Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Burkova to Daniele (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Daniele! It is pleasant to me to see your letter. It will be interesting to me,
We will continue to write each other. I will be glad, if you answer me back and tell also about yourself more
I now will tell about me to you. I the kind and good woman in character. Me age - 28 years. I was born in Russia and
My birthday in the spring - march, 6, 1981. Under the Zodiac "Pisces"..
My colour of eyes of the blue sky - dark blue.
My growth of 168 sm, at weight - 51 kg.
I have the daddy. To my to the daddy of 53 years.
My daddy now does not work and has pension.
He worked in building of houses and their projects much.
His work very strained and not the easy.
My father has shown to me much and has learnt to go correctly on road to a life, now I understand much and I can have an independent life. I love the daddy and I can tell that it the kind and decent person.
My mum has died 2 years ago and now I only have the daddy.
To me very sadly to write to you about it and I will better continue to speak to you where I and that I make.
I live in Russia in small city Zelenodolsk. This city to be in the central part of Russia.
Our city has many streets and trees - he very beautiful! Recently in our city the Internet cafe has opened. Now I will come and see your letter and to write to you more.
I have no own computer, but I think that it not a problem, for friendship or relations, there should not be barriers before feelings. Your girlfriend Evgeniya.
Letter 2
Hello friend Daniele. I am glad to receive from you the new letter.
If you knew as I is happy to receive from you news.
I will always try to write to you letters that you understood me about what I write to you and in each letter I will send you my photos. To me very much it will be pleasant also semimother from you more photos.
I will write to you more about myself, than I am occupied standing within many days.
To me to like to have rest by the nature. Every summer we with friends go to have rest on lake.
We sunbathe, in general we relax in water. In the winter in a cold season in Russia happens - 18 / - 36 ` C and we sometimes go on skis to wood or
We skate on ice. I like to spend time with the best friends!
They also were happy to have time with me.
In the spring and in the autumn, we go to a backpacking with tents and much
Time we will see off together. At you it is a lot of friends? How you spend time with friends?
Now I would like to be your best friend and you like me very much and to me it will be pleasant if you consider also. Sincerely your Evgeniya.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Daniele!
I am very glad and happy to receive again your letter.
Today I waited your letter, with such joyful mood.
If you knew as I is happy, that I
Has got acquainted with you. I wish to find the serious man, and I want it there were you.
I already adult also wish to find love when I will be 28 years old.
All my friends are already married and have happy families.
I think that you understand me. And I think that we will continue contact.
I work at the enterprise of taxi drivers. My trade - a taxi communication statement.
I make this work with 8:00 morning. Also I leave home nearby 6:00 evenings.
I inform in a portable radio set to drivers of the address on calls of clients. And the taxi driver goes
To take away the person. All the day long
I speak in a portable radio set and at me is having rummaged during the lunchtime 12:00-13:00.
I earn a little and to me pay, that I could have clothes and habitation.
I very much love animals. And my favourite animal is a cat. You love animals?
And what animal most of all is pleasant to you?
You become to me, very close and good friend. I am very happy to it.
Your letters, fill up me mood. I feel the happiest girl.
I will send you the photo in this letter.
I think that this photo is pleasant to you.
Has come time to finish this letter.
And I will wait from you again for new news.
Sincerely your Evgeniya!
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Daniel!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am very glad, to that you do not forget to write me the letter.
I'm fine, because your letters give me additional energy.
Today I have woken up in the morning and have gone on street to be engaged in gymnastics, I ran.
I always try to run in the mornings. And when I have returned after jog. Very much it is pleasant to me when I go in for sports or walks in park because it helps to support the body form. I make it some times in a week and to me helps to have it much for organism clarification.
I have made to myself a breakfast and have gone to cafe the Internet to write you the letter.
To me really it is very pleasant, when I read your letters.
I learn about you more when I read your letters.
And what to love it would be necessary to know the man better.
Today I will go with the girlfriend on walk on shops and I will think of you. My thoughts do not allow to forget you for a minute and to me it is pleasant, when I think of you.
I will wait from you for new letters. OX.
Sincerely your Evgeniya.
Letter 5
Hello my lovely Daniel! I like your words and this letter also.
I so would like you to embrace. I would like to feel it.
My favourite colour it dark blue, pink and red. In these colours I love pleasure, brightness, and these colours give me good mood.
I also think that there will be a bright love and feelings same light!
I hope in the future, that my favourite person already on small distance, only with sincere love!
As to a family? I search for the man who will respect me and to love. In this concept very big sense.
I wish to find interesting, outwardly and the internal good man.
In men I appreciate such qualities as kindness, optimism, humour, an openness, responsibility, sincerity and the most important thing love.
In this letter I will send you the photos, I think that they will like you and will heat up your kind heart good mood.
I have to you some questions.
My full name is - Evgeniya Burkova.
What yours full name?
What yours full address?
Whether to like you to travel?
What your favourite dish? What your Favourite colour and why?
Whether you like to dance?
I will wait from you the new answer tomorrow.
I wish you fine mood and good day. Your dear and lovely Evgeniya!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Daniele! Thanks for your joyful letter. But I think that time will come also to me
It is necessary to tell to you that I love you. I wish to trust you and to be fair to you.
I very much wish to you that I am in a life.
I send you the photo, and I want that they liked you and brought good day to you.
After we have got acquainted, I wait the next day.
What to write you letters, and to learn you better.
This hour I look forward! I hope and trust you, that at all of us it will be good.
Yes I also would like to see you in the future, but I do not think that work will be a problem.
But while I still would like to find out you and to tell my feelings to you. ok
My time comes to an end also I should finish this letter for you.
I wish you a sunny day, and fine mood. Your unforgettable princess Evgeniya.
Letter 7
Hello my love Daniele!
To receive your letter, causes huge feeling!
My daddy and my girlfriend, speak only positive lines about you.
And they would want that we only were happy.
From that day as we have got acquainted,
I feel obliged to write to you of the letters.
We sit till the morning and we meet sunrise.
We talk about our future, about a life.
When I was the little girl, I looked many films, about the sea and oceans.
But I am did not see the sea in a life. And
I would like to visit very much on the sea.
As the sea and ocean, is very far from me.
I live in the middle of a part of Russia, and
I only can admire with the rivers and lakes.
I think that we can visit in the future the sea together.
I very much wish to create a life with such person as you.
As it is necessary to aspire to it all.
My favourite flower - white roses with 1 one red rose in the centre!
And then I think the dream will come true. I to finish this letter.
I will think of you, happiness and health to you.
Sincerely your lovely Evgeniya!! ps
Russia, city Zelenodolsk, street Mira 12 - 9
Letter 8
Hello my love Daniele!
I like to receive your letter and it will be to my heart!!
As I said to you, that I like to walk in park and to think of fine feeling. Today I have spent much time in my favourite park and I thought of us. To me was and it is sad and cheerful, that you are in this world, but you is far from me!! I love you!!! I would like to be a bird and to fly to you, but it is not possible!
I very much miss on you and thought all the day long as you to meet in park, but I could not find out you in passers-by and to me to become sadly, when you not about me.
But soon I trust that at all of us it to turn out and we can embrace with you each other and to be sensitive hands!!
To live with you in happiness and a grief. Even if we meet difficulties, that we always would remain together.
And not that us could not divide.
I will be very happy if you agree with me?
I wish to speak to you many fine words, such words as, I Love YOU and to like you!
Now at me time comes to an end, I cannot write you the long letter. Say Hello to your friends and relatives.
Happiness, love, and the most important strong health to you.
Gently kiss you in your sweet lips.
With love
your princess Evgeniya.
Letter 9
Hello my love Daniele! I am very happy to receive from you the new letter.
Thank you for number phone, I call you.
How are you? And I think that I will start it to write about my feelings which I have to you. I wish to tell sincerely to you that I cannot keep the feelings in myself any more.
And I wish to tell to you that I LOVE YOU. My most dear Daniele!
All life I searched for such man as you. I am very glad that I have got acquainted with such kind, responsible and loving person as you Daniele!
Every day I think only of you. Every day I wish to learn you better. What to meet to us as soon as possible.
I wish to show you the feelings in a reality.
That you would feel my love to you.
I will finish the letter and I will wait for your full answer to my letter! With love
your Evgeniya.
Letter 10
Hello my love Daniele!!! I am glad to receive from you today letter.
I wish to tell to you many thanks, for that that you love me.
It would be remarkable, if we have met with you in a real life.
And I think that this day will very soon. This day for us will be in the most unforgettable and fine afternoon in our life.
I so want that this day was very Soon. I wish prove that people can find each other through many miles. I wish to show the feelings to you in a reality. My love Daniele I wish to give you very big love. As, I love you. My dear Daniele! To speak with you about love. My daddy is very glad for us.
And he wishes us the finest and happy marriage.
I think that it is my destiny what to be with you, and to be your favourite wife.
We long talked to it, and then he has agreed with me.
I so am glad that I have found you. I searched for you 28 years, and I have found you my man. And it you my love Daniele!
Now I think that we can soon meet at you. This day I will cry, as I will leave parents and friends. It is real, but it is difficult.
All understand me and already all my close friends speak, he the good, decent person and never doubt him, at you with Daniele all will be ok!! I have begun to cry, when to me these words have told.
But also I will rejoice, as I will meet you.
I wish to speak more about it my dear.
I wish you a lot of mood within day. Your LOVE Evgeniya!!! OXOX

Letter 11
Hello my love Daniele! I am very grateful to you for your letter.
Your letters always give to me of forces and patience.
I love you and I adore, because you for me,
You have very much great value, as my future husband
And my beloved, with you I wish to begin a new life.
Favourite Daniele, our first meeting, will be the most pleasant,
Fine for us. I think every day of it on an extent
These days. And when it will occur, I will be the happiest girl
In the world because we will be together. We can speak each other
All that in our thoughts. When we will be together to us it will be better
To express the feelings, the love. And certainly my dear Daniele,
The most pleasant, that will be between us when we will meet, it is mad love.
When we together, will come true all our dreams, in a reality.
It really is very pleasant for me when I will think of it.
If you agree with me, I can go tomorrow in travel company.
I find out tickets, later to you I will inform on it.
My passport and the tourist visa in Italy for 6 months without related - it are ready and prolonged till December 2009,
I made them till this time in June 2009 that when
I left Russia there were no problems. I only needed to reserve tickets and to depart to you. With your help.
I think, that it is the first step to our meeting. I am happy!
I wish you to be always in good mood. My favourite music - is Heartbeat Madonna!
I think that you find it at our meeting and we will dance!
I will finish the letter and tomorrow I will already write to you new!
With the best regards and sincere love. With love
Your Evgeniya!!!!
Letter 12
Hello my love Daniele!!!!! I have received your letters and I will tell directly, I love you my darling Daniele!!!
Because I have already decided, that you my man and I also wish to be with you together in any difficulties because problems are everywhere. I will like to help you in all that to happen, but I think that when we together you will understand, what is the things which you have told - to us will not prevent, I love you for honesty, that you speak the truth and I trust you also much, I believe you, that do not wish to hurt me or to damage me.
I think that at us all will be good and there will be all ahead!!! I love you and already I collect necessary things, by a female part and you will very well. I think that I have arrived to you at once and I promise to you, that I will remain with you, I want it.
If you want, that I have arrived to you at once in Stuttgart, Germany in travel agency my return tickets have told, that, that my visa demands, will cost - 501EUR. I will be happy, if you help me with tickets this week and
As soon as I will buy the tickets I to you I send the route of flight to Germany. You will already hold me in the hands next week! It will be unforgettable day, I love you. My passport and the tourist Schengen visa for Germany and Italy for 6 months without related - it are ready and prolonged till December 2009. I only needed to reserve tickets and to depart to you.
I travel agency asked as you can make remittance, to me have told, that it is convenient and safe to make transfer through "MoneyGram". It is the world company on transfers.
I think, that you favourite can make it in branch bank "MoneyGram" as I do not have bank account. To me have told, that to be necessary for you my information, my address and my full name: Russia, city Zelenodolsk, street Mira 12 - 9, Evgeniya Burkova I think that you understand. I will soon wait for your letter!!!
I am happy with you!!! I love you!!!! With love
Your Evgeniya!!!!
Letter 13
Hello my love Daniele!!!! Thank you for your letter.
What do you think of the help with the ticket? You of nothing answered.
You speak that wish to see already me at the airport.
It is necessary for me only the ticket and I already in your hands at the airport as soon as you send to me!
It will be fast if you hasten to help!!! I love you!
I am very loyal and dedicated to the one that I will love, I am hoping that, that love will be you one day soon as I am now head over heels with you and you are always within my mind.
There is not a minute that goes past that I do not think about you, what you are doing, how you are feeling and most importantly are you well.
You have put a spark in my heart which I have not had in a very long time and I wish I have put one in yours to. You now mean a lot to me and I just hope that feelings are becoming mutual.
I wait for your letter tomorrow. With love
Your Evgeniya!!!!!
Letter 14
Hello my love Daniele!! It is necessary to order nothing in the first class, I not the queen to have so a lot of convenience. Here at me tickets are cheaper and I wish to buy them here in agency. I do not see more than other way that I bought tickets. Consider that it is my whim and my good request to you!
Why you cannot make remittance - 501 euro through "MoneyGram"? Do it and our meeting will be that faster! Use my address and a name to make transfer. Go to bank. I love you. With love
Your Evgeniya!!
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