Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Kiselewa to Sasha (USA)
Letter 1
Hi mine dear Sasha. How your mood today? Mine little bit bad because I very strongly miss without you and I want to be only together with you. You know that each day I am addressed to the God that he has made our meeting as soon as possible. I very much was bothered by loneliness and I very much want to embrace you. I very much want to kiss your gentle lips.. Sometimes it seems that I can leave from mind if I shall not be near to you. Lovely, my address it Russia, Vladimir, 600000, Gagarina ulitsa 12-33, I will speak also with the agent what he would send you a copy of my contract that you could see it. Sasha, I very much and very strongly love you. I think of you each minute of each day. Yesterday I talked to the grandmother. I spoke her that I very much miss without you, that I love only you. She has said to me that sees in my eyes fire of love. Whether she asked me I am ready to arrive in other country... I have answered that I want it and that I am ready to this. I understand what is it there will be other country for me, what is it there will be other customs, but if I shall be with you, it will be very easy. Lovely, please, only you should understand me what is it very serious step for me. I much thought before has said to you that I want to be with you. Because I am very strong love you.. I can not say precisely as I have understood that that I love you. But when we began our correspondence I with each day thought of you ever more and more.. At job I very much often looked at hours because I waited for ending a working day to go in Internet - cafe and to see your new letter. I began to think of you in increasing frequency.. I represented you, I imagined your life.. And at first not clear feeling has appeared in me. When I saw your letter I became very happy. Even if I had a very difficult working day, it became very easy when I saw your letter.. To me your words were very pleasant.. I some times re-read your letters and I have understood that I have fallen in love in you.. I asked much myself, whether this that feeling is valid.. . But I knew that I really love you and I have written to you about it. I was afraid a little after that, because did not know as you will react... Mine lovely, I am very happy that we could to find each other in this large world. I am very strong love you and I want to be only together with you. Please write to me as soon as you will have such opportunity. I very much miss without you, Sasha. I shall wait your letter. Only yours Olga.
Letter 2
Hello Sasha
The darling, I now have not enough time what to write you because agency have decided to me the penalty and I should pay it, and for this purpose that I could pay it I should work much.
Letter 3
Hi my sweet Sasha
I am in so perfect mood now because I am always happy to see your letter. You are in my heart. You are on my mind and I wish to be with you now so you could see in my eyes my feelings to you are very serious... I am so happy you have a time to answer on my letters. And I am very happy to know that you want meet me like I do. I know that distance between us is nothing and we can meet if we want this really. Do you really want to meet me? Thanks for the letter to my grandmother I will necessarily pass her it. Well I have some special news for you. It is about our meeting. I have found out a lot today and I am going to write you about everything. You know I wrote you already that I can get a vacation from my job. I have never got this before. I know you want to know how long will be my vacation time and when I can get it. Well my vacation time will be during three months and all this time I wish to spend with you my love. I hope it make you happy! And I can take this vacation in one week. Actually I will not have any problems with that. And other news which I have found out today. There is some agency of travels in our neighbour city and with their help I can get all documents to trip to you. I don't know what exact documents I will need but I am going to find out this tomorrow. So what do you think about this my love? I hope this is really great news for you. Tomorrow I will take day off and then go to this agency. I hope I will not have any problems and as soon as I come back I will come to the internet-cafe and write you about everything!!! I can't wait to be with you my love. I know it is short time we know each other but I think you agree the best way for us to get to know each other completely is our meeting. And I am ready to come to you. I have never travelled before and now it is great chance to me. I will come to you my sweet Sasha. Please tell me if these news are pleasant for you. I love you. I think of you all the time! And I can't wait to be with you. So please be patient and tomorrow I will write you about all news. Thinking about you. Take Care.
Only your Olga.
Letter 4

i my honey Sasha
How are you doing today? Are you missing me sweetheart? I miss you so much and I can't stop about you and our meeting soon. I so much hope we will be together very soon because I am ready to be with you. Sometime I am sad becasue I am not near with you and it makes me really sad because I wish to spend with you a lot of my time! But then I think that soon we will be together and this idea makes me very happy! And I am sure we will be together because there is nothing can stop our meeting. I love you and I know that you love me. It means a lot to me and in this world at all! The darling, I will try to make for you which copies of documents you ask and I will send it to you as soon as to a smog, also I was at the agent and he has given me their site on the Internet it It is very unpleasant to me that you ask all these proofs that I really, but for you my love I will make it because I very strongly love you and wish to be with you. I love you with all my heart my sweet Sasha. Every morning I want to wake up near with you and sometimes I dream about this... I am waking up little earlier than you my love and I look at you sleeping for some time. Then you are opening your eyes and I whisper you good morning my love and then I am kissing you... Every night I want to feel you with me and tell you good night my sweetheart. I want to be with you. I want to love you and I want to show you how much I love you. You are very very special to me. I miss you everytime and I hope we will be together very very soon. I do love you and please remember that. Kissing you,
Letter 5
Hi mine dear Sasha. I am very happy to receive your letter. I am glad that you think of me the majority from your time. Lovely, I also very much often think of you and I want with you to be very strong. With me very well and yesterday we had a lot of fun. At first we celebrated houses. There came all our friends and also there there were parents of Yulia. After that we have set off on a disco. But I was there only some time, then I have set off home. It was very boring there because I very much wanted that I could be with you on this holiday. I have warned Yulia and has set off home. The darling, I will try to make in the near future for you a copy of my passport and to send to you it, but unfortunately I would have not enough time what to make it, you know that today I should pay the contract, I went to agency of travel and I never felt so not dexterously because I could not pay it. I long talked to the manager of this agency and they have given to me to a little more time till August, 5th, I very much hope that till this time we can solve all problems and I can arrive to you. My love, I understand that the Internet it not a reliable thing and that a lot of deceit here, but my feelings sincere to you. I thought of you much Sasha. I imagined that time when we shall be together. When we together can go to holidays.. I very much want to be together with you. I present to myself as we shall look cinema together.. We shall sit having embraced and we shall be kissed much.. I so want to embrace you. I want that you pressed me to yourselves. I want to hear as your heart in one step with mine is beaten. Also sometimes I present to myself our first night.. You will be very gentle with me. I shall touch your skin, to touch yours face, to whisper to you words of love. About that as I am strong love you and that you are very necessary to me.. Lovely Sasha, you are very necessary to me. My love to you is very strong. Only please do not leave me. I can not live without you. You all my life. Please do not forget about it. I shall wait your letter with the large impatience. I love you with all my heart and I think of you each minute of each day. Only yours Olga.
Letter 6
Hello my love Sasha.
It is always happy to me to read your sweet letters.. It makes my mood very happy. But I am very much upset though. I am sorry if this letter will be a little not such as before but I want to say everything that I think and also everything that I know. Honestly I can not understand you. I know that I love you with all my heart and I want to be together with you. And if you know my prince love is such feeling which means full trust to each other. I hope you think so. I love you. I believe you. I believe in everything that you do. Can you say to me also? I do not think that you can my love. No I do not want to say that you nothing feel to me at all. I know that your heart is big and perfect. I know, that you are very gentle very careful and very kind man. I know it my prince. But Sasha if you can not say to me you completely believe me why you write about love? Lovely excuse but I can not accept it. I know that you were hurt before. And I understand why you can not help me. And one of these reasons is your mistrust to me. I understand it sweetheart.. I just want you were absolutely sincere with me. I hope that I can require it. Sasha if you want to be together with me how you write about it why you can not help me? Really you will wait that moment when I shall have the large problems with the law here? Do you really want this? I just want you to be sincere with me. And it is more than anything. I many times tried to say to you that I am not a liar. I do love you with all my heart Sasha. And I want to be together with you. And I want to arrive to you. And I want to spend all my time together with you!!! But I really do not know what still I can make to find this money here. Believe me my love. I am absolutely sincere with you. If you were now here together with me you would know that I write you only truth.. I have tears on my eyes. It are the tears of insult. To me is very insulting that because of those people who makes money by a deceit you do not believe me, Sasha. I really want to be together with you and I always was completely frank and honest with you. And you know about it. And I shall not deceive you never!!! I have never had similar thoughts before my prince. Everything, that I want to be together with you and to be happy. I want to have family together with you. I want to take care of you. But all this can be lost my love. Really you do not understand it???? All about what you and I dreamed. I know, that we want one. And all this can be lost for ever, my prince!!! Really you do not understand it? And only all this depends on you. If you write love me as you it in your letters. And I hope, that your letters are sincere and honest. So if you love me Sasha and if you really want to create family together with me you should believe me. My heart never will allow me to deceive somebody because of money.. My parents and my grandmother brought up me in strict rules. You know about it my prince because my grandmother wrote to you about me. And if I shall deceive somebody I will break the memory of my parents and I never can allow to make it!!! Understand, my love.. I want that you believed me that I can not find this money here. So now destiny of our meeting depends only on you my love. If you the love me is valid and want to be together with me you can make this step.. It will be a step to your future.. Where there will be I. Where we shall be together and we shall be happy.. I hope that you want it how I want it.. I love you Sasha with all my heart.. And I believe in our future. I will wait your letter.
Only your princess Olga
Letter 7
Hello My Dearest Husband Sasha. Lovely, today I have very good mood. I saw you in my dream today at night!!! My love, it was something perfect. I saw that I go one in the large city and I was very disturbed by that I one. On meeting to me there was a huge crowd of the people, but I am unexpected mine has felt an easy touch to my hand and whisper of my name: Yulia... I have seen also I has seen you, mine dear!!! You have carried away me to yourselves and we have nestled on a wall. The crowd of the people passed by us, you whispered to me words, and I only looked in your eyes and I deeply have sunk in your eyes!!! Then we long also were gently kissed and I didn't care about that crowd of the people.. After that I have woken up also I had such feeling, that I still have taste of your lips on my lips.. Lovely, I thought of this dream all day and I am very happy! I hope, what is it also makes your day. Lovely, I also with impatience wait that day, when we can be together.. . If I had an opportunity, I was together with you directly now.. Now you have night and I would like to appear in bed together with you... I present it to myself. You sleep, I seen to you and begin gently and slowly to kiss your lips.. You open your eyes and some seconds can not anything understand.. Then you answer my kiss and carry away me to itself, gently touching to me.. I very much regret that I was described in the name, but you know that I was per day a birth of the girlfriend and here yesterday to me have shown pictures from birthday, and I was casually described, I hope you do not become angry about me for it. My love I sent you a copy of the passport unless to you not enough it and all of you yet do not trust me, I love you but I do not know as I can be with the person which does not trust me. Dear, I am very strong love you and I very much want to be together with you. Sasha, I to be very tired by one and I with impatience I wait for day of our meeting, when we can carry out all our dreams. I very much love you and I think of you each second of my day. 24 hours within day. I love you. Only your princess Olga.
Letter 8
Hi my love Sasha. I hope that your mood well and I hope that you have perfect day. That concerning me that with me very well, is simple I very strongly I miss without you. Weather here has good and my mood also well from it. I am very strong love you and I think only of you. Lovely, you remember what I wrote to you about my girlfriend Yulia? Today she has birthday and consequently at once after Internet - cafe I shall be sent to her on a holiday. Before still there is some time, but Yulia has asked me that I have helped her with preparation for this. Lovely, you had any holiday, which you remember long? I think that you can have such holiday. That concerning me, my best holiday was the last New year. I and some colleagues from my job spent a children's holiday in one of children's shelters in our city. We have arranged to small children small representation and gave them gifts. Lovely, I think that you can present as the life in such shelter is heavy, but then in eyes of these children there was a lot of happiness and we are very glad that could to present them this happiness. I very much love of children and am very a pity to me that some people leave children.. Sometimes I do not understand such people. I consider that birth of the child and the creation of family is a hugest step in life and it is necessary much to think and to consult with each other before to be decided on this step. Dear, that concerning me that I am ready to create family with you and to have our children. Because I am very strong love you, mine perfect Sasha. I think of you each minute. Now I should go because I think that Yulia already waits for me. I shall write to you as all has passed. I love you and please remember it. Only yours Olga.
Letter 9
How are you today my lovely Sasha?
I hope you are very well. And I hope my letters makes you smiling. I am a lucky girl that I have met you. You already know about this. You know I am a little sad when I see other pairs who are happy together. I know I will be happy too but I can't wait to make my dreams come true? I want to be with my man. Hold his arm when we walk together.. I want to be sure that I will always get a protection. My grandma told me that one day I will find my mate and I will be happy with him.. Well I am so worried because I am going to tell you something serious here. You are very good person and I just can't find words to describe how much I like you!!! You are very kind. You have a big heart and I know I can always get your care and protection. I can always tell you about my problems and I am sure that you will understand me at everything. I know this is short time we know each other but please believe me I can't keep my feelings to myself. Because my feelings are so strong to you. I have never met a man like you. Never. And now I don't want to pass my chance because... I don't know how to explain you this because this feel is inside of me and my heart is beating so fast when I write you this words. I know I can completely trust you and this is very important for me! But please read my words carefully and you understand me. I love you Sasha!!! This is my feel to you. I love you and I have understood that! You are my ideal man with who I am ready to spend my life and creat a family.. Do you remember I wrote you I am a family orientated person? This is true and I understand that I am ready to creat my family with you.. I thought a lot before to write you about this. And I have a fear that you will not be sure that I am serious with you right now. Please believe me Sasha. I have always been honest with you and I swear I will always be honest with you. And I trust you. And of course I hope you trust me too because I haven't made anything to hurt you. And please please believe me. I am so worried when I write you this words. But I can't keep it to myself because it is very strong. And now I am ready to meet you. I know we told about this already but we didn't know when and where we will meet.. But now I am ready. And please just know that it is very serious step for me and I thought a lot before to write you this.. I do love you and my heart can't lie... What do you think if I come to you? I can get a vacation from my job. I have never taken a vacation and I am sure I can get it anytime. Please tell me what do you think. Tonight I will speak with my grandma and did I write you she was going to write you a letter? May be tomorrow we will come into internet-cafe together and I will show her how she can write you.. And now I have to go. I am so sad I can't look into your eyes and tell you about my feelings.. I love you. Please be safe. You are very special for me..
Take care.
Only your Olga.
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