Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Tihonowa to Larry (USA)

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Letter 1

My love
I am very pleased that you agreed to help me with money, which requires me to travel to you!
I experienced that you can not help me because this is a very large sum.
I do not have such money and find it for me, it would be impossible.
My dear, I love you very much, I was ready to leave everything in my country, only to be near you. I love you!
We write each other letters long and in that time I had to understand that you are exactly the people who need me.
I tried to find out how you can send me money, and my friend prompted me.
Pope my girlfriend works in another country and he very often sends her money through a system of remittances - "Western Union" is very simple, quick and convenient way to transfer money from one country to another.
My dear it is very easy.
To do this you will require my full details, here they are:

name - Alina
last name - Panaeva
country - russia
city - kirov

But after you send me money, I will need your data as well.
Your full name, your full address, full name of the city from which you send me money.
I will be required secret code (MTCN), it will need me, because without him I can not get your money!
My dear is all that said to me friend! You all understand? I look forward to your response.
Tell me when you can send me money, I need to inform the travel agency.
Your forever Alina.



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