Letter(s) from Natalia Morozova to Etienne-John (Malta)

Letter 1

At the very beginning wish to let you know who I am myself. My name is Ekaterina and I am from Russia. I am 28 year old. I am kind-hearted, open-minded, loving, tender, intelligent, respectful, with a sence of humour. And I hope my email did not disturb you. I I'd like you to know this is not a junk or some bulk email. I am real lady who has one purpose. All I want is to find a person who will understand me, who will like me for who I am. I look for a friend, my , and my future partner. I want to love and be loved as I am very tired to be lonely. The internet dating is new and unfamiliar to me and I have never done it before. I was at the internet centre and somehow I visited worldwide site OneMeet and I decided to send you an email by means of some virtual programm. The manager who works there helped me as well. As you already know my name - Katya and I am from in Russia. My family is not big and I live now with my mother and I am lonely without my person. I am also make an attachment you my snap for you to know how I look like. I hope you are interested in making new friends and will respond to this . If you are, please message me back swetyekaty{AT}optimaltelekom24[DOT]com
Looking for your reply.
Your new friend Ekaterina