Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pogudina to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Gene! I was so happy to receive your mail! Every time I was checking my mailbox, hoping to see your letter. Thank you you have found time to write me. It’s so unusual for me, because I’ve never wrote before to any man in the internet. May be that’s why I don’t know what to write you in my first letter, but I will try. I hope you will understand my words. I think it will be right if I will start to tell about myself from the beginning because it was my initiative to write you. It seems to me you will be surprised that I live in another country.

My name is Olga, I am 29. I was born in 1979, 23 June. My height – 168, and weight - 57 kg. My native language is Russian. I live in city Kozmodemyansk, it’s not so far from Moscow, about in 800 Km from one. I do like my motherland, it’s so beautiful here. There are many sights worth to see. And I hope you would like to come here, if we will like each other and will decide to meet. In my childhood I dreamed to become actress. It’s very popular dream between girls, I think. But my dream did not become true. I have finished Economic University in Kazan city. My education consists of 3 levels: school, college, university. I have finished university when I was 26.In during 5 years I was working as seller of perfumery and cosmetics. It was very much interesting and responsible at the same time. I was so happy to see beauty faces after my help.

Usually my working day was from 8am until 7pm. Every day I wake up early in the morning at 6.30 to have time to take a shower,to have a breakfast. For some people work is burden, but not for me. My work makes me satisfied. Sometimes I stay at work to use the internet. There are many stories with happy final about man and woman from different countries. They met each other in the internet and it helps them to have a meeting in real time. I dream to have a man with me, with whom I feel myself comfortable. I so want to love and be loved. I want to care, to feel, to be happy. I dream to make my man the happiest man in all over the world. I hope you liked my letter and will answer me. I will be waiting for your mail with impatience! I will be very happy if you write me about your dreams, life, opinions about relations between men and women, about place where you live. You can tell me about everything you consider important. And in my next letter I will answer on all your questions? I send you my pictures.
I hope you like it.
Best regards.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Gene! How is your day? I hope you were glad to receive my letter because when I’ve received your letter I was really happy. Dear, your letter lake rays of the sun warm my heart. And with every day you become more interesting for me. I`m so glad we can learn each other and I would like to know about you more. How do you like to spend your free time? As for me, I like to have a rest on the nature, especially in village where my grandmother lives. There is so beautiful nature. Also I like to have a walk along the river. We have tradition to meet in the village with my relatives. In such days we are doing barbecue and talking about our news. Do you like barbecue? Have you picnics sometime? Also I wanted to ask what kinds of music you like and about your favorite films. Please, tell me)) My favorite film is "Perfumer". I like drama, films about love, sometimes comedies. But I have no enough time to go to the cinema because a lot of work. Usually I listen to the radio because there are many different kinds of music; I like pop, rock, jazz, blues, classical music and relax music. When I have sad minutes I like to sing. It seems funny and silly but I do it anyway.

Hmm… What else would you like to know about me? I was never married and I have no children. I’m lonely and the reason of my loneliness is not only in me. However, I don’t know if it’s interesting for you, but I live honestly, and it brings pleasure to me. I’m optimist and I like to smile, because smile is a mirror of our souls. There are no many things I need to have to feel myself happy. But I’ll be happier with love! People without love cannot be happy, I think. I am very happy to be possible to write you, it’s very important for me. I had a boyfriend here earlier, but he was so rough with me. In my opinion there is should be respect between man and woman.

But my guy was another. There are many men in Russia who have problems with alcohol. Also they are so selfish; they like to spend good time with pretty girl, but not more. They don’t want to be responsible. I changed my opinion about our men. That’s why I decided to find a husband from another country. I hope he will be the best! Can you tell me about your family? What about me, I live with my mum. She works as the meteorologist. I have many friends between girls, but only one of them my best friend. Her name is Anna. We are on friendly terms about 18 years. She is real friend, I can trust her without any doubts. And what about you? Do you have best friend in your life? I have to finish my letter already. You know – I’ll be waiting for our mail with all my heart!

My best regards... Olga

Letter 3

Dearest Gene! Today I waited the time to come to the Internet – cafe and to read yours e-mail. Tell me true, do you wait for my letters so impatiently as me? I would like to know about your ideas about our acquaintance. May be you want to know me better and have some ideas? I would like to know more about you, I want to be closer with you. May be you have some frank questions? Do You have any woman there now or you are the lonely? I feel you are good, honest and sincere man and I am sure such man cannot be alone. Would you like to tell me about your last experience with woman? As you know already I had relations with man in the past, but they brought to me only disappointments. It is so great you can find time to write me. It’s my first time of meeting in the internet and I really hope to find my second half. It’s a pity there are many idiots on meeting sites, also many liars! But at the same it’s possible to meet real love. I believe

Your Olga

Letter 4

Hello my dear Gene! I was so happy to read your letter again! If I had an opportunity I would write to you several letters in day!!! But unfortunately I have no computer at home and I can’t write you as often as it possible. Thank you for your last letter! I read it with pleasure and now I know about you little bit more....:) Today is my mum’s Birthday and I am going to buy a present! I am interested very much with one question! How do you think, is it possible to have our meeting in real time??? I understand its early time to ask such questions, but I want to meet confident man who knows what he wants from a life! It seems to me, that it is easier to meet once instead of writing millions letters! What do you think about this??? It’s interesting for me to know your opinion!!!

Best wishes… Olga

Letter 5

Hello my lovely Gene! I am very glad to see your letter today. I look forward to your letters every day. I can't wait to read them. I had a good mood thanks for your e-mail. How are you, honey? What weather do you have there today? How do you feel yourself? Today I have a very good mood, and weather today so fine and sunny. It’s approaching weather to take a walk along the street and to take a breath of fresh air in the park.

I have so much new ideas and dreams about us. I have dreamed today, and imagine our walking in the park. I feel myself so happy! I don’t know why but I feel so comfortable with you. May be I am mistaken, but I want to believe my heart doesn’t deceive me.

You asked me: “why such beautiful girl walks alone? I answered you - "If you would like to keep me the company we will be together". And you’ve done it. Oh, you are so sweet! I feel emotion and excitement at the same time. We went and talked about everything, about all our interests and habits. Then we tired little bit and sat down on a bench. There were so many stars in the sky and the full moon was bewitching and we looked at them and admired with beauty of the night sky and stars. Later I felt cold and asked to sit closer to me. It became warmer from your body, and on my body the small shiver has gone.

We went home together keeping for hands. You asked me : "We can see tomorrow?.." I have told you - "Yes, of course! I will be waiting for you...." And then you kissed... Oh it was fantastic! It was the best kiss I ever had! I think about you every time.

How did you spend your day? I was very unusual day since morning. After my dream. How do you think what we’d make together? I hope to receive your e-mail tomorrow. My mum and my girlfriends wish you good day. They are very happy for our meeting.

I will be waiting for you letter and pics.

Yours Olga.

Letter 6

Hi my lovely Gene. I become happier with you letters. Thank you my dear for filling my soul with tenderness, thank you for filling my heart with romantic feelings! I have today delightful mood! Yesterday at work my boss told me I can take holiday very soon. Today I thought long time and I want to ask you, my lovely Gene. Can we meet each other in during holiday?? What do you think? We can spend great time together and I can make massage on your tired body :-))) My lovely Gene when I read your letters again and again I have understood, that you that person whom I searched all my life. Only you can make me happy and I can promise I’ll be with you always because I adore you!!! Right at the beginning of our dialogue I could not think, that all so will take place, but now I am happy and ready to arrive to you! I have understood that you are good man, whom I look for. Think about that I wrote you and answer.

You can’t imagine how I wait for your answer.

With hope only your Olga

Letter 7

Hello my love Gene! I regret that I long did not answer you. My mum had a heart attack and now I in despair. It requires urgent operation on heart. My mum has no medical insurance and I should pay cost of operation by cash.. Operation cost - 12000 roubles (about 430 US dollars). My love Gene it is a shame for me. But my love Gene you can help me from 430 dollars soon. It is a life and death question. I very much require your help!!!!!! I promise to you that I will not ask any more money from you!!! Understand my love Gene that it very important! You my saviour. I sincerely love you and I hope for your help!! You can think that I write to you only for the sake of money. But it not so. You for me all world and the unique man in the Universe of whom I LOVE!!! Please help me!

Forever yours with love OLGA

Letter 8

Hello my LOVE GENE! I am happy that you can to help me! To me have told, that in hospital accept only cash, as at us small provincial hospital! My friends advised me such a service as Western Union, it is very comfortable and quick. You need to know about me some information to transfer the money and I also need to know about you the same information.

My name: OLGA
Address: country Russia, zip code 425350, city Kozmodemyansk, Pushkina st. 2-34

I hope that you can make it soon! My love GENE, in your hands human life..
I wait with hope of your letter!
Your Olga

Letter 9

Hello! I look forward to hearing from you. Why you have stopped to write to me?? Something happens?? I hope to receive your letter! Always your Olga

Letter 10

My love Gene! I am happy to receive your letter. I missed on you. Excuse, that I have forgotten to answer your questions in last letter. This heavy time for me here. You know that mum requires operation and I search for this purpose for money. I hope to receive your letter soon. With love your Olga



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