneous and to enjoy being physically active. do you practise sport? what sport is your favourite? Gavin, i do seek for serious long-term relations and i hope you have already looked at my profile and you know about my intentions to find someone especial whom i could create a family with, i do not have any children but i'd like to have them. today's women tend to treat career growth and well-being as initial level of their life and frequently they forget the initial meaning of their role in this life, in my opinion, a woman always should be a woman and to be above any obscene things, many women smoke, get ***** and some of their acts make blushing even, i used to go out for partying in university time, to go to the restaurants, the cinema because there was very amicable narrow circle of people whom i was sure in, now the most of my friends have their families, now i do not want to go to noisy unsafe places where i could face just turmoil, the today's world became rough and ruthless and i prefer to stay at home at nights. say to me please how do you spend your time? i request pardon for such frank question but what woman would you like to find? what qualities do you like in women? i really should know of it because only we can take an opportunity to make this path leading us to right direction. if to touch individuality, Gavin, i am very much a homely person and my life is missing the love of a good romantic man. i am lonely woman absolutely though a lot of friends and my family are around me always but all this isn't what i would like to have. my future family, my future children, all this is what i need and what i am here for the sake of. Gavin, i think i close here, i hope you will like this photo, i am there in my bedroom and read a book! i hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 4

hello my dear Gavin, how are you? what about your mood? i am fine, everything around me blossoms and gets alive when i get reading your messages. i really would like to write all past and present that happened in my life, but i can't take the time or for other reasons it's difficult to write more but i promise to touch all things you're interested in and to discuss everything what you want. my work keeps me busy and at times i really want to get free from everything, from this reality and get rest for one week. my life is lacking something especial, new for me and thanks a lot that you have written to me back, i am not lonely, there's family, my mom, my daddy, my sister, and i am thankful to God that they are close to me all the time and support and protect me if it's necessary, but really don't know how to explain. well.. Gavin, i look like a flower, beautiful and graceful at first glance. the flower needs three important things to keep on being such, that's a fertile soil, water and a sunlight. i have good work that gives to me "the fertile soil", also i have my family's "water" that gives to me, likely, a goal to live for the sake of. the flower can live without a sunlight but it's a question How and How long. i think that i need this sunlight that would keep me alive and what i am lacking to be the same, beautiful and graceful. Gavin, therefore i am really happy to write to you back because your messages brings to me maybe a little but this is a sunlight that takes my daily deals and problems away and lets me be open with my thoughts here in internet, and i don't know how are you feeling right now, are you thoughtful or you touch a reading without any mind, whether you smile or, on the contrary, find a worth of my words for you. who knows really.. but that's what i really want to realise, not everyone can give what another person needs in and therefore i want to get knowing of your internal world, what do you need from a woman, how would you like to keep relations balance to feel comfortable with a woman. i don't care of difference in culture, in customs and in other background things, i am seeking a man i could feel comfortable with in talks, in behaviour, in making love, in everything in short. i am thinking right now that it's possible to write more and more and right now i am smiling, so funny that i am writing to a man whom i never saw but i really feel responsible to write in proper way. i hope you noticed that i try to tell to you maximum about myself and about my life because i feel like to say and to be heard up in return. i hope you're not bored by my several messages a day :) Gavin, really i am thankful to you that you don't stop writing to me, you're an only man who "courts" me anyhow except for my daddy of course, i am surrounded with his attention all the time. by the way, my family knows that i write to you and they asked me once where you're from, how old you're and other banal questions. by the way, maybe at times if i couldn't check my mail up, my father's e-mail is, so you may write to my father and ask him what's happening with me. he knows my nickname and password and also can write to you if something will happen with me. my daddy is a kind man, i look like my daddy pretty much, seems, i adopted all his qualities, i am easy going, i am an easy to get along with a person, i am good listener. i don't judge anyone and i am always learned to not judge. as long as you're being treated with respect and honesty and it shows that matters are correct. my daddy was always eager to make my life correct, he loves me very much, always make my life interesting, my mom takes care of Marina more and daddy takes care of me, always take me along for fishing and going camping, for hiking, for skiing the winter, skating in sport centers, me and my daddy, we enjoy to go to the cinema. at times, if someone looks at me in public places such as cinema or restaurant, he says to me "Ale, look! it's your future groom". he is funny and easy for talks. no words can't describe his individuality. so a little about my father. please tell to me more about your individuality in the next message. well, i hope it's enough today, my eyes are tired to look at screen. well, i close here. yours faithfully Marianna. ps.: on this photo i am whith my sister.
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