Scam letter(s) from Olga Lovey to Tonny (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hi Tony.
How are you today? A service of acquaintances found for me some profiles, which acsept with my search criteria. I check it and decided to write to you for first, because I think that we are similar a little. I hope that we'll start correspond and who know, maybe it will be start for something real serious and big. Now I want to tell you about myself a little. I'm 28 y.o, my name is Olga, but my friends call me Olya. I never been marryed and now I live with my parents.
After graduated my study I working in hospital, I'm nurse. I like the active rest, I like sport, espessialy tennis and swim. I like travel and visit diffirent new places, but my work does not allow to do it very often. I have many friends, some time we spend time together. I attached my photo for you. I hope that you like it. And will be great receive your photos. If you want to know something about me, please be free for asking. If you not mind, please answer for my qustions. What do you like to do for fun? What is your character? What do you like in women most of all? Have you ever been maryed? I'll answer for your qustion and tell you more about myself in my next letter. I'll strongly wait your reply!!!
Your new friend Olga
Letter 2

Hi Tony. I was very glad to receive your reply. Tony you send me reply and it's mean that you are be interested in me too. What do you think about my photo, which I sent to you? Do you like it? If you like it, I can send for you more photos.Tony, I have so many qustions for you, because I'm interested in you and I hope you will answer for it.
I think you are kind and good man and will be it is interesting for me your opinion about some things. I want to answer your question on that where I live. Unfortunately I live not in Holland.I'm live in Russia.
I have written on site, that I live in your country as I might not be registered there. When I wrote that I live in Russia me did not start up there and consequently I have decided to make experiment and have written that I live in your country. Then I could be registered there and to me have resolved access to the friend to members. I hope that for you it is not a problem and we can learn each other better. If in the future we can shall want to meet you I think that it will not be a problem. I very much like travel, I was in some other countries (Turkey, Italy).I live in city of Cheboksary which is approximately in 800 kilometers to the east from Moscow, my city also is capital of the Chuvash Area. My city is on a coast of the great Russian river Volga.
Here it is lived about 900 thousand persons.It is very a pity to me that your wife has left you and now lives with your best friend,
probably then to you was very lonely, but I hope that in the future you will manage to find the correct woman from whom you can be happy and which will love really you. Probably you very beautifully draw,
unfortunately at me very badly it turns out to draw. Your English is very good. I think you read my profile and saw that I have very serious of intention to get acquainted with good man for serious relations. I think will be interesting for you to learn more about my character. I don't know how will be better to start. Ok I'll try. I think that I'm very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people,
I like good humor. I very much appreciate such qualities in the people, as a fidelity and honesty. I belive in real love and I think that it's very important in live. I'm very jealous woman. I love when me present compliments and I'm ready to listen it indefinitely. For me very important that around of me were cleanliness and order. I often am engaged cleaning. Also I like cooking, espessialy some tasty dishes. I like romantic relations betwen man and woman, but probably all women dreaming about it. But usualy all relations very quickly come to an end. I have no intention to waste time on such acquaintances. I'm not met yet man,which I would decide to give back myself and my life. But I want to find him. I think that is my dream number one now. I think that for woman general in live not money or career. General for woman is have strong family and love man beside for care of him. Can you tell me about your dreams? What woman you dream to meet? I'm sorry Tony, that I ask you about so a frank thing, you see we are familiar only couple of days. But it's very interesting and importat for me. I shortly have written the sights on life, if you want to know something else will be free for asking. I'll wait your letters.
Yours faithfully Olga
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