Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Grishina to Mikael (Sweden)

Letter 1
I ask, remain near to me the friend,
I will warm and I will cover from all blizzards
I to you will open the big secret
I can be a number,
I wish to be only with you!
Letter 2
Hi Mikael! I am happy to receive your reciprocal message, it gives me understanding that you have to me interest also. Mikael, we shall continue our acquaintance - ok? In it E-mail, I wish to tell about myself in more detail. I live, together with the parents in city Kazan. It in average part of Russia. I have good and confidential attitudes with the parents. A name of my father Vladimir , a name of my mother Liza. As I have the younger sister Kristina . I have failures in searches necessary men here. Also in our man do not wish to become husbands, they prefer to walk and much to drink. Certainly, here there are many men, but the majority of them, have one purpose - only ***. I search for more serious attitudes, probably therefore, I do attempt to search for love and tenderness far from here. I have some experience in attitudes, but now I am lonely. I already wrote to you, but unfortunately I was sick, but hour I am healthy also we can write each other. Please Mikael, inform frankly, for what attitudes you search. If you have no purposeIf you have no purpose serious the attitude, but only *** and an entertainment, that to us is better to stop our acquaintance. I very quickly get used to people and the poet to me it is very sick, when attitudes are broken off. I very sensitive person and me it is easy to injure. Please Mikael, closely read my words and write sincere the answer. By the way Mikael, I have not received your pictures, please send me it. With impatience I wait for your messages. Yours faithfully your friend Olga.
Letter 3
Hi Mikael! I am glad to receive again yours E-mail. Every day we start to learn each other more well and for me it is interesting thing - your messages. I informed you Mikael, that already the some time I am lonely also yours E-mail is a good medicine for mine loneliness. I very much frequently think of the future. Probably each woman reflects on it early or late. I very much would like to find in this life the present love, complete tendernesses, By passion and human care. Unfortunately now in Russia it is not easy to find The suitable companion of life. I very much would like, that in my life I would appear the man with which could To create happy family and to have children. The man, to which I could trust most secret. The man for the sake of which be necessary to live. The future is represented to me as that that very good and kind. Mikael, I send you other picture of, I hope, that it will be to like you. Dear, tell to me about family. How many you the person? What at you with them attitudes? What they have opinion about your personal lives? I already informed you, that I live in the house of my parents. In ours to apartment there are some cosy rooms. My attitudes with parents close enough. Sometimes we have together an entertainment. Is a beach in the summer , in the winter - skates of a ski. Earlier I lived separately, removed small apartment. But after parting with my partner I am bad myself my mum vein with them felt also asked, that I some time. I spend usually most part of day on work. I communicate with in the evening friends, we sometimes get out in club or on a party. But more often, I simply send home and I look TV. A little once a month I have sports to support by way of my body. Also I love water, is a pool or simply bathing. Mikael, I would like to learn more about yours usual lives. Tell, as you have the usual day. What ideas often come to you? I have many questions to you, but my modesty does not allow me to ask some of them, you. Write Mikael, what attitudes for you ideal? About what you you dream? You could represent, in the life, such the person, how I? Write the ideas on these things. I wait for your messages. Yours Olga.
Letter 4

Hi Mikael! I with impatience reached a computer to read yours E-mail. Last days, I often think of you and these new ideas excite me. With your occurrence Mikael, my loneliness is replaced with expectation of your messages. This feeling of expectation is very strong. Probably that I did not begin the attitude by means of the Internet earlier here matters. Such situation what there is a distance between us, draws my ideas to you Mikael. Also gives new emotions of separation for me. In my character there is such feature, that if there is a difficulty to reach the purpose the desire to reach this purpose increases. The distance between us also is this difficulty. It forces me to reflect on you.Mikael, I think, that I should grasp your heart. Dear Mikael, what you will answer it? I had in life 2 serious relations. Last were finished in November 2008. First my relations were with the man, which I Has got acquainted, when I studied in the medical college. When I Has arrived home, I have learned, that other woman waits for the child from him. The second relations to me should be finished, as mine the man, With which I lived very many saws and beat me, he did not respect me. I wish you to warn, that your heart for me the important purpose now. Mikael, I again wish to ask you about some things. What things the main things in your life: Family? Work? Riches? Or other things? Write Mikael Also inform the ideas. I wait for yours E-mail. Yours Olga.
Letter 5
Hi, my darling Mikael! I missed yours E-mail. Today on work I thought of you, and it was pleasant to me to know, that there is a person which thinks of me, reads my messages and writes specially for me. And you miss me? For me the most important thing in same certainly is love and a family and work, I very seriously concern you. At me phone on repair and consequently I can not to you call, but if you I shall give to me the complete telephone number to try to cause you from post office. It is my sole way to call to you. I very much want to hear your vote. Today we with my colleagues on work, plan to have a small entertainment. It will be possible club or a disco. It is very a pity to me, that now there is no opportunity to invite you there because you are far from me. I am assured, that we with you would have excellent evening. I hope, that we shall do still it in the future and we can well have fun. We shall drink easy wine, then to dance. And after that we shall reach somewhere else where I shall do with you some things . I am already raised. Because my imagination very developed and I for us can represent many details of our appointment. Probably, dear, I need to finish this letter. And that now I shall write something superfluous and I shall have then confusion from it before you. I wait your messages, my darling. Embraces and my kiss.
Yours Olga.
Letter 6
Hi, my dear Mikael! I am glad to speak again with you. I hope, that you have good day. Yesterday I had good evening with my colleagues. We reached in one club and there were there some hours. First the good supper, then game on billiards and is a little wine. I looked at cheerful and happy pairs people and had from it small envy. During this moment I thought of you Mikael Also dreamed, that you beside. That you embrace me and whisper gentle words on an ear. I heard, that you have many bars and restaurants. How often you go to such places? When you in such places women approach to you to get acquainted? Now I ask you these questions and simultaneously I have a feeling of jealousy. Though I understand, that I have no rights to you dear. I search for the man, which will have love and understanding to me. I want to consider you and to see in you these qualities. I do not want, that between the man and woman there was a deceit I search for the truth and respect. I search for the man, with which I can begin amicable family. I have bad English. I studied it at school and institute too. It is imperfect, certainly. But I can understand that me speak and I can speak that I think. But for me to write difficultly still. I searched for the people directly in Russia, but nobody loved me or he simply did not like to me. And I have solved to find the man in the Internet, that he approached me. I have similar found that whom searched is you!!! Mikael, I often think above your messages and probably I can do a conclusion, that you have serious intentions concerning me. I too do not think, that our dialogue is an easy entertainment. And consequently I speak you some personal ideas, as to the close person. I also wish to tell to you Mikael, that I am glad, that I have such person - as you! I wait for your messages and I think of you. My gentle kiss!!!! Yours Olga.
Letter 7
Hi my darling! I hope, that you ok! It was pleasant to Me to read through your message and Thanks for your words Mikael! I send you other picture, probably, You have already studied a former photo also they have bored already to you. I hope, this The picture will give you again good emotions in a photo i at the grandmother in village,is a tractor the grandfather. Today my work has been finished earlier, and I plan to prepare Tasty supper for my parents. To my mum poorly and I have solved To do it for it. Dear, what foodstuffs is Favourite for you? That you prefer! Sweets, a fish, meat? Inform me on it? I am able to cook not bad food. To me of 27 years. I very much love chocolate, to me especially like Alpengold. You can To be convinced of it in the future. I would like to prepare for you, Your favourite foodstuffs. Our people speak so . Way to heart The person - lays through its stomach. Therefore Mikael - I shall submit Your heart by means of my culinary abilities . is a joke! I wait for your messages. My kisses.
Yours Olga.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Mikael! I am glad to speak again with you! Thanks for yours E-mail. I am happy, That in our attitudes there is a development and we every day become Closer people. I told about you to my parents. They are happy, that at me There was a special person. I have told it, that I seriously concern To you Mikael, also that you the good person. You know Mikael, that all Parents wish the children of good luck and love, and receive sincere Pleasure when their children are happy. My daddy loves fishing, and it has told, that at it now will be The partner for fishing. I long laughed and have told to it, that is possible You do not love fishing. And you Mikael, told to the close people About me? What they have opinion on us? I think, that for us will be It is very good, if we can spend together how much days. That you You think of it, the darling? Probably soon we could meet. Understand me correctly Mikael, I yet I can invite you you to myself. I live at parents and yet I have no The apartment. Otherwise I with the great pleasure invited you to To itself. I very much would wish to be with you alone, to see you and to touch to To you. I wait for your messages, dear! I miss. Kiss you. Yours Olga.
Letter 9
Hi my darling Mikael. I am glad to see yours E-mail. It was pleasant to me to learn, that you support idea to meet and too some days wish me to see and be with me. I think, that in following messages we can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish convenient time and a place, to do it. I wish to tell you dear, that for me it is very pleasant to know, that there is a person who waits for me and wishes to hold in the hands. Ideas on it very much excite me. Therefore, thanks you Mikael That you have allowed me to feel it. My father very much likes to fish. Tell to me Mikael, what you have ideas and imaginations about that day when you will meet me? I have a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together these days. Also I shall prepare for you for some surprises and I think, that you will be very happy with it. I shall inform you Mikael, about some ideas in following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands you can soon get out of my embraces. My lovely I will try to call to you . I now shall not write that I am measured to do with you, but believe, you will long remember it. I very much like your photo, I on your photo always. Now I finish the letter. I wait for your messages. My gentle kisses. Yours Olga.
Letter 10
Hi my lovely Mikael. Have good day! I am glad, that my messages are pleasant for you. As you feel yourselves, dear! I little bit exited and I yesterday hardly fell asleep in my bed. I was grasped by an idea on our meeting and I almost all night reflected on it. This joyful event for me and I have from ideas on it, it is a lot of emotions. Mine dear for the morning I eat salad from vegetables to me it very much it is pleasant. This excitement and large impatience in expectation of that day, when we can meet. You have brought in my life many new emotions Mikael, and me it is difficult with it to consult. But I can say, it is what is it pleasant for me and it gives me new stimulus in life and new purpose. I think, that our meeting should not create to us problems. I can find a little, free from my job, days. I very much hope Mikael, that your job as will allow to do it. I work in hospital the assistant to the surgeon. My most favourite colour same certainly red and violet. If you have the intense diagram of the job and can not leave it - then we can meet more close to you or even I could arrive to you on some days to be with you after your job. For me there is no problem to make longer travel. If it is more convenient for you Mikael, and my arrival will not be inconvenience for you - then let's choose this plan. This plan will be for me more convenient, because, I can see your life. You can show me the city and your liked places. Inform me dear the opinion. If it is the good plan for you also, that I shall do preparations for travel. My kisses and embraces!
Yours Olga.
Letter 11
Hi my darling! It is pleasant to me to read your words and I am glad to learn, that You are ready to accept me in the house. Mine dear Mikael, now I am assured, that you serious under the attitude to To me also you have no other person. I shall try to do So, that days would sew meetings - there were for you happy days. Today I did phone call to agency of travel and had Conversation with them. They have told what to receive the visa of the tourist in yours The country uneasy, but they can probably help me with it. We not Began to discuss details by phone and have appointmented tomorrow. I hope, favourite, that all will be - ok! I have the big desire To see you Mikael, therefore any difficulties and charges of money not Can stop me. Write to me dear.
Your messages is Pleasure for me. I religious, we with mum always go to church that prays. My gentle kisses Yours Olga.
Letter 12
Hi, my darling Mikael! I am glad to speak again with you. Dear, I have good news to you. Today I met To the agent of travel also talked concerning my travel. It has told, that your government has made more strict control for In entrance to the country and consequently to receive the visa of the tourist at you it is uneasy. But They can do it for me. I am glad Mikael, that at us will not be Greater difficulties with it. I had fears, that reception of the visa A lot of time will demand. But the agent has told, that after I shall submit the application to embassy, they in a week will cause me For interview. Tomorrow, I plan to go to office of agency of travel, that To sign the contract. I very much try to call to you but unfortunately it is impossible to me, I will try still . Now it is time to me to do photos and to fill questionnaires for Embassies. The agent has told, that it should be prepared tomorrow. I am very happy Mikael, that our preparations for travel have begun And we be can together. Inform dear, you have what ideas about It. It is very unusual to me, to send for many kilometers for Meetings with the person. Ideas on it very much raise me and Simultaneously disturb. But I hope, that this meeting will be very much Pleasant for us a two. Write to me the darling the ideas, I wait for your messages. Kiss you!!! Yours Olga Volkova.
Letter 13
Hi my dear Mikael! I am glad to your message. I hope, that you have Good day? I had today the intense day and I have now greater Weariness in my body. I reached today in office of agency of travel and discussed with them My travel. They will prepare for me necessary Documents for travel and the ticket of the plane. Some information for development of a route is required to my agent The plane. Inform me dear, the address and the most nearest airport to To you to which I should arrive. This information is required Tomorrow, that we could establish cost of travel. Today I have paid to them only for preparation of the visa and some necessary Papers. It was in some times more, than I planned, because of Difficulties in reception of the visa. Dear, to me your help for payment another will be probably required Parts of cost of travel if cost of tickets of the plane will be Very big. I certainly have some sum still and as I shall be To take some money from my parents. But it is possible it will not suffice For payment of tickets and the insurance. It will be known after development Route of travel. I shall inform you Mikael, if your help in it is required to me . I hope, that it will not be a problem for you. I have informed you the information on promotion of our meeting and now I send to have a rest. I am very tired today. I hope, favourite, that I can soon embrace you! I wait your messages, dear! My kisses and embraces. Yours Olga.
P.S. Do not forget to inform the address and the airport.
Letter 14
Hi lovely Mikael! I am glad to read your message . I feel itself it is a little inconvenient. Because I had to address to you for the help. I always counted myself the independent person, which itself can solve all problems. But, this time, I could not all to take into account and was mistaken that I can pay all travel itself . But I it is happy, what now I have you Mikael, - the person, which can come to me to the aid and help me in a life. After ours acquaintances, at me varies sensations of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and independent person, and it was pleasant for me to feel, that I can care of myself. And now I feel simply the woman who requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside strong the man which protects me from all excitements of a life!Mikael, I informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he expected the staying charges for me. It will be for me 900 euro. Here tickets, insurance, road up to the airport and some other necessary charges. With me have still remained money, after payment of the first parts of cost. It near 500 euro, and now is necessary for me, in 3-4 days near 400 euro to pay in agency the second part of cost travel. I hope dear, that this money not difficulty for you and you can help to pay to me, in 3-4 days, 400 euro in agency . Lovely, I hope, that I did not make to you difficulty by the haste. Probably it is not planned expenditure for you. If it so, not become angry about me please! I very much miss on you and I wait for ours meetings. I shall inform to you some news which I learned from the agent. He informed me, that they do not accept, for payments, bank moving of money to the account, from private persons. They accept such payment only from the organization at travel by groups. Therefore I to me too should make the second part of payment by cash. The agent has told, that in our city some banks are engaged in moving of money from other countries. he has told. That they make it quickly, it demands for them about one day. In our city some systems for moving work. It " Western Union ". You need to go in bank in which is office. In bank to me have told, that such offices are available in each city, therefore for you the problem will not find it. When you will send money, you will need to specify my full name . When I shall receive this money I should specify your full name and the address. Also, I should inform in bank confidential number (MTCN.) this number to you inform in bank at sending money, and you will need to inform this number to me in the messages. All moving will borrow some hours, but it will be necessary to pay for it the some people money to bank. I think Mikael, that it is a reliable way of moving.
My information :
My the first name is Olga .
My last name is Volkova.
Russia ,Kazan.
I wait for your messages MikaelMikael! Thousand kisses.

Yours Olga.
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