Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Muryshkina to Steve (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi ...
My name is Svetlana ...
Friends and relatives call me the Light ...
I'm 28 years old ...
I born 5 May 1982.
My height is 163 centimeters.
My weight 53 kg ...
Relatives and Friends say
I am very good, beautiful and cheerful girl.
In his spare time, I love to engage in running aerobika. My favorite hobby is cooking ...
In a man I'm looking for the simplest, this is to me respected, appreciated and loved me as I am.
I will pinned photo, and I hope that you enjoy it .. I would like to hear your opinion about it .. Also, I hope to see and your photos ...
I am very sociable, and I want you to me asked many questions, I will try them write.
If you're me responding, you can do it
my email:
I'll wait !!!!
Letter 2
Hello steve! This Sveta!!!
How are you steve ?? I was very pleased to receive a letter from you.
I wrote to you in a previous letter about me a little. But I would like to our communication was more open.
So I am going to talk about themselves.
My full name Muryshkina Svetlana Nikolaevna, I am 27 years old, my height 1,71 meters.
I have blue eyes, melirovannaya shotenka.
I live in Russia, the republic of Mari El, in the village Soviet. My village located about 100 km from the city of Kazan and about 50 km from the capital of my republic of Yoshkar Ola. You can see this in Google.
I hope that you can watch it there!
I graduated from the Institute, Faculty of Economics and now work as a manager at a small firm.
As for my family, I have remained only the eldest sister, who was brought up by me since childhood.
My father died when I was very small, I was 5 years old. He worked as a miner. They had an accident and he did not survive.
My mother is very worried because of this. She was very fond of him.
Since the father did not, my mother became the breadwinner in our family and was not sorry for himself.
It ruined her 4 years after the death of his father. Me and my older sister went through this very difficult.
I was only 9 years old, and my sister 18.
Parents, we remained flat.
My sister found a job and began to earn for the two of us to life.
You probably wonder why I gave the announcement in the Internet and looking for a man abroad??
I want to find a man with whom we will be happy together, to share sorrow and happiness together.
And in Russia did not really find such a man. They do not know how to treat girls.
My life was a bitter asleep. I fell in love with a guy
He did not respect me, treat me badly. And in the end, he deceived me.
After this long time I could not trust men. It passed, but the pain remained.
I want that our communication was clean and honest.
I want to become friends, so we did not have lies and secrets between each other.
I really want to know you and you to tell me about yourself.
Sorry, but the spelling in English is not very good so I hope that you still understand what I wrote.
If you do not understand that, you ask, I am pleased to answer your questions.
I studied English in school, then at the Institute. English has always interested me, and he gave me very easily.
I understand very well that being said, I myself speak, but here I write so well and never learned unfortunately.
But I'm going to hope that this will not prevent us from understanding each other and our friendship will not stand and place.
I will finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer.
Sveta!!! P/S
I found your email address in his notebook. I talked with a man on the site and he gave me his email address.
But apparently I was not properly written and got to you. But I would not want to stop here, our c him communion and continue our dialogue with you.
Do you mind?? as you look at it??
Letter 3
Hello my new friend!
I am so glad to receive your letter, I was pleased to read and learn about you.
I used to when or not communicate through the Internet with men and you are the first with whom I am building communication here.
In a previous letter I spoke of a surface.
Today I wanted to tell you about their interests: I very much love music, I like to listen to different music.
I love romance, historical films and comedies.
At leisure doing sports: running, gymnastics, that allows me to be in excellent shape.
I love to read books, cook and try new dishes, but unfortunately I was not to prepare and show their skills in cooking.
You tried Russian cuisine????
I love to spend their free time in nature, I love to walk in the forest, the coast.
I am very romantic girl.
As a child I dreamed of becoming a teacher or doctor. so that I could work with children.
I love children! They are nice!
I very much want to find the man of their dreams, so we were happy together and we had many many children.
I really dream of a family. After all, the family - this is the most important. Do you agree with me???
I'm probably a little zamechtalas and I hope that you are not tired of it.
I would like to ask a few questions for you:
What is your biggest dream???
How's the family?
You think of marriage and the creation of a family??
What are your interests and hobbies???
Tell me about a city where you live!
I hope that I will not ask you many questions and this is not your tires.
I will finish my letter, I hope that soon received a letter from you.
I just hope that you will answer my questions and ask her, I am happy to answer them.
You are very good people.
Yours Sveta!
Letter 4

Hi my best friend Steve!!!
I hope that I can you so to name. I feel that with each letter we all become closer and closer.
I start to think of that that I want with you attitudes. With each letter you all become closer and closer to me.
I very much frequently re-read yours letters, they are very close to me!!!)
I want that our dialogue was fair and open.
I did not speak you in the previous letters on my sister.
After death of mum, it was very hard for us because it is very difficult to find money for two girls.
We do not know all about our relatives. We never saw ours the grandmother and the grandfather.
Mum has told, that we have relatives, but has not had time to tell where they live.
She has died suddenly and there was no time to tell to us about them.
Therefore it was difficult for us in this a life.
My sister has found work, but never spoke me about it. She did not live almost at home. She only sometimes came and brought for me money.
I do not know where she takes money for me.
Now I sometimes think that, probably, she traded in the body or was engaged in criminality, but at that time I was very small, and did not think whence this money.
I have left school, have received higher education in the bookkeeper, work. I studied well and consequently have received free-of-charge higher education.
I also have started to receive one more formation.
In due course my sister began to change is direct on eyes. She began to accept drugs: ((((
Quarrels have begun, she asked me money. I allowed them to it, in fact she my sister. Then to it there was it a little and she began all to steal from a house.
I have been compelled to be isolated from my sister, I have changed all locks on doors.
I was very hard from it, in fact she my sister. But I did not have choice!!
Now I see my sister very seldom. But I do not have special problems with it.
I want to be with you open, now at me was not present what secrets from you.
You search what attitudes??? For me it is very important for knowing.
I do not want to wound the heart. In the childhood I have grown fond of the boy, and now it the alcoholic, drinks much.
I do not respect alcohol and I do not use it. I as do not smoke.
I very romantic girl and very much believe in love.
If you fall in love, on what acts you are ready????
Really this very pleasant for me have friendship with you, I start to be pleased lives, and this pleasure is connected, in which we have found each other in all it from mind of the world.
You the remarkable person and me very much want to have serious attitudes with you.
As you, I should agree to head all life with such person, I know, on what,
Probably, the trust to you is necessary, I absolutely believe, that you and I know, that such person as you to not deceive me and to have an opportunity to estimate and respect.
And a deceit - the most bad symbolical attribute of the person, it at all do not decorate the person!
Today on work I have gone home with the girlfriend and have paid attention on pair, the guy and the girl were happy, they have grasped each other, and their people were very happy. During it the moment I thought of you about which as we should go together, and we should be happy. These people will look at us, and each person should admire with us.
I very much the estimate on ability of the person to love, up to the end of days. In heart I too was very romantic, I very much would like to observe with stars at night, sometimes I would like to fly and concern their hands.
I would like to be, so is glad, if with me about the person which could care of me was. Unfortunately, now I do not have any to anybody person for a long time.
But recently I have met the girlfriend, and she informed me to take advantage of service of acquaintances for the help in the Internet, and has selected you from thousand other men.
You can judge, mine a kind from a picture which I you to transfer, please, tell, that you
I think of it.
I would be glad to hear, that you will tell about you directly. I want, to learn all about you because so we can reach mutual understanding and friendship.
Tell to me about you.
I very well want to study you as though you and I should be convinced in feelings, and we become close enough to each other it very pleasant for us will meet and study to us now and to feel each other.
I think, that our attitudes can be very serious and who knows, probably, for ever.
I shall look forward to hearing from you
Yours Sveta!!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Steve!
Thank you for the letter back and for your interest in me.
So I am glad of it, that you will not forget me.
I think that we became good friends. I feel that our friendship becomes stronger every day.
I'm glad that was not mistaken in you, and I will not disappoint you.
You know, for a brief period of correspondence I have already realized that you have become part of my life. Without your letters I have no pleasure in the day, but as soon as received your letter, my life is filled with joy.
I sometimes behaving like a child, I'm just very trusting, I'm easily fooled. For example, I never go to buy things on the market.
In his spare time and like to spend outdoors. You probably will not believe it but I like to think - I am a thoughtful person.
My friend, what feelings and intentions you have for me? I think that the Internet is a great achievement - as people from the other two ends of the planet can inform each other freely, that I became acquainted with a man like you and because of that I must inform the internet very much.
Please tell me all about you, how do you live? What do you do all day
Unfortunately I have no home phone. I would have been pleased to call to you, hear your voice, ask how are things going.
I would like to clarify your mobile phone number so that I could call to you and hear your voice.
Write me your phone number immediately with a code that I could navernika before you call.
I would like to tell you that when I'm at work or otdohayu, I always think about you.
And yet, I would like to talk about the ideas a little. Children - flowers of life, they give us pleasure every day and bring happiness in our hearts.
I think that we should care about children to explore their kindness, legality, we should show them good moral qualities.
As for my dreams. I dream to find a real partner for life, which will be my loving muzhom, the father of my children, with whom we will be happy.
I want my future family was in kindness and love.
My good, I told you about my dreams. And with each your letter, I think I have found the man of my dreams and my whole life.
I want to confess to you that this man you are.
I always look forward to the moment when I after work I'll read your new letter and write you the answer
It is a great pleasure.
Your answers are needed for me!
I'll make new pictures and I'll send tomorrow.
Sincerely, Sveta ! P/S
I am real I can to prove to you it.
Send me the photo...
I want to continue with you dialogue.
You are very interesting to me.....
Letter 6
Hello my dear.
I am so happy to receive from you the letter.
When I received your letter to me at once it became light and happy heart.
I feel that every day we become closer next to each other. I am sure that you do not forget about me.
I always think about you.
I love walking in nature. I do love nature and animals.
And you love nature? What trees grow on you?
We grow: a birch, linden, maple, oak, pine, cedar, and more.
I went to my very good friend. She lives in the village. I said my girlfriend about you.
Then she wished me success in my life. It noted with satisfaction that I am the man who finally found, it is interesting for me.
It's you my dear. It seems to me very interesting to meet face to face with you, it would have caused me great pleasure.
In the village of my friend, we went to the bath. Russian bath in our country is very popular, it - our pride.
Have you heard about Russian bath?
If you have not heard about it, I'll tell you. Bath - such small house which is a cylindrical wooden logs.
In this house there is room in which it is necessary for heating. The temperature in this room 80 degrees Celsey.
It's so nice when, after a dip in cold water.
By the way, my friend sends a friendly hello.
She is confident that we will be good friends and that we should trust each other completely because without trust there is no strong friendship.
I try not to think about such a distance that separates us, but with each your letter to me it seems that the distance between us decreases and becomes less and less.
I like traveling very much. But I have never been abroad.
I dream to find love and be happy with my life partner.
It does not matter to me where my love, most importantly, we must love, meet each other and be happy together.
How do you think?
I have one woman for one man, I really believe in marriage.
I want the person was intellectual and strong with the value of humor.
I love to talk, but I want to talk with someone you love intellectual theme clock.
Now I must finish the letter.
Write to me, and I would like to receive your letters frequently.
I look forward to your letter.
With love Sveta ! P.S.: I made this picture especially for you! I hope that you are evaluated:)
Letter 7
Hello my kitten !
I as always am expected your letter, and I am happy to that that you write to me. I think, that you not against what I to name you a kitten? My girlfriends on work speak, that I became now absent-minded, to speak it, I have fallen in love, I to not know what to answer them as I, to not understand, what to take place to me and me all time, to think of you. you now have begun really a part my life and I only to think of you, and I am valid to have to you only sensitive feelings and me very much, to want it our, relations became really very serious and strong and soon a meeting with you. Each time when I receive your letters, I feel more happily, than before. In your letters which I can find something, I never met in other men. You - so kind, noble, romantic, intellectual, I can remain to describe to you with a congratulation, but in letters all could not express a word, I start to be felt about you. I spoke with my girlfriends on work and one of them asked me if I visit in agency of a marriage. She wanted, that the agency has found for me the man. And then I have told to her about you. She thinks, that you - the noble and reliable person, and she informed me, that sometime I could be happy with you. I already spoke it, I have learnt people in which the Internet searched, whether also this person you .
Whether tell to me please fairly, probably that our feelings are reciprocity? I very much to want it was so because I very, to want to have serious relations with you my fine and to hope for it. Now I have changed in the best side, and mine heart to beat not in correct intervals. Probably I to be mad, but I to want to tell you, that you be my part a life now and I, to not present me it without you. It is very important for me to study your feelings to me, and I am simple now in alarm for this purpose!
I became similar to the mad girl, raving love. First I was afraid to admit you it, thought, that when you will hear at once these words, you will laugh at my feelings. You see, that I then did not know you so well as now. But during our dialogue I did not hold feeling inside me, and they have escaped outside. Now I am not confused to admit you it. I am in love with you, very urgently also want to leave for you in a marriage.!! I for ever yours. I hope, you, you will not break my dreams concerning you. With tenderness yours Sveta . P/S
It seems to me that very early to think of my travel to Belgium...
To us it is necessary really for more time to not admit any mistakes....
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