Scam letter(s) from Maria Lebedeva to Mitchell (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Mitchell.
I am very grateful to you, that you have answered me. Now I can write you the letter on your address. Now will prevent us to communicate nothing normally and we can do it when to us it will be convenient. But to begin with you should wait very important information. The matter is that I live in Russia. But when has seen advertising of this site of acquaintances on the Internet and has decided to try to get acquainted through it with the pleasant man.
Also has seen you. It is a little about itself. My name Maria. To me 32 years. I live one, separately from parents. Never was married. I had relations with the man, but the present family never was. Children too are not present.
It would be desirable to learn you more close and I hope, that our dialogue not to stop.
I wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello my friend.
Thanks for your attention. I think, that now we can communicate and begin our acquaintance.
In turn I wish to tell to you about me. I was born and have grown here, in Russia, in small city Zelenodolsk. Here I have left school. I the only child in a family.
After leaving school I have got education of the confectioner, and now I work on confectionery to factory. I keep order working process. There are no children, for what I very much regret for that, as I will correct them as soon as possible. But for this purpose at first aspiration to find the reliable person whom I liked, I wish to grow and create a family with it. I have been disappointed in our men. They are too occupied, in itself and do not notice us, women. Many of them at all do not see anything except alcohol..
For this purpose I have decided to try to find through the Internet. The distance, does not frighten me. I think that the present feelings do not know borders and obstacles.
I understand, that you think of ours age. But I think, that the difference does not matter. I consider, the man which is more adult the woman clever and resolute, instead of as young men. I want that you knew, that for me the age difference does not play a role. The shower main thing. You with me agree?
I have told to you a little about myself and I would like to learn something about you.
Letter 3
Hello Mitch.
It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter and it is pleasant to know, that I have interested you.
I too with pleasure will continue our acquaintance and I think, that it it is pleasant to both of us.
I have written to you because I liked your profile on a site and I have decided to write to you.
I never got acquainted on the Internet earlier. But after has despaired to find someone
Here, where I live have decided to try all the same the Internet. I very much am afraid to be mistaken. Now
Around it is a lot of deceit and especially on the Internet. Therefore it is necessary to approach to acquaintance
Cautiously and to construct normal dialogue it is necessary to communicate and be convinced much
That the person who writes to me can be trusted.
I hope, that so it and will be also we can become to begin with good friends.
Yours faithfully Maria.
Letter 4

Hello mine dear friend Mitchell!
How are you?
I went by Internet cafe and have decided to come and check up your mail box. I hoped, that you will write to me. I am so glad, that you
Continue to write to me. I am madly happy to see and read your letter. I am very glad, that there is such person with whom I can share
The secrets, pleasures and only the pleasant moments. Who can understand me, support, advise. I know, that you wish to know
It is more about me. All at once about my life I can not write, to you I will gradually write, thus we with can learn each other.
And to send the photos together letters.
Mitchell when I write you the letter sometimes I write in English language because I studied and I know English.
Today would like to write about the parents. My parents were very usual workers. They love each other. I lived in a normal family.
My parents very much like me and I also. My father was the builder. My mother works at school. I still have a little sister,
To it of 13 years. My mum was the teacher and an initial class. She knew the approach to children. My mother since the childhood was for me as
The girlfriend, it always understood and has helped me during the difficult moment. All its former pupils, still like and respect. At it very kind heart.
It is always ready to listen and help during hard times.
Unfortunately, I should go home. Write to me what family at you?
Write about their family of appearance. I will look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Maria
Letter 5
Hello Mitch.
Now I had one more pleasure in a life - to write you letters and me it is pleasant to know, that you read them and respond me. It is pleasant to me to
know that there was a person to whom I became interesting.
Mitch, it is very a pity to me, that you have lost the father. I understand, how it is heavy to you to endure such pain. Accept my condolences.
There are many reasons not to trust people who write on the Internet. But to find that whom we search, whether I think it is necessary simply to
continue to communicate and then already we will understand it is necessary to trust or not to trust. I read your letters and I see, that you the good person and I think that I can trust in you in the future.
If our dialogue proceeds, I have to you some questions. First I would like to learn the purpose of your acquaintance? I have written to you, that I would like to find the serious man with whom it is possible to count on more serious relations...
How for a long time you get acquainted on the Internet and whether it is pleasant to you to do it?
What do you know about Russian people and Russian women in particular? Whether and more I would like to know lived you sometime with the woman and how long your relations with the woman lasted?
You can think, that I set many questions. But for me it is very important... I would like that you have answered my questions. Yours faithfully Maria.
Letter 6
Hi Mitch, that you have written thanks to me. I am very glad that you all the same have written me the letter and the more so such beautiful letter.. You know, I at first was afraid to write something because never before got acquainted on the Internet and did not know as it becomes
And about what it is possible to write to absolutely unfamiliar man. And you can tell to me? What did you feel, when I have written to you for the first time?
Having read your letter, I have understood? That you too like to communicate with me, to write me letters. It for me is very pleasant.
I watch the appearance... Agree, it is much better, when the woman is dressed beautifully, and with taste. I am final not
The desperate woman of fashion, but I try to watch myself... And what you prefer clothes: modern, classical, or can be sports?
If that you have written all to me the truth I have a question - why you do not have woman? Really women so are blind and
Cannot make out in such remarkable man as you the good partner in life? You had many relations with women,
Or you prefer a constancy.
I here for example wish to have the constant and unique man for all life.. Whether I do not know it is necessary to speak to you about it now.
All the same we more few that know the friend about the friend and to full revelation probably have not got used yet...
I think while will suffice about it.
And as to our Russian men unfortunately, our men drink much and at all do not notice women. By the way, it
The main reason on which I have decided to try will meet on the Internet.... And you why on the Internet get acquainted?
Tell to me more about itself. Tell to me about the job? About the family? Whether with whom you live also the big family at you? As
Your relatives would concern for example the foreign bride?
Only do not think, that I hinting you already to become your wife. It would be very thoughtless... To me it is simple very much
It would be interesting to know their opinion...
And now I will finish the letter and I will wait the answer. Write to me as soon as you can... Yours faithfully Maria.
Letter 7
Hello my lovely friend Mitch.
I am glad to receive your letter. Me very much pleases, that you continue to write me letters.
In this letter I would like to write about myself. The Free time I listen to music (depends on the mood, I listen to what music), I am occupied in aerobics, cookery. I trust the god, and I the Christian..
I like sports meets, meets, there is also a long walk, and I think, that the main thing in the person - health.
Therefore I do not smoke, and I do not drink, in a word, I adhere to a healthy kind of a life.
I - the romantic, silent and peace woman. I independent and in me the big intuition capable to adapt to the various
To the situations counterbalanced and sensitive. I appreciate a cosiness, and the house life means much for me.
I search for the person by means of the Internet not for the friend on the correspondence.
I search for the good person who can like and care of me with which I could divide the majority of confidential thoughts.
I think, that you write with a full gravity and do not wish to play with things and ideas. I write to you from a full gravity, I hope for your understanding.
I search for the kind cautious person, which knows how to respect the woman and should expect the same in an exchange. The partner with
Heart which does not wish to disappoint me. Fair of the person and steady belief. Please inform on you directly.
At me to you is a few questions which for me are important. What in you the first impressions about me?
I wait for your letters!
I will be glad to receive your photos. Maria.
Letter 8
Hello dear!
It is grateful for your e-mails. Your messages very pleasant. This week I have a new theme for reflexion,
And these new ideas excite me. I do not know, how you Mitchell but as me starts to interest
Importance our letters. I wish to tell, that it is new emotions, In my silent heart. For me it is unusual to begin relations
With e-mail. Such situation that there is a distance between us, -
Pulls my ideas to you. I during long time understood, it if it is a little difficulties to achieve the object, - That desire
Reach this increase in the purposes. Possibly it is one of those things who compels me to reflect often on you Mitchell. I think,
That I should seize your heart, and you cannot struggle with it female magic. That you will answer my letter dear Mitchell.
Mitchell, excuse, but I do not know that I would do at you in the country because I know about your country very little. Dear Mitchell, I again wish to establish in you of a few questions: that there are main values in your life: a family, work,
Money Or something dear? What is the plans concerning the future? Write Mitchell also inform the ideas, me
I will wait your messages. Whole, yours Maria.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Mitchell, how you today?
To me so it is pleasant, that you understand me and understand my feelings... About that, feeling when you do not have not enough expensive person, I and spoke.
Recently I feel it, when I write you letters or simply I think of you... You really became me very expensive person,
Which it is very far from me, but your words and feelings to me bring to me a lot of pleasure, despite the distance dividing us with you...
Therefore give we will try to make all to overcome this distance and to be together, instead of separately... To Make so that waking up on
To mornings we did not long and did not grieve for the favourite person, finished the day in the company each other... Instead of to long and not to grieve on
To person expensive to us we can only when this person is nearby... You understand me?
We should be a number!!! We should be together with you!!! Probably it loudly sounds, but it is the truth, the truth which dictates me my heart...
Maine it seems that it is a unique way which can help us...
Certainly we cannot hurry event, but also to detain them it is not necessary, when both of us understand that for us with you it will be the most pleasant moment,
Which is probably capable to change all ours with you the further destiny...
I will wait for your answer my dear Mitchell. Yours Maria.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Mitch, how you today?
I with trembling have opened your letter because did not know that you will answer me. I understand that your answer should solve much, as in the last letter
I have asked you about possibility of our meeting...
Even before reading your letter I sat and looked at your photo, tried to adjust itself only on the best and even could present you
Near to me, sitting next and gently embracing me to protect from my fears...
I sat approximately minutes 10 and in my memory all that time during which we with you are familiar has flown by.
I have read your letter.....
So it is pleasant to me to realise, that you understand me and agree that we with you have very close approached to beginning a new life in which
There are no such words as "I" and "you" - will be only one word "we". You understand about what I speak? We will be together and we will love each other... It seems To me
That it is very healthy also I is very glad that all to it and goes... As soon as there will be we to you a meeting we can forget that
More recently at all did not suspect about existence each other... And me it becomes terrible, when I think that would be if we with you so
Also would not meet on the Internet...
Now we should overcome only such formalities, as overcoming of distance which divides us. So a little simply to dream and hope.
Means it is necessary to start to operate and undertake for this purpose all necessary measures.
Yours Maria.

Letter 11
Hello mine dear Mitchell.
Thanks you that you continue to write me letters. To me it is pleasant that there is on the earth a person to whom I am interesting. My darling Mitchell earlier I
Did not correspond on the Internet for boundary men. I thought that the silly idea by the Internet to search for the love. I did not trust that is possible
To grow fond of the man under letters, but for me has compelled to search on the Internet the sincere love because I was tortured by loneliness. I not with could
To find the love in the to the country and I hope that by the Internet I will find the love and I will be happy. I hope, because in
Our city, one woman has married abroad. And as I know they live beautifully and happily, loving each other. Therefore I have decided to address to the Internet.
My girlfriend against that I searched by the Internet, but I wish to prove to it that it is possible to find sincere love.
During our correspondence I to you began to trust and feel. For me this very huge value in my life. Really I not
Thought that I will find the kind, lovely and sincere man. I am happy that I have found you and that we correspond. I hope that you as are glad as well as I?
Now, when we feel we should overcome our distances which divide us. I most of all want our meeting,
For me would be in the happiest afternoon. Dear Mitchell you would like to meet me? Whole, yours Maria.
Letter 12
Hello mine dear Mitch.
I have read your letter and in this letter you write to me, that do not wish to have children.
But you can explain to me? I consider, that without a family there is no happiness. You with me agree?
I will wait for your answers.
Letter 13
Hello Mitch.
I have read your letter and have understood your last relation. I regret, that you could not find that woman about which would be happy. But in this world to a web we with you search for love which with can make us happy.
You like me Mitch and I to you test liking, but you write to me, what you do not wish to have children but why you do not wish to have from the beloved of children??
You for me Mitch became very expensive the person if you do not wish to have children. ok? But I wish to ask you, what you want from a life?? I will wait for your answers. Yours Maria.
Letter 14
Hi my lovely Mitch.
How your mood? How is the weather in your country?
Here it is cold also a strong wind.
I would like to be warmed …. I want that you have warmed me warm embrace. … It seems, at present it is my main and unique dream.
When we will meet, my first word for you will be... No, the first will be our passionate kiss … I has found the remarkable person, and now I cannot think of what.
Mitch if you write to me, that your children wish only you good and happiness, means they not against to that that you with me correspond. It very strongly pleases me. You have correctly understood me, that I have written yesterday to you.
Today on work I went with a paper pile in my hands, I have reflected on you and have stopped for a moment, the passer-by ran into me, and I have dropped all papers from my hands. I have come to consciousness. This passer-by has helped me to lift papers and has apologised.
Really I completely am shipped in dreams of you, that I can not notice vanity, which round me. It seems, that I have fallen in love with you …
Perhaps, it is the truth. But I do not wish to hurry up to speak to you it. Because I hope, that we will meet, and I should be convinced of it and speak with full confidence. Now I do not wish to waste time for conversations and I wish to see you, at last.
Then I can sigh with simplification. Then my sufferings will end. And I will become most
The happy woman. Only you can make me happy. I wish to see you and to begin a new life with you …
You will be surrounded by care. Every day I will wait your returning from work. Except me, you will be waited by a ready supper and my sweet kiss. I like to show care to people. Because I enjoy, when I see the happy person. You will be happy!
I already tired to be lonely. To me it is very sad. I fall asleep and I do not hear warm words and I do not feel man's warmth … have got tired to wake up one and to prepare one cup of coffee …
I will miss your letters, and I hope, that at you everything is all right
1000 kisses for you
Letter 15
Hello my love Mitch.
I am glad to receive your letter. It full of liking to me.
To me it was very boring these days of which I could not write you the letter and as to designate yours. I could not write to you because in the cafe Internet was technical malfunctions.
I feel your love through letters. It is very remarkable, that we have correspondence. I always come back with good mood home from Internet cafe. Then I cannot live and minutes without thoughts on you. When I wake up, I at first think of you. But I very much regret, that all of us yet together. Now unique dream in my life are you and I wish to be only with you. I speak you it seriously.
Sometimes I even to crying when I realise, that we not together and are very much far apart. To me it becomes very difficult without you. I cannot present my future without you Mitch.
Mitch, I not to time was not to abroad and I do not represent a life of other countries, but always dreamt to visit other countries. Whether in this letter you at me ask I can to arrive to you. Mitch I to you can tell nothing in this letter because I know nothing. I will inform you as soon as all I learn. ok?
If you read my letters very attentively I wrote to you, that I it to time was not married, but in my life very much there is no family centre.
We are very far and we can not show each other true love, but I still hope for serious continuation of our relations. And our meeting should become serious step to our relations. It would be the happiest day in my life. I hope, that you think also.
Write to me! I cannot without your letters.
With love Maria.
Letter 16
Hello mine dear Michell.
How at you today the day off? I am very glad to see your letter. Your letters are necessary for me, because to me without you is very lonely. I do not know as me to live apart from you. My dreams only about you. My heart is full of love to you, only I cannot present to you this love because of that that we with you in the big distance. I wish to tell to you at a meeting as strongly I love you, but I can not. I hope, that is very fast our meeting we will organise also to a smog to tell to you gently on an ear as strongly I love.....
I want my love, pleasure I want that you have felt at a meeting, instead of under letters. We with you long time correspond also steels very expensive each other. I think in our relations it is necessary to make very important step to our life. This step, our meeting...
Michell, in this letter you ask that I have received the visa to my travel. I will try to learn the information as I can receive the visa. To accelerate our meeting I tomorrow I will try to visit office tour agency.
I so wish to be with you nearby. I represent our joint life. As we with you on days off leave on walk keeping for a hand. When I went to the cafe Internet in the street have seen the woman with the man. I observed of them and at them persons have seen happiness and pleasure. I represented us with you together, but this happiness I can represent and miss only on you. I hope, that all my dreams is realised very soon. Yours Maria.
Letter 17
My dearest Maria
I have not given the full information about myself.
My work is cleaning windows in buildings.
What I did not say was that the buildings are airports in England, France and Spain!
I have 180 people working for me!
I have come to the internet to find a woman who wants me for love and not just my money!
Darling Maria your life is about to change in a most fantastic way.
In October I am travelling to Rome, Milan, and Germany to negotiate more work and I wish you to be by my side.
In my business obtaining working visas for my staff is a formality.
Please let me have your full information about yourself and I will obtain the visas for you. Full name, address, telephone number, passport number.
My darling we will soon be in each others arms enjoying a rich and loving relationship. I hope that you are surprised in a happy way.
Dearest Maria please write soon
Your Mitchell
Letter 18
Hello my Love Mitchell.
How are you mine dear without me?
I am grateful for your warm words from which me to become very well. To me it was very lonely one houses wished on to come earlier in
The Internet of cafe and to write you the letter. But I at home have begun cleaning and did not wish to leave not having finished cleaning. Dear mine Mitchell to me very much not
You suffice near to me. It is difficult to me to consult one after an economy, your strong man's hands are necessary for me. I as am assured,
That for you the woman who about you will care, make a supper is necessary, to erase your things. I could incur all these cares dear Mitchell. I sometimes represent as we with you together we help each other..... But when I understand, that we with you very big distance
To me to become painfully my silent heart. My heart cries, that our love in separation and we can not connect. Mitchell, I cannot live without your love. Mitchell, we with you cannot eternally correspond and feel our feelings under our letters. We with you should make very important step
In our life. Our meeting can make us unseparable only. You with me agree? I do not wish to pull our meeting favourite, but today I have not had time to visit tour agency to receive the information. I will try
Tomorrow to visit tour agency to learn the information as we with you can organise our meeting.
In this letter you at me ask my full address and a name. ok. But I do not understand you as you can legalise papers.
Tatarstan, city a Zelenodolsk, street Norkina, the house 1, apartment
Timokhova Mariya this my full name. A phone number +79027379689
I am assured, if I is with you together I will be in safety. I know, that you very good person and as at you heart very kind.
I love you mine Mitchell! Now it is time to me to go the favourite. Your future bride Maria.
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