Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
you gave me your address at dating site.
Sorry for short letter, I just want to check is it work or not.
I will wait for your answer impatiently and please write me more about you, your life..
See you soon, Oksana
Letter 2
Hi dear friend,Jake,
on the level for me it's hard to write about myself and it's my first experience, but do hope that I will have luck to make my letter interesting for you and you will be curios to know me better.
My working day is hard today, but it's great that you wrote me, now I have chance to abstract a little bit from work, to relax and to write you.
Thank you very much for your contact with me. I hope our communication will bring us a lot of positive moments and I'm very excited about it;))
As I have told you I have never had experience in communication through letters. I didn't have luck to find my second half in real life and my friend advised me to use for it dating sites. Who knows maybe my Mr. Right lives miles from me, but I'm not scared with it. in the same way as I'm not scared that my English is very poor and I have to use the help of translator, but hope for you it's ok and you wont stop our communication.
Ok, just a little bit more words about me..
My name, as you know, is Oksana. I'm 25 y.o. and I'm from Ukraine. I live in Poltava, you can find this city without difficult if look on the map. It's not big megacity. But anyway it's very nice and beautiful city. I like so much to walk along the streets and observe old architecture.
It looks so beautiful during summer, when all nature shines with green color or during autumn when everything colored in bright yellow or red or orange colors. It recalls such warm feelings in my heart. As you have understood already summer and autumn are my favorite seasons, what about you?
I have bachelor degree. I'm economist and now continue my studying to obtain my master degree. I'm working and studying simultaneously.
I have a nice work. I'm shop assistant at perfume store. Maybe it's not very prestigious, but I really like it. Whole day I stay among the people, help them to make right choice of perfume, communicate with them and it brings me a lot of pleasure. I think it's good because work must bring pleasure, otherwise it brings any benefits, do you agree?
what about you? Do you like your work?
Sure, I'm not going to spend on this work whole my life and when i get my master degree, I will be happy to work by my trade ok time will show.
Dear, sorry, seems my letter is too long, but do hope you are not bored with it.
Wait impatiently to hear from you again and to know more about your life.
Sincerely yours, Oksana
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