Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Borodina to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my darling Gene!!!!

Do you know that when I saw your profile I though: “Oh, he might be the one whom I am searching for!!” I don’t know why exactly I have had such feeling, but I really think that something special can be between us!!! Don’t you think so?
First of all I want to introduce myself, as a real lady. My name is Svetlana. You might ask yourself: why she is here, writing to me? And here is my answer – I have lived through some period of life and still never felt the true and sincere feeling of love and admiration, my heart is still searching for these unbelievable emotions which capture your soul and never let you go!! I am a dreamer… and once I was sitting and thinking about my life… then a thought came across me… why not to try and find my only man through the Internet if I can’t find him here, in my country!! That was the first step which brought me to this site!!!
Gene, you know I am looking for only serious relationship, which in some time lead us together. I am sincere, mutual, natural, and open and I want to find the man who will fill the empty part of me… I want to create a family and live happy life. If you are looking for the same and interested in me and my words and intentions, than you are welcome to my adventure and new page in life.

Here is my e-mail:

I am already waiting for your letter.
With the best wishes, Svetlana.

Letter 2

Good day my dearest Gene,

Thank you so much for paying attention to my first letter and answering back.
So, what to start with? I am a little bit nerves, as I have never done this before… I mean that it is my first experience in the Internet world, if it is possible to say.
I think that I might ask how you are and how is your mood… but it will seem boring to you… Am, I right? No… ))) Then, how are you?
I hope you will forgive me this first unconfident letter… but, I just really don’t know what I have to write.
I think I better introduce myself. As I told earlier, my name is Svetlana, I live in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in a little town called Krasnodon. During fascist’s occupation a well-known and famous for its actions underground organization which got the name “Young Guard” was in our town. The participants of that organization hold anti-fascist propaganda, wrote and spread leaflets, released prisoners of war, saved more than 2 thousand people of driving away to Germany.
Young Guard and people struggling there were real heroes and they gave their lives to safe our motherland.
So, as you see, I live in a town of brave people!!
If to return back to my figure, I want to add, that I am 36 year old woman who has a daughter, who’s name is Kate and she is 9. I love my daughter much and now, she is the sense of my life.
As for my parents, unfortunately, dad has already passed away and I have the mother, who’s name is Valentina. She is a pensioner and I try to take care of her and help her as much as I can. My mother is the best friend for me. I love her dearly. My parents was and is the example of perfect happy family… It is so pity that dad hasn’t lived till Kate is such a beauty and he can’t see her…
Ok, as for my job. I work for one small company which specialize on building materials. I am the marketing manager, my main duty to control all trades and not to miss anything. I work with computer, clients, orders and papers. I love what I do, though it is difficult now, as all orders were cut by half because of the world crisis.
What else to tell…
Gene, as about my personal life. I am a single woman. My husband left me when Kate was 1 year old baby. He has found a younger one and just gone…
left me with a baby on my hands and never appeared. He doesn’t support us… and doesn’t communicate with his daughter. Such a story…
I am here, because I really fed up of being lonely and my heart is suffering because of love absence. I want to love and I can do it… I want to find a man who is ready for serious relationship and doesn’t want to play games or write love letters without future of them. I want to have a full family and maybe, to give a birth to a second child… I want to be a happy woman… that is all I need.
And what is your aim here? Why are you here? What and whom are you looking for?
You know, sometimes I am writing poems and this poem I will give to my man, who is destined to me…

You are the One…

You are the one I choose
To be with me for eternity
To caress and whisper
“ How are you my darling so sweet?”

You are the one I need
To tell me
How much I mean to you
How much you love me so..
Making my day so brilliant
As the sun shining so bright in the sky….

You are the one I want
To embrace me so tight
Whispering “ I love you”
As I lay on bed every night…

You are the one I dream of
To be at my side always
Knowing you are there
To console me
When I am feeling sad and blue

You are the one I love
My heart, my soul, my inspiration
You mean so much to me
Even we are far from one another…

You are the one…
Just you….
Nobody else
But you…..

Who knows, maybe this man is you.

My dear Gene, thank you very much for your attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.

With the best and warmest wishes, Svetlana.

P.S My angel,from your photo I can judge that you are a very handsome man, and you are so brave on this photo!!! It is seen at once that you are a real man and you like a fortress… your shoulders are the strongest one!! You are amazing my darling!!

Letter 3

Hello dear Gene!!

To open my mail-box and to find a letter from you there is the best even of the day!!
Thanks for this!! I am really happy that you answered back… and such a lovely letter!!
Thank you dear!!

Gene, how is your mood today? How did you sleep at night?
As for me, I couldn’t fall a sleep for more than two hours. Do you know why?
Because I was thinking of you… really!! I tried to imagine you in front of me.
I plunged so deep in my thoughts and imagination that couldn’t sleep… I am curious about you and it is so interesting how you sit, how you talk… do you gesticulate while talking?
As for me, I do. I am impulse person and when I want to explain something, I begin to show it with the help of my hands… It is so interesting, but everything has psychological explanation and grounding.
Even the way you walk or take a pen in your hand – everything shows and says about your personality. And how can you describe yourself? What kind of person you are?
- I am optimistic and kind.
- I am positive and energetic, can’t stay on one place.
- I am reliable and sincere, I am firm, if I don’t like something I will definitely say.
- I am caring and loving, I adore children and my daughter will tell you the same.
- I don’t like to argue and when I am in bad mood it is better to give me 10 minutes to calm down, and I am again happy!!
- I am a giver more than a receiver… ))) I like to make presents and to make people smile.
- In love I am passionate and hot… I like to be romantic and spend long hours kissing and hugging
So, next turn is for you… tell me about yourself.

Do you like reading? I like it much and when I have free time I better read a book than watch a TV.
Gene, I am sorry, but I have to finish here… Today me, mom and Kate have a supper together and I can’t late.

Kisses… the first one ))) Svetlana.

P.S Darling, I was so amazed with your eyes and smile on the photos you sent.
Many people say that eyes are the mirror of the soul… and you, my dear, have the most amazing soul according to your eyes. Your smile is so bright and so positive! Oh, I adore you dear Gene!!!

Letter 4

Dear Gene
Thank you so much for your letter!!!!
I was so waiting for it and at last it came!!!!
How is your mood today? How do you feel yourself?
You know, I am in a perfect spirit… you make such things with me!! I wake up and think about you… is it possible?
I have never believed in such things but now I understand that everything is possible!!!!
Darling, do you have some plans for the evening? How do you usually spend your time in evenings?
Do you meet with friends? Do you have many friends?
As for me, I don’t have many friends… just some closest, whom I believe as myself.
I don’t think that there are should be many friends… if there are many than it is not friends at all… What do you think?
You know, though I have my daughter… still when I came home I feel myself so lonely and so unhappy… and I dream for the day when I came and see my man sitting at the sofa with a hot tea and lemon and seeing me he will come, kiss my lips, hug me and say: Darling, welcome to our home!!!!
I hope and this hope never leave me that soon it will happen. Do you want the same dear?

Today I will go with my daughter to a puppet theatre. I promised her few days ago that we go… so, I always do what I have promised. It will be a great evening. My daughter love attending different places.
And I am proud of her as she doesn’t play computer games or watch TV 24 hours a day, she is thoroughly developed girl and she is interested in everything what happens around her…
Ok, I will close for now, have to hurry.
I am waiting for your letter like crazy, I really think that we have much in common and I like you very much!!!

Yours Svetlana.

P.S Honey,i love your photos,i love you my big love !!!!!!!!!

Letter 5

Dear Gene,
I begin to think about you more and more and I really can’t wait till morning when I wake up and see a letter from you… what is it happening to me?
Do you feel the same? I am curious about your emotions and feelings…
How are you today? How is your mood? What are you doing right this moment?
Thank you so much for your letter… you even can’t imagine what impressions I have about you and your messages…
I hope that I am the one whom you can imagine early morning hours… I hope!! )))
Thank you so much for your compliments!! You are so great!! You will spoil me darling!!
Thank you for reading my letter so thoroughly!! And not missing a word!! I respect this!! Thanks for answering my questions!!!
I like the way you think about hanging out with friends… It is so good that you prefer quite evenings at home rather than drinking out with friends… still, sometimes it is needed!! Right?
Oh, I do agree with you that husband and wife should be the closest and the best friends!!! It goes without saying!!!
When I read your letters everything burns inside of me… my eyes are wishing to see yours, my hands willing to touch yours… I don’t know how to explain the conflict of emotions which risen each time I read your words about yourself, your life, about me… I understand that I also want to be the part of your life… is it stupid thoughts? I don’t know what to say more… I am sincere with you and don’t want to hide anything… I am frank and want you to know that I like you more than just a friend!! What will you say?
Ok, let’s stop talking about my emotions and continue discovering each other… what do you think?
Honey, do you have a dream? Something that you want more than anything in this world?
I have… do you want to know what it is?
Of course, the first and the top one is my bellowed man! I want to find him and I hope that I have already done this))
Though I like my job, still I always wanted to have something own…
my business. You know, I would love to open a store for women where I would sell clothes and make different ornaments on shirts and other clothes… I can make it and I can design well, I have an eye to this!!
It would be great… I love to make people happy and I think with such things I can color the world a little bit!!!
What do you think?

Ok, I will stop here as I need to return to reality and go to my present work.

Kisses, Svetlana.

Letter 6

My darling Gene

Thank you so much for a piece of happiness which you bring me with your letters! I can’t wait till I receive your new letter that make me smile!!!
I am in the best mood… I don’t know how to explain the state of my soul… I am just smiling all the time and I want you to smile too… Do you smile when you read my letters? I wish you do…
How are you today? What are plans for the day? Do you have a lot of work?
You know, we both understand that we are not just friends here, and we both like each other not on the level of pen friends, right? With you I am freely and I can tell you everything I feel, experience and know. Can you say the same? Or… you have some difficulties in sharing your thoughts with me?
Please tell me…
What I am driving to… I like you physically and I like you like a woman like man… I understand, maybe it will sound strange to you as we have never meet in reality, but I feel such strong emotions to you which I have never felt before!!!
That is why I want to hear your thoughts concerning my words… what do you feel, ok?
I want to discuss the topic of sex today… what are your preferences? Are you a passionate or mild in bed?
How and where do you like to make love?
As for me, I love everything connected with tenderness and romance… I like the aroma of candles, the wan light, champagne and you in front of my eyes… watching so desired…
I can be different… it depends on my mood and my inner state… I like taking shower together, massaging your back, arms, kissing your neck… do you like it?
I like beautiful underwear… I like to be longed for and my imagination is sometimes very bright.

I hope, my topic haven’t made you disappointed or unacceptable… please, write me everything you consider to be important, ok?

I will be waiting for your letter.
With warm hug, yours Svetlana.

Letter 7

My sweet man Gene!!!!!!!

I was afraid not to hear back from you because of my previous letter.
I was afraid that I was too open and frank with you… but you are writing to me again and I am so glad that I haven’t scared you with my previous topic!!!

Do you know how I was waiting for your letter? I hardly wait when it arrive!!!!!!!
You do such things with me that no one ever did before!! I am so exciting with our correspondence that I can’t find right words to express everything that happens inside of me!!!!
Today is a very lovely day and it is the perfect time for walking around… and I thin how lovely it would be just walk around with you, hand in hand, sitting
on a bench in the park, hugging and showing people around us all our strong emotions… it would be great I think!! I dream about it and it is the only thing
that I can do now… dreams give me the power to live further… only imagining you helps me to fall asleep at nights and waking up in the mornings with a feeling that you are so close to me, just by my side, and when I open my eyes… I understand that it was just a dream… Sweet dream!!!! I can’t stop thinking of you… how is this possible? I have never seen you in reality, but I know for sure when I meet you I will feel the same… my heart can’t lie!!!! And what is your heart telling you?

Darling, what are your plans for today? What will you do?
Today is my friend’s Milena birthday and she has invited me to the party.
She is one of my best friends and I know her for ages. So, today will be a great party!!!!! No boys, just girls)))) Yahoo… girls’ talks… I love this!!!
Do you have boys’ talks? What do you usually discuss? I am so curious…

Ok, Gene, I need to go and buy a present for my friend. I will be waiting for your letter as the day waits for night!!!

Warmest feelings, yours Svetlana.

Letter 8

Hello dear Gene!!!

How is your mood today? I hope everything is perfect!
As always big thanks for your lovely letter!! I adore when I find e-mail from you!!
It is the greatest present I ever wanted!!

It's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend writing to each other. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets.
I like you and only you ... and that feeling will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go.

What can you say concerning my thoughts?
How was your evening yesterday?
As I told, I went to the birthday party and spent great time there!! I bought a beautiful vase for my friend - she like such things and collects different statues and vases. So, she was pleased and happy.
We went to the restaurant - and I have understood that I haven’t been at such places for ages.
Everything was great, but I worried a little about Kate as she stayed with Granny at home and I so rarely go out that I got used to see my daughter each evening. Such a crazy mother I am… I just love Kate much!
How is your work?
Today I have a hard day. Something happened with goods on the boundary and they don’t want to let it pass. So, my boss is very mad about it and we try to solve this problem but no success yet!! Of course, it is a great fear to lose money for these goods – and the sum rather big. We have already lost money because of the crisis here and many workers were dismissed and I was afraid of losing my job, as I am the only person who works in the family… so, now things are not so good as earlier… but I try not to think about it – we will go through it, right?

Ok, honey, I need to return to work. I miss you and waiting for your letter.

Love, Svetlana.

P.S My love Gene,thank you very much fo your nice photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 9

Thanks for your letter!! It was written in a very interesting way…
and it seemed to me that you mock at me!! Why are you doing this?
What have I done to you? I thought that I was nice and always gentle with you and the words I wrote are from my heart… and your comments on my words – Really and oh… – made me crazy… don’t you think that it is rude? Oh you think that you can communicate with me in such a tone? I don’t understand you at all… if you don’t like what I am writing and if you don’t believe me and have heard such things before than don’t write to me, ok? But, don’t dare to talk with me in such a way… I am not a stupid little girl and I am not a doll to play with and I didn’t say that I love you… I said that I was happy to meet you and right that moment I couldn’t imagine my life without you and your letters!!!
You say – if you write such things to me and such words why don’t you write daily? Ok… I will answer… because I am not a millionaire to write daily, ok? Who are you talking like that?

You are … Ok, calm down Svetlana.
I have following suggestions – if you don’t like what I write, than be an intelligent man – wish good luck to me and don’t play with me.
If not, and you don’t want to break… than, be so kind, communicate with me in a normal and positive tone and stop teasing me ok? I am sorry if I asked you about your job… I read your letters but I am a human being and sometimes I can forget some things, ok? …

I wish you a great day and please, think over my words.


Letter 10

Darling Gene
Today I have waked up with a taste of you on my lips… how is this possible? While opening my eyes I dreamed to see you next to me. But what was my surprise when I saw an empty place on my bed…
Oh… how much I want to feel you and t o be with you each morning and each evening… This kills me… I just want to love and to be loved…
I am sorry that I complain to you… I know that I have to be patient and I will wait for you as long as it is needed!!!

Dear Gene, I forgive you. And please, forgive me too if I was too rude in my previous letter. I just misunderstood the way you write letters, ok?
What do you think about my words?

I love your letters much and sometimes I think how I have been living without you and your e-mails earlier… I can’t find an answer!! Really!! I know for sure at I have found the one whom I was looking for and now I don’t want you to leave me and I will never leave you… I promise!! I just want you to know all these things and how I really feel about you!!!! I value you… and I really want to create something bigger, more serious and important with you!!! I know, that you are a right person for me and for my life!!!

Dear Gene, I also want to tell you one thing. I go to the Internet caf?
to write letters to you, because I don’t have my own computer at home and the Internet and also I don’t know English so good in order to write to you. So, there an interpreter helps me to write letters to you. All these services are not for free. I pay for this. So, what I am driving at…
It is rather expensive service for me and now, I have some money problems.
So, I am asking you, if you feel the same what I feel to you and if you want to continue our correspondence and one day to meet, than I am asking you for help. I ask you to help me with correspondence, as now, I don’t have enough funds to pay for another months of our correspondence. I am sorry for asking you about this and like that but I don’t know what to do… I am so much afraid to lose you and I want to continue writing to you and receiving your letters as you and only you have made my life a little bit brighter and you showed me that I am special, beautiful and kind woman!!!
I don’t want to lose you darling, that is why I am asking you for help.
I don’t insist on some certain sum of money… no… if you want and ready to help you can help as much as you can… I don’t push on you or demand something… I just very sad if the fact I can’t pay for this service by myself now and I am sad of the fact that our story can stop because of this…

Please, don’t make us to break apart!!! I need you dear!!

I will be waiting for your letter like crazy.

Kisses Svetlana.

Letter 11

Hello my dear Gene!!!
Thank you very much for your letter. I liked it very much. It is seen that you are not indifferent to me and my problems. I value it very much.
Dear Gene, I want to explain you once more, that I don?t have a computer at home, I go to the Internet cafe to write you a letter.
It is not the agency, it is just and Internet cafe, where people go to use Internet service. So, I also go there, I don?t know English good that?s why I asked one manager in this club (she is a woman) to help me with English. She helps me not for free of course, and I pay for her services.
Right now, I can?t pay for our letters. To be close to each other we need to write at least 4 times a week and I have no such an opportunity, I simply have no money for this!! I am sorry for telling you about my problems? but I don?t know what to do, I don?t want and I can?t lose you!!!
Thank you so much that you want to help me with correspondence. It is so generous from your side. Thank you so much. I really need you and I promise you if you help me now, I will never disappoint you in future.
Do you know how to make a transfer? Have you heard about Money Gram or Western Union systems?
I know that the Western Union and Money Gram systems are the fastest and the safest way of transferring money. I will be able to get money without problem. You just need to do it everything in proper way! That is all that you need! This system is not for the first year in Ukraine and there were no problems with it! So, we are not the first and not the last who use this system. I know, that everything will be fine with it.
I will write you all details you need for transferring money:

My first name:Svetlana
My last name:Borodina
Country : Ukraine
City: Krasnodon
Post code: 94400
My address: str.Lenina 4

Waiting for your answer, Svetlana.

P.S. you also can go to the sites of these services and to make a transfer on-line, without leaving your house. Or just to see if you are interested in something. or

Letter 12

Hello my dearest Gene!!
Oh, you are my sunshine; you are the sun of my day that always lighten my way!!
I am so in love with you and I think about you 24 hours a day. Do you really want me to be your wife? Oh, I can't believe me eyes+ I am so happy Gene, I am sorry, this letter will be very short as you know my situation. Darling, you can send me as much you can, ok? I can't and I am shy to ask about sending some certain sum of money. But, if it is possible, you know that new school year has began and I wanted to buy new cloth for Kate but I lack money and you know about my unstable financial situation. Gene, I am very ashamed to ask+ but send me as much you can+ if you can 500$ - send 500$, if you can more, send more, ok? I won't spend your money on unnecessary things, I will be very economic and I will spend just for right things, first of all I will pay for our correspondence and if something will leave I will buy cloth for Kate+ I am waiting for your news and for your help.
Love you, yours Svetlana.



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