Scam letter(s) from Alice Roberts to Mack (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks so much for the mail,I am so pleased You Honored my Invitation by sending me an email.Am so happy.
A little about me:I am a Civil Engineer and i have been an engineer for 5 yrs,i work alone(self Employed) so i fix my hrs.I guess that's great for Parents are from Belarus but i was born and raised up in San Francisco,California(will explain in details later).I have been a widow since July 27 2005,that's almost 5 yrs now.I like going to the park,the zoo,the movies as well as the beach,They are so wonderful.Thats few about me.Do you have Yahoo IM so that we can chat and get to know each other better?
What we are trying to do is not easy for you or me. We are trying to learn about each other to see if we want to meet and possibly be more than friends even to the point of marriage. This is a big risk for us both, the better we know each other before we meet the better chances we will have of making the right decision. The risk is too great to play games by either of us. This is the reason we must be sure that we build a strong relationship.So i would like us to chat and know more about each other
Hope to hear from you and remember to keep smiling cos it soothes the soul
Letter 2
hey dear,
How are you and how was your day?It's been long someone as made me special and you are making me smile...Thanks.I so much wish we had met about 2 weeks ago,maybe we would have developed something nice.I so much had the feeling that maybe u might be the man that is gonna take away my emptiness and loneliness.I would be traveling this evening to UK on a bussiness trip and i would be gone for 19-25 days.Dont worry,I wont forget you and moreso i am gonna have access to the internet so we would be able to talk.I just hope you are not gonna let me down cos i have been hurt very much in my past.
Letter 3
Hi Babe,
I would like to tell you more about me,and i will like you to tell me much about you as well,Let me start from here,,,, My favorite food, hmmmmm tough one, fresh hot corn on the cob, or bananas foster.I can go with Chinese food as well.. My favorite place to go, I would have to say, to the mountains or to the beach: It is so beautiful, peaceful and serene. For adventure, well, scuba diving. I don't think I'm ready for bungy jumping yet, lol. One of my all time favorite movies is Titanic.It keeps spurring me on that there is a man out there for me to spend the rest of my life with.IS IT YOU?
To date, my favorite book is The Da Vinci Code. It truly made me think, research and ask questions.Hmmm, snack food, I preferhealthy snacks, like cheese and fruit, but I won't say no to a good ice cream, something with chocolate and pecans. As far as gifts, I'm a sucker for anything from the heart that truly represents a relationship, be it husband/wife orparent/child.. That is both giving and receiving. I take great pride in spending a long time picking out gifts and cards that I give. And flowers, cut or potted, are always nice, whether man or woman.I try to dress appropriately for each occasion.Sometimes I do like to feel like a Man, would you believe i get maple sugar from my dad on my birthday till he died?. I savor it and save it for as long as I can. Just a nibble here and there.Easily my favorite season is the fall. The colors, the smells, the abundance of the harvest. And fresh hot apple pies! MY favorite flower would have to be the rose, in any color. A beautiful lavender rose will set my heart aflutter.I also love music,I prefer all kind of musics,but blues is my favorite. We have another favorite time of year, it is the last full weekend in July. That is the weekend of our big Jazz Festival. We have to work at night, but we picnic, dance, talk with old friends and make new ones.
First and foremost, I am passionate about my Son. I am very protective of Him. My spirituality is so high on my list. I love God and trust in all of Gods love despite my husband's cancer. and yes, I did doubt God for a while, I have come even closer to my church..It's okay if you dont believe in God. I love nature, from nature comes all things. We must admire it, protect it and keep it in our daily lives. I am also very patriotic.Oh my,Ideal gifts to receive ,I like Flowers, interesting objects of art, unusual jewelry, love, anything to do with fairies, angels and nymphs,candles, small pieces of local art, oh and cookbooks.
I know fate plays a hand in meeting the right person. You can't plan to meet that person. And they just show up in a most unexpected way. It may be the person next door, or someone half a world away. But there is a power that brings two people together. Even in e mail, you can feel a connection,I felt that feeling in our first chat honie..I get flutter when I see emails from you.
Take Care of Yourself and have Fun
Kisses Loves and hugs.
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