Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Spiridonova to Kermit (USA)

Letter 1
Hello the darling!
I want marries, yet I do not know where? But I think when we will meet, all we will solve.
Here now I want one, remember I at you asked money for the visa and the ticket?
If you to me can the help I can arrive to you but if you do not help me I cannot arrive to you. At me the visa will be for three months, I think that it will suffice us.
All depends on you!
I will give today the address where you can send money, but depends on you.
Tesmeeva Nadezhda
16.07.1978 You asked my address:
The country: Russia
City: Nizhni Novgorod
Street: Hirosivova
The house: 33
Apartment: 67
All depends on you!
Yours Nadezhda!
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