Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Snegireva to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my love !I so am glad to receive your letter!My loving I so wish on faster to be with you!Loved I went to travel agency yesterday, and you do not represent whom I has met,I at all did not know the old girlfriend that she works in round by the operator!!!It so is good, it simplifies all my darling. She was very glad to see me!We with her have gone to a coffee house to have a drink coffee, and to talk to recollect former times!I her did not see 5 years... I so am glad that we have met her.I to her have told about that that I have found you my Loved and have told to her that I am going to go to you She was very glad for me, that I have found the Loved person!I talked to her very long about you! She has promised to help us! It so remarkably my kitten!She has told that the passport for travel abroad the visa and the ticket to arrive to you will be necessary for me, she has told that she will help to make the visa and the passport quickly through familiar in embassy, it for me so is pleasant, that in the world there are such good friends.The visa becomes my dear about 3 month and she has told that will make within one week if I bring to her all inquiries and photos for the visa and the passport and 484 $ more to pay all documents.Loved I already have made all necessary documents and inquiries today to me still it will be necessary to go to a polyclinic that to me have given the inquiry that I am healthy and I can fly to you.I only have one problem at me now only about 60 $and me does not suffice 424 to give for documents and they would begin to be made out.Loved I wish to ask for you the help, for me it would be very pleasant if my Loved have helped me with these documents to arrive to it.My girlfriend has explained to me that the fastest way to help me,it is the bank company the Western union, she the best and the fast as to me she has told,that as soon as you send money that they at once come as e-mail.Here she nearly has not forgotten to me has told that my full addressand a name and a surname will be necessary for you to send money.Name and Surname: Ekatrina Jantseva !The country: Russia City: Ioshkar Ola !I hope that you will help me my Loved to arrive to you.If you can send today 424 $ that I tomorrow would give them toagency and the visa and the passport would be ready in a week it is thefastest way which to me my girlfriend has offered.I very much miss on you my Loved and I want as it is possible to be more soon with you.I hope for you, I will try to come today in the cafe Internet once again.
For now I will go to Hospital to do inquiries.Your love Ekaterina!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love... I have read your letter. Thanks for your words, very much would be desirable me, that That you spoke that to me was a reality. Please forgive me, that I write you now the such The short letter, but I cannot write more to you because I spoke to you that I I use, Internet cafe to write to you. I very much am afraid to lose with you touch, at me now Debt in the Internet-kafe 180$. I do not know more to whom to address, I wish to hide nothing from You, at me are not present such money. And I ask the help from you mine.... Please write me the answer.
Your love Ekaterina!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love Phil!!! I was glad to receive from you the letter!!
I am very glad that you would find the decision that we could will meet!!
I am very happy that your uncle agrees to help us!!!
You asked the address here it: The country: Russia
City: Ioshkar Ola
Street: Kirov, 9 Apartment: 56
Surname and Name: Ekaterina Snegireva
The postal index: 424000 I think that you asked these data!!!
Phil I cannot understand for what to you these data??
You will help me with the visa or how?
I with impatience will wait from you for the letter!!!
Yours Ekaterina!!!
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