Letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Fergus (Ireland)
Letter 1
Hello my love Fergus! I am sorry that I do not answer you earlier. With my father all is very bad. To it did 2 operations, on a backbone.
But the most terrible operation ahead, is necessary for my father operation on eyes. When it has got in accident, to it in eyes glass has got, and now it needs very expensive operation. I do not know that to me to do now I search money for this operation. It is operation there are 5000 dollars. I do not know where to me to take this money.
It is necessary to do this operation very urgently. My government gives half of this sum, but I do not know where to take second half. I am very much upset. Fergus do not worry we with you necessarily we shall meet! Or you any more do not want it? You write to me that you want back yours 500 dollars!? If you want I can send you back your money! Sincerely yours Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my love Fergus! I think that will be very convenient for us if I travel to you the first! It will be valid better for both of us. Certainly I can send you your money back. But I very much wish to be with you and it is necessary for me for these only 400 dollars! I hope that we will really meet each other! I ask you to send me money and I will be with you in 1 week! I really very much wish to be with you! I feel to you very much strong feeling! I hope we will really meet each other and we give each other a lot of love! I hope you understand me and you can give me 400 dollars and we meet each other! You spoke that you wish to live in Moscow for 200 euro, I assure you to you there will be no money. Moscow very expensive city. The best variant for us if I travel to you and I remain with you! Billion to you of kisses! Sincerely yours Irina!
Letter 3
My dear, yesterday I said to you, that money to travel to you is necessary to me. I ask from you 350 dollars, I am assured that you can to send such little sum for you to me. I am assured of it on 100 %. I hope you will send me money this week and we meet each other! Sincerely yours Irina.
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