Scam letter(s) from Elena Hromihina to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Gene! You have left to me the contact on a site of acquaintances. It is pleasant to me to know that I was pleasant to you, you too are nice to me Gene. You know, it so is amusing, I thumbed through questionnaires behind questionnaires, and have seen yours, I liked your photo and I have solved that that person with whom will be interesting to communicate. But to tell the truth I not so hoped that I will receive the answer from you. But it happens also I is glad to it. My name is Elena, me of 27 years. I have finished the higher establishment, and my speciality is the doctor, I treat small children and my speciality is the Pediatrist. I always wished to become the doctor to help people, I have carried out the dream of the childhood.
Gene, what trade at you? Than you are engaged? You could carry out what dream of the childhood? Tell to me about itself more. I send to you a photo, I hope that it is pleasant to you, also I wait for your photo. I finish on it the letter, I wait for your answer.
Letter 2
Gene, Is glad to receive your answer. Funny, but I worry to our acquaintance a little, psychologists speak that in writing to the person to communicate and express the emotions, than confidentially easier. But while I do not feel it, at me what that constraint. But I hope it will pass, and I can freely communicate with you. Gene here already throughout 2 years I go in for sports, and I conduct a healthy way of life. I do not drink and I do not smoke, I consider that this realised destruction myself. I work as the doctor, and I need to watch not only the health but also behind health of children. I like my work, it is pleasant to communicate with children, children are afraid of doctors, they think that doctors to cause them a pain. And the most important thing in my work it to be able to communicate with children, they such amusing and sincere. Gene, you find common language with children? I live with parents, probably it sounds ridiculously because in my years it was already necessary to marry, give birth to children, and happily to live together with my loved husband. But in the years I have not found the worthy man for whom was the family, love, a home is important. Gene, what for you a family? You wish to find what woman to yourself? I will finish on it this letter, I will wait tomorrow to receive your answer ;) Elena
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