Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Udilova to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Fine Person And My Sun Phil!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. All badly is dexterous in due time
Also remains only good. Your letters heat up my heart and soul.
I wish to meet you in your country. When you can help me
To arrive to you!! I cannot answer to you a question concerning that someone used
My photos with the bad purpose. I to you have already told, that I have lost a disk
Together with my photos. And probably someone has found this disk and has taken advantage of them with the bad purpose.
I think every day of us. As we will be together. Last days I dream
Very much. But I hope, that you like my dreams of us. I can make nothing
With you. My relatives speak it, I "treat in clouds". Phil, you know
This expression? It means, that I constantly dream, and I do not turn
It is more, on what attention. I would like it, you were in my embraces
And I could sit on yours knees. I often think of it as we
The enamoured are together occupied. I have many times imagined our
Premiere of love. I am assured of it, that we will not be to sleep it
Night. We will enjoy the love, and I am assured, that a premiere I will be
Forget never, and I know, that you will make all just as me it
We would be happy and groaned from love and happiness. We will be in
Bed and we will not leave it. We will be in embraces to ours
Passion and love. Love fire will burn in our hearts, and to us will be
Be very warm! We will accept bathing with you, we will caress that
Another and to help to be washed up. You would like it? You could now to me
Back? I could also! When I think of it this which on my body operates a
Shiver and now I have decided to stop this subject. I cannot write
Now the big details because so was very uneasy when
The beginnings to think of it. As I so want, that it, it to me a steel
Unfortunately, that all of us together. From what you think of our premiere
How you imagine to you directly it? Tomorrow I will wait your dreams!
It has come time me to go.
I hope to receive your letter.
Yours and only your love Darya!
Letter 2
Hello My Phil!!!!!!!
My love I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that you write to me Also do not miss about me. Today at last good weather. I am tired already from bad weather and from the grey sky. I today to go on park and looked at the blue sky. The sun shone brightly and blinded to me eyes. I smiled! Because you with me. You in my heart and you to heat me the heat!
Phil I think of us very much, I speak you about these, that I dream, you Know all my feelings which I cannot tell All of you to dreams because them Very much. I would not have insufficient amount of time what to write to all of them. But I am glad, that I can tell you even the some people. I last night after to write to you the letter to go home and looked on film. I could not fall asleep and have included TV on what That the channel at night also looked film. I do not know, as it names to But it was film about love to tenderness and passion, it Is Russian Film. There two persons loved strongly strongly and their love has won all! I would dream that also we With you could so. It has made me a little mad! Phil, I dream to kiss you. That our bodies have been captured by a flame of our passion. I want operated in one shirt on the house That we could enjoy love when we shall want. As soon as in us Desire to which we, everyone will appear, could come nearer to another, has excited and Enjoy love and passion. I saw, as they made love. As in their eyes The burnt passion, love of fire as it shivered when all like profit in Finish and as they happy woke up in the morning. Phil, I am possible I dream much. But I would like that our dreams became a reality. I every morning wake up and to not see on other half of bed you. I can not touch you. I can not see your smile and I can not feel heat of your body.
I CAN NOT WITHOUT YOU Phil!!!!!!! I would be glad, if you arrive to me. But I for you have an unpleasant news. I cannot invite you at myself as I cannot break tradition of my family. The tradition consists that you cannot visit the first me. You should invite in the beginning me to yourself and acquaint with the family. Only after acquaintance to your family we can arrive to me and get acquainted with my family. I hope, what you understand me?
Thus it is many desires. Thus it is many feelings in my heart, but I can make nothing. I fall asleep, and I sleep. My heart and a body Burns also wait, when I can be with you.
I LOVE YOU Phil!!!!!
Yours and only your love darya!
Letter 3
Hello my love Phil!!!!!
Phil, my love I am happy that you have written to me!!! Your letters heat my heart and soul!!! Phil, I very strongly love you and very much I wish to be with you!!!
Phil, you now so do not suffice me!!! I wish to embrace and kiss you!!
You my Angel!!! All that I wish to be faster it with you!!! Phil, I very much love you that very soon we shall together!!! I madly love you and when we shall be together that I I shall prove to you as I love you!!! Phil, I all time think of you!!! I cannot live without you!!! You very much do not suffice me!!! You do not represent as I love you!!! All that I now wish to be it with you!!!! The life in which is not necessary to me is not present you!!! I every day dream as us it will be good together!!! I now very much do not have your love!!! Every day when I fall asleep I think only of you!!! I now to write to you and crying, but these are tears of happiness! As I very strongly love you and is happy that you are at me! All that I wish to be it in your embraces!!! I very much want your kisses and love!!! I hope that you will gently love me!!!
If you wish to meet me in your country you are necessary for me for helping.
Well if you do not want with me real relations then I to you will not stir.
Phil, I trust that very soon we shall together and we shall execute all our dreams!!! Phil, for the sake of you I am ready to leave the family and people close to me for that what only to be with you!!! I shall be happy only when I shall be with you!!! Understand that I cannot make you happy letters!!! I should be with you!!! When we shall be together that we shall be happy together!!! I love you and very much I miss on you!!!!
With love only yours Darya!
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