Scam letter(s) from Cynthia Morris to Peter (Netherlands)

Letter 1
hi peter,
the test was conducted and the result is out and what was diagonised is appendix which resulted to an operation which we will be done soon.i love to hear from u at least, if i cant give u a call my friend james will give u a call and tell u the situation of things, hope u pick my call or u call me to my hotel number. How are ur lovely kids (manon and nick) hope they are doing fine, my regards to them
LOVE and MISS u so much
from ur heart,
cynthia morris
Letter 2
Dear Peter,
i want you to believe me in anything i say bcos i told you i want sincererity in everything that we do,i know about the wide spread of scam via the internet but am an excepti on incase but peter i dont like that foul language of yours but because the genuine love i have for you your apology is being granted,but how is business and your lovely kids you never told me their names i wish to know them and send me their picture as well so that i kind view how the beutiful princess look like,am doing well in africa atleast am coping but west africa is a placed to be those people are accommodating compare to we european but i really wish you are with me and i taught you would give me a call but i tried your number i was unable to get you peter,actually i was sad yesterday when i got your your message but i believe that experience is the best teacher that is why you called me such name,peter your phone number is not going through i want to hear your voice or you call me on my hotel number which goes does +2348077463606 i will be expecting your call sweet heart from your Queen CYNTHIA i care and i love you so much.
Letter 3
Hi love,
am using this medium to tell u that my stomach is getting out of hand every minute it ache me, peter i have my hospital bill to settle before my operation which the doctor insisted, since my illness, i have spent so much on it, peter u are the only one i can count on to assist me by sending the money to the hospital accountants.
1. Babatunde Bello - 4000.00 euro
2. Ogunbanwo Lekan - 4000.00 euro
addres: 150 hopital road surulere Lagos, Nigeria.
Test question - Who loves me
Answer - Peter
when u send the money please send me mail including this information
1. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
2. Test Question
3. Answer
4. Amount.
Thanks in advance for sending the money as requested,
much love and kisse.
from your heart,
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