Scam letter(s) from Tola Raimi to Trae (USA)

Letter 1
I am Tola Raimi by the name..I am new to this online dating stuff but i will try to introduce myself.I am 5'6 tall i enjoy traveling,swimming,golf,bowling,Reading and going to the movies,mostly out doors activities..I also enjoy listening to music,i don't have a favorite,it depend on my mood...I have been single for the ten nine months..I have never been married and also have no kids..I pray to get married and have kids of mine someday in the future,I believe that the dream of all couples of have a lovely family in the future..I'm a lady with a joyful character, independent, optimistic, respectful, sensual,i also consider myself attractive..For a living,I am an artist..I Paint,i love and enjoy what i do for a living,I have been panting since i was 6years.My mom was an artist,i got the inspiration from her.Happiness is my goal..Have you ever been to an art auction sale?..I love and enjoy painting nature..Do you like Art?Do you have any artistic skills?..I don't have any pet for now,but i am thinking to have a Dog in the future,Dogs are every humans best friends.Do you have any pet?I am single and searching for a Trustworthy,Loving,Honest,Loyal,Caring,Family Oriented,Non Drug Addict,Understanding man..I hope that not much to as for,from a partner.I believe distance is a thing we can work on if things works out...I want someone that at the end of the day you go home and talk about your day and just get joy out of being in their presence..I have once been in a relationship for two years.My ex lied and cheated on me,he also deals with drugs,I vowed not to be with him anymore because that wasn't what i was searching for from a relationship..I don't want that to happen to me again..I am searching for a relationship i will be happy in.I want to be happy again,i want to love and be loved.Oh before i forget i will like you to know that i am presently out of the states right now..I'm currently in Nigeria i came down here for my art works i will be back to the states soon,i am almost done with my works down here and will be heading back home soon..I want you to know that i am the only child of my parents..I lost my parents to hurricane Katrina that was the saddest day of my life,there were on a vacation when that horrible disaster happened...I can't forget that horrible day,That was the saddest day of my life.I have to leave the past behind me and think of the future,i need to move forward in life..I always send them special prayers every sunday.I miss them so much..I will like you to tell me more about yourself..
Hope to hear from you..
Letter 2
Hello Tre,
Thanks, I am so pleased to read your reply,it has warmed my heart and I am hoping to get to always hear from you.I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever.Distance between us does not bother me as I reside in Hollywood, FL but can always come over when am back in the State if you insist.I know we could meet,I liked your profile and all I read about it was awesome,it will be my pleasure to get to know more about you and I am putting this questions to you.....How long have you been on that site? What brings you to that site if i may ask?? What do you do for a living? What do you seek for in a relationship? What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady? What sort of relationship you seek for? Do you know that a relationship with no trust will not last? What interests you? You ever been married? Got kids? What do you do for fun? Do you like public intimacy? How long have you been single? What's being single like? What is love to you? I'll hopefully want to know what your views are about these questions.I want to get to know you and meet you sometime.
Friends calls me To-baby ......Hehehe (lol). Distance does not matters in relationship as i know we could if we're determine
Have a great day
Letter 3
Hi Tre ,
top of the day to you, attached here within are some of my pictures so I will be expecting you to send some pictures to me as well. I don't have webcam but would have love to so i can show you my face when u show me yours but my financial status doesn't give the space to acquire one for now. You can still show me your cam when we meet on msg to chat, I will be expecting responses to my questions in your next mail and you questions too. Tola.
Letter 4

Hello Tre,
How are you today and how was work, do hope all is going on fine with you. Attached within are more of my pictures for you to see cos u requested for more so am waiting for you to send me your pictures to see. I will send you a text message with my pager and you can as well send me text messages whenever you feel like, here is the pager number :+2348059344320.Feel free to text me any time, thank you so much for your response to my questions, those replies are so encouraging and comforting.I want to be happy again..I want to love and be loved again...I have been lied too and cheated on in the past and i don't want that to happen to me again..I hope you understand what i mean and I want to believe i am doing the right thing..leave the past behind me and think of the future I will be more than happy to see your questions and give you a sincere answers to them...I wait to read from you in good time....
Take good care of yourself for me .
and i hope I will not regret knowing you.
Letter 5
Hello Trae,
Good morning to you,how was your night and i hope you do dream of me.just feel like i should mail you before I go out for today's business and how you are doing. Tre, I will like you to assure me that you are very serious with me and that you are not toying with me cos your thought now fills my heart every seconds and i cannot stop but think about you and you alone.I really enjoyed chatting with you yesternight and knowing more about,you knowing about me was so great,wasn't it ? I know you must be feeling the same way am feeling over here, different thoughts running through your mind just like mine.Am still expecting your pictures which you promised to send to my mail, i hope you will send it when you read this MSG.Have weighed you in our conversation when we chatted yesterday and i noticed that you are a caring,honest,trustworthy man that'll love,respect and be faithful to me with all sincerity so as am giving my heart to you Tre I beg you in the name of the good God not to break my heart.This really matters to me a lot coz i've been through a lot and have had both bad and good sides of relationship,so i know and i wanna be sure,coz i don't want to get hurt anymore...Am seeking for a very serious relationship,not here to play games..Hope you do understand what am saying?
Talk to you soon..
She cares,
Letter 6
AM so happy to read from you again, i couldn't hold myself down on bed immediately I opened my eyes and I remembered i was suppose to reply to your mail before going to bed and so excited to meet your message again,it really triggered my spirit.I will take as many pictures as possible once am able to get a camera from any of the hotel staffs, i will make sure i ask them this morning when am going out for today's business.I want you to know that am so filled with joy from the bottom of heart for meeting you and I always thank the good God for bringing us across each others path,I believe we would work out a better future together when we live together as one since we share common goals and desire.answering your questions now; i will always do whatever you want as long as what you ask is right,I will always protect you and guide you so that you wont take a wrong step or looking at any other woman's side coz i will always be there for you at all time.I will always listen to you,will not betray u and will always be by your side and will make you save and sound in my heart and arms.I have no desire to be hurt anymore again and will never hurt anyone too, you are very save in my heart,my soul and my arms. Hope to read back from you when i come back later today.
Letter 7
Hello Baby,
How are you doing, am so sorry for replying this late. I now have the pictures,i actually had to borrow a camera phone from on of the staffs and the manager later told me there is a photo studio nearby so i asked them to give me the direction to the place and i took some lovely shots hope you do like them, am so happy that you are happy and satisfied with my response to your question and this gives me joy everytime i think about you.Thank God I found you Tre.
Thinking about you..I will send the pictures in the morning baby,I know you can't wait to see them...
Letter 8
Hey Tre,attached here are the remaining pictures,i do hope these will do you .I will be going to the flight agent office tomorrow morning...I have to go out now to purchase some stuffs. I will try and talk to you when i come back or talk to you on phone.
Letter 9
Hi Treo,
How are you doing today and how is work with you ****? i hope you did dream about us and you are having a nice day too, am so glad and happy that you appreciate the pictures, the stress i went through in taking them too.Thank you so much for the compliments and the comments,they came into my innermost heart and makes me feel so good and secure. well I want to stand by your side, I'm proud to be with someone like you, the sweetest and most caring guy I've ever known. Don't ever change, as you're perfect to me ... we're perfect for each other and it will be like that for eternity.
I know we'll have a great life together and can't wait for us to be with each other every day, sharing everyday problems and joy, without having to leave one another's side. Fate put us through this, but we'll come out of it all shining as the love we feel is hard to find,I'm proud of the person you are. I love the way you are with me .I really need to be loved and not to be dissapointed and you have show me that love and that you promise me that your never dissapoint me, i will be coming back to the state as have promised so have planeed to go to the Ticketing office of the ticket agent here so i can reschedule the return date.
I will go to the Ticket Agent branch office (ticketing office) tomorrow to do the re-scheduling of the Flight...So in the mean time..I want you to get back to me with your details as giving below.When i come back from the Ticket Agent office, i will let you know the outcome. Full Name:
Full Address:
Phone Number:
Closest Airport to you:
with love ,
Letter 10
Hello My Tre,
am really sorry for not calling you ,it was cos there was no more calling card on my phone.I will make sure I call you tomorrow once am back from the travel agent,I want you to know that am really sorry for not been online to talk to you for 2 days now.I actually came online but you were not online then maybe we miss by a flint of time but i want you to know that I really missed you more than you ever imagined. The nature of the business really got me tired each day cos i always have to out to carving places,remote areas,museum,bead makers and so on in search of art work,crafts and other things to buy so most times i would have been so tired by the time i come back so i want to apologize for not been here to talk to you for the 2 days.Am really sorry for disappointing you by not replying to your question so i will do so here.I enjoy slow and passionate love making and cuddling,I love been caress from head to toe and fondled with all over.
sInce you like my last name then you can always call me that, promise you I will not fool with your heart and also have to promise me that you wont fool with my heart either.
Baby, I want you to know that nobody is perfect except God so I want you to know that with God our side we will both correct our mistakes and rebuild what we've both lost in other to make a bright future.I am more than willing to rebuild with you our life.I want to be a great wife, good mother and successful woman, my goals are achieving the best in the world with my husband.I will start having children same year i get married,i will be 25 in december 23rd.Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me and and I will gladly answer you...
She cares,

Letter 11
Hello Baby,
Good morning to you,hope u dream about me? I left for some transactions very early this morning and I just came back now.I will change now and leave for the travel agent's office but thought I should send you a mail before I leave ,I will talk to u when am back,okay?
She cares.
Letter 12
Hello Baby,
How you doing and how was your night,hope it was good.Am really sorry about yesterday night.i wanted to come online to chat with you after talking to you on phone only to discover that my connection has lapsed, I actually thought it will be cut off on coming tuesday as I earlier told you . Am presently at the library now but you are not online so I decided to mail you and let you know the outcome at the flight agent office, I was told I will have to make a payment of $350 for rescheduling.I had to leave the place as I cannot afford to squeeze out the money out of the little remaining money I have on me here, I will need to go pay for the reconnection of the internet so I can always be online to talk with you.Can you assist me with the money? I will be so glad an happy if you can so that I can go do the rescheduling first thing on monday morning.Below is the information to send the money to : TOLA RAIMI
You can send it through Western Union Money Transfer so I can pick it almost immediately after you send it.You will get back to me with the western union details which I will use to pick the money.I will make sure I make payment for a week connection so I can always be online till I will leave here.
Trae, I know i shouldn't be asking you for money but am left with no choice cos I really want to be with you and share the rest of my life with you.Waiting to read from you soon.
Yours forever.
Letter 13
Hi ****, How are you today,do hope you having a nice sunday over there.I just thought i should write u this lovely poem cos have been thinking about since I woke up,all we have shared and we discussed yesterday and cant just get you outta my head, ..hope u like it.... I never thought I would find a Heart like yours within my reach I'm waiting now so patiently for the lesson that Love will teach. I can see your Smile through the Laughter we share, and I know this is just a taste of the warmth I will feel from your gentle touch when we're finally see each other face to face,You have captured my Heart so fast that I can hardly catch my breath Drawing from a well of Love hidden so deep, preserved within myself. I desire the action of passion bursting like the beauty of a flowers bloom the stimulation that exists brought forth by Loves first Kiss engaged in a Candle lit room. It's Sept, and if it should rain this day, we'll occupy a quiet space, just you, and me just like you wish.The temperature range of your touch warms me from the cold of the rain, bringing sweet ecstasy the gratification of physical interlude, the warmth of ****** pouring down a clouded vision brought into focus, and satisfaction is the only sound you make,you are so special, and there are no words to describe how you make me feel,so hard to control the hidden urges I hold without neglecting what my Heart knows is real.
I hope u love the poem, I wrote it just for u alone right now...Plzz email me soon to know u are caring abt me too..I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away.I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.I really want to see u someday
Lots of love,
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